The Light Wizzard in the Flesh


C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 17 January 2019



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Trademarks and service marks. All trademarks, service marks, logos and company names mentioned in this work are property of their respective owner. They are protected under trademark law and unfair competition law. The Terms I created to explain this concept are Trademarks of the Light Wizzard, which was coined by my Great Cousin Isaac Newton Flesher 5 Generations ago, and are therefore Grandfathered in under the Law, terms like Trinary [1], even though I did not create the name, I use it in a way that is unique, and my Definition is also very unique, and again property of my Great Cousin Isaac Newton.

The importance of the glossary. It is strongly recommended to read the glossary in full before starting with the first chapter. I will use Back Links so you will see Links with text like Link Name [1], this means when you click on the link, at the end of where that Link took you, you will find a Return 1, 2 or 3 for multiple link, depending on the Link [x], see above link for Trinary. All external links should be in Red border; this may be annoying, but this is distributed in many formats: ePub, eBook: Mobi, Amazon..., PDF, as well as HTML with CSS and JavaScript.

Grammar, Words and Spelling. I was Born Blind because I could only see the Darkness, and then I had to learn to see the Light. Please forgive my Grammar and do not criticize me or give me bad reviews because of it, I took English in Collage, so its not that I do not know how to Write, because I do: I just prefer not to for a Reason: I am Autistic across the spectra, so I have OCD: so I actually over thought every Word and Spell, and still got it wrong the way most people think, and maybe it was a mistake, my Spell checker does not help me all that much, and Sentence structure, and Punctuation, and I know that you only need one Period in a Paragraph, and two Paragraphs in a Chapter, because all are meant to be one thought, about one subject, and not a lot of. Broken up Thoughts. Just so people can read it without taking a breath. I am Schizoaffective not Schizophrenic! But I can image more things than most normal people, and see patterns in things that few can see even after I point it out, and I am not just talking about finding Waldo. I am Dyslexic: it's not because I just mix letters up when I read and write them, it's because I do that to words, sentence, paragraphs, chapters and books; so I am not trying to talk like Yoda from Star Wars on purpose, it's an Aspie thing, and how people with really high IQ's actually write, so I do not feel like I should have to Apologize for writing like this on purpose, mistakes and all, I know I make Mistakes, but I can not see them when I am making them, most of the time its only after someone tells me, and even then I have to read it over a few times till that mistake pops out at me, so I should not have to feel bad because you think I wrote this way: because I am Stupid! I am Dyslexic not Stupid, and there is a huge Difference: I do not see my own mistakes, and have no Editor to correct them, because most Editors just want to rewrite everything using their own Words and Spells; and that is just not what I want, there is nothing run with the way I wrote anything in this book, I know, I read it a few times, and if you rewrite it in your words trying to correct the way I said it, then I might not be able to Read it or understand it, like most books on the market that are written for Normal People, this was book was written for People like me: that are: Autistic, Dyslexic, Obsessive Compulsive, Depressed, Anxious, and not for Normal People who can not Read Documents based on Grammar, Words, or Spells, but that is how Normal People decide if they will Read a Book, and why they such low IQ's, because they do not read stuff that Intelligent People have Written, only what Normal People like to read, which is stuff written for people with Low IQ's, that require gooder grammar and spelling to red books better with, and want it shorter, with less information, and no long Sentences, Paragraphs or Chapters, because normal people have a very short attention span; lets face it, this is a book about how Stupid Normal People are, so why in the World would I want to write it their way? I want this book to read like: Newton, Franklin or Tesla, because I honour their work, but I did try to make my style more Modern, but at the same time I will write things all jumbled up in my mind, and have to edit them in a different mood later, and sometimes years later, I keep reading this book over and over, trying to fix all the mistake, only to make more in the Process, and the Book gets longer, and Normal People can not read it to begin with, because it's too complex for most of them, I have tried to read books they like, short stories, meaningless books that talk about a fantasy or fiction they call real life, stupid people who talk about Christ as if that means something, when its just a Title for a Deity that does not Physically Exist, so why I wrote it is clear, I am hoping at least one Intelligent person will read it without Complaining about my Grammar, or use of wrong words or spells, when half the time it's the Spell checker that gave the wrong Word, so it was not my fault for noticing it; because Wizards like to play the Blame game, so they do not have to own up to being wrong about anything, and also keep in mind that I have been hit in the head a few times too many... I have a Traumatic Brain Injury from a Meteorite, I did not make this stuff up just to justify the way I write; but to explain it to you so you will understand why I write this way, and why there are so many mistakes in this book, when the Bible has just as many Mistakes, that thing about two Jesus's, only people with really high IQ's catch that, and the Bible is actually written a lot like my Style or the other way around, since IAM the one who wrote the Bible, all my mistakes should be funny, because most Stupid people think there are no mistakes in the Bible, when its chocked full of them, because I grew up reading all the different Bibles, and found all the mistakes in them, and I like that style of writing over Modern, so I use it, so get over it, or rewrite this book if you think you can do a better job: explaining how the Universe works. Most Grammar Rules are Stupid, and Stupid People do not know how to use them right, I learned how to read and write by Reading the Bible, Sir Isaac Newtons, Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla, so read their work before dogging me about mine. I use the Wrong Words and Spells, and make mistakes and call myself a Wizard, because only Witches are good at those things, and I never claim to be a Witch, but Wizards are Wise: just not very good at Communicating the written Word by using Spells; so its best to keep in mine that I am a Medically Retired Gulf War Vet with PTSD, so never get in my face and disagree with me unless you want to Fight, so keep in mind that when it comes to Fighting: I am meaner then a Junk Yard Dog.


Hereby I declare that I wrote this dissertation myself with the help of no more than the mentioned literature and auxiliary means. Up to now, this dissertation was not published or presented to another examination office in the same or similar shape.

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