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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 0.00

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 22 April 2018


Chapter 0: IAM

  1. Chapter 0: IAM
    1. Chapter 1.00: Step 0
    2. Chapter 1.01: Step 1
    3. Chapter 1.02: Step -1
    4. Chapter 1.03: Step 2
    5. Chapter 1.04: Step -2
    6. Chapter 1.05: Step 3
    7. Chapter 1.06: Step -3
    8. Chapter 1.07: Step +1
    9. Chapter 1.08: Step +2
    10. Chapter 1.09: Step +3
    11. Chapter 1.10: Step 4
    12. Chapter 1.11: Step 5
    13. Chapter 1.12: Step 6
    14. Chapter 1.13: Step -4
    15. Chapter 1.14: Step -5
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Chapter 0.0: IAM Step 0


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 0
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-01

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-01 Full Size

The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can understand.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-02

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-02 Full Size

IAM is a Story about I And Me, so its an Acronym for I And Me, and also its the very description of what IAM, which is I And Me, where I is the Light, and Me, well that is just short for Meat, so its the Flesh, and that part of Me is the Flesh, so its Me in the Flesh, but told through the I of the Light Wizzard, who is the Entity that Controls the Light, which is in fact controlling the Trinary Energy, as such: the Trinary Energy is Science, so His Story is all based on Science, so the Wizzard's task is to tell yew His Story, from the view point of the Lightside in Terms that the Darkside can understand.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-03

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-03 Full Size

In the 0 Dimension, nothing exist, no Dimensions, not even Time has a place here, so its here that is a good place to start this Story, since this is My Story, from your point of view it makes this His Story, and the His Story that IAM going to tell yew, may only vaguely resemble the History yew know, so its best that yew view everything I have to say, as a new History, even though its the oldest Story in the Universe, think of it as the first time yew heard it, and do not try to fit it into your History, in fact, your History is a Reality, and its not the Reality yew Live in, there are things going on right now that are being rewritten into History, in a way that yew know its not True, so yew can agree that History is not Truth, its not what happened, but what someone said happened, which has very little to do with Reality, so in the 0 Dimension, we start with Nothing and His Story Begins with Nothing.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-04

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-04 Full Size

Everything in the Universe that is in Harmony, comes in 3's, and is Scientifically provable with the Formula 1 + (-1) = 0, where 1 is Light, -1 is Dark, and 0 is Grey, meaning its the Difference between the Light and the Dark, this is my Definition of Harmony.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-05

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-05 Full Size

For a Person to have a name that is in Harmony, requires it to have 3 parts, the I, which is the Light, the And, which is the Grey, and Me, which is the Dark.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-06

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-06 Full Size

Those parts in my Name that is in Harmony, is as such, read Right to Left, or Light into the Dark, we have I which on my Birth Certificate is Flesh... er, and the And part, which is just Myself, is merely what separate the Light and Dark, and that name is Scott, and the Me part, well that is just Meat, which is also known as Flesh, and is Named Jeffrey, so the way some people read it, which is from the Dark into the Light, is Jeffrey Scott Flesher, so having a last name of Flesh, will be a bit confusing, but not for me, people have been calling me Flesh all my Life, but to yew, who do not know Me yet, so now yew have to know that when I say I, IAM not talking about Me most of the time, IAM talking about the Light, but sometimes I like to talk about Me, so I try to make that clear, and when I say Me, IAM talking about the Flesh, and when I say YOU (YOU), IAM talking about I, but when I talk about YEW (YEW), IAM talking about Sheep, which is referring to Animals that are in my Flock, because that part of Me Called Flesh, is a Sheep Dog, so now that I made this Crystal Clear, the rest of His Story will make sense.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-07

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-07 Full Size

Before I can tell yew His Story, yew have to know about Me, so yew can understand His Story, since IAM telling it, yew are seeing His Story through My I, and if yew do not know anything about what My I's have seen, or the view point that they see things through, then yew do not see the big picture, which is why do I have this view point, as if any Historian can tell His Story, without first Translating it into Words that yew will understand, and that Translation always have things that do not belong there, like Emotions, Personal Feelings, and Values from their up bringing, our environment shapes the way we think, and its hard to separate our own view point, from the Story we are Writing, and IAM no different, so to avoid any confusion later on, I will talk about I, and I will talk about Me, and they are never the same Entity, so do not confuse who IAM, and remember that its Me that has the Voice, not I, so make it clear if yew quote Me, that yew do not confuse what I said, with what came out of My Mouth, so I do not have to remind yew that I did not say anything, so quote Me, and sometimes when I say i, IAM really talking about Me.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-08

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-08 Full Size

When i was a Child of 3, i knew everything there was to know about the Universe, and as i got older, i started to forget it, and now that half a Century has passed, i have forgotten most of it, and what i remember is just old Dreams, but its these Dreams that made me the Person that IAM, and to give up on your Dreams, is to give up on Life, and IAM not giving up on either, so remember this, i really do know everything, i just forgot most of it.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-09

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-09 Full Size

There is an Old Saying that I can not remember Shit, so what is Shit, and why was I trying to remember Shit in the first place?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-10

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-10 Full Size

To answer this question, yew must take a Journey with Me, which starts with a Dream about the White Wizzard, now most people know what a Wizzard is, but as I said from the start of this Story, forget everything yew know, it does not apply in this Reality, not in my Universe, which I will define one Step at a Time, so a Wizzard with two Z's, are normally only seen in my Dreams, but I can also make them appear in front of Me when I am awake, even though this is called Schizophrenia when yew can not tell the difference between what is Real, and what is your Imagination, I know that its my Imagination, but that does not mean its not Real, and IAM not trying to Shit yew, we will answer this question, but yew need to know the Logic in how I came to this conclusion, and its because a Wizard with one Z is Real, an Entity that really Exist in Space, so if I told yew that this White Wizard existed, yew would be able to prove it Scientifically, which is where this Problem started, not where it ended; so let me explain the Problem.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-11

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-11 Full Size

Sometimes the way forward in a Story is to go back a few Steps, but this is Step 0 Part 0 and Step -1 is actually after Step 1, so yew start to get confused, what is this Shit... so let me answer this question first.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-12

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-12 Full Size

Words are made up of Letters, and Letters are only common if yew speak the same Language, this is common Knowledge, but always over looked as long as IAM talking the same Language as yew, but what if I was not?

Light Wizard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-13

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-13 Full Size

Language is Control, I can control yewer Emotions with it, and if I do not want yew to know what other people know, I can make up a new Language, so to hide things from a large group of people around the World, I would use their Language to do so, but in fact, its my Language since I made it up, so that I could hide the Truth in plain site, which yew might think this is a bunch of Shit, but how else do yew justify 16 Different Languages in modern time?

Light Wizard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-14

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-14 Full Size

This is why some of what I will tell yew, can not be told in any one Language, so I will make up a new Language so yew do not get confused, and I do not have to learn to speak in 16 Different Languages at once, because if I did, this story would sound like Shit; so lets call this Language Basic, IAM using an English Dialect of it; so if yew Translate this, do not Translate the Basic key words, which are the Words I refined in this New Language; now is that Crystal Clear?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-15

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-15 Full Size

There is a Letter O, this Letter, which is now a Basic Term, it means Emotion, and is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its Harmony, and explains most of why the Flesh is Dark, its run by Emotions, Oh yew say, this is how the Story goes.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-16

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-16 Full Size

One Day a Man is out gathering food for his Family, and a Rhino charges down the path he just stepped into, and with both hands full of food, this Man panics, he Shits his pants as Emotions of Fear Paralyze him, his hole life flashes before his Eyes, as he sees his family die because he was not there to gather food, and soon he can not see, its like the Sun went down, so he looks up into the Sky and sees the Sun, and then the Light shines into him, and all Emotions fade away, he is now in the Moment and Clarity of thought takes over, he can see the Whole Universe in front of him, so he looks at the Rhino, and Logic tells him that a Rhino has bad eye sight, and it can only see out of one side of each side of its face, so what is right in front of him dose not exist when he is running, which is why he has the big horn in front of him, so the Man figures that if he steps to one side that the Animal will see him, and turn the other way, and it did, so as he stood there in amazement over what just happened, Oh Shit... was the first thing that came to mind, he figure it had to be the Shit, it had all the Emotions in it that Paralyzed him, and once he got the Shit out of him, he could think Clearly, so he took the food back to his Wife, and as she cleaned his pants, he told her His Story, and she told him maybe it was because he was just full of Shit.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-17

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-17 Full Size

Days later he went out for food again; leaving his Wife and two Children alone, when his Wife heard a noise, and looked behind her to see what it was, she saw the Rhino Charging at her, remembering what her Husband had told her, she Shat her Pants, and sure enough that moment of Clarity came to her, and Logic told her that the Rhino is not looking down, so it does not see the Children on the Ground, and if its looking her direction, it will not see her if she is directly in front of it, and if she steps to one side or the other, that the Animal will veer off to the other side, killing one of her Children, and not wanting to Sacrifice one of her Children, and not having enough time to pick them both up, Logic told her to stand her ground and Raise both Hands, so that the Rhino would see one in each eye, so she did and the Rhino Stopped, Oh Shit... was right.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-18

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-18 Full Size

Now the Object of this Story is not the Moral of it, its to prove to yew that yew will not believe in someone else's Shit, till it happens to yew, and as the Story was told over and over again, for Centuries to come, the Religious crowed figured they could use this to Control people, so it became known as Holy Shit.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-19

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-19 Full Size

Now that we got that Shit out of the Way, I can move on with His Story.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-20

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-20 Full Size

As a Child growing up in the 60's, just after my Mother Mary Died, my Father got a new Mother named Aloha, who use to Love hearing my Dreams about the White Wizzard, almost as much as I Loved to tell her my Dreams each day, until one day the Principal sent me home from school, telling my Mother that my Dreams are now interfering with my home work, that I was believing in what this White Wizzard was teaching me, and not what the Teachers were teaching, which my Mother and Father sided with me, until they were told that I would be expelled, at which point the Principle told my Father to take me to a Doctor, and get me on Drugs, which apparently Drugs were the only thing my Father heard, Drugs, yes Drugs, that is the answer, so off to see the Doctor, and find out what Drugs we can get.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-21

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-21 Full Size

Looking back at my Father, I know that he was a Drug Addict, Heroin being a main Addiction, Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms, and LSD being recreational Drugs; so all the Drugs that the Doctors was giving us, was not for Me, but for them.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-22

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-22 Full Size

So what I learned was to not talk about the White Wizzard at all, not to anyone for any reason, the longer I did not talk about it, the sicker it made me, its was like denying who I was, and even though I knew he was Real, i could not prove it Scientifically yet, but I knew someday i would, and that Someday is coming soon, but first i must talk about it, so that is why IAM talking about it now.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-23

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-23 Full Size

Growing up the White Wizzard saved my Life, as much as he put it in Danger, and everywhere i went, my Little Sister would follow, so both of us were always in trouble, and i would always say the White Wizzard will get us out of this, and he always did, then i grew up, and the days of the White Wizzard were coming to an end, and many things that the White Wizzard told me to do, were just starting to happen, in ways i did not know at first, but that is how Life works, I knew i had a Destiny, but my Fate was what i made of it.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-24

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-24 Full Size

The White Wizzard told me to become a Warrior; so at a young age, i told my Father this, and he was always to happy to help out, so he took me to places in the middle of the night, places where other Fathers and Sons would Gather, and we would learn to be Warriors, every year we would meet at Renaissance Fairs, and plan for the Future, we would practice the Art of Warfare, and learn Honor, Values and Discipline, all very Noble, till one day i figured out that my Father bet against Me in one Fight, then my Life Changed, i saw the Darkside for the very first time, and it made me sick, i learned to not trust anyone, ever again.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-25

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-25 Full Size

My person Life became difficult, i viewed this World from a point of view that few could understand, i knew everything about the Universe, and these People on this Planet did not even know what they are, or who they are, they teach yew nothing but Lies at School, and if i tell them so, i get expelled, i remember this conversation with the Principal one time as a child, i told him a thing or two; i said to him... yew people should be giving Me a Doctorates Degree for all that I know, and are willing to teach yew, instead yew want me to memorize this worthless none sense Science Fiction yew teach, this stuff is Garbage, its all Lies, its so Stupid IAM ashamed to be called a Human, because yew are all Crazy, Mass Insanity, and then i really got going, i told him just how it was... and thought he would see it my way, well - that did not happen, now at age 6, maybe even 16, i remember this, but at 26 yew would think i would have learned this lesson before, so now i have all these College Credits, but No Degrees, except these useless Degrees in Electron Engineering and Computer Science, that is all based on Mass Insanity, and all because i wanted my Degree in Trinary Energy, which I could prove existed, only he was too Blind to see that the White Wizzard was standing Right next to me, Oh... looking back that might have been the point i should not have crossed, but it was true, only then i could not prove it, so at the time he was Right, and I knew it, its all in the Proof, so we both Laughed it off, as if this was the first time we had this talk, but one day it will be a fact, but first yew must understand what the Light is.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-26

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-26 Full Size

Now to take a Step back; I blurred the time lines of 3 different ages together, not just in this Story, but in my Mind, as if it was all just one event, instead of 3 different ones, as if it was a rehearsal, instead of something I really just wanted to do, but that is the way Schizophrenia works, and I know this, so a fine line exist between being Crazy, and feeling like yew are Crazy, and really just doing Crazy things; and Reality is at the base of it.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-27

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-27 Full Size

i am not Schizophrenic, i know that, and yew know that, i have been tested by the best Doctors of our time, and they all agree, IAM not Crazy, i mean, would they Let me in the United States Air Force, let me work on the (E)F-111, which they used in a couple of War Campaigns, that i was part of, like the Gulf War in 1990... let me Program Computers and fix Electronic Equipment down to the Component level, with a soldering Iron, then let me become a Helicopter Crew Chief in Air Rescue and Special Operations, then give me a Secret Clearance, so I could work in MOC... then Allow me to work as a Computer Programmer for the EPA and BLM, all before they Medically Retired me from the Air Force, for symptoms that can only be caused by GWS... no - I do not think they let Crazy People do that kind of work, in fact i know they insist on that, so I wanted to make this Point very Clear, so later on yew can say IAM full of Shit, but yew can not say IAM Crazy.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-28

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-28 Full Size

In our Genetic Profile, we all have Chromosomes that define who we are at Birth, these Chromosomes we call DNA, are Programs, they tell our body how to grow, what to grow, and went to grow it, and how fast to grow it, it tells our body how to do everything it does, including speaking a Language, thinking, breathing, and other things we do not even know we are even doing, they control every aspect or our life, yet we hardly know they exist, DNA is in our Brain, but the Brain is not what makes us be able to Think, our bodies work off of Light, not Electro Magnetic Chemical changes, these are a by product of a much more Intelligent method, oh changes to yewer Electrochemical system will result in effects yew understand, so yew think yew know how it all works, when yew do not understand it at all, and already yew are starting to think wey know it all, well those DNA strains yew call Junk DNA, yew know they really are Shit, Emotions that are Preprogrammed into us, Memories of all our past Lives, when only I know it all, so what I know is this, the Memories i have, come from the Encoding of my DNA, these Dreams about the White Wizzard are there also, everything I know is encoded in my DNA, so everything IAM telling yew is recorded here also, so i can prove that everything IAM telling yew is True, but first we need a Machine that can Read it, and display its content, just like it was a Video, or a Book, and it could be read, in fact, it can. but first, People most learn that it does not take a Machine to do this, yew are doing it right now, in fact, some of the Information that is encoded in my DNA, are also in yewers, so I can teach yew how to read it also, and this is not a Theory, which is a Word derived from Theora, meaning to Teach with Fear, which is totally the opposite, all you have to do is use your Freewill, let go of all the Darkness, so only the Light Exist in you, quiet the Animals voice, yew know... that Little Voice yew speak without out loud in yewer head, and that Moment of Clarity will come to yew, then close yewer Eyes, open your Mind, and look for this Information, it really is that easy, so why yew have so much trouble doing it, is beyond Meat, which is why yew can not do it; yew still think yew are that Animal, its not what yew Believe that matters, I do not care what yew Believe, nor does the Universe, its what yew Know, so Know it, or No it not.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-29

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-29 Full Size

How do yew teach someone something that they already know how to do?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-30

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-30 Full Size

Everything I will teach yew about the White Wizzard, was from Dreams i had as a Child, i stopped seeing the White Wizzard years ago, and now its like an Old Dream that i wonder if i really had at all some dazes, and i never missed him, its not like he was a Childhood Fantasy Friend, he was Real to me, as Real as he is to this day, only these days i can look at him in the Mirror, for that Old Man with Long White Hair and Beard, looks a lot like Me now, so i know now that it was just Me, teaching myself everything i needed to know, in order to tell His Story.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-31

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-31 Full Size

There are points in our Life that Define or Change who wey are, that day happened to me in November of 1990, when i was ordered to take an Anthrax Vaccine that had a real chance to kill yew, in fact, it killed thousands of us, either immediately, or over years of unending Disease, till one day the Victim would Commit Suicide, just to get some relief from the Pain it caused, which is why they had Armed Guards who would rush yew to Jail, so yew could be Court Martialed if yew did not take that Shot, so I got Shot! and the Ringing in my head, can be heard around the World to this day, and as the Effects of this Vile Disease, which I call GWS, which some think of as Gulf War Syndrome, which Main Stream tried to bury in its History books, by making US out to be Crazy, and then forced us to take all the Drugs they pushed at US is what I call Genetic Warfare Syndrome, since we now have Scientific Proof, that it was caused by Genetic Damage to the DNA, it Destroyed the 14th Chromosome, Grafting it to the 6th and 7th Chromosomes, and causing Disease symptoms that mimicked any number of diseases that existed, but failed to show that they had any Disease at all, it was the Wonder Drug, Wonder why we had to get this Shot, knowing it would Damage or Kill us, and even if we got Anthrax, a Penicillin shot would cure it in 3 days, without as many Side Effects, so its clear they were Experimenting on us, hence the term Genetic Warfare, and to be Clear; it was not the Military that was doing this Experiment, i do not believe they knew about it at all, it was the Powers that be, and that discussion is in another Step, so that is all i have to say about that for now.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-32

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-32 Full Size

So know this about Me so far, and in each IAM Step to come, yew will learn more, but yew will know why I Think the Way I do, why I Talk the Way I do, and who IAM.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-33

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-33 Full Size

To make it very Clear to yew who IAM, yew have to remember that I And Me, are not always the same Entity, the Light is I, and Me, well that is just Meat, so to Me, I is Flesh, but yew are an Animal, so from the Point of View of the Dog that is Meat, yew are Sheep that are all part of my Flock, and even though I was a Black Knight in the Air Force, while serving in Special Operations over seas, IAM a Warrior, IAM a Disabled Gulf War Vet, IAM a Retired United States Air Force Sargent, for this Step, I want yew to know why IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and to Prove my Doctorates in Trinary Energy, I will teach yew about Science and the Ways of the Light, in terms of the Darkside, from the View Point of the Light, but know this, it will take Me many Steps to show yew what the Light is, and even more to prove it to yew, but I will prove everything I have to say, Scientifically, beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, and everything is Documented in my DNA, so check it for all the References, this may sound like Science Fiction now, but in years to come, it will be Reality, so IAM the Prophet of Trinary Science, and this is only Step O, and we have 275 Steps to go, so this is the Journey that I will take yew on.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-34

Scene 00-00-G-IAM-34 Full Size

IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard.


Chapter 0.1: IAM Step 1


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 1
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-01

Scene 00-01-G-IAM-01 Full Size

The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step 1, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can understand.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-02

Scene 00-01-G-IAM-02 Full Size

We all have our Stories about Angels, Demons and Ghost, but in truth, most of us have more Demons in our lives then Angels, and at some level we know there is a Higher Power, it all comes down to how much of that we are willing to own up to, and that part of Meat called Me for short, or Flesh, knows this the best, so owning up to my Ghost, i told yew that i see Imaginary things, and most would agree that as a Child, its just called an Active Imagination, but still yew have to keep yewer kids Medicated if they start hearing Voices in their Head, so the Doctors always asked me that Question, and i would stop, listen real hard, and tell the Doctor that i do not hear any Voices in my Head, so they said
[no Voices talking to you, well that's a good thing, but let us know if yew hear any Voices in your Head.]

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-03

Scene 00-01-G-IAM-03 Full Size

By the time i turned 13, i started hearing voices in my Head, oh course this alarmed me, but at first i did not want to tell anyone, at age 13, even i knew that hearing Voices in yewer head is a Bad thing, but i did not understand why, nor do i to this day, so first i told this to my Step Mother, and she got freaked out, in fact, she was freaking me out, so she wasted no time in getting some good Drugs, so off to see the Doctor we go.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-04

Scene 00-01-G-IAM-04 Full Size

Now this Doctor put my mind right at ease, he assured me that even though he has a PhD, which makes him one of the Smartest People on this Planet, not to let that intimidate me, because although this might be a little scary to me, he will help me through this.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-05

Scene 00-01-G-IAM-05 Full Size

That little voice in my Head said: [great, he is an Ass Hole],
that was my Favorite word when i was 13, and he was the very definition of that Word, so i figured, hey, its not me talking these Drugs, so what do i care, so this Doctor ask me what the Voices are saying, and as a typical Teenager, my reply was: [Don't yew know, yew know everything else there is to know, it sounds like a tape recording of my voice as i hear it, as it echo's through my head as i am speaking, only the time delay is hours old, so its like watching a rerun of an old movie, its like he is repeating every thought I have, then translates it into English, and the words he uses really drives Me Crazy, i mean he uses slang, and a foul mouth, rather like i talk I guess, since it always goes along with the way IAM feeling at the time, only its very slow at getting out what he is trying to say, and its bogging me down, its hard to work when he is taking, and thinking is almost impossible, its like I can not get a thought in between the silence, but there is not much of that, he talks constantly sometimes.]

Scene 1-6
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-06

Scene 00-01-G-IAM-06 Full Size

This Doctor looks at me and grabs me by the back of the neck, as he sticks a lite into my eyes and says: [What kind of Drugs have you been taking?] I told him that i was not on Drugs when I hear the Voices, in fact, i have to Smoke Pot to get the Voices to shut up.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-07

Scene 00-01-G-IAM-07 Full Size

So the Doctor tells me its the Marijuana that is causing this, so i tell him i have been Smoking pot as long as i can remember, getting me High is my Fathers idea of having fun, why would it suddenly make me start hearing Voices, and only when iam not on it?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-08

Scene 00-01-G-IAM-08 Full Size

This Doctor looks into my eyes deeper and says: [Every Human being on this Planet has a Little Voice in their head, Some People refer to it as the Little Voice of Reason, its how Humans collect their Thoughts, and Structure Communications so they can talk to People, so its normal to hear this Little Voice in your head.]

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-09

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At this point i really did not understand what he just said, it seemed such an odd thing to say, so i said to him: [yew asked me to let you know if i started hearing Voices in my head, as if it was expected, as if since i have Imaginary Friends, i will also start hearing Voices in my head, and now that i tell yew that IAM hearing these Voices, yew are asking me if IAM thinking out loud in my Head? Because it sounds to me like this Voice in my head is talking to me, is it not?]

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-10

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[No], he said, as if that was the last word on this subject: [every human on this Planet has a Little Voice in their Head, and its only when its telling you to do things does it become a problem.]

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-11

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This cleared it right up, this Doctor is Crazy, and what he is telling me is Crazy, so i look at my Step Mother and ask her if she hears Voices in her head, and she said Yes, so i wished my Little Sister was there so i could ask her, because at that Point i was convinced that it was just the Adults making fun of me, i never had a Little Voice in my Head, and i didn't have this one till after i got a Vaccine Shot, i told this Doctor, who then tried to convince me that Vaccines are Safe, using his reasoning, everyone gets Vaccines, but it does not cause them to hear Voices in their Head, so then he tried to convince me that everyone hears this Little Voice in their Head all the time, and its impossible not too, which I replied: [so yew proved my point, it was the Shot.]

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-12

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i have spent most of my Life wondering about this Little Voice in My Head, who is he, what does he want, and why is he always talking to Me, but the things I can hear when he is not gabbing on about something is what amazes me, not that some of the SHIT that comes out of this little Talk does not, but its that I can get him to shut up long enough to listen, but its these times I refer to as the Moment of Clarity, when all Time stops, and all noise fades away, and all you hear is the Universe, and in a Flash, you see the Whole Universe open up, and Life makes sense, by the time i was in my 30's, i was having a hard time shutting off this Little Voice in my Head, but I could still do it, then after i got the Vaccine Shot for the Gulf War, this Ass Hole starts talking in my head, and he just will not shut up, and he has gone rouge on me, he will be saying one thing, while IAM on to a whole new topic, its like he is trying to keep up with me, but taking hours longer to read and translate the script, then it took to think it, so i am now living in a time bubble, my thoughts seem to race out of control as My Little Voice tries to catch up, and i start spinning out of control, i can not keep a thought, i can not remember SHIT, not that i can even remember why i wanted to think about SHIT in the first place, because my short term Memory is really bad, and trying to get him to shut up long enough for Me to listen to Myself, well that is just not working out all that well for Me, and the SHIT that comes out of his mouth when he gets frustrated with me, well sometimes I can not believe those words came out of Me, so my Darkside is very Dark.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-13

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The question about that Little Voice in yewer Head, may have come up a few Times in yewer Life, I think, therefore IAM, a very Deep thought, and the Truth, but most people forget this, i ask them this question a lot, and they always look at me funny and say: [what do you mean do I have a Little Voice in my Head, of course I do, do you think I'm Crazy, what do you mean who is it, or what is it, are you Crazy.]

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-14

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i spent the first 13 years of my Life without the sound of that Little Voice in my head, and i was told that hearing Voices in your head was Crazy, then i am told that everyone hears voices in their head, so everyone is Crazy, so then i got to thinking that maybe there is more to this, because things i took for granted, like no Voices in my Head, thinking that everyone agreed on that, only to find out that everyone is just Crazy, and that is by their own Standards, and not Mine, so what else is Different in our Belief System, or BS, as I like to Call it, and the Answer is, everything, so how can that be?

Scene 1-15
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 1-15

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Before leaving for Kuwait in 1994, i decided to take a battery of Psychological Test, and i compared those results to test i took back in the 1986, and found something out that really scared me, i was normal, that is Normal compared to yewer standards, but that is using yewer test, and when i run my own test, i find that my IQ, is 180 degrees reverse of normal people, so what i see as Light, yew see as Dark, and that is because when yew are in the Light, yew can not see the Dark, and when yew are in the Dark, everything yew see looks like the Light, because yew can not see the Light while yewer in the Dark, so the Sicker i was getting from having Gulf War Syndrome, the more i started thinking like yew, which for a Dog to start thinking like his Sheep, this was alarming to Me to say the least.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-16

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I had to come to the Conclusion that these Vaccines were responsible for me being cut off from the Light, and the reason why others can not see this, is because they are in the Dark, because they already got their Vaccines, not me, no, when i was a child, i was scared to death to get Shots, so i just did not, i would make sure i did not get a Shot, i would sneak into my Shot Record, and copy all the Shots that were in other Shot Records, and it was not till i joined the Air Force, that i was forced to get those Shots, always under Orders, sometimes under the threat of Court Marshall if i did not get them, but in the Air Force, i played it by the book, so i got Shot, and the Stupider i got with each Shot, where Stupid is actually becoming less Bright, so yew could say i was becoming Duller, but those that got these Shots all their Lives, had no idea what I was talking about, as if I was Imagining this... Image that.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-17

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As a Population most of US were Immunized at Birth, if yew were born in a Hospital that is true, unless yew are like me and had a Mother who made sure that i was not given a Shot, and that fear followed Me all of my Life, even if i had to stick a nail in my arm, so it would look like a boaster Shot, but eventually the Immunization caught up with me, as it did most people, and the truth is that now a days yew do not have to get a Shot to get Vaccinations, they put it in the Water, Food, and Air, so eventually yew get it, and this is not a Conspiracy Theory, Test the Water, Food, and Air, its all Polluted with Chemicals, and what are those Chemicals?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-18

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Its these Chemicals that cause yew to become disconnected with that part of You that is Called I, then its just the Me part, no I, just Me, so its no wonder why people forgot who IAM is.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-19

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Well as it turns out, most Humans do not remember the Light, yet we are all Born into the Light, but having been Vaccinated at Birth, most have no Memory of it, so the Darkness is all most People know, yes, and we will give this Game a Name, lets call it Monopoly, and lets keep it simple, same rules, only the Government gets to be in charge of the Jail, and Cains Descendants gets to be in charge of the Bank, and the Sheep never ask a Question, and only the Sons of Cain can make up the Rules to this Game, and if the Dog says anything about it, the Goats will try to put him in his Place, oh yea, Moses created the Ultimate System of Control, its called Laws, and God has nothing to do with it, what a Game.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-20

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Owning up to ones Ghost, is a hard thing to do, and the Ghost is sometimes hard to give up, in Trinity the Father, Son and Holly Ghost, had some meaning to them at one point in His Story, then it took on another meaning, but in the Trinary Universe, this meaning has not changed, the Father is the 1 (Darkside view it as -1), that is the Flesh Being, the Meat, where the Son is what binds the Father to the Holly Ghost, so its what brings Balance, as such the Son is -1 (Darkside view it as 0), and the Holly Ghost is 0 (Darkside view it as 1), so Trinity is 1 + (-1) = 0; which is the Trinary Universes Answer to every Question; and just the Start of owning up to the Ghost.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-21

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When I talk to People, sometimes those People confuse what I say, from what is coming out of my Mouth, because when My Mouth is running, IAM very seldom in charge of what comes out of My Mouth, its that Little Voice in my Head that I call Me, and all Meat is Flesh, and in all Flesh is Sin, because the Original Sin was thinking You were the Flesh, and IAM the Flesh, so that is where the Confusion begins, so I always have to find that Place in My Mind, were that Moment of Clarity is, then i can hear I, then I have to keep that Flesh quiet long enough to get him to Communicate, what it is I have to say, and sometimes he does it Fine, but sometimes he does not, its because he is Flesh, and Flesh always comes with Baggage, Emotions, and other Random thoughts that only deal with the Flesh, which is where the Term Self Flesh came from, and why I have such a Hard Time communicating with yew.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-22

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Every one has Freewill, and the Road it could take yew is called the Road to Freedom, not that Freedom is a Place, at least not on this Planet, but Rather in yewer Mind, because lets face it, that Freedom they sold yew, is really just Free - Dumb, and I do not care how much yew paid for Dumb, its still Dumb, and Dumb is what Dumb Does, so once yew do it, it has to come out somewhere, so do not ever think it will not come out of your Ass, because then yew know what they would call yew... Dumb Ass, so if yew Live in a Place called the Land of Free - Dumb, well yew are Living up yewer own Ass, its a Paradox really, once yew follow yourself up yewer own Ass looking for Free - Dumb, and talking about it like yew knew what it was, or Fighting for it, and thinking yew have a Clue what it is, well that is just Dumb, and its Free, so have at it, but I will now tell yew why I feel that way, because sometimes, I like talking about Me.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-23

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In 2012 almost everyone knew about the Gulf War, but most do not know what the War was really about, and to prove that, I want yew to take a Test, get yewer note book out, yew know, the one yew play this Game with that we talked about in Step 0 Road Map, well, grab a pin and paper and write down this question: What was the Gulf War Really About? Now stop this Video and Answer that Question.
If yewer answer includes Oil, Money or Power, yew did not even think about the Question, yew are just being a Parrot, even President Bush told yew that its not about Oil, Money or Power, so why do yew think he would have to lie to yew about something that every Citizen in the World has the Right to know, what was this War about, i mean how hard of a Question is this, and maybe yew do not care, so just give me an Answer, so yew do not have to think about it, well that is just sad, but that is how most People are, they do not care about their Race, as long as it does not effect their Lives, then they do not care, which is why i expect this answer from people, having asked it to everyone i come in contact with, that i even think might answer it, and they never once seem to know the Correct answer, so I will tell yew; [Deep] In 1960 Kuwait was formed as a Common Wealth Country, and they hired indentured Servants, also known as Slaves, whom after 3 Generations, or 30 years, would become Citizens of the Common Wealth Country, which was like hitting the Jack pot, since the average Kuwait Citizen is making around $330,000 US Dollars at the time, and they might have 16 people living in the same house, that is a lot of Money, so these people were about to become Rich, and Live the Rich Life, so they were getting ready to Celebrate, but 30 years later in 1990 the Powers that Be had other plans, they sent in an Army to Murder the Third Country Nationalist or TCN's, thus they got their Slaves Labor for Free, and can now import another Generation, and start preparing for the next 3 Generation War, and the White Wizard is telling yew, that its not them that is next, It is US, Spelled US and all though the Darkside will not print the truth in their History books, does not mean that I can let it go uncorrected, so for the record of the History of the Light Wizzard, this is a fact, its not a coincidence... the Gulf War was about Slavery, its about their Retirement Plan, and putting them out to Pasture, takes on a hole new meaning.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-24

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Now that said, most of yew will still not be all that upset, because like I said, yew really do not care about anybody but yewerself, so why should this concern yew, yew will do nothing with this knowledge even after yew prove that its true, which only took yew 10 minutes of Internet searches to find out that they only Killed the TCN's, and a few Kuwaitis that did not want to give up their Slaves, but reading the Whole Charter about becoming a Kuwait Citizen was too much for yew to read, and really who cares, unless yew were a TCN that is, or what about if yew were one of the newest Generation of Slaves working in Kuwait, knowing yewer days are numbered; then maybe yew might be interested, but only During a Commercial, because yew have better things to do, no yew will forget why I even brought this up, in fact, yew are already feeling better about it, yew remember that this has nothing to do with yew, yew Live in the Land of Free - Dumb, and yew might be a Citizen of the United States of America, and to have to Listen to one of its Sergeant's tell yew about War, is just Boring, does that about sum it up, because I have told this story for over 20 years now, and no one every cared, so why do I?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-25

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Some People have asked me about why I Resurrected as a Dog, and its because I Ascended as a Dog, so I had a Choice about what to come back as, and if I keep my Memories or not, which is why Jesus made such a big deal about that whole Resurrection thing, but most People do not pay attention to details like that, in fact, when I ask People about what Jesus did say, they tell me things about how yew should Love one another as yew would want others to Love yew, and that is my definition of the most Insane thing I have ever heard, Love is an Emotion, and its a very Darkside Emotion, because yew can not Love without Hate, and yew are incapable of Loving others, if yew did, then the News about the Arabs Killing all their Slaves, just to save a few bucks, would have upset yew, but it did not, in fact, yew are just sitting there Watching this, like IAM talking about the Weather outside, or something even less interesting then that, so my Guess is that most People do not even Like Other People, and do not care what happens to them, as long as it does not interfere with yewer happiness, and thinking about People getting Killed is upsetting yew, so yew do not want to hear about that, i mean the Light Wizzard should only tell me things that will make me happy, and this does not make Me happy, but the Truth is, that IAM just a Dog, and Unconditional Love is something that yew expect from Me, but I do not Love yew, yew are just Sheep, and MI only job is to Protect Yew, so that is what IAM doing, IAM warning yew of Danger, yew hear me Barking, but yew do not see the Big Bad Wolf for what it is.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-26

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That Little Voice in My Head is just Meat, it always sends mixed Signals, and is full of Emotions, and is really just Full of SHIT, but that's Me, and I do not Love Yew, I do not even Like Yew, and why should I, yew are just Sheep, and all I have to do - to do my job is Nip at yewer Heals to keep yew in line, and since I do not care what Yew think or Believe, yew may wonder why I bother to tell yew about anything, and the Answer is simple: yew have Freewill, and if Yew want to be You, then you can learn to do the Right thing, and Caring about this Planet and all the Life on it, is the first place to start, and since yew have been lied to yewer whole lives, and are Slaves, and yewer 30 Years are well over due, and now that the Bankers have decided to cut their loses, and this Government has no more need for yewer services, its about time for another War, only this Time, its coming to a Location near yew, so be warned, the Dog told yew that this War is Coming, and its not for the Reasons they are telling yew, its for the Reasons they are not telling yew, that yew are all just Slaves, born into a System of Controls, so that yew would never guess that IAM telling yew the Truth about this Universe.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-27

Scene 00-01-G-IAM-27 Full Size

The Teaching of the Light Wizzard is not through Fear, no Theories here... Fear comes from Learning how yewer World Works, not mine, I have no Wars, no Slaves, and no reason to have Emotions, I view Life as if Life is the Miracle that it is, but knowing that when this Body, or Flesh Dies, I will just be Born into a new Body, and if I chose to Ascend, I can also chose to remember everything, and everyone else has the same choice, so why it is they decided to forget it all, is beyond me, because all they do is make the same mistakes all over again, because they do not know their own History, let alone mine or Main Streams Version of what Happened, but IAM sure yew will not find Killing Slaves the Main Reason for the Gulf War, even though it was the Only Reason, but its why I lost faith in Human Kind, and view this World as out of Control and Evil, and why I must point out that the Darkside is in Charge, and Killing Slaves is just part of the Game, did yew read their Bible? Did yew think that Kill the Infidel, Gentile, or Goyim was just a commandment they do not obey, no... they have been Killing their Slaves every time the Slaves wake up to this fact, or their Contract is up for Payment, so the Killing will soon begin, only this time yew are the Infidel, Gentile, or Goyim, and since its Fine with yew if they Bring back Torture, well the Torture is just to make the Game more Interesting, so yew should not mind when they use it on Yew.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-28

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Yew always have Freewill, and yew can not Live only in the Light, yew must also do Evil things in the Dark, to bring Balance, so find Balance, and yew will learn that yew have Freewill, and Freedom is the Road that you want to follow, and that is the Journey the Light Wizzard will take yew on, So now a Warning: The Powers that Be, are the Descendants of Cain: mostly Christian, Muslim, or Jews, and IAM not talking to their Flock, who have no idea what IAM talking about, they know who IAM talking about, the Bankers, Oil Cartels, and Governments of this World, so know this, the Word is out about yewer Laws, Rules and Commandments, and what yew do with yewer Slaves to this day, and the Infidels, pagans or unbelievers, as well as the Gentile or Goyim, are on to yew, and we will not sit ideal as yew Slaughter our Flocks, the Dog is Watching yew and this Dog still has Teeth, and IAM a Healer.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-29

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard.


Chapter 0.2: IAM Step -1


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step -1
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-N-IAM-01

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The Dark Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step -1, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside in Terms only the Darkside can understand.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-N-IAM-02

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Most people believe they Know what the Lightside is, they swear to it, until I finish telling them its defined as all Light with no Darkness, same definition given in the Bible, But most do not understand the Bible, nor do they understand the World they Live in, so once yew decide to be honest with yewerself, yew have to view things as both Light and Dark, but can not go as far as to agree that they can have no Darkness in that Reality, because there are always Dark things going on in the background, so they conclude that is not possible to only have Light in yewer Reality, since something Dark is also taking place somewhere on the Planet, so they believe that the Light does not Exist, since they can not change the Definition of it, so they can not Imagine a Reality with only Light in it, so I ask them for an Example of the Light that Exist in this Reality with Darkness, and every Country has their own History of Reality, but as for Me, I grew up in the United States, its a Global Corporation owned and Operated by the Central Banking System or CBS, who also provide News and Entertainment to its Slave Population, I was in the Military, they Called Me Sargent Flesher, I was Hired to Fight Wars for the Banking Cartel, and also Mercenaries when the Bankers needed to Kill the Slaves that they do not need anymore, that is the only Job of this Military, the only catch is that they Lied to Me, they told me I was suppose to Defend the Constitution of the United States of America, but for Me to be able to do that, I would have to Kill all its Leaders for Treason, since they Allowed the Banks to Buy the United States of America for a Song and Dance called the Civil War, so the Business men that Owned Congress and the Senate at the Time, could become Wealthy and have Power, and even though the Articles of the Constitution Allowed its Citizens to overthrow its Government when it becomes corrupt, in fact it Demanded it... from all its Citizens, the Powers that be passed Laws making that Treason, its a Paradox... really, I can not do my Job Killing Treasoneers unless iam willing to become one, so this whole System is setup as a Paradox.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-N-IAM-03

Scene 00-01-N-IAM-03 Full Size

There is no Reality in the Darkside but what yew make of it, but then again... I grew up in a Family with serious Drug Problems, my Parents were Street Drug Addicts and my Grandparents were Main Stream Drug Addicts, who thought that Pharmaceutical Drugs and Alcohol were Gods Gift but only Satin Sells Street Drugs, but in Truth, Drugs are Drugs, and Alcohol and Pharmaceutical Drugs are not Gods Drugs, God gave yew Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms, Peyote, Opium Poppies, Coca and others, but it was Man who Created Drugs from them, then deceived themselves into thinking that those where Gods Drugs... a Drug is anything that God gave yew and yew Dried it out to process it, which makes it a Drug, so even Sugar and Wheat is a Drug, so now most of what yew eat is Drugs, so yewer Reality and Mine are Colliding, now that yew see that everyone is on Drugs, and what is even Crazier for the Darkside to think, is that they Drink Alcohol but they do not do Drugs Street Drugs, as they think they are better, as if that makes them less of a Drug Addict I guess, but they still do Drugs, because Alcohol is a Man Made Drug that is far worse then any of Gods Drugs, yewer own Data on this proves that its a Deadly Drug that makes people do Crazy things, but because its Legal, people think its some how better then Gods Drugs, that is how People Justify this thought process and why they are in the Dark to begin with, so some view God as the Lightside, where others view God as the Darkside, where the Truth is only in the Shades of Grey... but some do not believe in God at all, they believe in Chaos, but Science has proof that Chaos does not exist in Nature, but since I do not care what yew Believe, yew will find no Religion being taught here, so keep in mind who IAM talking about when I say GOD, because this GOD has a Lightside and a Darkside, but its in here that we talk about the Darkside, and it starts when Peoples Reality is only Dark, with no Light in it, that they become to believe that must be the Light, with the Paradox that it can not be, since it has Darkness in it, Light and Dark are the Flip-side of a Coin, the Dark can never see the Light, nor the Light see the Dark, so when yew are in the Darkside, there is No Light, only Shades of Grey, so White is as close as the Darkside comes to the Light, and once yew allow all Emotions to Fade away, only then can it turn from White into the Light, but it can also go into the Darkside of the Light, so Black fades into the Darkness once again, some times when this Happens, it causes a Deja Vu, its because yew opened up a path from one side to the other, and now yew have to walk over this path with a new view of Reality, so yew start to measure time as everything that happened before this Event, and everything that happened after it, like yew died and was reborn, so people think this must be the Lightside, so yew take this Drug and that Drug so yew will feel better again, but in the Light, you do Not feel Pain at All, that was just yewer Darkness.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-N-IAM-04

Scene 00-01-N-IAM-04 Full Size

Yewer Reality is viewed as Black and White, very few can see the Shades of Grey in it, and the Paradox it creates, since yew view Black as very Dark and Evil, and White as very Light and Good, so yew view White as being the Light, and Black as being the Dark, and since yew also view Dark Deeds as Bad, and Light Deeds as Good, yew assign White to meaning Good, and Black to being Bad, and very few see the Grey at all, so yew assign Good as Light and Dark as Evil, so its easy to make Black People Evil, and White People Good, but this leap in Logic causes unrest, because deep down this feeling never goes away, and it does not matter if yew are Black or White, because lets face it, if yew are not Black or White, yew are just a Mutt, yew know that Mixed Race, and when it comes to yewer Coffee, some Like it White and Hot, some Like it Straight and Black, and some like it up the Ass, a Good Coffee Enema would do yew all some Good, because yew are all just Full of Shit, so if any of those statements invoked any Emotions in yew at all, then yew are Prejudice, and the Color of yewer Skin has nothing to do with it, this is the Darkside, Emotions are the Darkness, because all I said was a bunch of Words, yew attached Meaning to them, not I, so its the Reality yew created with this whole Black and White mentality, so again its only in the Shades of Grey can yew see this... but this is the Darkside, so yew call Sheeple Names, yew start Fights and Wars so yew can Rape the Dead, or was that Rape them Dead, its a tough call with this New Openly Gay Military of yewers, because some like to Kill so they can have a trill with them, but this is the Height of Civilization and yewer Black and White View, means that yew view War as a Necessary Evil at best, but most do not view it as Evil at all, they see it as a means of Thinning out the Salve Population, while others view it as a way of Life, as unavoidable as Death and Taxes, so yew go along with the Madness, and Justify it by saying there are Good Soldiers, so there is White, and there are Bad Soldiers, so there is Black, but this is the Real Deal, yew do not see the Shades of Grey in between when yew are in the Darkside... so all yew are Really saying is that yew go along with it because everyone else goes along with, yew follow but yew do not Lead, so yew Play Follow the Leader, because yew forgot who they are, which is the Big Bad Wolf, and since yew are a Sheep, yew do what yew are told to do, think what they want yew to think, yew are Parrot, Not a Patriot, yew allowed the Evil to be the Light, so the Darkness could Shine a Little Darker, and yew defend the Darkness to the End.

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Now is the time I tell Mi-self to take a Deep Breath, and spit out all the Darkness inside of Me before the Next Breath, so here it Goes: When I was 11 My Grandmother Eula, who was an Irish Ozark Mountain born Engineer that worked in the Pentagon in the National Archive, my Grandfather was in the Navy and assigned to the Pentagon in 1948, he died in 1964 from Radiation Poisoning from a Nuclear Submarine, My Grandmother never ceased to amaze me, she Died in 2011 at the age of 99, but I remember that day like it was yesterday, but it was 1972, she handed me a Book my Grandfather who died when I was very young had written in, it was a brief History of this World based on critical events, it had been passed down from one Generation to the Next, with the one goal of documenting Key events that keep changing in History, like the History of the Pyramids, Religion, Witch Hunts, Wars, and Science, not much talk about Politics, as one Grandfather wrote, the Jews are still in Power till that changes no reason to mention it, so it was His Story, so my Grandmother said to me, [I never gave this Book to my Sons, because I knew they would lose it somehow, but they read it, so I am entrusting it to you since you are the Last in Line, read it and protect it, and find a way to tell all the People about it] in other words, no pressure, if I do not find a way to tell this Story, no one will, but fate stepped in, my Father and Step-Mother Divorced, and during the move my Step-Mother threw all my belongings in the trash, so she could use the truck they were stored in, so fate it seems is not without Irony that the Book was lost by a Stepmother named Aloha, which means Hello Goodbye, i can not remember what i did last week, but i remember what was in that Book, and after telling His Story for the last 40 years I can honestly tell yew that no one cares about anything but themselves, so I can only conclude that People do not view this as Dark enough Deed to think it was Bad, or they just do not Believe what I am telling them, which I do not care what they Believe, but to dismiss it altogether means they really do not care, telling stories like this even back in my Grandfathers time, did not go over very well, people really did not believe or care back then, and the Family just goes nuts at the very mention of it, so iam sure i will get flack over telling it anyway, it has to be told... and telling it has only gotten worse, yew can only say the sky is falling so many times and it does not, that people view yew as Crying Wolf, which is what happened to my Grandfather when he told Friends and Family about a Plot to start the Next War, which involved Bombing a Wing at the Pentagon and Blowing up a Building in New York, now a days people listen, but back then no one thought it would ever happen, as it turned out it did on 911, but not in his Lifetime, so his Darkness became Mine, and now I have to deal with it, this is called a Legacy, after my Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather, running from the Jews that were taking over Germany he moved to the what is now the USA around 1730, his Son changed the Spelling of the Family name in an effort to make it American, changing it from the original Ashkenazic term (Fleischer), from Fleisch meaning Flesh or Meat + the agent suffix -er, which means more of, to (Flesher), so they removed the letters I C for a reason, since most Americans do not C I, so its clear that my Family has been in this Country long before it was a Country, some served in Wars like my Grandfather, who served in the Navy in Submarines, my Great Great Grandfather fought in the Civil War, 1st Regiment West Virginia Cavalry, and oh course they fought for Independence, but who cares about that War, the Constitution was just Words written on Paper made from Hemp, so they might as well Smoke it, since it has no meaning to its Citizens, myself serving in the Military, I take my Duty to this Country Seriously, so when I read about my Families background, it got me thinking about my own... but to understand a History that is only told by those who Conquered, will require yew to look at this Reality around US, and ask yewerself what is really going on here...

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Growing up - my Father hated Jews, always going on about World War 2, and how the Nazi's Killed his Ancestors, my Grandmother said my Grandfather Hated them also, so I can see where my Father got it from, my Father had a way with Words, for example FUCK, meant one thing, to have Sex with the Intent to Bread, but when yew say Fucking Jew, well that Phrase can take on a whole new meaning, so to be clear... they were talking about Genocide of an Entire Race, by Rape or Murder of some 70 Million German People, I tell people this story and they say we know that, its called History, we all Know about the War... then I tell them, the War was Over, this is what the Jews did on the Way out, it was a Victory Dance after the Nazi's won the War, and it was lead by the Jew Leader Ike the Kike Eisenhower, as my Father put it, then they left a Garrison and built a Wall around the Camp, then bread out the rest, my Grandmother always told me that No one hates a Jew more than a Jew does, a lesson I learned the Hard way, now I will tell yew why...

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To understand what a Race means, yew must go back to the Original Race, which is the Black Race, they called them this because they had Black Eyes, Hair and Skin, this Race was in the Light, they knew they were Spirits or SOULS, then came the Grey Race, they had Ash Grey colored Skin, Grey hair at birth, turning Brown then back into Grey as they aged, and Grayish Green Eyes, and where also in the Light, then came the White Race, they were born with White Hair, it turns Blond, then White again in old Age, and yew guessed it they were also in the Light, they also have White Skin, which is now considered to be a Deadly Birth Defect, which is also a similar case with the other Races, although its much rarer to see one of them being born now a days, so my guess is that they were bred out years ago, and are normally Terminated by a Doctor when they are Born, which was the whole reason for Doctors in the First place, but each Race brought different Strengths and also Weaknesses, but as a Society they Lived in Harmony and Built the Pyramids, then a Woman named Eve was Seduced by the Darkside and bore a Son named Cain, so the Son of Adam which was Able, became the Gate Keeper of the Families Secrets, as such Gods Law was to Never Cross the Race Barrier, how that translated into anything to do with Apples and Tree of Knowledge, is beyond me, other then the Tree is a Family Tree, the Apple being the Fruit, and the Knowledge being the Outcome, which is the Lost of Paradise, but Eve did not do as God Commanded, which was to Kill the Son, so the Son Survived, and when he became of Age he got this Half Sister Pregnant, so Adam Expelled Eve and the Children from Paradise, so Cain left with his Mother, Half-Sister and Child, then came back in the Middle of the Night with his Mother and kidnapped the other Sisters, then after many Generations Cains Descendants Raised and Army, and Raped and Murdered Egypt's People and Plundered the Town and Pyramids, then fled into the Desert for another 3 Generations and came back, and finished the Job with a vengeance for being expelled from Paradise, so just as the White Wizard foretold, the Destruction of Paradise was due to Lust and Greed, which always happens to mixed Races, this was not Gods Punishment, but Humans Failure to maintain the Races Balance, allowing a Race War to Genocide the others, till only the last Race is left, which have little resemblance to any Race in the end, then it self-destructs on its self, hating the Animal that it became, these stories sound very close to the Accounts in the Bible, only I condensed it down to one Paragraph, so what IAM really saying is that the White, Grey and Black Races were at peace for Millions of Years, they had built these Pyramids all around the Globe, they had Aircraft better then the ones we do now, and Technology based on Trinary Energy, in fact most of the UFO's are just them Flying around, the War Continues to this Day, they Live underground, and in the Oceans, this part of His Story always brings up the BS Flag, that is when someone Stops yew and says Aliens from Outer Space... get Real... and I say No, these People have always Lived here and still do, that is why I called them Ancestors, a lot of People know this for a Fact and got over it years ago, but some will never believe it, and if you saw our Ancestors now, they would bare very little resemblance to US, but that is how Nationality works, a group of People who have Mated for many Years, start to look like each other, so Deeper into the Darkness we go... once the Races started to Mix, yew became a Rainbow of Colors, the Black and Grey Race mix of Cain, became a Warriors without Honor Race, since they were inbred, they grew an appetite for Rape and Murder, and had Wild Sexual Cravings for Homosexuality, Pedophilia, and Bestiality, and it should be noted that not all the Black and Grey Race mixes were Inbred, so when I mention that they are Called the Sephardic Jew, i do not offend anyone, i have met many Sephardic Jews who are in the Light, in fact being in the Light has nothing to do with the Color of yewer Skin, or Genealogy, its a Birth Right, everyone is Born into the Light, but keep in mind that those who claim to be Descendants of Cain, well they are saying they are the Descendants of Satin, because there is no other Word that best describes Cain, but these people do exist to this day and they are in Power, so they be the Powers that be, the Darkside is in Charge.

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The White Race and the Grey Race Mix and became known as the Ashkenazi, they have 3 Combinations they can be born into, the White Race is born with White Hair that turns Blond then back to White as they age, but they have Charcoal Grey Colored Pubic Hair, and Blue Eyes, there skin is known as Flesh Color, which is a mix of White and Grey, and is what IAM, the Grey Race is Born with Brunette Hair and Green Eyes, and the last Bread was Red Hair with Green Eyes, there are also variation of Eye Color, but they never have Brown Eyes, but Hazel or Bluish Green Eyes are Common, they are the Smartest Race on the Planet, and do not take my Word for it, look it up, the Master Race, Supreme Race, sound familiar? All other mixes are just Jewish, not as a Religion, but as a Race, so I want to be clear on this Point, because what my Grandfather was telling me was that my Ancestry dates back to the Pyramids, and that the Ashkenazic Term Fleisch means taking the White Fleisch and the Grey Fleisch mix, and yew get Fleischer, in other words, yew get all the traits of both Races in one, and I wish I could say only the Good ones, but the Light and Dark always exist, which brings me to my Point, my Grandfather knows that he is an Ashkenazi, and he Hates Jews, so my Grandmother was right, No one Hates Jews more then a Jew, so why did my Grandfather hate Jews so much? My Grandfather said that George Bush and Hefner were Treasonous Traders, a very strong word to use, since it means they deserve to be Executed, so growing up I did not think that much about it, I figured everyone knew that by then, till one day I got into Genealogy, and Found that the George Adam Bush and the Hefner's Married into our Family, then Inbred into it, although it did not effect the Branch of Family I came from, it did pollute the Family Gene Pool, but this is all speculation on my part, but my Grandfather was very Clear about the Descendant's of Abraham Lincoln, who was also a Descendant of Cain, and I did not find a link from George Adam Bush to Lincoln in my Family Tree, it does not mean it does not exist, but the Link between President Lincoln's and President George Bush (7th), Dick Cheney (9th), Barack Obama (11th), Brad Pit (9th), John Kerry (9th), Princes Diana (11th), Marilyn Monroe (9th), Hugh Hefner, Pocahontas and even Dracula who was Vlad the Impaler, not to mention his Political ties to George Washington, Ulysses Grant, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S Truman, Winston Churchill and many many more, including European Royalty, have all been confirmed, but still it looks like i have more George Bushes in my Family tree then he does, so its a toss up to who he was referring too, but he is very clear why he hates Jews, but keep in mind he does not hate all Jews, just the ones who did the bidding of the Darkside, and one Word can some up the whole story without having to go into any Details, my Grandfather said that the Ashkenazi have bred with the Descendant's of Cain, and as a result of Inbreeding the Nazi came to be in Power, amazing how one Word can change the Context of what yew are saying so fast, but this is the Darkside IAM talking about, which is why like my Fathers Before me, i hate Jews, so i hate Me, since IAM an Ashkenazic Jew, and no one Hates Jews more then we do.

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So Deeper into the Darkness we go looking for the Darkside in all of US, and what do we find? Yew define yewerselves as being in the Light, very few People actually really believe they are in the Dark or are Dark, or do Dark Deeds, even Hitler and Moses claimed to be Enlightened, so its clear that they did not believe that Mass Genocide is a Dark Deed, so if the Criteria for being in the Light changes from one person to the next, how do yew Measure the Light in the Dark, when some people view Dark Deeds differently, from the view point of both Hitler or Moses, only History can Judge their Dark Deeds, but that History was written by those that Hated or Worshiped them, so its Biased, so if I was to view these Deeds with an Unbiased view point - I would have to first remove the Emotions from it, then only look at the Net Effect of those Dark Deeds, which in both cases was Mass Genocide and Destruction, not to Mention the Rape, Murder and Pillaging, where each crime has Different Emotions attached to it, so yew need to look at other aspects of the crimes, instead of its Emotional Impact, so yew must first define what a Dark Deed is, which is doing something yew know is Wrong, like Rape, Murder and Pillaging, the Deeds themselves are viewed by some as not Dark, even as Light, or maybe they were Dark when Hitler did it, but not Moses, but then it depends on which one yew Hate and Which one yew Worship, for example: some victims of Rape by a Family member view it as Love, so Rape is just Foreplay to them, they view it as Light, and to a Soldier: Murder is part of War, and its Fun to Kill the Enemy, so yew make a Video Game so yew can get good at the Art of Murder, and think this is the Light, and Pillaging is just something yew do because yew view the World as Owing yew something, so after a Riot, one of Mother Natures Fits, or yew have no Money, yew Pillage and think its Fun and in the Light, so Clearly these Acts are Not Dark Deeds to yew, in fact they are just Entertainment, so what was the Real Crime, well in the Light, its the Truth, so the level of Deception they went through Marks how Dark a Deed is, so this is one way to view the Dark Deeds: First Identify who is in charge of the Darkside, the best way to do that is logically look at who owns everything, the Jews Wrote all the Bibles for all the Religions, they Wrote all the History Books and School Books for all the Nations, the Jews Own all the Banks, and the Banks Own everything in the World, so learn who Jews are From A to Z, now... if yew take the Ash out of Ashkenazi, yew see a very familiar Word called Nazi, if yew can NaZ-I, we only see yew, now this is the Ash from the Burnt Offering so its the Holly Cost, which is another way of saying Holly Hoax, so the Words start to make sense now, its a Play on words like LevI, the Jews are so Cleaver... and No 1 Hates Jews more then the Jews Do, so its no wonder all the Aryans are Jews, since Aryans are people who crossed over the Caucasus Mountains and are Known as Caucasian, this makes them the Jewish Race not the White Race, but do not let a little History Lesson spoil yewer fun, but Most people can not tell them Apart, so they Believe it was the White Race that have Slaves, even though History and the Bible tells yew it was always the Jews, just because it says to do this in their Bible, along with Kill the Gentile, Goyim or Infidel, no... that would be way to obvious, and yew are only looking for Deception here, not what yew already know about them, so its Not a Problem for them to do Crimes in the Darkside, so they Tattoo their Bank Account Numbers to their Arms, and check into their own War Prison Camps so they would be Safe from their Enemy, who was them, yew are yewer own worst Enemy, then get their Enemy to do their Bidding and Fight the War for them, this is the First Rule of Engagement, and make the Whole World believe that it was the Jews that were being Persecuted, when it was them all along, and they got yew to Pay for it by being their Slaves, but they Pulled this Trick before in Egypt, so yew can not expect them to change what works so well for them, all they did was Move to the Location that they have fought over for the last Two Thousand years, I just Love it when a Plan comes together how about yew? So lets not forget IAM a Jew just Like Yew, only IAM the Dog, so IAM just a Mutt, but this Looks Dark to Me, so not all Jews will see this the same way, but the White, Grey and Black Race's known as the Pure Blood Race's were Bred out of Existence years ago, so all that is Left are Jews, so who are Jew going to blame now?

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How do we define the Light in Terms of the Darkness in it? Its only until yew agree that there is No Light in any of yew, can I move on with this Story... because its not till then that yew realize that yew would have to let go of all yewer Darkness, and that is what is Evil, so its a Paradox, once yew see the Darkness, yew can not see the Light, so round and round we go, this happens when yew wake up to the True History of this Planet, and yew find out that the Bad Guys are in Charge, then yew remember in History that the Conquered is what yew are, what! yew thought yew were the Good guys, give me a Break, yew are nothing but Sheep, who are too Disgusted with their History to own up to it, but then again, yew are too Disgusted with Jesus Bar Abbas's to own up to his, so yew made him into Christ, and yewerself into the Enlightened ones, and wonder why yew can not see the Light... because yew think that was in the Past, but its still happening to this Day, and its not till yew own up to being on the Same Side as Hitler, his Buddy, his Co-Conspirator, his Ally and his Alibi, that His Story will even Start to make much Sense, because the Bankers are the Jews, so who do yew think is in Charge here? but it does not have to be that hard, the Universe is a Simple place, and is always in Balance, so in the Shades of Grey yew learn to see the Light as a Reality with No Darkness in it, so yew ask yewerself what is the Darkness, and the Answer is in the Emotions, O U Say, because it was the Emotions that made yew see everything in Black and White, and not in Shades of Grey, and its the Emotions that allow yew to do Dark Deeds for the Darkside, and Pretend this is not what is Really Going on, so Deeper into Emotions yew go, Deeper into the O Shit Reality yew created, until yew realize that is yewer Darkside.

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Its easy to see the Darkness in Others, and those that are in Darkness feel like its their Right to be Dark, so they do Dark things in the name of God, even if they are Atheist or Agnostic or some other Religion, they Justify it as being Human, because its only Human to have Emotions, and the Depth that they go to, just to Justify it, and even make the Victims of Dark Deeds, do Darker things for Revenge... Years ago during my first Marriage, my wife told Me that she was Molested by Her Father and Grandfather, and while being stationed in Korea with the Black Knights - Special Operations Squadron, as a Helicopter Crew Chief, I found out that one of my Daughters were talking about Suicide, I knew right away that she was also Molested by the same Man, my wife told me that she took care of it, and that her Father is now in Treatment for this, but what I found out when I got back, was that if he went to treatment they would have to report it, and he would be in Trouble, now that was a Odd thing to say, what did he think would happen if he Rapped someone, then this Demon popped out of her mouth and she said to Me: [He did this out of Love for us, its the only way he knows how to show it, and she deserves it,] but I doubt she will ever view her statement as Evil, as the Darkest Deed yew could ever do to someone yew Love, and when I pointed this out to her, she told me that I was two faced, she said: [Yewer Father Molested yewer Step Sister, and Yew Molest Me and that is fine, but when someone else Loves Me its not...] the Darkside does this to yew, it distorts the way yew view events, till it twist yew around so many times yew do not know what is Right and what is Wrong, so we Divorce for this Reason Only, lets call it irreconcilable differences, because I did not believe that My Children Deserved to be Molested by this Pedophile, and no matter how much she tried to Justify it, it was not Love, and I need to protect my Children from this Behavior, but the Court System of Just-Us did not see it that way... what I found out was that Darkness lurked in her much Deeper than that, and during the Divorce the Just-Us System agreed that She has the Right to have her Children take Pornographic Pictures or her, so she could post them to people on the Internet, so the Darkness runs so Deep in this Country that the Judges not only Condone it, but they Reward it, the Courts Refused to even Report the Child Molesting to the proper Authorities, which in itself is a Crime, so there is no Light in the Darkness, and No Justice only Just-us the Darkside, and do not ever try to justify a Court System like this, its run by Satin himself, the Black Wizard, I view this Whole World of Humans that way, because yew see it everywhere, everyday, in all of Yew, yew have Tomb Stones in yewer I's, which is why yew do not see the Darkness in yewerself.

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Now it comes down to who AMI? I told yew MI Name in Step 0, and by Step 1 yew knew who IAM, but now what IAM asking yew is... AMI IAM? Because if IAM, then AMI and who IAM is the same, but the truth is much simpler then that... IAM the Light, AMI the Dark, a valid question and point made, but did I answer the Question?

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In the End Jesus said to his Disciples: You Will Deny Me Three Times, and to this day they still Deny Who he was, because his name in the Bible is Jesus Bar Abbas, but it was much more fun to make Christ out of him, by Denying who he really was, this was not a trick statement, and those engraven Images he asked yew not to make, shows yew really did not listen to what he was talking about, Watch and Pray, that Ye Enter Not into Temptation: the Spirit indeed is Willing, but the Flesh is Weak... So I ask yew once more... Who AMI? The Spirit that is Willing or the Flesh that is Weak? Once yew Deny who IAM then AMI the Darkside, Words, they are the Wizards best line of Logic, they have the Power to Enslave yew or set you Free.

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The thing about Wizards is that they can tell yew things, but do yew really listen to what I had to say... and if yew think for a second that Jesus was not a Wizard, then yew did not listen to anything he said, nor did you pay any attention to anything he did, because only a Wizard could have pulled this off, but that much is obvious since yew would have figured out he did not like the Church very much, and all he really did talk about was Ascending to Heaven and Resurrection; and Jesus was a Big Man with a Temper, he threw Stone tables around like they were made of Wood, so he was Not Meek, in fact yew would know he was a Rebel who was taking on the Establishment if yew knew his full name, because Jesus Bar Abbas was a Warrior Fighting for the Peoples Rights to believe what ever they wanted too, but Jesus himself only talked about the Light, its no wonder they wrote His Story the way they did, two people can read it: 1 would understand that there was only 1 Man on Trail, Jesus Bar Abbas, the rest of it was just there to Create Christ, which is this Perfect Man, no flaws, never did anything wrong in his whole life, which is what the Story is about, the length people go to to Deny him in the Flesh, then Deny him in Spirit, because on one hand yew have Jesus Christ, Son of God, never did anything wrong, yet he stands before the Roman Empire to be Murdered for the Jews, for claiming to be the Son of God, and on the other hand yew have Jesus Bar Abbas, a Rebel Warrior who has been a pain in Romes side for far to long, then yew have History, which has no Record of any Jesus of Nazareth, but the Ashkenazi seem to know a lot about him, but then yew remember who the Nazi's are, the NaZ-I... but the Roman records are very clear about executing Jesus Bar Abbas, No mention about letting him go Free, just because they could have, did not mean they did, but they were very clear about the Execution Part, and who they Executed, but that is just History, but then yew remember IAM talking about Jesus Bar Abbas, like its another Story or something... so its clear they are one in the same, otherwise yew have a Paradox.

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I think yew bought into this whole Christ thing, but the Truth is always stranger then fiction, and lets face it, just look at the History of Humans, all Wars are Waged under the name of Region, I doubt yew can find one War that was not because of Religion, therefore its clear that the Darkside are all Religious, and all Religions, since they are in Charge, so they write History, therefore they are the Darkside, since only the Darkside Lies to yew, that is if yew believe in the Bible at all, and you can not tell me that it was Not the Churches who burned Witches at the Steak for their Beliefs, and that the Banks own the Churches, and it was the Bankers who Killed the Indians to take over their Land, they called them barbaric because they did not believe in their God or Jesus... so do not blame me for bringing this point up, what did yew think I was going to talk about? The Weather? See... one Lie after another, one War after another, Hatred on a Global Scale, and yew want to Defend Religion? Religion is all about Control, making yew into Slaves and all the Darkside wants to do is Start a Revolution, they want another Civil War, and when is War ever Civil? The Last Civil War yew lost the Country, now the Banks own it and yew, and yew do not understand how, they do this by Pitting yew against each other, then they use Money to Drive yew Insane, so yew will do Crazy Things like Join in on the Civil War that they Created... And in the Name of God? In the Name of Jesus? In the Name of Allah or Muhammad? Or any other Deities Name in History? If Jesus or the others talked about Loving one another, IAM sure they did not mean Love them to Death, but please do not ask why I find Religion to be an Evil Belief System or BS, but burning People to Death for their Belief System is a good enough reason for Me, but the facts Stand on their own, and the unmistakable conclusion of thousands of years of Data, the Logic can only conclude its the Darkside, and all yew have to do is look around and ask the Real question? What is God and Who are Jesus, Allah, and the others, and what do they have in common with Horus? Because that would lead yew back to the Pyramid, then yew would have to ask why they Dismantled it, then ask how was it Powered, since its clear that it had Power of some kind... and why Did Mosses Kill all the People who Built it, and start an unending War that Continues to this Date? Then yew remember that the Story of Horus included Tablets of Drawings, some that could be viewed as showing Light Bulbs, Microscopes and other High Technology instruments, not to mention Aircraft some view as UFO's, and those Giant Mummified bodies contained DNA that did not match our own, no... yew go digging for skeletons in our own backyard and yew will find that the Monkeys Killed their owners, and all evidence of that was removed and how the Darkside stays in Charge by Lying to yew about everything.

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Yew can find many more Wizards in History with the same Profile as Jesus Bar Abbas, Horus for one, but there were many at that time, Mithra, Krishna, Dionysus, Attis, and others are all Names, and all names are Spells that Conjure up His Stories of their own, but none after that time, so something has changed, what was it? History itself... See History was starting to be recorded, and those in Charge or the Powers that be, knew it would be harder to pull this off again, so they seized the moment and made their move, this was a Military move... and it worked, they took over the World, and guess who is in Charge? The Darkside.

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They say those that do not learn from History are bond to repeat it, but they do not take into consideration that those who write it are in Charge.

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Moses was a Black Wizard, in the Bible it states that he had a Staff of Power given to him by God, Jesus was a White Wizard and also carried a Staff of Power given to him by God, as did Horus and the Other Wizards, interesting to note that Wizards were considered Magicians, but the tricks that Moses and Jesus pulled off are Legendary, its a matter of separating the Fairy Tale from the Truth, and the Truth is that My Race of Ashkenazi Jews have created this Reality for yew, once yew allowed them to Write History, Science and all Higher Education, they started to think for yew, and yew only think what they want yew to think, yew are just test subjects in an Experiment called Slavery, I must remind yew that even though My Genealogy is Ashkenazi, I do not speak for them and rarely too them, most of them have no clue as to what is really going on, in fact I normally consider myself to be from the White Race, so I can Hate Jews, because that is what Jews do, now I will make yew feel guilty for Me getting Gulf War Disease, and having to deal with all this other Shit, but IAM not Special when it comes to that, in fact I do not even claim to have any Special Characteristics, IAM not a Magician because my Spelling is Bad, I did not not come from the 1st Class Blue Collar Citizens, but the 3rd Class Working Linage, although I was Born from a Women Named Mary, who got her name in honor of Jesus's Mother, the similarity ends there, although he was also an Ashkenazic Jew, the Jews keep a tight lid on their heritage, so they do not inbreed to much, but since we are just talking about a Mixed Race, ones looks normally gives it all away without asking, so I will just leave that true linage of Jesus out of this Story, other then to mention that Horus and the Others where Pure Bloods, so what else do I have in Common with the Other Wizards? Besides being Human... not much... although I did bring someone back from the Dead once, but I was a trained CPR Instructor, and I can Walk on Water and Fly in My Dreams, so I doubt that would Qualify me, but then again IAM referring to the Legend and not the Man, because they were just Men, all I claim is that what IAM telling yew is the Truth and nothing more, its far simpler to just make up a History so we can be in Charge, then to change our ways, the Darksides Claim for Dominance of this Planet always come down to a Birth Right, those Descending from Cain believe they Own this Planet, but they are Not Smart enough to pull it off, so they Allowed the Smartest People on the Planet to do that for them, so the Ashkenazi stepped in and took over, Cains Descendant's are the Warriors, and think they own it all, but even they know that they are Our Slaves, the Jews own this Planet so yew are their Property, yew do as they tell yew to do because they are yewer Master, yew are just Slaves to them and always have been, there is no Freedom, only Free Dumb, and IAM no Different, IAM Creating a new Reality for yew, only I have no Staff of Power given to Me by God, that part of Me that is Meat, is called Flesh, and was Born into the Light and never turned my back on it, like most did, but My Darkness runs Deep, I keep it balance by knowing the Light exist, but in My Darkest Hour when the Light Leaves Me, I become an Animal, a Dog, a Sheep Dog Guarding his Herd, and IAM very protective of my Flock, yew wonder why I tell yew these things, what is My Motivation, what is the Sells Pitch and what AMI Selling? The Darkside Animals are a funny Bread, a Dog can Sense who the Enemy is, a Sheep will try to drink at the same watering hole as its Enemy, and even allow them to Mate with them, but to Sheep the Dogs Motive for Guarding them is Unclear, and most of the time view and treat the Dog as the Enemy, even though the Dogs Love is Unconditional, Dogs have become outlaws, requiring Licenses and Deadly Vaccines, so trust Me, no one wants to Ascend to be a Dog, not in these Times, so I had to come in Person, but I keep the Attitude, because...

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IAM the Darkness,
IAM the Light,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Dark Wizzard.


Chapter 0.3: IAM Step 2


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 2

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step 2, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can understand.

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To fully understand what it is that IAM trying to say, you must first understand a few more Dark Details about Me, like all Life forms, i view my Reality as a sequence of Memories, but when yew can not distinguish the difference between the Memories of Dreams and those that happen in Reality, yewer view of Reality becomes Distorted, and this is what happened to Me at some point in my Life, but it was not always like this, before the Gulf War, i could remember my Dreams in a much clearer recollection, but after the War started, i started to Dream that i was awake, that is, when i would fall asleep, i would dream that i could not sleep, so i would just lay in bed staring at the ceiling till i got up, then i would get on with my day, only things that were happening where only in my Dreams, and in the morning, i would come back to bed, so when i woke up, i was still in bed, some times I did not know if I was going to bed, or getting up, then i would wonder if i ever really went to sleep at all, or if that was all Real, so to get to the bottom of this, the Military did a sleep study at a VA Hospital, and they found that i have Sleep Misinterpretation Disorder, its very Rare the VA tells me, I have little to No REM Sleep, so its due to some thought process in which my Dreams are misleading me into thinking i am still awake, so as a result, i can not tell yew if my Memories are from my Dreams or my Reality, so my Reality is now both my Dreams and Reality combined, and when i wake up, i have to determine what were Dreams and what is Real, and it takes a lot of time, so i do not get going right out of bed, first i have to sort out all my Dreams from Reality before i can start my day, so now my Life really is a Dream, and a Wizard can pick what Dreams are Real, but the word Wizard has many meanings to many people, so I will have to define what a Wizard is, so One Step at a time, I will Define the Universe I live in.

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I can change the look and feel of any space IAM in, meaning that with my Imagination I can create a Reality in the Space I Live in, as such, if I want to change the color of the walls around me, all I have to do is think about it, visualize the walls a different color, and they will change to that color, so what IAM really doing is just Blending Dreams with Reality, so if I want to see a Object, first I picture that Object in my Mind, then I superimpose it onto my Reality, and there is it, the original cut and paste Reality, not hard for anyone to do really, but I have been practicing it all my Life, and its a known practice that dates back thousands of years, its called Witchcraft, and it works like this: a Witch is a person who can use their Imagination to create a different Reality, Witch is a Blend of Dreams and Reality, where Reality is defined as all things that are Real in the field of view of that Witch, as such they can also visualize the work of other Witches, who would always signal back to the Other Witch in a Secret Code known only by Witches, they would say: [O, I C...] after everything they say, its our way of hiding from the Darkside.

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Now that is a very Basic Definition of a Witch, and the use of Witchcraft, so as you can see, the definition of the word has not changed much over time, and its only when we look at words and their meaning, that we can make any sense out of His Story, so keeping the concepts clear and defined is the first Step, so I will try to define all terms from the View Point of the Lightside, in the simplest terms the Darkside can understand, so the word Magic is what confuses most people, since it means to take an Imaginary Object and make it Real, so if one Witch creates an Object that another Witch can clearly see, meaning that their Imagination of the Object is the same, this is said to be Synchronicity, so the more Synchronized they are, the more likely the Object will look the same after they create it, where the act of Creation is the Physical Act of Making the Object, Witch is where the Craftsmanship comes in, hence the word Witchcraft, and the time it takes to create that Object is in Real-Time, not in a blink of an eye, snap of a finger or wave of a Wand, so its very important for the two Witches to keep the illusion of the Object, till after the actual Object created replaces the illusion created by the Witchcraft, so its very important to define Witchcraft in this manner, since its not possible to create nor destroy Energy, this is called Reality, not some Fairy Tail.

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As the Art of Witchcraft grew, the Custom of seeing Witchcraft grew, so if you walked into a Witches house and they showed you around, they might say to you that you have to Image this is here and that is there, and keep all the Images of these Objects in place until that Witch is finished, then remember their Spell, which simply means to remember the room as the Witch Spelled it out, so if the Witch said [here we have a Chair, it has four legs made of the sticks of a Manzanita, with a solid Oak Seat and back rest,] well that would be the Chair Spell. Much like I define Words and Terms, I Spell them out so that everyone knows their meaning, casting it means to make a mold of it and create duplicates of it, which many Witches Cast Metals and Crystals, using a Wizards process known as Alchemy.

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If a Witch cast to many Spells, it would make it hard for people to remember, so a good Witch would create a short Song so you could remember their Spells, so Witches were also Song Writers, and they would use Instruments to fill in the fine details of their Spells and set the mood of it, so Witchcraft was the Art of Imagination, coupled with the Ability to describe things in a way that most people could visualize them, and a good Witch could also Sing and play a Musical Instrument, in fact a good Witch could do anything with a Wizards help, this is the Art of Witchcraft.

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Witchcraft can be used for Good and Bad, or Light and Dark reasons, for example a Witch could Conjure up a Chair by using the Chair Spell, this Act is Good if yew need a place to sit, or Bad if they use it to hit you in the head with it, even though the Act of doing so would not injure yew, since its an a Imaginary Chair, so I would not try sitting on it either, that my hurt more, but the Act is still a Dark Act, so this type of Witch became known as a Warlock, since they are Locked into War like activity in their use of Witchcraft, as such, a Warlock uses Witchcraft to do Dark Deeds.

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Now that said, its clear that there are many Witches and Warlocks living in this day and time, and its only because of how the terms were defined, that this is even possible, since most people I know define Magic as some form of Creating Objects without having to Manufacture them, as if they made it out of thin air, creating Energy, personally I have never met anyone that could do this, so its not in the realm of My Reality, and its why this whole Witch Hunt got started in the first place, wild accusations so someone could put the competition out of business, because the meaning of Words can be changed to suit the needs of those telling their Story.

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Now a Wizard is just a process that naturally leads you from one Step of the Process to the next Step, as such, the term itself does not imply any type of Magic, nor does it require any Witchcraft in its Process, in fact it does not even imply its a Person, therefore a Wizard can not be Translated into the word Magician, nor should the word bring up images of Magic, yet most view it that way, mostly because the Processes were not very well defined, and it took more Imagination to get from one Step to the next, so it can be said that the Author creates the Magic with their lack of enough details to go from one Step to the next, so those that were good at this type of deception were called the King of Authors, and many Stories have been told about them over the years, so its no wonder how the Folklore got its start, and Wizards were viewed as Magicians, but mainly it was to discredit the Real Witches and Wizards, with some none sense about Illusions and Fairy Magic, so it was meant as an Insult and should be taken as one.

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True Magic is being able to turn Imagination into Reality, a True Wizard does this Step by Step, a True Witch does this with their Imagination and Craftsmanship, so a White Wizard uses Witchcraft in a Step by Step Processes, but like all things in the Universe, Harmony is a Force that must be reckoned with, so the Dark Wizard is a Warlock, and somewhere in between is the Grey Wizard, so these are the only Wizards I will talk about, since they are the Only Wizards who can produce True Magic.

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To understand how a Wizard creates True Magic, yew must understand the difference between Real Magic and True Magic, so first we must be Crystal Clear about this, if a Wizard waves a Wand, snaps their Fingers, or makes a Spell, and some Object appears in the Space and Time they mean it to, and all the Processes can be Explained and Tested in Science, then this can be called True Magic, any other type of Magic where no Technology is used to Create Real Objects, meaning that they can create and destroy Energy, is called Fairy Magic, and is normally only talked about in Fairy Tails, so we will not talk about it here, so to be clear, they took Imagination and turned it into something Real, whereas Real Magic is just the Level that the Magic is done at, meaning how the Magical Object was Really Created, and this type of Magic can only be done by a Wizard with two Z's, known as the Wizzard.

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The Wizzard is the Wizard in MI Dreams, where MI is between Me and I, so its in mi Dreams Visually and Physically, for the Light Wizzards uses the Light to do its Magic, and the Light is the Energy of the Universe, its Light and Dark and every shad of Grey in between, but to be Crystal Clear, we have to move beyond Metaphors and into Science, but Science is a Topic most people Avoid, and the Story of IAM is about keeping things Simple, so this Science we talk about here sounds like Metaphors, but none the less its Science in its Simplest Terms.

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The Light is not Photonic Energy, I refer to that as Photonic Lite (LITE), not to be confused with Heavy, and not to make Light of it, but words and terms can get confusing very fast... at the Speed of Light even. The Light is Energy at the Subatomic level, its the Energy that Binds all Matter, so all Elements are Bond by it, so its the Glue that binds Elements together, and applied to every Element in the Universe, as such all Molecules as well, so the building blocks of this Universe are all bond by it, such that every fiber in the Universe is Bond by it, so nothing happens out of Chaos, and Chaos is what the Warlocks Teach, they call it Theory, meaning to Teach with Fear, and yew will find none of that here because everything is bond together for a reason by the Light, and its not till we look at Life at the Subatomic level that yew see this that way.

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As Scientist study the Cells in our Bodies, at the Cellular level, they discover Microscopic Engines doing complex work, all working together for a common goal using a Blue Print called DNA, and as they look at it closer and closer under higher magnification, they will notice that its a very controlled environment, and its because the Light is binding all these Microscopic Engines and Controlling them, as such the Light is capable of controlling Atoms at the Subatomic level, so the Cells in our Body are under Intelligent Control, but so is a Rock, so do not let it go to yewer head, and lets face it, the Light is the Brightest Entity in the Universe.

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Everything in the Universe has a set up Rules that Govern it, we call this Reality, or how things Really Work and not the way we think they work, so its clear that Not all Humans share the Same Reality, and its because no matter how anyone views how this Universe Operates, it does not change how it actually does, because the Universe does not care what yew think, nor do I, and for the same reason... because IAM the Light that is controlling yew, so IAM the Universe... Without some level of awareness of the Light, you (YOU) would only be an Animal, and yew (YEW) are an Animal, and the worst kind of Animal is one that believes it is an Animal, because then they can Act like Animals and Justify it, so we call this type of Animal Just Yew, or Jew for Short, not to be confused with the Jewish who LevI, so its difficult to explain the difference to most of yew, but to be aware of every Cell in your body, is the first Step to Self-Awareness, any other definition is just a game people play to feel self important, because the Darkside makes people crazy, where Crazy is just ideas that end in Paradox's, so the idea that your self-awareness has to do with ego or other such none-sense, is called Insanity, because to be Sane, you would first have to understand how the Universe actually works, so to be Crystal Clear, Self-awareness simply means that you are aware that the Light is controlling every aspect of your Reality, and its doing so well below the Subatomic level, because its in Control of every Atom of Matter at the Subatomic Level in the entire Universe... not just those Atoms in your Body, yet most can not grasp this simple concept, and will call it Magic, as in Fairy Magic, because it seems that IAM talking only in General Terms and Metaphors, and really not explaining anything at all, but then I remind you that IAM a Light Wizzard, and the way the Universe works is actually very Simple, it works best that way, its just that not everyone can comprehend it the same way... most people on this planet do not even speak the same Language, they have different Education levels, which really makes any difference to this Universe, yet people let that get in their way of Learning anything new, so they resist it, tune it out, shut it off, and walk away, and the Universe keeps working the same way it always has, so it did not matter to the Universe, nor to Me, because Me is just short for Meat, and IAM way more then just Meat, so if you want to learn about MI Universe, then lets give it a name and call it the Trinary Universe.

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The Trinary Universe gets its name from the Trinary Energy that binds it; this Energy is only visible under the most powerful Microscopes in the World, for Humans, we call that your Eyes, for once you see the Light, you can not stop seeing it, so now we dive into what it is.

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In our Reality Everything we see is in 3D, meaning the Third Dimension, it has Depth, Height and Width, if you remove one of those you have 2 Dimensions, so now we only have the Depth and Height of it, remove one more Dimension and you only have the Depth left, so this is the First Dimension, which is where I Live, you remove that and we have the Zero Dimension, which is where nothing exist, so its Null Space, and all of these Dimensions make up our Reality, any others just Clutter it up.

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Logic is the Basis of all Reason, where Reason is just the Motivation for the Logic, so Reason can Distort Logic by Bending or Warping its Logic, which Distorts the View of the Motivator, but Logic always keeps Reason in Balance, and this becomes obvious once you start to view the Laws of the Universe, where the Laws are just the Logic And Weight, think of it as a twin beam Scale, pictured as the Scales of Justice, the Logic dictates that the Two must Balance out to be Equal, and all things Equal most Weigh the Same, this is what LAW means, and it must be Scientifically Testable, whereas Justice is Blind, since it can be dictated and does not have the Science to Weigh it, which proves that Reason can Distort Logic.

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Once a Law of the Universe comes to a Paradox, that Universe can not exist in Reality, the view that an event is Highly Improvable but Not Impossible is called Insanity, LAW is absolute and there is no getting around it, otherwise things can weigh different weights and still be Equal, Bankers Scales work this way, but the Universes dose not, so the Bankers warp your Reality to make you see things their way, as do Main Stream Scientist when they back a Law of the Universe that is also in Paradox, for example: Einstein's General Theory of Relativity founded on the Idea that a Paradox is how the Universe Works, which of course is the definition of Insanity, since a Paradox can not exist in Reality, maybe its Theoretically Possible in a Fairy Tale, but its not Real Science, therefore Time is just a Reference, and Time Travel is just a Fairy Tale, its a fun idea, but I want to talk about Reality, not Make Believe Fairy Magic, and that is Not how the Universe works, but most people do not understand the Paradox of the Time Machine, thinking a Time Machine does not exist just because someone has Not Invented them Yet is a Crazy idea, because once they do, this Time we call the Now becomes the past, and since Now is the Past, the Future can not Exist... and lets face it, how can someone create something in the future if the Future would not exist after they did... but that is why I say this is the very definition of Insanity, so lets talk about the Laws of the Universe that can actually happen, and time travel will not be one of them, as for the rest of His Fairy Tale Story, well it will not hold up at the Subatomic level, so Quantum Mechanic Scientist will enjoy the Trinary Universe, because its at the Subatomic level where it all begins.

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Once you start to see the Light, you will not go back into the Darkness, because you see that its the Light that is building our Bodies, at the Subatomic Level it is Engineering a Structure made out of Flesh and Bones, and all we are, are Skin Puppets for the Light Wizzards, with the exception of Freewill, which is the whole reason yew bought into being the Flesh Being in the First place, but they are the ones that Created us, so some Religious People think that this is God, so they call the Light Gods Molecule, and the Universe having some sense of irony, called it the Guiding-Light Of Destiny or GOD for short, and the Scales Balanced out, which always means Harmony... so as it turns out, this concept is Thousands of years old, so you will learn nothing new in the Trinary Universe, in fact, its the Same Universe you lived in before you heard anything I have to say, but if yew understood anything that I just told yew, then you are at the top of your Class for this Step, but if yew think yew are the 1 in charge of your Body, then yew are a Fool, because only a Fool would think they are in charge of anything, O yew have Freewill, yew also have Free Dumb.

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If you look at any Atom at the Subatomic level, you will notice that it has a small shell around it, but every time you try to look inside that shell, all Hell breaks loose, IAM referring to splitting of the Atom of course, but that gives you no clue as to what is inside of it, yet you continue to pound every Atom together to prove this... its like burning a House down to see what is inside it, sure you can see what is inside it, but every thing that burns is all gone, not to Mention the House, and so this is what was inside the Atom, but that is the Paradox... but know this: in the Trinary Universe its Treason to try to Kill GOD, and that is exactly why they are doing it, who else are they hurting? This Planet is a Living Entity, what effect do yew think that Drilling holes in it, pumping out Oil, which is the Blood of this Planet, yew are nothing but Vampires, and what do you think Exploding Nuclear Bombs underground is doing to it? Its Killing it... and for that Treason GOD will Punish yew by going Nova, that is the Punishment for Treason, but that is the Nature of the Darkside to do these things, and think they can get away with it, but what should yew expect from Treasonous Sheeple, but keep in mind that GOD's punishment is to all, because all allowed this Treason to take place, so remember this: GOD's LAW is absolute and Final.

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Trinary Energy works like this: The First Dimension wants to Create a Life Form, remember we are talking about GOD here... so it looks into the Third Dimension and looks at all the Material it has to work with, it then determined that it needs an Environment for this Life Form to Live, so it Created a Trinary Engine, which is the Core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet and Moon in this Universe, it took the Densest Material called Tritanium, and bound it into a Sphere so Massive, that the Strength and Weight of it made it indestructible to all other elements in the Universe, it then used the Three States of Trinary Energy, which is the Light State, which equals 1, and also called Light Matter, and the Dark State which equals -1, which is also called Dark Matter and also known as Antimatter, and the Solid State which equals 0, which is also known as Tritanium, as such the Statement:
1 + (-1) = 0,
is the Trinary Universes Answer to what is Trinary Energy, and viewed under a Microscope, the Trinary Molecule appears to be solid, this is the 0 State, then it appears to move to one side or the other, this is the 1 or Light Matter State, then it disappears, this is called the -1 or Dark Matter State, which is also known as the Antimatter State, as such, when the Matter and Antimatter States get to close to each other, a reaction is created, Main Stream Scientist call this a Nuclear Reaction, but its not caused by Atoms Splitting one another, nor are they Fusing into Fusion, all they are doing is changing States, so when the Bonds are Broken, they switch from one Dimension into another, since Matter and Antimatter can not come together, the Logic dictates that they are in different Dimensions, yet they still interact with one another because the Third Dimension is Real, meaning it has Matter in it, as such when it interacts with the rapid changes of the opposing Fields, it will also have to interact with the Null Space, which is the 0 Dimension, where all matter that comes into contact with it, will be stripped of its Trinary Molecules, and all its Matter is freed, it can then be converted into what every GOD wants to use it for, which in this case is to make an Engine that can Power the Universe... and once Scientist figure out that this model accurately describes what is taking place during a Nuclear Explosion, they will have to conclude that the Logic is Sound, because the Universe really is just that simple.

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Once the Engine Starts, it will run forever, if yew truly understood what I said about it changing from one State into another, which causes the Molecule next to it to do the same, since its a closed System there is nothing to Stop the Reaction, since that would be called a Nova, or at the very least it would cause a Pole Shift of 180 degrees, because it would start up backwards of the direction is was running in last, so Stars do not ever die, nor do Planets, it takes a long time to Create an Environment for Life to exist in, and these systems will run their course, and pole shifts or a Nova is the Universes way of Resetting that System, the time between Nova's is called an Iteration, whereas the time between pole shifts differ for every Galaxy, and every Sun, Planet and Moon in that System, for example our Suns pole shifts every Decade, but our Planets only needs to do so to bring balance back to its system, and never has to do a 180, but this is due to happen sometime soon, if its needed, I say that because there are ways to prevent it, because lets face it, a Pole Reversal will Not be fun, but come to think of it, the Great Pyramid was destroyed by the Arabs Slaves, it was designed to help stabilize the Earths Energy, so maybe its too late to prevent it, but this Planet has been through many Iterations, everything in the Universe is Related to each other, nothing happens in this Universe at Random, no Chaos here, once you understand the Basic Principles of the Trinary Universe, you will understand that its the only way it could work, but most people can not understand that the Engines have no Ending, only new beginnings.

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When the Engine Starts up, it creates 3 Force Fields, the First is on the Inside of the Tritanium Sphere, this Force Field crates a Null Space pocket around the inside of the Shell, so that it can create Quiescence, which is a Balanced State of Reaction, the Second is on the Outside of the Sphere, which provides Containment and forming the Core of the Engine, its size varies with its purpose, so a Galaxy has the Largest Core, the Suns core is the next largest Core, then the Planets then Moons, so the Earths Second Force Field is around 1,300 miles in Diameter, and gets stronger the closer you get to it, as such 800 Miles in diameter is the closes you can get to it, its Third Force Field is formed around 66 Miles from the Earths Outer surface, and is what creates an Atmosphere of breathable air, we will explore the Science of this more in a series called Trinary Engine, in this Step we just want to introduce you to the Trinary Universe, its not possible to describe how the Universe works in one Step, so I will not try.

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The Wizard teaches Step by Step, and knowing the Difference between Light (LIGHT) and Photonic Lite (LITE) is a very important Step, for all Lite is Energy, and viewed at the Subatomic level it becomes clear how it behaves, as an Element gives off Energy in the Form of Photonic Energy, from the point of view of the Universe, the Lite resonates between the 2nd and 3rd Dimensions, and is actually held in place by the 2nd Dimension, and is dragged across space, kind of like a fishing line that caught a fish, its not that the Fishing Rod is shooting line out of it and pushing the Fish, a Flash Lite can not Shot Electrons out of it at the Speed of Lite, a bit more complicated when you think about the angles, then you remember that 2 Dimensional Space does not map directly to 3 Dimensional Space, because from the view point of the 2nd Dimension, the Universe Revolves around each Trinary Molecule, which is the only reason that Lite Travels in a Straight line unless some other Force acts upon it, and also the reason why the Speed at which it travels never changes, in fact it answers all the questions most Scientist have been contemplating, but this is not the Series to get Technical, those lessons are in the Trinary Engine also.

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So now this Universe starts to take on a Shape, and yew can see the Light at the end of the Tunnel, and you Know that there is some Truth in what I say, but are still not willing to Know it all, because yew still Believe in the Fairy Tail, Reality is now somewhat more Undefined then before yew Heard about the Light Wizzard, and yew long for the Days of Ignorant Bliss, when yew did Know what was Going on, but yew had a feeling something was going on, but yew did not know what it was, nor do yew yet... yew feel like this Science is just to Confuse yew, since yew can not fully Wrap yewer Head around these Ideas, so yew dismiss it, thinking that there is no way that the Powers that be could have hidden this Truth from yew, but yew realize that I did not really change the way the Universe works, I just explained it in a way that is undeniably true, so yew think its a Trick, as if this is just a scam to get yew to believe the way I want yew too, but then yew remember that I do not Care what yew Believe, so yew get Confused, what is this All about, its the Letter A, in Basic it means that Moment of Clarity, and its the 3rd Letter in that Word so its in Harmony, it happens when yew close yewer Eyes, Open yewer Mind, and quiet that Little Voice in yewer Head, and the Whole Universe Opens up to you, for you are Now in the Moment where all Time seems to stop, and everything makes sense, no Tricks here, no Magic, only Truth about how the Universe actually works, which is all I said I would teach yew in these Steps, so after I finish all the Steps, yew can look back and say why not just say that in the First place, but if I did - would yew know its the Truth?

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The Letter O was for Emotions, it was the Shit, and the Letter A was for Clarity, now yew can see the Shit for what it is, which is the Darkside, IAM not about Religion, and every Real Wizard will tell yew so, all yew have to do is Imagine a World with No Religion, for then the Borders come down and yew have No Countries, only People Living in Harmony, there are Wizards amongst us, all yew have to do is Identify who we are, but its the Nature of our Game that Confuses yew, for I tell yew that IAM the Darkness too, but in the End IAM the Beginning, and the Universe is a very Simple Place once yew truly Understand it, and yew are Willing to let go of yewer Darkness, so the Light will Come to yew, then you become I, A O, Can't yew see its just Me.

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GOD gave yew Freewill, which means you have a choice to listen to GOD or not, so it all comes down to how GOD talks to yew, and its in that Moment of Clarity, A... when all time stops and the whole Universe opens up to yew, and although GOD never uses Words, yew say that GOD spook to yew, as for Me, GOD never spook to Me, and never will, because GOD is every fiber of my being, that is the Flesh Being that is Me, at the Subatomic Level GOD is at work in Me, at the Cellular Level GOD is Me, so how can GOD talk to Me, GOD is my Vocal Cords, and also the Wind that flows through them, but GOD is not what I hear... that is only Me... but GOD gives me Dreams, and its up to each Person to understand those Dreams, and this is not something I can teach yew to do, our Dreams are nothing but a series of Images and Sounds, tied to Emotions that only that Person could understand, GOD uses things in our Reality to convey messages to us, GOD only deals with Signs, even the Bible tells yew that much, so why is that so hard to understand or believe, since yew seem to believe things that are not true or even possible, yet yew want to deny facts in Science, like the Engine that runs the body, the Cells, so yes, GOD has a Cell phone to talk to yew with, but since GOD is everything at the Cellular Level, why would GOD need to say anything? Freewill... what else do I need to say.

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When I was a Child of 3, I Dreamed about His Story, the History of the White Wizard unfolded before me like a Video Series, much better then what was on TV, and the People around me where way to confusing, talking in slow motion and acting like fools, they were just entertainment and a quick meal by this age, so I paid attention to my Dreams, I found that most of the things that happened in my Dreams, has happened to me in real life, but yet I never saw the Future, only the Past, so it only figures that what has happened, always happens again, only most people do not get that until they have a Deja Vu, or a Double Deja Vu, which is when you remember the Dream yew had it in, then yew try to analyze it away just like yewer Dreams, that is how the Darkside works, but those in the Light Live in this Dream World, we view the World around us, like we are Driving a huge Robot around, this is our Body of chores, but I is not part of the Body, so I sees the relationship between yew and I a little differently, at the Cellular Level I created this Body, so its like a Robot to I, and at 3 this made more sense, since I did not have full control of this Body yet, I was still trying to wake up the Child's body and keep it focused long enough to teach it to do things, and at 3 watching TV was the only thing the Adults around me would let me do, so Dreams were very important to me at this Age, so I held on to those Dreams so I would not forget them, but by the time I was 32 that would all change, at this Age I got Sick, call it what yew want: Gulf War Syndrome, or Illness, but I call it GWS, or Genetic Warfare Syndrome, and my Dreams stopped, now when I go to sleep, I Dream I am awake, its due to low or No REM Sleep, at the time I was in Kuwait during the Gulf War, I would Dream that I got up and went to work, which at the time was Air Rescue as a Helicopter Crew Chief on MH60's, and we would fly Top Secret Missions that would trip most people out, so now I have a hard time distinguishing my Dreams from my Reality, not that it ever becomes a problem, I just have to figure it all out as I go along, but somethings I do not know if a Dream was Real or not, and the content of that Memory was such that it did not matter, it all came down to if I believed it was Real, and it was to me, if nothing else it made my reports interesting to read to say the least.

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In my Dreams I find myself in a place that I can not get out of, I always know this is a Dream for that reason, also by the Sound, which is quiet, in real life my head is full of Sound, in my Left Ear I hear a very LOUD Ringing Noise, years of listening to very LOUD Machines, from Computer Test Stations to Jet Engines, so Dreams are always easy to know when I am in them, but getting out is another matter, and I have a recurring Dream when the End of the Ara comes, some times its Earth Quakes, Floods and Lightning, others its Rock Rain Storms with Lightning, but War is always the underlying theme of my Dreams of late, and its full of Earth Quakes, Floods, Rock Rain Storms and Lightning, and they are so Real I can feel the Gravity of the Earth Shifting as the Poles realign, and there is no way out.

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We spend half our Life in Dreams, either in Sleep or Day Dreams, if Dreaming was not so important to our Being that would not be true, its GOD's way of talking to us, its the Nature of the Dreams that Confuses us, and its not till we start to view ourselves as part of GOD does this change.

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard.


Chapter 0.4: Step -2


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step -2
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The Dark Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step -2, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside in Terms only the Darkside can understand.

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The Moment is that time we call the Now, when you only Live in that Moment, I define this as the Letter M, and since its the 3rd Letter in that Word, its in Harmony, and it means to let go of all yewer Emotions, which is the Letter O, so its in this Moment that all Emotions fade away, and now you can say: [Mmmmm] as if yew can Taste this Moment, and it Taste Good, so yew Relax and say: [Aaaa] and that Moment of Clarity will come to you, since that Letter A is for Clarity, now yew can see Clearly, because once yew let go of all Emotions, yew can start to Focus on what IAM Saying, yew can not Multitask, and make List of things yew need to do, and even start to understand what it is IAM talking about, but yew will try it anyway, then say: [What] because if yew are not in the Moment, then that Little Voice in yewer Head is Talking to yew, and its not Listening to what IAM saying, its not that yew are not Listening, its just that yew do not Understand what it is IAM trying to say, because yew have way to many things yew need to do, and having to actually watch a Video, and Listen to the Audio, is one thing, but to Understand it is another... so yew sit here and wonder into the Wild Blue Yonder, as that Little Voice starts talking loader and loader, rambling on about this that and the other thing, so lets face it, if yew can not control yewer Little Voice, yew can not be in the Moment.

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There has always been many Wizards throughout time, and I tend to think in terms of Iterations, and not just the last 13 Billion years... if yew think yewer life went by fast, think about it from I's point of view, because the I in Me, is the Same I that is in Yew, and we all know what comes out of Yew and Me, Shit, and I is the 3rd Letter in that word, so its in Harmony, and it means the Light, so what is the Light doing in the Shit?

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Remember that the Shit was the Emotion that allowed yew to have that Moment of Clarity, so once yew gave a Shit, that Moment of Clarity came to yew, but this sounds like Metaphors to yew, so yew say What is this Shit? and I tell yew that at the Subatomic Level, I binds all the matter in the World together, including the Shit in yew, and once out of yew, the Shit Sinks, and yew want to get the Shit away from yew, so yew Flush it down the Toilet, oddly enough yew may Say Grace before Eating, but yew never act Graceful when taking a Shit, and yew never Thank God for that Shit, so yew have to admit that yew carry around a lot of Shit, and most of it yew blame on God, or yew ask God to fix it, and do yew think God gives a Shit?

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God is the Shit, as I said, I is the Shit, but are yew in Harmony knowing that yew are on this planet to Eat and Shit, and make Babies that continue that cycle... so yew can not deny that IAM the Shit, and IAM the Dark Wizard, so MI Shit is very Dark, so there is a Dark God, as well as a Light God, and they both are the Shit, so where IAM going with all this Shit?

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If yew were Living a Life that the Light God would be proud of, that Shit would not Stink, and yew would Thank God for that Shit, but yew do the Opposite of Live, so yew are Evil, and that Shit Stinks, yew get it on yew, and it will not wash off, so the Dark God is a very Shitty God to be doing business with, so lets look at the Darksides Shit, and see what Shit we can Dig up.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-07

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My Family goes back to the Pyramid, so stay in the Moment with me, and remember who IAM talking about. My Family is in the Flesh, those in my Family have been Wizards, its passed down through the DNA, so in my DNA yew will find Answers to the all the Questions, and this is true for all of yew as well, IAM not saying that the Flesh of Flesher is better than other Flesh Beings, all IAM saying is that some of the Flesh Beings in my Family were Wizards, that said, proving it should not be all that difficult, and it would not have been if it was not from my Step Mother throwing out all my Proof, but that was my Destiny, so lets talk about some of the Wizards in my Family.

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Like all Families, Names are chosen for the new born Babies, who do nothing but Eat and Shit, so yew know God is at work here, but this Shit Smells like Baby Shit, and nothing smells better then Baby Shit, thrust me on that one, so what do yew name this Child? Yew name them after People in yewer Family, at least that is what my Parents did, so the Father in my Family gets to chose the First Name and the Last, and only my Mother can pick the Middle Name, so she picked Scott, seeing how my Grandfather Robertson was from Scotland, yew would think that is why, but it was for a Scott in the Flesher Family, his name was Sir William Wallace, who had a Brave Heart and Soul, my Mother picked this Name because her and her Mother were Named Mary, not after Marry Ann Flesher, but after Jesus's Mother, as was Mary Ann, and the Name keeps going all the back to Mary herself, since my Mothers family only names children after family members, so my Mother wanted for me to have the Name of a Warrior Fighting for Gods People, this made both Grandfathers happy, so my Father picked the name Jeffrey, My Father said that Jesus started with a Je, and not to many other names do, and he did not want to Name me Jesus, so to my Father, the two names meant the same thing.

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Now that said, yew will know why I do not tell this Story to too many People, they always ask for proof that Jesus is in my Family, and I tell them to search for Isaac Newton Flesher, and if yew do not know, Sir Isaac Newton said that he was a Direct Descendant of Jesus, and that claim has gone uncontested for almost 3 Hundred Years now, so that is my Proof.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-10

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Remember I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it not, and I know that my Grandfathers before me knew this to be the Truth, and I know this to be true, so lets talk about these other Wizards in my Family.

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First lets talk about a few similarities in our Lives, Isaac Newton's Step Fathers Name was Barnabas, Nostradamus predicted Hisler, instead of Hitler, a letter off, but the same name, so the logic in names like Barabbas, or Jesus Bar Abbas, is like Bar and Abas, so we are talking about a Wizard here, even though he is known as a Vicar, and yew know that Sir Isaac Newton said that Jesus Barabbas, was the Flesh, and Jesus Christ was God, and that God was the Light, so as it turns out Isaac was a very Bright Ashkenazi, and it turns out we are teaching the same Universe, only Isaac had to hide his work for almost 3 Hundred Years, because the Church would have had him Executed for being a Wizard, so he had to hide his study of Alchemy and Witchcraft, as he searched for the Philosopher's Stone, which could turn Lead into Gold, None Living into the Living, and he studied all Religions to try to figure out how they knew that God was the Light, in his quest for the Truth of the Light, he found the Darkside... the Church, as did Jesus Barabbas, since both Jesus Christ and Barabbas Stood up against the State and the Church, its clear they are the same person, even in the Bible they lead yew to believe that they are one and the same, why else did yew deny who he was 3 times? Just like yew deny who IAM, how many People believed that Isaac was the Descendant of Jesus? So yew deny us 3 times. Think about the name Isaac, the I C that was taken out of Fleischer to get Flesher, and we defined A as Clarity, as in Newton's Moment of Clarity. I do not make this stuff up, the Truth is much more Fun, God Really does work in Mysterious Ways... and by the way, my Step Fathers Name was Merlin...

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-12

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It may not be clear to yew yet, but Sir William Wallace was also Executed by the Church, and the Church only Executes Witches or Wizards for Heresy, so there is far more to these Stories then yew may know.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-13

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Moses was a Dark Wizard, he had a Staff of Power given to him by God, and he did Dark Deeds with it, Moses did not Free the Slaves, he made Mankind into Slaves, by forming a Government that Controls its Slaves by Law.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-14

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Its only in the Shades of Grey does any of His Story make any Sense, yew think its nothing by Metaphors and Play on Words, because yew Read into everything instead of just Reading it, Sir Isaac Newton showed yew in Math how the Principles of this Universe worked, and even though yew only use his Science and Math to do Real Work, yew ignored him and listened to another Ashkenazi Named Albert Einstein, who was a very Dark Wizard, and lead Science into the Dark Ages, and now its so Dark that yew can not See the Light, so as I promised, I would come back at the End of this Ara, and that End is coming soon, I know this because IAM here telling yew this in the Flesh, and the Spirit of Jesus is in the Flesh, that is what I told yew, Read it, not Read into it, that is the Reason I was born into the Flesh, so I could tell yew that IAM back in the Flesh and yew would know its the Truth.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-15

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In History, only the Light Wizards are Executed, Isaac Newton knew he would be Executed if he spook his mind, so he wrote it all on paper and put it in a Volt for almost 3 Hundred Years, Galileo Galilei and Leonardo da Vinci also had to hide who they were, in fear of being Executed by the Church, did yew ever wonder why Jesus was Fighting against the Government and the Church? Notice how the Dark Wizards never have to worry about being Executed, Moses, Einstein, or the Current President of the United States of America at the Time I wrote this, who's name Translated to the Dark Light, and all the way back to Lincoln... no... the Darkside is in Charge here, and they Protect their own.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-16

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Reality is what is Real, Look around and ask yewerself if this History the Darkside is Teaching is Real, if Einstein's Universe is Real, then Time Travel is Real, and in fact this is just one Universe in a Multiple Universe were everything Possible exist, so everything is Possible, so the Church bought off on this idea, so what they are saying is that God is not Real, since that is one of the Possibilities, and only Satan would believe in this, since Satan Lies to yew, so if yew believe in Einstein's Universe, yew are Worshiping Satan, doing his Bidding, Isaac Newton Calculated that out to its last Decimal Place, so its not Science unless yew can Prove it Scientifically, beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, and Isaac Newton proved it, oddly enough Einstein did not, he only came up with one Theory after another, each contradicting the last one with more Paradox's then Answers, and none of them holding up at the Subatomic Level, so how can Einstein's Universe be Real? The Paradox is that Reality is Governed by Gods Law, and those Laws are Absolute and Final, so only one Universe can Exist, its the Logic that Escapes most of Yew.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-17

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All of these Light Wizards I have talked about told yew the Truth, whereas the Darkside only tells yew half Truths, which is a Lie, those Wizards who stood up to the Church were Executed, and the things I have said can get me Executed for Heresy also, but what did I say? That God is the Light and the Darkness, since Light is Matter and Dark is Antimatter, and I proved this Scientifically, and God created everything in the Universe, and has it under Gods Control... does that sound like Heresy to yew? Jesus said do not make into God any Engraven Image, because God is the Light, not the Image, but the Energy in it, so its Gods Particle, is that Heresy? When did the Truth become Heresy, and the Lies become Law?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-18

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Sir Isaac Newton hide his work for almost 3 Hundred years, because he said yew were not ready for the Truth, and what I have to add to it, well... yew are still not ready for... It was Heresy then, as it is now, because if they admit it, the Darkside would lose Control of its Slaves, because once yew see the Light, yew will never want to go back into the Dark.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 0-02-N-IAM-19

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Most People do not know or understand History, the Darkside tells the Story of Moses and made him out to be the Good guy, so yew think he is in the Light, the 10 Commandments are Gods Laws and yew think that is the Light, well the 10 Commandments maybe Good Rules to go by, but do yew need a Ruler to tell yew that these things are Wrong? Jesus said Do Not Judge or yew will be Judged, which proves that this whole Just Us System is Evil, and ran by Satan himself, since no one else could Judge but God, so Humans think they are God, but in reality Humans are just Gods Skin Puppets with Freewill, only that Freewill made them Crazy, why else would they think this way... Laws make yew Slaves, Laws never make yew Free, how many Prisoners does it take to prove this?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-20

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Let me tell yew about a Dark Wizard named Abraham Lincoln, like Moses before him, Lincoln worked for the Banks, in Reality the Banks are nothing but Loan Sharks and Mobsters, its all a Scam, Money does not Exist, the Government Prints it likes its just Game Tokens, and to Play this Game, yew need to have a Lot of Tokens, so the Bank backed both sides of all the Wars, they were the Slave Traders who Dealt in Black Slavery, and they used this to Buy the United States of America, like Moses sold people on Getting Paid for the Work yew do, Lincoln sold the Country on Freeing the Slaves, by Selling the Country to the Bankers, so all the People could become Slaves to the Banks, now the Banks own Everything, and yew are all Slaves, so Abraham Lincoln did not Free the Slaves, he just make everyone Slaves, as did Moses, this is how the Darkside works.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-21

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Abraham Lincoln knew that Patriots would try to defend the Constitution of the United States of American, so he had to Kill them all, so he had to find a way to start a Civil War, and he used Slavery to do so, ironically turning those that fought the War against Slavery, into Slaves, and with a stroke of a Pin, he declared Marshal Law and Suspended the Constitution forever, and the Nazi's just won the War and prepare for Reich 3.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-22

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To pretend that the Constitution still exist is Insane, there is no Constitution or Freedom in the United States, which is now just a Corporation owned and operated by the Banks, they own the Churches also, and of course they own yew and yewer Shit, and that Stinks.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-23

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Once yew own up to all this Shit, we can get on with His Story, but its not until yew find it important enough to acknowledge it, does this start to change, because yewer heads are full of Darkside Lies, they designed the whole Education System just to keep yew in the Dark, they feed yew nothing but Shit and Keep yew in the Dark, are yew a Mushroom? Yew have been eating too many Magic Mushrooms.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-24

Scene 00-02-N-IAM-24 Full Size

The Truth is so Obvious once yew Start to understand His Story, and see how only the Light Wizards will Defend the Real Universe, and Explain to yew how it Really works, which is what I call Reality, so look back at all the Light Wizards in His Story, and yew will find Horus was one of the Oldest Light Wizards, Isaac Newton was very interested in Horus and Jesus, there are other Wizards out there that I do not know if they are in my Family, in modern times one of them found The Code Horus left behind, which proves Mathematically and Scientifically that all the Ancient Wonders of the World, were built at the Same time, by the Same People, each have a Coordinate System built into the Dimensions of it, and they match the Pyramids on Mars, just Read it, and Not Read into it.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-25

Scene 00-02-N-IAM-25 Full Size

Now we come back to Reality, the Dark Wizard tells yew what Not to Do, the Light Wizard tells yew what to Do, Isaac Newton Calculated this as such:
1 + (-1) = 0
A Math Problem he wrote down as a note, it represents the Truth, and that was what Isaac found, that is what Me, or Jeffrey, is telling yew now.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-26

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I doubt if my Behavior has been much different then the other Wizards in His Story, but its only how yew view His Story or Their Story, that These Stories collide, and now yew have to figure out who is Lying and who is Telling the Truth, on one hand yew have Jeffrey Scott Flesher, who told yew about the Trinary Universe, which Proves Scientifically how the Universe works, and said he was a Descendant of Isaac Newton, who Scientifically Proved how the Trinary Universe works Mathematically, and a little research and yew can prove that everything i said about him was true, and Isaac said he was the Descendant of Jesus, and Jesus said his God is all Light with No Darkness in it... and also said that there can be No Light without the Darkness, because the God with Darkness in it is called Satan, and Satan is a God, since 95% of the people on this Planet Worship him, but Satan is not the God Jesus called Father, all Saints are Satan if you remove the I, you will see Spells of Warlocks, so yew have 3 Light Wizards, and 3 Means they are in Harmony... and on the Other hand you have Barrack Obama, who just happens to be the Current President for the Bank of United States at this time, who backs Einstein, who said that Everything is Possible, including Paradoxes, and Moses who Gave Humans Laws, that did nothing but make Prisoners and Slaves out of them... so these three Lie to yew, so yew have 3 Dark Wizards, and 3 Means they are in Harmony... so now yew are Confused... What is this Shit!

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-27

Scene 00-02-N-IAM-27 Full Size

Shit is what yew feel like when yew Realize that yew have been Worshiping Satan all yewer Life, so yew go into the 3 Stages of Denial: Stage 1. Deny Jesus in Name: God said they are IAM, which is I And Me, so yew say Who are You. Stage 2. Deny Jesus in the Flesh: the Sun of God is in the Flesh, because Meat is Flesh, and that is who AMI. Stage 3. Deny Jesus in Spirit: for that is I. So yew Deny Jesus 3 more Times, and 3 and 3 = 6, and yew do that 3 times and yew have 666, and Isaac Newton did not buy off on the Churches interpretation of Trinity, and said they stuck False Statements into the Bible to insert Christ, since Jesus's name was Jesus Bar Abbas, which is why he did not make this Knowledge Public during his Life time, he knew the Church is Satanic, and would Burn him on a Cross for saying so, just like they Crucified Jesus on the Cross, but now yew remember that he is a Descendant of Jesus, whereas Moses was a Descendant of Cain, and we already know Cain is Satan, but that is the Darkside and how it works, and that is what the Bible States, Isaac Read it over and over, and always came to the same conclusion, the Church is Lying about what the Bible states as a fact, and there is No Denying that, Trinity is not about one Man, its about I and Me, and that is everyone... the Chosen one is just the Man that Stands up for the Truth, which is the Light, and nothing More, that is what Sir William Wallace did when the Banks rolled in and told them to pay Taxes on their own Land, and to Bow down and Worship their God, which was Money, and had In God we Trust Engraved on it, so it was the Root of All Evil, so the Church Executed him for Standing up for the Sheeple, and William Died Yelling that yew can Kill Me but I will Never Die, I call this Freedom, and its this Freedom I fight for to this Day. Now think about the name William: Will IAM, now take the Wall Ace, and Compare it to Bar Abbas, Walls with Bars form a Prison or a Secret Place, depending on how you view it, this place is called Heaven, and also known as Sanctuary, and Jesus said I will Return in the Flesh at the End of the Ara, and here IAM, the Flesher, keep in mine that the er is just a suffix meaning more of, so its the Flesh, so go Figure, they are just a Play on Words and these are just Metaphors, but what did yew expect from a Wizard?

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Wizards always work in Code, and the Bible was written in Code, so figure it out, if a Wizard Predicts an Earth Quake in October or November, which has not happened as of today, which is now in July of 2013, that will cause Massive Destruction, and Predicts that Yahweh is Really Planet X, if yew see it or not, since its a Dark Planet... and YHWH means the Dark God... and Yahweh is Returning, and will first send out the Son of I, or ISON, who will Pound the Planets back into the Stone Age with Rock Rain Storms, (in the Bible they call this Fire and Brimstone, we call it Meteorites), for all the Treason that took place on the Planet Earth, and will bring Balance back to this Planet, then yew need to understand this Code, because if what I say comes to be True, this is the End of this Ara, (not just because the Ancient Calendar says it is), and the Next Ara will Start, which is the Age of Aquarius, if on the other hand nothing happens, it just means that Yahweh is cool with all this, and go ahead and Kill yewerself, because the Nova is coming next, yew had yewer warning, so either way it turns out the same, its only from who's point of view yew view this in, because in the Light, only Life Matters, but in the Darkness, only the 1 Matters, the Negative 1, the Chosen 1, so the Bankers used all yewer Money to build their Underground Cities, because they are worried this might be the End, and now the Banks will declare Bankruptcy, and the Government will declare Marshal Law and usher in the New World Order, which means the Slaves are now Prisoners, and yew will do as Jew are told... this is the Key to the Code, to be in the Moment...

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Yew have been Evil in the Darkside for so Long, that yew do not know what the Light is, but in the Darkness, I can only tell yew what its Not, its up to Yew to Know the Truth, because in the End, No 1 Cares what yew Believe, so yew can join in on the Civil War, as if it will be Civil, the Last Civil War the Bank bought yew like Slaves at an Auction, and yew Lost yewer Freedom forever, because Not 1 of yew were Warriors willing to Fight for Freedom, yew are Sheep, never forget that or loose sight of who Yew are, only the Darkside should Fight in this War, but Leave the Wizards out of it, the Light Wizzards can Control the Rock Rain Storms, which are sure to be at their Worst by 14 January 2014, which happens to be My 53rd Birthday, so Yes, like Isaac and Jesus, IAM a Capricorn... so meet the Storm head on, run for Cover, and remember these Rocks are Meteorites from a Comet, so its much better to die at Gods Hand then the Hand of Man, in some War that is only there to Kill its Slaves, yew die in War, yew do not get to play the next day, yew do not get to see what the next Ara will be like, and what God has in Store for yew, so Live and Let Live, that is what Jesus would Tell yew if he was here today, so he made sure that his Ancestors could bring yew this message, and that is all IAM saying IAM, is a Messenger, and that is all I did, give you this Message... which is the same Message Jesus gave yew, which also included Repairing the Ancient Wonders of the World, since the Arab Thieves, Grave Robbers and Archaeologist, Looted it, so yew would not just understand the Message, but yew would Know it and not have to believe it, Know it or No it not.

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Everyone has to Believe in Something, Everyone has Emotions, now is the Time to Search yewer Heart, and Search yewer Soul, and ask yewerself why did God put yew on this Earth? The Answer is to Take Care of it, and that is not what Yew did, Yew Destroyed it, yew Let Greedy Politicians Run the Governments of this World into the Ground, yew Let the Darkness become the Light, yew Worship Satan, the Dark Lord of the Dark Wizard Moses, yew Denied who Jesus was 3 Times still to this Day, so yew are all just like Judas, yew Denied who IAM, yew Sold Me out for Money, the Root of All Evil, and yew wonder how things got so bad, its because yew allowed it, and now yew must pay the Price, that is the Price for Believing in things that are Impossible, and believing that everything is Possible, no matter how Improbable it is, because that is just Insanity, and how the Darkside thinks.

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Sheeple say that believing yew are the Son of God is Crazy, that only Jesus was the Son of God, well I tell yew that everyone is the Sun of God, at the Cellular Level this can be proven Scientifically, and there is only 1 I, the Light and Dark I, or Plus and Minus 1, yew can not have 1 without the Other, Isaac Newton Proved that with the Formula:
1 + (-1) = 0,
which means the Truth, 1 is the Light, and Negative 1 is the Dark, God is Controlling everything in the Universe at the Subatomic Level... so Sheeple say that yew are Crazy if God talks to yew... but At the Cellular Level yew are God, since God is Controlling every fiber in yewer body, so God has a Cell Phone to talk to yew with... so Sheeple say yew are Crazy to Claim yew are a Descendant of Jesus Christ, I say to them: I said IAM a descendant of Jesus Bar Abbas, not Jesus Christ, I or God is yewer Hart and Soul, and its the Same I or God that was in Jesus, that is in Me... so its the same God that is in Yew, so who is Crazy now? Those that Believe they are Descendants of Jesus, or those that Know they are? And keep in mind that IAM not saying IAM a Direct Descendants of Isaac or Jesus, since neither of them had children, unlike myself, but IAM saying that the same blood that flows throughout my Body, is the same as both of theirs, therefor I have the same DNA running throughout my Body as well, and yew can check it for Proof of this.

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Judgment day is upon us, and in the End it always comes down to what yew know, not what yew Believe, and lets face it, even if Jesus Christ Ascended from Heaven, people would not believe it, they would think its just a Trick, in fact I would guarantee yew it would have to be, there are too many False Profits, although everyone that Descended from Jesus has what yew call the Messiah Gene, only those teaching the Truth about I or God are their Messengers, but as I said, IAM not a Profit, nor AMI False, all IAM is a Person who happens to have been named Flesher at Birth, and just happens to be a Descendant of Jesus, but Me is Flesh, and that Flesh goes by the name Jeffrey, although I was Named after Jesus, Jesus himself died, and only through his Descendants does he Live on, and through his DNA, which is now my DNA, and the same as all those in the Flesher Family, which includes those Wizards, and the Bush's, Hefner's and other Family Members, so it runs through the Dark Wizards as Well, but God, or I works through Dreams and Signs, and God gave me 3 Signs: First Sign was on 31st of July in 2012 a Scorpion bit me 13 times on the left ankle, throughout history this means one thing, watch out, somethings about to happen, so Walk Lightly to the Right Side, because this is going to hurt... the Second Sign was on 31st of May in 2013, when I was hit in the head by what can only be a Micro Meteorite from a Rock Rain Storm from a Meteor Shower, GOD was telling me what is in store for this World, so I look to the Heavens and what do I find? ISON or Son of I, a Comet is coming, and you can Run, but you can not hide... the Third Sign was a Recurring Dream about the End of the Ara, and everything that has happened in My Story up to this Point in my Life, so this is how God Communicates with Me, here's yewer Sign, so what do i do with it?

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The Darkside is always the Problem, they View themselves as knowing the Truth, and Believe their Religion is the Truth, knowing that it goes against what other Religions teach, so they know Religion can not be the Truth, because there can only be one Truth, even though the Churches have Murdered all those that tell His Story, proving they are the Darkside... but those that Worship any Religion are Brian Washed, and can not think for themselves, regardless of the Peoples Religion or Even if they Claim to not have a Religion, they believe they know what the Truth is, when in fact they are Ignorant and Stupid, otherwise one of them would have told His Story before waiting for I to Return to tell them it one more time, they are nothing but Cowards and have allowed the Banks to Own them like Slaves, they have no Honor or Dignity, they are nothing but Lazy Animals, they do the Bidding of the Darkside and fight endless Wars in Gods Name, knowing that God Commanded them not to Murder, but to Live in Peace and Harmony, which requires yew to let go of all yewer Darkness, which is something most people can not do, so they continue to be Evil in the Darkness, the Science of the Light Wizzard does not Require yew to Worship it, Jesus, Allah and the Other Wizards were not Religious, they were simply Messengers of Gods Ways... Jesus said GOD is the Light, and Rebelled against the Church and Government Like a True Warrior, because he knew they had become Corrupted by the Banks, Isaac said God is the Light, and that God is Controlling the Light, and showed yew how Mathematically,and ushered in the Newtonian Age of Enlightenment, most of his work was Locked up for Hundred years to hide from the Darkside, it changed the World we Live in more then anyone since Jesus, I told yew the Light is the Trinary Energy that binds the Universe at the Subatomic Level, I showed yew how the Universe really Works building on what Isaac, Jesus and the Others taught, so what I have told yew is the Truth about the Universe, and not what the Darkside made God into, which is the Engraven Image, Money or some other Entity, that no two people on this Planet can agree upon to this Day, so the unending War Continues to this Day, the Truth is that the Jews Re-Wrote the Bible and History, in order to make yew Slaves to their System of Control, they Tax yew and make yew pay them Money for everything yew need, they will Kill yew if yew do not Pay, knowing that Jesus, Allah and the Other Wizards said all Money is the Root of all Evil... God Created Life at the Cellular Level, and only wants to ensure its Survival, and that is what the Wizzards wants also.

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To survive the Global Changes that are about to take Place on this Planet, yew will have to Work together, the New World Order may seem to make sense, if not for the Fact its Run by the Darkside, and owned by the Banks, so its Evil... and yew have been Evil for far to Long, so yew will be Punished by Yahweh... the Government is predicting a 60% reduction of all life on the Surface of this Planet if ISON dumps Rocks on the Earth, and is expecting hundreds of thousands of tons to be dropped per second, and at least 90% lose if the Earths Poles Shift, followed by a Thousand Year Ice Age, I do not think many will survive... that is the Punishment for Treason, so no Reason to Panic, and do not try to prepare for this Disaster, there is no getting ready for something like this, so why bother right... yew gave up on yewer Freedom, so yew could have Free Dumb, now yew are giving up on Life too... The Light Wizard is Telling yew that Sanctuary is Freedom, its a Place yew Build, its a Pyramid that the People have to build, the Banks can not Own it, or yew are just building a Prison, and the Construction will be talked about in a Series called Sanctuary, and its one of the Oldest Structures on the Face of this Planet, or Mars, so yew know what they Look like, but its how they work that Confuses yew, but on 21st of December 2013, its time to Ascend, and that requires a Pyramid, and since the ones we have are all broken by Mans Ignorance, I was suppose to Climb to the Top of the Great Pyramid and say the Magic Words or Spell, and Hold out my Staff, since IAM a Staff Sargent, and now that its Broken, I do not know what it will do, but if Lightning Strikes Me, well... that is a Good Sign... if not... we are in real trouble and we need a new place to Live in Freedom, so its Sanctuary, and its the Future of all Life that will Survive this Winter, and its the Reason for Me to be Born, that is to teach yew how to build it, so yew could Survive the Thousand Year ICE Age, because I can not be reborn if there is no one to be reborn into... Yew can Kill Me, but I will never die... but yew kill all the Yew and I have nowhere to Descend too... So now you ask: How do yew know all this is True? And I say:

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IAM the Darkness,
IAM the Light,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Dark Wizzard.


Chapter 0.5: IAM Step 3


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 3
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now define IAM in Step 3, from the viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can Understand.

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Throughout History there have been Secret Societies, call them what yew like: Masons, Illuminati, or Rosicrucians, but I call it the Grandfathers Guild, it was information passed down throughout His Story, stories about other Family Members, and what their Dreams were about, which is why it was such a Secret, because these Dreams about Wizzards are being passed down from one Generation to the next, and there is nothing like reading about a Dream you have been having all your Life, but did not understand why... which is why its a Secret and we are keeping it in the Family, and it was also my Destiny that they Created in the Process, they Encoded my DNA with this Reality, the Dreams and Memories of my Grandfathers, became mine at birth, then my Parents Taught Me their Ways, their Values and Beliefs, so their Fears became Mine, till one Day more then Half a Century later, I woke up and Looked into the Mirror and Saw my Fathers before me Instead, that was the White Wizard in my Dreams.

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In Days of Old when Magic Filled the Air, there was not a King worth his weight in Gold that did not have a Wizard at his Side, now a days you have a bunch of Punk Kids who view Wizards as Childhood Fantasies, and tell me my Videos are just Cartoons, and Childish, so they write them off as if it was my lose that they did not watch it, even though its them who will miss the Greatest Story ever Told, so it was their lose, not mine, IAM just the Messenger, and these Videos are the Message, and this Wizzard in these Dreams are just as they seem, as Real in my Dreams as Reality itself, then why is it a Secret? As it turns out, its a Secret till you turn of Age, that age varies from one Child to the Next, but if they have this Dream, and ask the Parents why, the Parents are suppose to tell the Child the Truth, which is the Secret, if they never have the Dream, then the Parents have to pass the Secret on to the Next Generation, and keep it Secret till the end of the Era, knowing that if the Darkside found out, they would Kill yew, the Church will Burn all Wizards and Witches at the Steak, this is the Truth and why its a Secret.

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My Grandfathers were 33rd Degree Masons, Even my Step Grandfather Joseph Newcomb was a 32 Degree Mason, even the Grandmothers belonged to the Order as well, and they hold Secrets that should never have been Secrets, they knew that the Pyramids were Built by an Ancient Society, that left them here for us to learn to build on this planet, they themselves Live inside the Planet, and are very Advanced in Building, and knew they had to write it in a way that could survive time, so in their Dimensions was a Code that showed the Location for another Structures, that was build to counteract the weight displacement to keep the Earth Balanced, they knew that the Earth was Round and acted like a Spintop and had to be keep in Balance, but they keep this a Secret for so long they forgot why... when in fact, they should have told everyone this information so they could do it, but then it becomes clear, they do not want to build like the Ancients told them too, because it was far to complex, and not profitable, so they keep it a Secret and Told people lies... like that the Earth was so Massive that it defies the Laws of Physics, and does not require it to stay balanced, which is too stupid of a statement to even understand how anyone could Believe in such a Lie, but those not Bright enough to figure out the Truth just went along with the Insanity and Said: O I C, so some Secrets should never be, while others... well its the End of the Era, not the End of the World... so no reason to keep this Secret any longer.

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Everyone on this Planet wants to Think they are Special, at the same time they want to feel like they are Intelligent, so they go along with every Lie the Darkside tells them, so people would think they are Smart enough to Understand Key Laws about the Universe, like Centrifugal Force Causes Gravity, Light is Shot out of a Flash Lite, and that God is just a Deity and not a Physical Entity, while only those in the Light Understand that the Light is what Causes all things in the Universe to happen, so its this Fundamental Concept that the Darkside does not understand, and its because yewer Fathers before yew Encoded yewer DNA with the Darksides Logic, now yew can not think for yewerself, so yew only Pretend to understand the Madness that they Teach, while in Reality their Science is too Stupid to Understand Logically, because its all a Lie, that they Created to Dumb yew down so yew would never see the Light... they Indoctrinate yew at Birth with their Dumbing Down Shots, which have been Proven to only Cause Problems and has never Cured anything, yet yew allow yewerself and Loved ones to be Injected with Cancer Causing Chemicals, just so the Darkside Doctor's can make a Living based on Lies, since its in their Best Interest to keep yew sick so they Can Practice their Voodoo on yew and call it Modern Medicine, its all Lies, none of its True, they Poison yew so yew will become sick, and those that got Poisoned will Infect those who were not, then they pass Laws Requiring everyone to get the Dumbing Down Shots, so no one will be Smart enough to figure out what is going on, which is the Doctors work for the Darkside to Keep yew in the Dark, and then Download this Lie into yewer DNA so yew would Grow up believing in the Lie, and not in the Truth, which is the Light, which is God, but those in the Dark only Worship the Dark Lord, so they go along with the Lie and Defend it by Killing all those that do not Believe in this Lie, so the War continues to this Day, the Hunt of Wizards and Witch's never ends, yew in the Dark think yew are Intelligent, because yew Believe yew Know it all, when all yew know is Lies, but can not Own up to those Lies, so yew make those in the Light out to be Crazy, and yew do this with Words, and Superstition, yew have Rules about what is Normal, and those Test are Designed by the Darkside, so they could make sure that no one in the Light could pass such a Test, that way they could justify their Crazy Idea's about the Universe, just so they could Prove its not God that is in Charge, but them the Darkside, so they continue to pass on these Lies to their Children, so they will also Grow up and Believe in these Lies, so its a Paradox, and that is all they Know, and because its the Darkside, they Defend it to the End, even if it makes no Sense, now isn't that Special.

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When i was young, a Doctor Diagnosed me as having what is now termed as Asperger Syndrome, only what they called it back then did not sound as nice, so my Parents did not have much hope for a normal Life for Me anyway, and there was nothing normal about my Life, so they found it best just to hide this and pretend it was not true, so i had to pretend to be normal, i learned to use Sarcasm as a way to deal with the Darkside, if that did not work i took to Fighting and Breaking things, none of which made it any easier to deal with the Darkside, and only tended to push people away from me, so i did not have many friends growing up, but the ones i had i cherished for Life, i learned to hide from a World of people who did not think as i do, i came to believe that it was me who was thinking Right, and everyone else was Wrong, not only in their Logic, but in their Reasoning as well, but i knew that those without it deemed themselves normal, or even Superior, and people like myself as Crazy Freaks, so it was deemed that in order for me to have a Normal Life, that my family would simply pretend that i did not have any Mental Issues, but that choice may have been due to the cost of Special Schools, because I was Special, and needed to be Treated Special, but they offered Drugs that my Parents were not interested in, so it was best just to label Me as Delusional so they got the Drugs they Wanted, but for what ever reason, it worked great, most days i forget why i think the way i do, so i started to act like yew and the Doctors left Me alone, and now i can blame it on a number of other Health and Mental Conditions i have, but this style of thinking, or thinking pattern as I like to call it, is not a Curse, but a blessing, for it allowed me to believe in my Dreams, expand my awareness of the Light, and to understand what it is that Sir Isaac Newton had written 3 Hundred of years before i was Born.

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Just before Isaac Newton died, he burned hundreds of Documents on his work on Dreams, a copy of it was in the papers my Grandmother gave me, what Isaac described was a series of Dreams, the same series of Dreams that haunt my Thoughts as well, its like a Single Thought, not just a Series of Thoughts, even though the Dreams were in Series, the information in those dreams were elusive, as if it was a puzzle that was spread out in a Labyrinth of thought, and i had to solve it during that Dream, it was these Dreams that lead to all discoveries, but it would also take my thoughts and actions into Dark places in my mind, places that lead me to believe that I have two brains instead of one, as if one side of my Brian was one person and the other side of my Brain was someone else, yet I only started to hear this Little Voice in my head after I turned 13, so I had no idea what it was Isaac was referring too at the Time, but Isaac was telling me to Ignore it, it lies to you, so its your Darkness, so do not talk to it or allow it to talk, so when I first started to hear these Little Voices in MI Head, i though that Satan was talking to Me, this is what the Bible says, so it must be true, so what Isaac told me was true also... Dreams... there is more too them, that is what Isaac was saying, and it appears Jesus was saying the same thing.

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Isaac knew that the Bible was telling a Story about a Man that is Born across Time itself, and all that Mans Dreams are carried down into their Next Life, they called this Ascension, but the act itself is done through Descension, in a Process known as Casting, now a days we call it DNA Cloning, its DNA Memory, its passed down from one Descendant to the next, it might skip a Generation or Three, but its never lost, so these Dreams about the Wizzards are Genetic Memories, and they are Stored in the Universe, in a place called the Galactic Lattice Network, or Galattice, so its the Universe's DNA, its how all Memories are stored, yewer Brian only Stores Pointers into the Galattice, it can not hold Memories like a Video Recorder, its not a Computer in the Sense either, nor is the Brain a Hard Drive, the Galattice is, its the Light, and Isaac knew that was the Light that is God in the Bible, and the God that Jesus spook of, even Allah and the Other Gods, only there is only 1 God, the Positive and Negative 1, so it was encoded in Math as well as the DNA.

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Isaac spent most of his Life studying the Bible to find out how they knew that God was the Light, and that the Light was the Force that Binds the Universe together, its Gravity, its the Philosophers Stone, something that only Wizards talk about, yet most People Deny that Wizards even Exist, as if Merlin was a Legend and not a Real Man, as if all those Kings did not have Real Wizards working for them, yet Isaac was a Wizard, and most do not want to admit it, because they use Newtonian Math for Everything they do, so why do People have such a Hard Time Listening to a Wizard, when Jesus was also a Wizard? If a person has a Staff Of Power given to them by God, they are a Wizard, no Denying that... and that is all we are Talking about here are Wizards, and since the Bible is the Source, its Crystal Clear that its talking about Wizards, even though the names Witches were used to denote gender, but normally referred to a Wizards Wife, so its source is from the beliefs of Wizards and Witches, since this is also the bases of their Belief System or BS, yet the Wizards and Witches taught that Money is the Root of all Evil, which is why the Churches hunted them down and Murdered them all, its no wonder Isaac Burned all his Copies before his Death, yew were not Ready for the Truth, and perhaps yew never will be, but to Prove this, just Believe in what Jesus, then Isaac, and now Myself, are saying and teach it to yewer Children, then watch when they Grow up knowing the Truth, things will Change, the Darkness will start to Fad into Colors of Grey, and the Greedy ways of the Darkside will wash away, and Harmony will be Restored to the Kingdom of All those in the Shades of Grey.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-G-IAM-10

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The Darkside turned People against Wizards years ago, mostly through the Witch Hunts, since the Wizards Wife were normally a Witch, this was a Personal Vendetta against all Wizards, they would kill their Family Line, so the DNA Memory would be Erased from this World, since the Darkside were all Cowards, and would never attack a Wizard, so they get yew to do it for them, a Crowd will Vote on it and the Scared Children will always Vote to Kill, so they hate the Light enough to warrant Public Execution, so the Darkside calls these Wizards Names, yew would think that all these Wizards were Ashkenazic Jews, oh they are, that's right... There is a part of the story about Merlin few talk about, which was why the Church started the Purge of all the Wizards in the first Place, the Churches moved into the Kingdom, it then said it was teaching Gods Truth, which went against the Current Belief System of that time, it then demanded an offering from its Congregation, the King talked to the Church about this, and the Church talked the King into raising Taxes, Merlin told the King that he had been mislead into the Darkness, and Dark Magic, that Money is the Root of all Evil, so the King seeing the Light, banished the Church from his Kingdom forever... History proves this is why the Jews were Driven out of every Country in History... This Story repeats itself throughout His Story, like the Story about the Man with a Brave Heart... The Scott named Sir William Wallace... when the Churches had the Kings Executed, and replaced them with ones that would follow their Rule, then in the Corruption and Evil that would Come, the Bankers became the Rulers Names, now they own the World, and as a Descendant of Merlin, my Story does not Change much, nor does the way that I tell it, which is from the Perspective of the Wizard.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-G-IAM-11

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This is the same Story as Jesus Bar Abbas, and as Isaac said, the Church inserted Christ into the Bible in the 8th Century, so they could insert Christ as a Deity, and create this Story about a Wizard that could perform Magic called Miracles, then later in His Story Purged these same Wizards throughout History, for performing such Miracles, History is very Strange, if yew ever apply Logic to it, yew would Calculate the Level of Madness in Humans.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-G-IAM-12

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People call me a Conspiracy Nut, they think that IAM paranoid, but most of these People can only remember their own lives, and only the parts they want to, and do not ever remember past Lives at all, nor do most Believe that its even Possible, whereas I views all time in the Moment, and all Life as 1, so all my Dreams are Memories, and all Memories are just Dreams, so Reality is a Combination of the 2, so my Life really is a Dream, so some people think IAM Crazy for thinking this way, does that make it a Conspiracy if two People have the Same Dream? Because its Clear that the Dreams Isaac had are the Same ones I have... What is Crazy is denying yewer Dreams, but lets face it, there are all Kinds of Dreams, but those worth Living for, and those worth Dyeing For, are the Only ones we Value, and if they have Value, they are a Present, so let it be 1, but once more then 1 person starts to think this way, it because a Conspiracy, and yew become Paranoid that they are going to come and take yew away, which is why some of Yew Reject the Wizards Teaching, because yew are nothing but Cowards too Scared to go against the Beliefs of the Powers that Be, knowing they will Hunt yew down, because yew know this part of the Story is True.

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A lot of people think that the Trinary Universe is just a Theory, and a Theory that is impossible to disprove, which is a Paradox to yew, how can something that is disprovable be anything but the Truth, but some people believe that just because yew can prove it does not mean its True, so just because yew can not disprove it, means nothing, unless yew can prove it, if that makes any sense, so for the Record, its not a Theory, its just the Truth; and its the Truth that has been hidden, so its the Secret, it explains the Philosophers Stone, I call Tritanium... so what I told the World is what Isaac wanted me to Find, and I did, now IAM telling yew, but most of yew do not get it, yew do not understand it, yew think its a Trick, play on words, or a Scam, but can not deny its the Truth, so its still just a Paradox to yew, because yew live in a Time where the Darkside is in Charge and all Lies are thought to be the Truth, and that the Wizards and Witches are Evil and should be Burnt at the Steak.

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My Discovery of the Trinary Universe is as much importance to Sir Isaac Newton, and those that Understand it, as his Discoveries were to yew, and if yew are unaware of the Fact that all Science and Math is based on his Work, and his goal was to figure it all out, and it Drove him to the point of Madness, he thought that in Alchemy he could Unleash the Light, and capture its Essences, which lead to Mercury Poisoning, because he tried a Darkside Experiment, which lead him in to such Dark places in his mind that he started to hear Voices in his head, He said at first they were soft, then they got Loader, now that Little Voice talks all the Time, so it was the Poison that made him hear that Little Voice in his Head, and its that Poison in yew that keeps yew from Understanding the Trinary Universe, so the Darkside Doctors decided to use his Formula to make Vaccines... Irony is not without its humor, but words are just Poetry, and this is a Wizard telling His Story.

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Discoveries are Treasures, and yew should Treasure them... yet most of yew that I tell his Story too, do not get it, because they do not Believe that the Trinary Engine Really Exist, because its not in their DNA, so its not in their Reality, so they refuse to believe it, they believe that its just something that I made up, as if that is even possible, how could I Dream up a Trinary Engine, and explain how it works Scientifically and Accurately using Newtonian Mathematics... and be able to describe how it behaves so perfectly, in every detail down to the Subatomic Level and into other Dimensions? Its in the Dimensions that everyone gets lost, they do not believe in anything but the 3rd Dimension! That is all they have encoded into their DNA as well... So its no wonder that Isaac calculated that as 1 + (-1) = 0, where the 0 Dimension is where No 1 Lives, and why most of Isaac's Math is Multidimensional, and is modeled around a Static Universe, with every Dimension having its own Laws that Govern it, as such the Logic is Multidimensional also, and most Normal People do not think in Multidimensions, so its clear that Sir Isaac Newton had Asperger Syndrome as well, so the Real Question is did Jesus? Because that would explain everything, although its a Given that Newton had it, some believe that Jesus could not have, because they did not have Doctors back then... Even though most Know that Isaac was a Decedent of Jesus, so it could be true, but that would make them Special, and only yew are Special, so yew Deny this to protect yewer Darkside, and then Deny yew are in the Dark, just because yew do not Believe this is the Light, this is a Paradox for yew, so yew use Albert Einstein's Math called Einstonian, so that the Paradox's could cancel themselves out, and yew would feel better about Defending yewer Dark ways, proving why some Treasures stay Buried.

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When I was 16 I was coming home from a Party, I decided to urinate in the Bushes instead of having to use the bathroom in my Grandparents House, and possibly wake up the Elders, and get a Lecture about being out Late and Partying, and I noticed a Bee landing on a Flower very close to me in the Full Moon Light, and I thought to myself, I did not know Bee's fly at night, then dismissed the idea when I realized it was a Full Moon, I was so close that I saw the Bee take a Piss on the Flower, and I thought, I didn't know Bee's Piss... so as the Bee Flew off, I put my finger in the Pee, and decided to smell it, but being so clumsy i ended up getting it on my lips, which I instinctively licked, and thought, Mmm Bee Pee, and the Letter E is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means: Excitement, and the Letter C is the Third Letter in that Word, so it means to Understand it, it tasted Sweet, and Sweet is Good, so the Flower Liked it, and allowed the Bee's to Drink for its Nectar, in fact, its the only Reason the Flower even makes it, the Pee was Pollen from other Flowers, so it was a Mating Ritual, the Bee's were getting the Flowers Pregnant, so one can not Live without the Other, and the Other would not have a Reason to Live without the Other, so each of them Live their Lives in Harmony Together for a Mutual Benefit, it seemed that this was the Lesson of the Birds and the Bee's, but I remember that lesson turning out to be about an entirely different Mating Ritual, that only involved Lies and Deception, so I must have missed that Lesson, so it was the Moment of Discovery that i Learned that Night, so the Next day I told this Story to all my Friends that were at the Party, and they said: [Dud.. it was the LSD yew took at the Party... we all took it... ] so I learned that People never see Miracles around them, not even the ones that got Stoned, the ones I call Einstonian's, because they write my Miracles off when I tell them my Experiences, but for me, it was the Letter E.

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In Step 0 I taught yew that the Letter O was the Emotion that allowed yew to be in that Moment of Clarity, and these Letters are the Code, its the Code the Bible was Written in, Letters have Feelings, Words are just more then Meanings, they convey Passion, they help tell a Story, they help in keeping Secrets Secret, but in the End of the Era, they tell the Truth, so why is the Truth so hard to Understand for most? For those of the Few that are in the Light and Know what I say is the Truth, view these Lesions as how it is I came to See the Darkness, and that was through Emotions, because my DNA had Plenty of Darkness woven in, and the Light can not Exist without the Darkness, which is what Sir Isaac Newton Proved with his Observations on Light, that yew could predict where Light would Hit, and What Time it would Hit there, so he Proved yew can Trace the Light Back to its Source, by Placing a Mirror in the Path the Light will take at a Known Time, he Proved that the Light already knew what Course it was to make, so it was Destiny, and not Fate that allowed this, even though it was Fate that lead him to this Discovery, since all he wanted to Prove was how much of the Light was Real, and how much was Imagined, since Newton like myself, could easily Produce any Image in our Imagination and overlay it into our Reality, which Newton Called Witchcraft, so it used Emotions to Manipulate it, or give it Shape and Sound, that our Mind could except as a Dream or as Reality, and what he found was that the Light was Real, so the Light in the Darkness was Real and Not that of Just Imagination, but Physical Manifestation of Matter and Antimatter, by using the Light to Create the Image in our Thoughts, so what he Proved was that he was a Light Wizard, and that Light Wizzards Exist, and it just needs to be Decoded in the Bible to Understand this new Reality, but still the Darkside refuses to see it that way, because of their Emotions, its not because of the Science, because at the Subatomic Level this can be Proven, beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, we can Look at the Light, and know that it knows we are Looking at it, so its Alive, its Life, and it makes all things Possible, and yew would know this is the Truth if yew could let go of all yewer Darkside Emotions.

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People get weird when I tell this Step, I have told this story so many times, and those that told it before me have the same problem, people do not view Reality the same way as I do, so they dismiss it as the talk of a Lunatic, but this is the Paradox they create, they say I can not be the Descendant of Isaac or Jesus, but a quick check of my Ancestry reveals that it can be traced back to Isaac, with records that are accurate, and that is beside the point, since all IAM saying is that our Teaching of the Universe is the same, so if we are related has nothing to do with that, if not for the fact that he is the Descendant of Jesus, and if that could not be disproved in three hundred years, it might not ever... so that wheel in yewer head is going around this idea... and still trying to reject it, knowing that the Bible States we all Descended from Adam and his Wives, yet yew know that Jesus was saying the same thing, he said that his God was all Light with No Darkness, and that there could be No Light without the Darkness, and Sir Isaac Newton Proved that White Light is made up of a Spectrum of Colors, and that White Light has Black Light In it, since all the Colors add up to Black, and only a narrow band of that Spectrum is Visible, so we can not see the Full Spectrum of Light, so yew must have Faith the the Light Exist, so regardless of if Jesus was related to Isaac, they are still teaching the same thing... yet some people still deny who IAM after all this proof, so its a Paradox, Reality is that if only 1 Wizard is teaching a subject during a given Century, and that time has proven these Wizards to be telling the Truth over the Centuries, and given those Wizards were Jesus Bar Abbas, and Sir Isaac Newton, then the one to teach next would have to take it to the Next Level, which is what I did by Introducing yew to the Trinary Universe, but this is were people get weird, they are slow to take to new Ideas, they wait to see if Main Stream will Validate it, and way to many People will Try to Debunk it with Words full of Emotions, but Lacking in any Scientifical Facts, or any Logic at all, because people are quick to Deny it with No Facts, and unwilling to research it, this is why I call this a Darkside Paradox, because in the Last 342 Years very few have seen the Light the Way Isaac Newton Described it, since they do not Believe that God is the Light, Or more Precisely the Energy that Binds the Light from the Sun and other Sources, because the Light is a Force of God, and can be seen in the Dark as well as in the Light.

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What did you expect the return of Jesus Christ to be like? Isaac said the Church Inserted Christ into the Bible to make Jesus a Deity, it also crated a Paradox of having two Jesus's, and does not correspond to the History of the Roman Empire, and it also made it so No Man could be the Son of God, since a Man can not be a Deity, and only Jesus could be the Son of God, as if God could only have 1 Son, and since there is only 1 God, common sense would state that all Men would be Sons of God, since God Creates all Life and everything in the Universe, but some think that God does not Exist at all, even though the God of the Trinary Universe is defined as Gods Particle, and there is Scientific Evidence that it Exist, so Religion has nothing to do with this, if fact, neither does the Church, and yew will never hear any good words about it come out of Me, and the same can be said about Jesus or Isaac, who spook up against the Church, so what did yew think a Man like Jesus could do today? Let alone a Man like myself, who did not do anything less spectacular then Sir Isaac Newton, since all I did was answer the 1 Question he thought was the Most Important, not because he did not know it, but he could not prove it to himself, it was not until technology caught up to me was that even possible, so by standing on the Shoulders of Giants I could C Farther, so all I did was prove Scientifically that God Exist, which is what Isaac was unable to do in his Time due to Technology, but Ironically it was from his Work that any of this Technology was even possible, so in effect, he answered his own question, and I answered the same Question that Jesus was Murdered by the Church for, the Belief that God was the Light and not the Dark, and that Light is the I in Me, so IAM God, and that God Created everything in the Universe, and is Controlling it at the Subatomic Level, so IAM done, give me a T-Shirt that says I Answered the oldest most Important Question on the Planet Earth: Who is God, and the Answer is: IAM.

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And yew thought people like me had no Sense of Humor... But most people just view me as Delusional and dismiss everything I say, but remember that this is the Story about I AND ME, or IAM, its the Middle part, the AND, so the Third Letter in that Word is D, and its also the Ending Letter in that Word, so its Not in Harmony, but the End of Harmony, so its Used in works like: Destroy, Dismiss, and Delusional, and even though they can Not Disprove it, nor do they want to try, they fight to Defend their own Viewpoint, and Defend that of the Main Stream, who have no Proof that anything they say is even True, yet yew still Swear to God on their Bible, even though swearing to God is a Sin, and yew think IAM Delusional? I think yew all are Crazy... I told yew that yew can not say IAM Crazy, but yew can say IAM Full of Shit, so what Kind of Shit AMI Full of, well if yew Eat Meat of Bovine, like Me, then its Bull Shit, and No 1 can Bull Shit better then Me, but it does not mean its Not the Truth, the Best Bull Shit is the Truth, Logic is the only Judge other then God.

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Put yewerself in my Shoes for a Moment, at Birth my Grandfathers knew what I needed to do, no pressure, yew just have to prove to the World that what you say is the Truth, and tell His Story... Since 95% of the People believe in some kind of a God, it should not be all that Difficult, right, thanks a lot Father... this is an Impossible Task... I would think my Proof would Stand on its own, but the Just Us System has no Balance, its Evil and Run by the Darkside, so how Can I defend the Light in the Dark? How can I get those that are in the Dark to Believe that there is Light, when they Can not C it, because its Not in their DNA... So its not in their Reality... but I know if I teach it, that one Day it will be, and only then will anyone Know its the Truth, so from my Viewpoint, yew were all Programmed Genetically to Believe in this Shit, weather it be the Lightside Shit, or the Darkside Shit, everyone believes in their Own Shit, and thinks everyone else's Shit Stinks, and I proved that No 1 will believe in yewer Shit till it happens to them, and this is why I wear a Cowboy Hat and Boots, because IAM walking in everyone's Shit, so I have to have my Shit Kickers on, now walk through my Life with this Shit on yewer Shoes and see how yew feel about it, maybe try some of my DNA, because yew Always Want a New Drug, and the 3rd Letter in Always is W, so its in Harmony, and means to Want... and then ask yewerself if yew really Want to be in my Shoes, because only then can yew Judge Me and My Shit.

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I talk in Metaphor's because there is no other common Language in the End times, since the Majority of the People on this Planet do not even Speak My Language, if the whole World is to Understand this Message, it will have to be Encoded into their Language, and its much easier to Encode and Decode Metaphor's, so there will be Clear Signs, which a Sign is a Metaphor with No Words, but easily converted to a Metaphor with Words, without losing the Meaning, an these Signs were Clear to Me anyway, and when Evil is allowed to run unchecked, yew know Satan is in Charge, yet 95% of all the People on this Planet would rather put their Trust in the Church and Governments then Me, knowing how Corrupt and Greedy the Church and Governments have been from the Start, and Knowing that Jesus himself was against the Church and Government, and it was the Church and Government who had him Murdered, and how many Wizards and Witches were Murdered by them over the Years, and how many Children were Raped by their Priest, Police and Soldiers who were suppose to Protect them... And why Pollution is out of Control, and Medical Waist is floating a shore, because yew allow them to Dump with only a Fine, and its Fine for those that Can Afford it, but all have to suffer for its Consequences, so its yew and yewer Children who will have to Swim in the Cesspool yew allowed them to Create, Jesus did not Die for yewer Sins, he Died because of them... so let me be very clear about my Points, these are Crystal Clear Signs.

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Now that the Pope allows Gay Priest, instead of just admitting it, the Gay Generation should be Proud of this Moment in His Story, for future Generations will be getting it up the Ass, and their Children will come out Looking like Shit, and Thinking Like Shit, and they will in Fact be nothing but Shit, that is what I call Holly Shit, and it starts when you find out that the Church is now out of the Closet, so they can make the mark of the Beast on yew in the Dark, and most of yew Rejoice at this, instead of seeing it for the Crime against God that it is, being Gay does not Make one Happy, that is a Play on Words that the Darkside Fooled yew with, it was a Spell of the Warlocks, yew only See the Dark and think it is the Light, so yew think this is the Light? Homosexuality is the Cause of More Death and Destruction then any other Disease in History, Pedophilia, Plague and Aids, O My... Holly Shit is right! This Shit sticks to yew like Glue, and it never washes off, the Gay Pedophiles who Run this New World Order like this a lot, so the betrayal is complete, yew now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Church is the Darkside... and why Jesus and Isaac were rebelling against them, and why I do still to this Day...

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Freewill is a Bitch, it allows yew to believe Insane things, and reject Sane ones, it allows yew to Believe in the Impossible, by believing that everything is Possible, no matter how Improbable, which is Insane, so Freewill makes yew Insane, and there is no other explanation, I can calculate all the Movement of Heavenly Bodies, but I can not Measure the Madness of Mankind, so there needs to be a Sanity test that is Logical, something Universal that everyone can take to see if they are Sane, simple Mathematics like 1 + (-1) = one of the multiple choices Below:

A: 0
B: 2
C: All the Above
D: None of the Above

just this one question is enough for most people, Einstein and his Crowd will answer C, All of the Above, since they believes everything is possible, and most people would agree, so most people are Insane, but will not admit it, even though this Test Proves it.

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My message is simple, God Exist, and God does not Care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, so Know it or No it Not, God gave yew Freewill, not so yew would Forget or Deny who God was, but to allow yew to make up yew own mind about who God is to yew, and what yew want to do with that information, all I did was prove it to yew, in terms yew can understand, so yew would do something about it in the next Era, so yew would not continue to do Evil Things in the Dark, so yew would know that the Light Exist, and yew need to figure out what the Light really is, because most of yew are in the Dark, and to do Gods work, which is to take care of this Planet we call Earth, which would mean the End of the Life Style yew currently have, so it requires Sanctuary, which is a Place where Fantasies become True, because like Camelot in Merlin's Days, Sanctuary is a Place that only Legends speak of, when the Truth is that it was Paradise, it was the Pyramids before Cains Descendant Moses Destroyed it, and his Followers Perverted God into the Golden Cow, so this Belief is based on Bull Shit made of Gold, so its Money, and In God we Trust is Engraven on this Image, so yew Worship it with Warships, and Deny that God Exist at all, which is yewer Darkside Encoding in yewer DNA, and why every Fiber in yewer being believes in the Darkside, and Defends it to this Day and will never admit that IAM teaching the Light, because to yew its just more Metaphor's, and even those that Believe in God, do not Believe that this is that God, as if there are many Gods, when there can only be 1 True God, and Like I said, I proved that God Exist.

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When I tell people this Story they tell me that I might be a God, but IAM not The God, which is just such an Insane Statement, that I do not have a Good Come back Line, why would I want to Argue with someone who is Obviously Insane, if there is only 1 God and that God is I, then IAM God, and IAM the only True God, the Same God that was in Isaac and Jesus, so its the same I, the same IAM, only Different Me's, so my Claim of being a Descendant of Isaac and Jesus was based on a Physical Relationship, that was passed down from one Generation to the Next in the DNA in our Blood, the Relationship of I in Me is the Same for Me as it is for You, so anyone can Claim to be God, and Prove it Scientifically, in fact, that is what I have been telling yew from the Start, just as they can Claim to be a Descendant and prove it Genetically, or Genealogically, but for His Story, all IAM saying is that it really Does not change the Story either way, as long as the Story does not Change, and it can all be Proven Scientifically to be the Truth, so what Parts of His Story do not Change?

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Sanctuary is a Pyramid that dominates my Dreams, its the Last hope for Life on this Planet, as the Planet slowly goes into a Thousand Year Ice Age, current Modern Cities will die, most Life on the Surface of this Planet will die, like it did during the Last Ice Age, so Sanctuary is all yew have that will save all Life from Extinction, so its like Noah's Arc, also known as the Arc Light, and just like the Flood, time is running out, and the Irony is that yew can not start it till after the Event, the Event is just a Sign that will say to yew, here's yewer Sign... like Comet ISON pounding yew with a Rock Rain Storms, or Triggering a Major Earthquake, Volcano Eruption, or even a Pole Shift, which could displace the Land Mass at an incredible Speed, I do not know what that Sign will be for yew, but once it starts snowing and does not stop, its too late to do much but freeze to death, and if yew seriously think yew can put it to a vote, yew are Insane, Voting is how yew lost all yewer Freedom, Sanctuary is owned by the World, and not its People, its a Power Plant, and State, in my Dream it stands 66 Miles Tall, and has Space Port Access, it generates all the Power the Worlds population would ever require, it is Self Contained: Food, Water, Air and Necessities, the People build or grow everything they need, they have High Tech manufacturing, and have no Requirements from the outside World... except to maintain its output of power and data lines to the communities requiring it, no money is used in Sanctuary so only Barter for Material and other Supplies is allow as payment to the Outside, so people working and living in Sanctuary do not get paid to work there, instead the community provides everything that everyone needs to live a healthy and productive life, there are no Leaders, No Laws other then Gods Laws, meaning no Courts, yew do something bad, yew can be punished in accordance to a set punishment, or challenge the person to a dual, the weapons do not have to be Lethal, lets not get Crazy here... a Game of Chest is the Weapon of Intellects... They have the Option of accepting or being banished from Sanctuary for every, so yew want to create Paradise, yew have to learn to get along with everyone, regardless of who they are, what Color their Skin is or what Nationality they are, because in Sanctuary all Life is Equal in Gods I, so Animals must Live here also, otherwise, they may not survive this Winter, so everyone must work together to accomplish all Goals and Requirements.

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People act like IAM trying to sell them something, when Sanctuary is not something yew can buy, and No Bank will Loan yew the Money to build it, its Cost is incalculable, which is why it can only be built by Free Labor and Resources, like an Open Source Project, everyone must do a Part in it, because even if yew had the Money to build it, the Bank would own it, and it would be a Prison and Not Sanctuary, so how will it get built without money is what confuses most of yew, and its because Money is all yew have ever known, because yew have been Slaves as long as yew can remember, which would date back to the Pyramids when Moses Raped, Murdered and Pillaged Egypt, so yew have no idea what Freedom really is, and Freedom is really all that IAM trying to Sell yew on, and its Free, so do not act Dumb, I said I would return at the End of the Era, and I did, and I told yew about Sanctuary, yew did not have to wait till the End of the Era to build it, but if yew want to Live to see the next one, yew will have no chose but to build it, how else can yew survive a Thousand Year Ice Age, do yew think Burning the Blood of the Planet yew call Oil is going to save yew, knowing that its what caused this Ice Age, its what those Greedy Oil Cartel has been selling yew, which is False Fuel, I mean Fossil Fuel, just because they figured they would be dead before it destroyed the Earth, yew have been Sold Out on so many Levels by the Governments yew Created, which is Ran by Corrupt Politicians who do the Bidding of the Bankers who own them, since they are Slaves to their Own System, and have no more of an idea what Freedom is then yew do, now yew Live in a World that is so Paranoid the boogieman is going to get them, that the Government has become that boogieman, because they sold yew out long ago, E 2 Judas... Sanctuary is not for Sell, its not an investment, its simply the only way to Live in Freedom, Adam and Eve were Born in Paradise, and Eve Seduced Adam with a Forked Tongue, so she was the Serpent, Cain got his Half Sister Pregnant, and was Expelled from Paradise, along with his Half Sister and Mother, Cain came back that Night with his Mother and Kidnapped the other Sisters, when Abel Confronted Cain, Cain Killed Abel, and Paradise was Lost, Sanctuary was all that was Left, it was forever plagued by the Darkside, but can be Built back up to Paradise, but first all the Darkness must be Removed from it, then the Light will Transform it, as it Transforms all that Live there, so the Difference between Sanctuary and Paradise is the Level of Darkness in it.

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I can not tell yew how this Era will End, all I can tell yew is about my Dreams, but I do not know the Time, it could be 3 Hundred and 33 Years from now... And that is that a Great Earthquake will cause major Damage before 21 December 2013, then on 21 December, picking a date seems pointless, although 12 October 2013 came to mind, I have no idea why, other then Mathematically based on the Planets Positioning and the Comets Interaction, because Comet ISON will be making its way around the Sun, in my Dreams this is a Bad Sign, in the Bible its the End of the Era, and the Earth gets pounded by Meteorites, most of the Coast got wiped out by Tsunamis during the Earthquakes and Volcano Eruptions, but Meteorites cause more Earthquakes and Tsunamis, so make no mistake about it, this is War, God vs the People of Earth, because it was due to yewer Sins that this is about to take place, yew build without any regard to balancing the Earth, and now its out of balance, yew Pump Oil out of it and Pump Water back in, which is such an Insane thing to do, since the Oil Lubricates the Earths Crust over its Trinary Engine, now the Earth can not move without Grinding, not to mention the dumping of toxic materials into the Land and Water, pollution on a Global Scale, and waist full use of its Resources, need I go on... This is called Judgment day, if yew survive this, yew will be given a Chose, Sanctuary or Slavery, some call the New Government The New World Order, but I call it Slavery, because that's all it is, Owned and Operated by the Darkside Bankers, but that is just my Anxiety talking, and the Letter X is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means X, like in X-Wife, so put an X here, when yew Swear to God to Marry for Life, but then Divorce, because just like all Sins, yew believe that God will Forgive yew, but in the End, God is yew, and only yew can help yewerself, but Most of yew are Selfish, and only Care about themselves, so its everyone for themselves.

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I can not predict the Future, but the fact is that Comet ISON is coming, and regardless of what damage it does by Meteor Strikes, its going to start a chain reaction that will have long term weather effects, and the Scientist know this, and the Governments have spent all the Money they can building underground Cities just to Survive this, so they Believe its going to happen, regardless of if it does or not, and the Results of that Spending, the National Dept has pushed the Monetary System into Bankruptcy, and since we never Recovered from the Last one, the Banks will Foreclose on your Country, because yew know how they operate, the Banks Own this Country, so its Soldiers work for the Bank, yet if and when the Soldier Dies, the Bank will foreclose on their Property and Kick yewer Family out into the Streets, so do not expect much less to happen when the New World Order takes over, because the New Boss is just like the Old Boss, only no need to be Civil, yew have had it good for far to long, this New Boss will get right down in yewer Business and Stick a Camera up everyone's Ass so they can Inspect yewer Shit, not sure what yew expected this New World Order to be like, but its not what I have in mind as a Better form of Government, this is Pure Slavery ran by the Nazi, Evil at its highest Peek since WWII, and they did not have to go to War to Win, Reich 4 is Over, and the Nazi's have just won the War Again, but i can only interpret my Dreams and Signs, and they are saying to me that i can not find 12 Disciples, on this Planet that would Know what IAM saying is True, and Testify to that Fact, and there are not 72 Virgins on this Planet who would sow the Seeds of Truth into the next Generation, so that Others could Reap the Rewards, so there is no stopping this Storm, so its unclear to me what it is IAM required to do, sit back and watch it happen and say I told yew so, that just does not seem like the Action of God, but the Weakness of Man, so the Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Weak... yet IAM one Person, and 1 out of 84 is not enough to change the World, it would also require 84% of the Worlds Population to Know what Gods Plan is, which is the Survival of all Life on this Planet, not just the Rich and Famous, who Destroyed this Planet for their Greed and Lust, but for all its Life, and not just Humans, who have enslaved all its Animals, and have committed unspeakable Crimes to their Kind, and deny it by thinking yew are more Intelligent then them, when in Fact, its only Humans who are Destroying this Planet, not the Animals, they are far more Intelligent then that, so the Truth is that Humans do not Deserve to Live, they will never Change their ways, and they are too Stupid to even understand what those ways are.

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The Powers that be are a small group of People, those that think they are in Power do not even know who these People are... there are so many Secret Societies that no one knows which one to believe, when its none of them, this Group of People I talk about do not have a Name, other than the Powers that Be, like a 7 Headed Beast, yew can chop off one of its Heads, and it will Grow back as yew are cutting off the next, so it always has 6 no matter how fast yew cut, and they know how to Control yew, they do so with Money, since its all they Have, then they Poison yewer Animals, then yewer Cities and Cause Plagues, then they Sell yew Snake Oil to Cure it, yew call them Doctors and Treat them Like the Gods they Believe themselves to be, yet they Cure no one, and only Spread Disease, since they Created the Disease they are Curing yew for, so they have Job Security, and total Deniability, they are in Charge of Creating all Laws, so yew Blow Down and Call them yewer Honor, when they have No Honor, and yew do not know who yew Enemy is, because yew do not know who the Powers that be are, yew think they are the Bankers, because they own Everything in the World, including all its Governments, and the Sheeple think they can Vote it away, or they think that the person they Voted for is even in Charge, since they are not, they are only Elected Officials for the Bank... what yew do not Understand about the Powers that be, is that they do not think like yew do, they are not Animals like yew are... so yewer imagination takes off and yew think IAM talking about another species or something, like that would make any difference, but to me, it makes no Difference who they are, yew talk about Money, Voting for Rights, Fighting for Freedom, or any other fairy tail, after knowing that this is the Darkside, yew would never understand this small group of People who are in the Light.

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I very seldom talk about an Animals Skin Colors, if I say someone or something is White, I mean its in the Light, if I say its Not White, its a polite way of its Black, or in the Dark, there are varying Shads of Grey in every Entity Living at this Time, so its a Given that no two of yew will see everything the same way, so what I see as a Crime, yew may think of as a normal way of life, because the worst Crime against the Planet is Stealing it Blood, yet most Sheeple have no Problem filling up their Gas Tank, so even though its Treason against the Planet, yew do not see it a Crime at all, and that is how the Darkside thinks, because Real Scientist know that Oil is what the Planet uses to Run the Planet, so its clear they know its Destroying the Planet by removing it and replacing it with Water, yet it pays their Bills so they keep their mouth shut, which is what the Military does every time the Constitution is brought up, because we are talking about Treason here, every President since Lincoln has signed off on Suspending the Constitution while the Banks are collecting their Interest, and its not even Possible to pay off the Interest, so they allow the Banks to Sell off all the Oil until the Planet Dies, because they think they will be dead before that Happens, just like the Rest of the World who do not see this as the End of the Era, they think its not going to happen in their Life Time, and its because they do not view the Shads of Color the same way, they turn it into the Color of ones Skin, and since yew can not change that, they drive the Love of Money into yew from Birth, its all yew every wanted, all yew never needed, but those that have it are no Happier, and its only in the Shads of White do yew see this.

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Isaac Newton Proved that White Light has Darkness in it, so as a Scientist I can tell yew this is True, so we all have the Light and Dark sides in us, so IAM the Light, and IAM the Dark, and IAM every Shad of Grey in between, so why does this have to be so hard to see?

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God talks to us all the Time, its only most of us do not know what they are hearing, God never uses that Little Voice in yewer head to say anything to yew, so its all in thoughts, visions and Dreams that most of us try to ignore, when we were 6 years or younger yew all had Imaginations, that was really just God Speaking to yew, those that Imagined Objects as Human, used their Imagination to Animate the Message, although they heard it in their Imagination or Day Dream, as well as in their Dreams, the voice itself is not God, but Yew, but the Message can be the outcome of such a Communication, only yew have to figure out the Logic First, then try to put it together into a Sentence, its like Seeing something, then Describing it, this is called Witchcraft, and this is all IAM talking about, its how people Talk to God, and on this Night of 19 August 2013 around 10 PM, God Talked to me, I heard Music, I did not recognize it, and it was coming from the Sky, I ran inside and grabbed my Wife and told her to come outside and tell me what the Music was, and as she stepped out into a Clear Full Moon Night Sky, a Very Bright Light came into view and Flew across the Sky, I would estimate it was traveling faster then 300 but less then 600 miles per hour, so my Wife thought it was an Air Plane, it was traveling directly above the Canon we Live by, which follows the Hundred foot Cliffs that follows the River we Live by, so its traveling North West to South East exactly, which also was the Angle that the Meteorites that hit near me on 31 May 2013, when I got hit in the Head by one, then after passing the half way mark in the Sky above us, it just Vanished, I did not see it Burn up, and traveling at that low of a speed, I do not believe it could have been a Normal Meteorite or Satellite, so this is Gods way of Showing my Wife what I have been Saying, the Sky is Falling, she said what do you want me to do, no one will believe Me or You, and she is Right, no one Believes what they see, let alone what they do not see, but they still believe in things that they will never see, and my Wife said she did not Hear it, even though it was very load to me, the AC was running, so the Music must have been in my Head, but I did hear it, and got her out there in time to see it, so this should be proof enough, but its not proof of anything, and Proves nothing, so this Proves that People are Insane, even though I have a Witness this Time, it does not change a Thing, when God talks, very few People hear it.

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At the Subatomic Level yew are God, every Fiber in yewer body is being Controlled by God, its Gods Particle at work here, and as a Whole this Message is part of yew, its in yewer DNA, encoded in yewer Memories, not all of which are Real, most of them are in fact just Dreams, yew use yewer Brain more when yew Dream then yew do when yew are Awake, at least most of yew do, I do not mean that as an Insult, I talk for myself as well, its what we call to be Human, to have Emotions, but not to be Ignorant of Gods Work, which is to Control every Fiber in yewer Body, at the Cellular Level, yew call it Life, but I can prove its Gods Particle that is Controlling it all, and not just in Humans as I have Said, so take it to the Next Level of Logic, the Flesh Being that is Yew, is the Voice and Emotions of Yew, but the I or Light Being in Yew, that is Gods Particle, or Trinary Energy as I call it, its Controlling the Whole Universe the same way at the Same Time, so like my Story about the Birds and the Bee's, God Creates all things to Guide these Animals in Life, its a Pattern of Behavior that is Trained into all Animals, we call this Instinct, so God made the Flowers smell good to the Bee's, and the Bee's Pollinate or Mate with the Flowers so they could make more Honey, and Mate with more Flowers, so more Flowers Grow, so more Honey can be Made, and this is how Life on this Planet works, except for Mankind had Other Ideas, and Poisoned the Planet, now the Flowers Taste like Toxic Shit to the Bee's, so the Bee's will Die off, because there only source of food is all Poisoned by Mankind, and a Cascading Genocide of whole Species will occur as a result of this, and its already begun, and there is no stopping it, so look at this from Gods point of view, which is how to save the Planet and as much Life as Possible, and the Logic will lead yew to believe its an Ice Age, so this knowledge is Encoded into all Life Forms DNA.

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The Masons have another Secret that they Hide, its the Blood of Jesus, too much has been said about this to hide the Secret, which is that the Blood line has nothing to do with yewer Connection to God, most of yew are not even aware of Gods Presents, which is just Energy, its yewer Energy, but not the Energy yew get from Food, but it is the God that Jesus is referring to, so the Secret of the Blood is in the DNA, and yew can prove what is in yewer DNA, so its a Test that can be made on my Blood or yewers, to see who is Telling the Truth, and who are Lying, so they wrote the Bible in a DNA recordable fashion, so it was the Border around the Words, it was written in the Transcriber's blood that was mixed in ink, the pattern was very important, since it was the DNA pattern of the Person they refer to, and could be verified using modern technology of our time, but they knew this in the Bible, and talked about other High Tech Equipment, and even Built Pyramids on Mars, so the Masons are holding all kinds of Secrets, some are True, but most are False, and the depth they go to, to hide a Secret, reminds me of the Time I was in the Air Force, assigned to Air Rescue as a Helicopter Crew Chief, and while in Town on an off duty tour of Kuwait, I found myself in a Market place when the Sirens went off, it was Prayer Time, time to Talk to God, because clearly yew were not talking to him 100% of the time, and yew can not do this unless yew get on yewer knees and bow down to him, when its taking all the Cells in yewer body to be able to Bow down, and to what, Worship that God that allowed yew the Movement to make such a Gesture, because I do not get it, the God of Jesus and Allah, did not speak of such things as Worshiping God the way Moses Did, God was not about Religion to Jesus, and the Story of Allah was not written that much different then the way other Religions have written it, which was as a Deity, which is always were the Problem comes in, not to knock Religion or even think I can tell them the Truth, because what IAM telling them is the Same thing, only using Different Words, or the Same Words only with a Slightly more Detailed Definition, to say the Least, but the same none the Least, so why Hide it, I just tell it like it is.

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People are too use to Fighting about everything to agree upon anything, and this Day in Kuwait told the Rest of the Story, as I was trying to get out of the Market place before they push yew out, and an Old Man grabbed my arm and said come with me, so I did, and I had a few others with with, so we went into the back of a Rug Shop in the Mall, it was fantastic, a story behind everything, then he shows me a Bible that he had just finished Transcribing for himself, from his Fathers bible, and I noticed something that scared me, the borders in the two books were different, I asked him why, he said to me that it was just Artwork and no two bibles are the same, wow I thought to myself, they Erased the DNA from all their Transcriptions, so they did not even follow the Line of DNA as my Grandfathers before me did, because that is why we had to transcribe our own Bible, it keep a Record of yewer own DNA, and yewer Ancestors before yew, its the Proof that I was suppose to give to the World, only now I have nothing to say, but dismay over such neglect as this, they really do not know that they forgot who they are, and what is worse is that I asked him if he knew what the Border Symbols meant, and he told me that his Father said his Grandfathers before him made it very clear, that this Artwork be copied exactly, only it took most of yewer life to do so, so yew start at 9 years old, and it can take a year of more to copy one page, so by the time yew are a teenager yew only knew the first Chapter of the Bible, talk about Devoted, this takes it to an extreme, so its clear over the years that the Children got Lazy, and Stupid at the same Pace, now they are Older and at the End of the Era, that most People never thought would happen in their Life Time, but its about to happen this Year, and yew would have known that if yew just Transcribed yewer own Bible.

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The Truth is a Paradox as I said, yew can dismiss what I say about somethings, but not the Science, when it comes to Science of the Trinary Universe, its Clear that if yew are Smart enough to Figure out that yew can not Disprove it using Logic, then yew will find other ways to dismiss what it is I have to say, so what is Logic, how do yew use Logic to Think, and the Answer is one Step at a Time, take the basis of what IAM saying, that Trinary Energy is Gods Particle, and at the Subatomic Level its Controlling everything at the Cellular Level, so its Life, its the Philosophers Stone, so its what Isaac Newton was looking for, know that yew know this Logic, the next Step is Determining what is Causing Gravity, and that is Easy, its the State Changes of the Molecules in every fiber in the Universe, so its the Light... Not so complicated when I say it that way is it, so its only in the Dimensions is this Possible, and that is the Key to Unlocking the Philosophers Stone, and that said, there is no type of Logic that can Disprove this concept, so ask a Genius if I could have made this Up, how can I make up a Trinary Engine that actually describes how the Universe Operates at the Subatomic Level, yew people amaze Me how incapable yew are to not be able to use Logic to Solve Simple Questions, let alone seemingly complex questions like how does the Universe actually Operate, and yew believe that other Greater Minds then mine have Figure this out before, knowing that they Believe in the Big Bang Theory, where the Whole Universe Jumped out of a Singularity, and to keep up with this story, yew have to Believe that this was before the Laws of Physics actually were invented, and even if yew have to use Paradoxes to explain this Insane Madness, it never holds true at the Subatomic Level, my Proof that these Scientist are Lying to yew, and yew might want to think its Ignorance, but then yew Remember that what I just said was the same as what Isaac Newton said, only he did not have the Equipment available during his Time to Prove this, I do, and besides that its almost a given knowing what Scientist know now, so maybe it was Ignorance all along, but until they own up to this, and stop blowing my Idea off as Crazy, then this will never change, and I tell yew at that point its just Lying, and that is the Point we crossed years ago; so the Paradox continues.

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God made us at the Cellular Level, every cell in our body is encoded with DNA, and these small Engines in these Cells do all the Work to build and maintain these cells, and its run by a Program using the DNA as a Blue Print, and its the Gods Particle that is Manipulating each Component in that Engine to do that work, so its a combination of every cell in yewer body that makes up the body, and its all controlled by God, and this has nothing to do with Religion, because God is not about Religion, God is about the Truth, about Science, and its this Science that Isaac Newton Proved Mathematically, and beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, I have proven with Logic how the Universe Operates at the Subatomic Level, and yew think IAM Argent, when in fact I know everything about the Universe, even if I forgot most of it, but that is just Me, and why should Yew trust Me? Would yew Trust Jesus if he said it? or would yew believe Sir Isaac Newton if he said it Oh that's Right they did... Logic, yew have to Love it, but then again God is in control of every fiber in my Body, and he also allowed me to tell His Story, Freewill is one thing that no one can be denied, Free Speech is over rated, as is Opinions, those can be bought and Paid for, and are always Dictated by those that feel Superior to yew, so the Goats called Critics tell yew this is all Lies, so not only are they calling me a Liar, but they are calling Jesus and Sir Isaac Newton a Liar, because that is the Level this Logic will lead yew, all the way to the Cellular Level and the Truth of it.

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At some Level everyone will eventually believe what IAM saying, and agree its the only way the Universe can actually work, and I do mean everyone that uses Logic to think, and not Reason, because Peoples Reasons are Mad, so lets not go there, the Truth is very Simple, its not Complicated at all, most people fear the Truth about God, because they are afraid to Die, because they do not know what happens when yew die, and that truth is that nothing happens to I, I never dies, IAM resurrected into the Next Life Born and Live on through that Life, no matter what Life Form it is, be it Insect, Animal or Mineral, it really is just that simple, its like falling asleep and waking up in a new body, and on many Levels yew know this is the Truth, a Love one Dies and New Life Forms come into yewer Life, be it a Butterfly or other entity, one Door Closes and another one Opens into the Light, when yew are about to Die yewer Life Flashes before yewer I, and this is that Moment of Clarity when all time Stops, and the Universe Opens up and yew can understand the Whole Universe, and yew can choose what Memories to take into the Next Life, but most people choose Memories that are Full of Emotions, and those Memories do not Translate all that well, because yew wake up into a new body and those Emotions are unknown, so chose yewer memories well, or yew may not remember yewer past Lives at all, and remember that I call these Dreams, and they are stored in yewer DNA, this is the most Regarded Secret of all the Secrets of Wizards throughout time, those that acknowledge this Fact are better Served in Gods I, it can bring Peace and Harmony to ones Being if they allow it, or it can bring Chaos, Freewill is everything, which is only one Reason I claim to be the Descendant of Sir Isaac Newton, Sir William Wallace and Jesus Bar Abbas, the other is because IAM, and IAM just like You, and IAM willing to take it to that Level to Prove it, I have nothing to Lose, People watch these Videos and think IAM Crazy, just because I tell yew His Story through the I's of a Child through the Wizard that instructed Me, IAM telling His Story the Way it was told to me in my Dreams when I was only 3, so this is what it was like for me to hear this Story for the First time in this Body, and yew have to make each Body understand that this is I telling it, and not just some Dream yew had.

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Life is not a Mystery to me at all, IAM Omnipotent, I C all and I Know all, arrogance has nothing to do with it, and its not Crazy to say all the things I have said if its All True, someone had to resurrect for Jesus to Return in the Flesh at the End of the Era, and that Person was me, and Jesus knew that, Isaac Knew that, My Grandfathers Knew that, but it took me all my Life to own up to this fact and except my Destiny... and make it my Fate... I can not escape my Destiny, anymore then all my Grandfathers before me, who made this Possible... being born of a Long Line of Men willing to Protect a Secret so well, that know one Knew about it but Me in the End, Proving who was the Best Secret Keepers of all Times, My Grandfathers before me, so that I could stand here at the End of the Era and Tell yew the Truth, and yew would know its the Truth, after yew prove to yewerself that IAM who I said IAM, and that I could not know these things I have Taught yew No Other way, Only God knows about the Dimensions they Live in, Mankind or Me for that Matter, is not Intelligent enough to be able to make up a Story like this, it would have to be a Conspiracy that Jesus himself Started Two Thousand and 13 Year ago, being able to Predict the Time and the very Persons name he would Resurrect into is Proof enough by itself, that I was born from the Great Grandfather of Adam and the Great Grandmother of Mary, who else did yew think I would be born as? And I went to great Links to make sure My Name would show I had Honor, Dignity and Truthfulness, I was noted as being the Best, just like all the Rest, and not some Sold out Person who would Cut their Hair and Pretend to not be a Wizard just to Blend in, and then Try to Talk in Plain English so the Main Stream Media Crowd of Sellouts could understand Me, that is not the Way of any Wizard worth their weight in Gold, I actually have an X-Caliber Sword, it makes one wonder about my Resolve in this matter, why I have gone to such Lengths just to tell a Story that No One will believe, just because they can not Believe Jesus, let alone Know its the Truth, and Even Expect 12 Disciples, to Follow me, and 72 Virgins to stand by this Testament and teach their Children the Truth from Birth, I do not want to know what else yew thought I would do with them... just to fulfill some Prophecy that most people have Covered so deep in Mystery, and hidden so Deep in the Darkness that it can not be seen in the Light, and all I ask yew is why this is so hard to Believe and what part of Logic are yew missing? What I told yew does not even Require the Proof that my Mother had Thrown out, she Told me that the Night she walked out of the House after we argued that Point, and got Killed by a Speeding Car, so I learned that lesson the Hard way, I thought she threw away everything in my Life, at 14 i had a very narrow view of what everything Important was, she said that proof like that would only have confused yew more, making the Story unbelievable even, because people make up Evidence like this, people would think the Papers are Fake anyway, so nothing can be that simple... then she Proved that by walking out the Door and Dying in the Middle of the Desert next to a Pirates Ship, leaving 4 of the 5 Children who lived with her in total shock, and her Husband Merlin alone... so I lost much more... and proof is not proof about anything unless someone believes it... so if they do not, all the Proof in the World would not change that, so I do not care if yew believe that any of His Story is True, given the Facts I do not see how it could be anything but the Truth, unless yew believe I could have made all this up... but that is because I only Apply Logic to the Story, and leave all the Emotions out of it, because I know its the Truth, just the Facts, the Science and the Truth of the Matters at hand.

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I Defined Science in Terms the Darkside can Understand, yet even though yew think yew Understand, most do not, so they will go along with what others have to say about it, knowing the Science can not be Disproved, the Darkside still thinks its not True, because they only believe in the Darkness, so the Darkside will put it to a Vote, and Ultimately they will Vote it Down, for that same reason, as they Did with Jesus, which is why they Executed him, since doing so only Proved yew could Kill him, because Jesus died because yew Sinned, yew Denied who IAM 3 Times, and by Voting Down His Story, or Disproving My Reality, Yew Proved yewer own Churches Lied to yew, but then yew Remember they Murdered Jesus for being a Wizard and using Witchcraft, and have been Murdering all those after him to this day, knowing that Proves that those who Truly believe in Jesus, believe in Wizards and Witchcraft, yet yew still condemn them to Death for their Beliefs, which is why Jesus said yew would Deny him 3 Times, and yew still do that to this day... I define Resurrection as the Act of being Born with a Set of DNA from the Father and the Mother, with Memories encoded in that DNA, which is the Same DNA as that of the Person that Ascended and yew Descended from, as such this is Science and Scientifically Proven, so its a Fact that can be said to be True... and since My Family dates back to the Pyramids, this Ancestor is Adam, from Adam and Eve, but with the Mother Mary, and his DNA Descended Down to Jesus, then Isaac Newton, so if yew Believe that IAM not the Resurrection of Jesus in the Flesh, because they Wrote that Jesus would return by Descending into the Flesh, and if that is True, and Jesus has Not Returned, since its not Me, then yewer Whole Belief System is a Lie... so by Proving me Wrong, yew Proved yew me Right, so its a Paradox... because its the Darkside... and why I said I do not Care what Yew Believe, nor does the Universe... it was never the Man that was important it was his Message, that is why they are Gods Messengers, and Jesus, Isaac Newton or myself Jeffrey Scott Flesher, were just Messengers for Gods Message, and we Proved that the Message is True Scientifically, so yew wonder why I find the Need to tell His Story as a Wizard, knowing that the Church Burns or Crucifies Wizards and Witches on a Cross, and tell all of His Story the way I did, which is from the Viewpoint of the Dog, through the I's of a Wizard in the Flesh, and the Simple fact of the Matter is that there is only 1 way I could have known this... and that is from God... and God is the Truth... and only Wizards tell His-Story, so there are no Paradoxes in His-Story so:
IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.


Chapter 0.6: IAM - Step -3


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step -3
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-01

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The Dark Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step Negative 3, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside in Terms only the Darkside can understand.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-02

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Most of Yew do not Fully Understand the Words yew use, so yew wonder why I do not Care what yew Believe, not seeing the Truth in that Word... Be Lie... the Dark Wizzard does not Lie, so I do not care about Lies... its only What you Know, but most of what yew know is Lies, so Truth is in how Words are Defined, and if yew look harder at the Word Believe, yew can use the Code to Remove the Letter E in Lie, since that Letter is Defined as Excitement, and that is an Emotion, so now we have Be Live... and now yew attach Meaning to it, thinking that the things yew Believe, are the things that will keep yew alive, because yew forgot about the Excitement, so No it Not.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-03

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Every Letter in a Word has Meaning, so to get the Meaning out of Every Word, yew must understand the Wizard's Code... The Word Jesus has many meanings to many People, yew see him as either a Messenger or a Messiah, but the 3rd Letter in that Words is the Letter S, so its in Harmony, and that Letter is Defined as Solution, and it means to Solve a Problem, or the Solution to a Problem, and what needs a Solution in this WorLd today? US... Now is that U.S. Like in the United States? Or Us as in You and Me? The Wizard's use Codes to Encode Meaning into Words, so the Meaning never gets Lost in Translation, so its Important to know this Code, its the Wizards Code, and has been Taught throughout His Story... Now take MI Name Jeffrey, the 3rd Letter in that Word is F, so its in Harmony, and F is defined as the Word Final, and Means the Last Word, so its the Last Word on a Subject, and what Subject would that be? Frey... Frey is the most important God of Norse Paganism, and is the God of Earth's Fertility and Peace and Prosperity... So Scott is the Solution to C O, where O is the Emotion... the Letters T T, is a Sound, and is associated with the Word Mothers Milk... Hey... IAM the God of Fertility... The Letter J in Jesus and Jeffrey, means Judgment, so we are the Adjudicator, since the Letter J is the 3rd Letter in that Word, its in Harmony... Yew know that the Letter E means Excitement... Bar has 3 Letters, so take it at Face Value, its meanings come from Music, Math and Construction... Abbas Means the Lion that is feared by all other Lions, a Very Powerful Lion, we all have our Animal Spirit, mine is a Dog... Flesher was already Defined as meaning Flesh, or Meat, so its Short for Me, and the ER just means More of... so now yew know the Rest of the Code...

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-04

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Yew must Define Words and Meanings so everyone knows what yew are Saying... Yew do not want any Misunderstanding over the Words yew Use or the Meaning of those Words... This is called being Crystal Clear... Laws on the Other hand are Written to Confuse yew, they put in Words that are Defined by other Laws, and Expect yew to Understand them, they say to Protect, which Means to Destroy, Because to Protect something yew most Destroy what ever Threatens it... but yew do not Understand the Meaning of Words, because yew are just Sheep, and Sheep can not Read or Understand Words, so what did I expect of yew, so the Battle Rages on, as I fight against Ignorance, and the Brain Washing the Darkside did to Each of yew, first they make it a Law that yew have to Get Vaccinations, which Make yew Stupider then yew already are, then they make yew so Dependent on Money, that yew have No way to Live without it, because they Passed Laws Requiring the Use of Money, which is Ironic that Live is just Evil Spelled Backwards, but Spells are what Wizards are Know for, so Deeper into the Definitions we go... Until yew wake up and stop being Sheep, then yew become you, and the Words start to make sense, and the Meaning of what has gone on up to Judgment-day becomes Clear, and only a Wizard can make it Crystal Clear, so this Spell is for yew.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-05

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Yew tend to think that the Bible only talks about 1 God, yet yew Know that God is Defined as all Light with No Darkness in it, even though Sir Isaac Newton Proved that Pure Light is actually made up of Darkness, and even Jesus acknowledged that by saying their can be No Light without the Dark, but in the Bible, the God of Mosses was a Jealous God, so this was a very Dark God, the Black Lord of Darkness, and the Bible also speaks of the God Yahweh, and the 3rd Letter in that Word is H, so its in Harmony, and means Hey! God will Help those that Help Themselves... As if Judging yew with one word, knowing Yahweh will come back and Punish yew for yewer Sins... So this is a Dark God also... But not Satan... Because Satan Lies to yew, Yahweh is the Truth, and the Bible Speaks very little about the Light God, except to Mention that the Light God exist, but Jesus said his Father, or God, is All Light, with No Darkness in it, so its Clear that it Mattered to him, so the God of Light is Matter, and the God of Dark is Antimatter, since the God of Light Gives, and the God of Dark Destroys, So yew Live in the Light, and are Evil in the Dark... But yew must remember that the Dark is not Bad, anymore then the Light is Good, those are just Shades of Grey... so the Bible is only about the Dark God, with just a few References to the Light God, because the Light God gave yew Freewill, and can not put Limits on it.

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I have my Darkside, and this is the Step I talk about it in, and Like the Wizards before Me, who also had their Darkside, so yew have to Understand that the Story of Adam, Jesus, William, or Isaac, is the Same Story, and only their Flesh Names are Different, but at the Same Time they also Tell the Same Story, even though they are very Different Men, from Atom, all Humans are Born, and we already Decoded the other Names... so why is this so Difficult for the Darkside to Understand? Its because yew do not Believe in the Bible... Because the Powers that Be have Rewritten it in a way that yew know its all Lies... Because yew do not Believe that Mosses Parted the Red Sea, and I told yew that the History Channel was Right, Mosses was just a Military Leader, who Taught the World how to Wage Unending War, and Even the Bible told yew that he was a Back Stabbing Banker, who Told yew to Demand to get Paid in Gold for the Work yew do... Which is what Jesus said was Evil and the Darkside, but yew Defend Capitalism, instead of Seeing it as the Root of All Evil... So Deeper into the Darkness yew Go... Turning yewer Backs on the Lightside and Doing the Bidding of the Dark Lord Satan, who by Definition is the Bank. So who are yew Fooling? Not I... Only yewerselves... So as Dark as MI Darkside is, I never went that Deep into the Black Pits of this Hell yew Created, because that is the Only way to Describe this World Today, where yew Worship Gay Entertainers, Gay Politicians, Gay Military, and Gay Priest, where Corporations are Allowed to Dumb Toxic Waite into the Oceans yew Depend upon to Live, The Governments are Owned by the Banks, and they are Allowed to Draft People into a War they are Financing on both Sides, using the Vile Evil Money the Governments Dish Out, and yew do nothing but Cry about the Injustice in the World, and Say:
[What can I do about it?]
so its Up to yew the Enablers, to Stand up for yewer Rights, do not Allow the Darkside to Control yew like Sheep in a Pin, the Free Movement took off way before the Dark Wizard Mosses was Born, in the 1960's it was still going Strong, till the Government Labeled it as a Hippy Movement, and Sold the Main Stream Puppets on the Idea that they are all just Drug Addicts and a Threat to Society, and Yewer Parents and Grandparents allowed this to Happen, so they Passed Laws that Everyone has to Use Money to Live on the Planet, so now the Banks Own Everyone, and Why all of Yew are in the Dark... And why yew Lie, not Only to Me, but Yourself, and its because yew are not Smart enough to Understand they are the Same 1, Say Me when yew Look into the Mirror! And Own up to yewer own Darkside, yew know yew go along with all these Evil Ways by allowing it, and there is No Denying that, so yew Lie to yewerselves that this is not True, that yew had No Choice... Which is why I tell you that Yew are Stupid and in the Dark... Because Look around, everyone's a Drug Addict hooked on the Banks Version of Pharmaceutical Drugs, which are All made from Black Magic, and yew know this is True because most of yew have Cancer from it, but yew Believe the God they Printed on Money and Worship Money and Doctors Like they are God, the Bankers are the Doctors, how Else do yew think they get away with Murdering Millions of People per year, and yew want to Call Me Dark!

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Sheeple Hide in the Dark, they Use it to Protect them from the Treason that they are Enabling, because Sheeple have No Courage or Honor, so they Allow the Banks to Own them, knowing the Banks Draft yew or Force yew to Join their Wars, and when yew get Injured or Killed, they Foreclose on yewer Property and Steal it from yewer Family, kicking them to the Street to die or become Whores, and yew Defend this System of Government, knowing that the Banks are Privately Owned Corporation that Owns the Governments, through Treason by Lincoln, and every President that signed into Office since then, and yew wonder why it is that I hate Jews, yew Think IAM out of MI Mind because I speak out against this Evil Government, even though IAM part of it, Knowing that IAM a Staff Sargent, who even From the Ranks of its Military never Stopped Fighting for Freedom, and yew know Jesus Bar Abbas was also a Staff Sargent fighting a War... But I abided by the Laws they Created to Protect the Darkside, and Operated inside those Same Laws, knowing they are all Lies, and Telling everyone so... While the Sheeple said:
[I know but what can I do about it,]
but what can 1 Person do about it, when it will take all the People in the World to Stand up to this Darkness, so what do I do? I tell yew, and yew have to tell someone yew Know, and they have to tell someone they know, and soon Everyone knows the Truth, then they have to Stand up for the Truth.

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Most of yew believe that yew know what is going on, when most of yew only know what Others have Told yew, and yew know those People are definitely in the Dark, so why do yew Believe them, yew know yew Lie, so yew figure everyone Lie's, so yew Trust No 1, yet yew still believe in all their Lies, so its a Paradox that Keeps yew in the Dark, because yew think that the Dark Wizzard is Bad, and only Lies to yew, when in Fact there is only 1 God, and the Light and Dark God is the Same Entity, just a Flip side of Coin separates them, so the Dark can never see the Light, so they do not Believe anything that the Dark Wizard has to say... because what he has to say is always in Shades of Grey... so the Dark Wizzard never Lies, any more then the Light Wizzard could, if yew Remember I told yew that the Dark Wizzard only Tells yew things yew should not do, like: Money, War, Love and Hate, but yew do that anyway, because its the Only way yew know how.

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In MI Dreams its all so Crystal Clear, IAM suppose to Climb the Great Pyramid and Hold out MI Staff of Power, and say the Spell... and it will wake up a memory in all of those that Know MI Words, and they will gather around it, these are the Disciples, Virgins, and those in the Light, and they will channel the Trinary Energy through the Structure, and it will Resonate all the way to the Core of the Trinary Engine, and then will be Reflected back to the Surface of all the Lands, and that Energy will bring Balance back to the Planet... Scientifically this is a Sound Principle of Energy Transmutation, and how the Philosophers Stone Works... Its the Reality of this that Sucks, since those that Live within 3 Thousand miles of that Place are all in the Dark, and they will do anything to Stop Me from doing this, because they will never Accept Me as the Chosen 1, so unless yew want to start a Holy War, this Reality will not come to past... So its Time to Wake up... The Ice Age is Triggered by many Events leading up to this Date, its not 1 thing, but many, and the Evil Vile ways of the Darkside Vampires Sucking the Blood of God out of the Planet, is but 1 of Many Sins that Mankind must Repent for, so those near the Oil Fields will Feel the Wrath of God, if this Planet is to Find Balance, but yew do the Math, Look at their Ancestry and all yew will find is 1 Holy War after another, Hatred on a Global Scale, their Own Religion Demands them to Kill the Infidel, Goyim or Gentile, and their War on Wizards and Witches never ends, because these are the Descendant's of Cain and Seth, and they are Inbred to the Point of Insanity, and they can not See the Light, so the Nazi become Warriors without Honor and Dignity, they are Slavers and Thieves, and there can be No Dark without the Light, so the Righteous are there also, but they are the Few, and not the Many, and they are not in Charge... because they are the Meek... So its a Given that they will Kill Me given the Chance, and this is what happens in MI Dreams, so I make No Plans to make this Journey, so I must find another way to bring Balance to this Planet, which could mean a Pole Shift from 42 to 45 Degrees South, and trust Me, No One will find this Ride Fun...But this may not happen for another 3 Hundred and 33 Years, because in my Dreams I have no Idea what Time it is, but I know this will Happen when Isaac Newtons Comet returns next time and hits the Planet Earth, because Isaac Newton Predicted that is in 666 years back in 1680, which is where the number 666 took on a new meaning for Isaac, I see it as a half way mark, since in 2013 it would be 3 Hundred and 33 years from 1680, and Isaac said this Comet has a 333 year Cycle, it crossed the path with the Comet on 25 December 1680, 333 years later it will cross our path on 14 January 2014, so he was right, since Isaac was born on 25 December 1642, and the Calendar was changed during his life time, changing his birth date to 4 January 1643, after removing 10 Days, so it will hit Earth on 14 January 2346 as Isaac Calculated.

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In MI Dreams The White Wizard is Hit by Lightening on the 12th of January, and is Burnt to Ash, because the Nazi in Me was the Burnt Offering, so it was the Holy Cost... then 3 days Later on the 14th a Sheep Dog stands next to the Staff of Power Left there, and Lightening Strikes it again, and the Light Wizard Returns as an Angel, and he Tells the Rest of His Story.

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Our Dreams are telling us things we need to know and understand, and they are not always Clear as to the Meaning of Symbolizes we Imagine in those Dreams, so we attach meaning, and others attach their meanings, and pretty soon the meaning is lost over the Generations, as are the People who wrongly Interpreted those Dreams, because the Wizards were Crystal Clear about Money being the Root of all Evil, its what separates the Darkside from the Lightside, so its the Darkness in all of yew, and all of yew already know this, because Money will Drive yew to do Insane things, yew Fear for yewer Life if yew run out of Money, yew would do anything for Money, and continue to do it even if yew hate the way yew Make Money, so yew are nothing but a Whore or a Slave to Money, and yew Envy those that have a Lot of Money, and yew are Jealous of those that are Rich and Famous, and yew Lust after those that have Money and Power, some of yew would kill others for money, so there are those that are killed for their Money, and Protecting Money is the Most Expensive Game in Town, and Protect means to Destroy, so yew Raise Armies to Protect yewer Money, and yew Go to War for the Banks, who sell yew on the Idea yew are Protecting yewer way of Life, by Destroying it, and in fact yew are just Making them more Money, so they can Foreclose on yewer Property to get More Money, kicking yewer family to the Streets to Die or become Whores, and then Tax yew to Death, and Send yew to Prison for not Paying yewer Taxes, because yew worked so hard all yewer Life Paying Taxes, and in general, do Dark things all in the Name of Money... So these Symbols of Dollar $igngs are Crystal Clear, its the Darkside.

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The Powers that Be do not Care about Money, its only use is to Control the Weak Minded, because they are the Only ones that Require it to Live, the Darkside believe that they can not Live without it, they do not Trust in God, they Trust only in Money, and its why they are in the Dark... And the Powers that be know this, so they Control yew with it, and they Bank on it, they Bet on it, they know yew all to well... Yew Sell yewerselves and yewer Children for Money, and yew only Trust those that are Like yew, that Work for Money, yew think yew are one of them, because yew Pay yewer Taxes, so yew think yew are Safe, yew Call the Bankers Watch Dogs when yew Dial 911, because yew know that the Sheriffs work for the Banks, and if the Banks say yew Committed a Crime, they will Lock yew Up like a Dog... So the Sheeple will never Raise up against their Masters, so they Build an Army and Pass Laws that this Army can handle Civil unrest, and the Banks do not think yew should have any Rest, so they passed Laws to insure this, because the Banks Love Insurance.

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The Powers that be are also the Ashkenazic Jews they were born into, so there are a lot of Good People in charge, and Hollywood is just Full of Jews, as are other Industries and Nations, but the Warriors are a Mixed Blood Line, so the Darksides Armies have Great Numbers, but then yew Remember IAM talking about Yew... and as long as yew know the Truth, God will Help yew, because God always Helps those that Help themselves, and the Powers that be know this also, so they know the Game is Up, because the Money Scam is Over, its time to Announce Bankruptcy and let the Real Games begin... So its up to the Lightside to step in, which means the Darkness must Leave yew, not LevI, so the Game is of Words and Meanings, because its all a Wizards Spell, and yew thought this was all Make Believe, instead of Reality, and its at the End of the Era does this even Start to make any Sense to yew, so yew most Choose a Side, and that Choice is Simple, yew Pick the Darkside, yew have no Choice but to Wage a War in the Dark Lords Name, so in the Name of Money, yew Declare Civil War, and yew Lock and Load yewer Weapons as yew Prepare to do Battle, which to a anger Mob of Darkside Warriors, this can only Mean a Riot, which always leads to Rape, Murder and Pillaging, because that is the only Rules to this Game... and who Defends the Home Land? Its Home Land Security to the Rescue... [Dont Ta Dumb] Yew Dial 911 and the Recording says to go to yewer Nearest Shelter, but yew Arrive to find its just a NAZI... I mean FEMA Concentration Camp... Because its Time for a Wake Up call to the Darkside... The Darkside Wrote this Book, they know how it Ends... Yewer Service was appreciated, but now no Longer Needed, so yewer Cooperation is appreciated now, but Not Required, because the Pin is Mightier then the Gun, and this is the Law, and the Long Arm of the Law always Wins... So yew can Go down that Road, yew know exactly where it will take yew, and yew do not want to go there, so yew Go into the Light, let all Emotions Fade away and Breath in and Count to 3... Now yew are in the Moment, and the Universe makes Sense, and yew know that Money is the Root of all Evil, and the Words of Jesus now make Sense, he was talking about Selling him out for Money, and that the Army that came and Got him was the Same Army that is now coming to take yew away, and for the Same Sin, which was Money, so the Dark Wizard is telling yew not to Riot, not to take part in the Civil War, because in the New Era, yew can Ignore the Darkside and Start a New Life in the Light, without Money... And that those Symbols, where all from a Religion that was Created by the Darkside to make yew Slaves to Money... And there is not Enough Money in the World to Build Sanctuary, so yew must Put yewer Darkness behind yew and Work together, putting aside the Color of yewer Skins, and focusing on the Colors of yewer Soul... Remembering that yew can not Live without yewer Darkside, but yew do not have to allow it to Rule yewer Life, that only in the Shades of Grey does this make any Sense what so ever, and that the Jew in Me is the Same Jew in all of Yew, so do not be Just Yew, be YOU, and let Me be who IAM.

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There is no Mystery in what I say... Mystery is not the way of a Wizard... A Wizard only tells yew things that yewer own Logic can Reason out, but its not until yew see things from the Wizards Point of View does this make any Sense, and yew can get Past the Fact that a Wizard is telling yew this in such a Way that makes yew wonder what this is really all about, knowing that this was all Done to Create a Reality that yewer Brian Can Comprehend, and yew are all on Drugs, its just a matter of what Kind of Drugs yew are Taking, Pharmaceutical, Alcohol, or Junk Food, so maybe it would help if yew used some of Gods Drugs, so try Medical Marijuana, it helped me Write and Tell His Story, maybe it will help yew understand it, because the Drugs yew are taking are not helping if yew can not see the Truth, which is that once yew see the Light, yew become You in His Story, so where is the Mystery in that.

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All it takes is 1 Person to walk away from the Darkside, and another will follow, then soon everyone will follow the Light, and Money will become a lesson in History, and the Light will forever Shine Brighter, and the Future of all Life on this Planet will be in a Place called Sanctuary... The Chosen 1 is the Salvation of all Life on the Planet, The Chosen 1 is not about 1 Person, or 1 Nation, its about all People and all Nations, the Story of IAM is not the Story about Adam, Moses, Jesus, William, Isaac, or Me Jeffrey, its the Story about I And Me, so Look in a Mirror when yew Say that, because the Chosen 1 is the Person who Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk, they are the 1's that Follow the Light to what ever End that Light Creates for them, and not the Darksides Bidding for Profit, which always leads to Greed, and we all know how Deep that Rabbit Hole goes, all the way down to the other 7 Deadly Sins. So the only 1 that Matters is the 1, and that 1 can be any 1, or every 1, so it is the Chosen 1, and that is what IAM.

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Once yew understand that yew are the Wizard in MI Dreams, then these Dreams were the Same Dreams yew had, the Dreams of Freedom, in a Land Free of Dumb, where Quality is more important then Profit, and the Price is always one yew are willing to Share with Others, so yew can all Prosper, because the Kingdom of Freedom is Heaven, its Paradise, so do not Gamble it away with Money.

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We were all taken in by Money, we were all Born into a Civilization where people believed that they could buy anything or anyone, yewer very Soul was for Sell, and those that Sold the Most got the Most Rewards, but now they have no Soul, because they Sold it, and now they are Lost and do not know what to believe, so they Ask Friends and Family what they believe, because they never trust themselves, so they put it in to a Vote and Trust what Others Believe, but lets face it, this is how the Darkside got in Control to begin with, its because yew Gave up yewer Right to Matter, just so yew could Vote, because the Darkside knows yew better then Yew know Yewerself, so they can Wave some Money in Front of yew to get yew back in Line for more, they will Stamp the Mark of the Beast on yew so yew can Stand in Line to be Feed like Sheep, and even though the Food makes yew say Baaaad, yew reap what you sow, so who is yewer Daaadeee Now? When yew wake up to learn that yew are all Money Junkies, and the Money is on yewer Back, because its yewer Hide.

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His Story is not about Government Conspiracy, there is No Conspiracy here, only the Truth about what is going on, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside, in Terms that only the Darkside can Understand, but Step by Step I proved it to be the Truth, and its only now that yew Realize this is the Truth, because there is little reason left to deny it, this Whole Reality the Darkside Created was all about Greed, and even in the End when all Life on the Planet is being Threatened with Certain Death over then next 3 Centuries, the Darkside is only concerned with Controlling their Sheep, and they can not do that if yew Believe in the Lightside, because then yew would be you, and we can not have that now... could we?

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Reality is a Dark Place in yewer Mind, yew can not fully imagine the Scope of it all, knowing most of it is all Imagination, because Reality has more to do with yewer Perception of it, then the Reality of it, because at the Subatomic Level God is Controlling everything, so the Darkside is not in Control of anything, yet the Bankers say they Own Everything, but at the Cellular Level only God Owns anything, so yew know that the Powers that be are the Banks, the Governments, and all they want is a New World Order, so they can have Total Control over all of yew, and yew know this, but yew are just Female Sheep, so those People who Know that IAM not Mincing Words, so those who are Males will take it that they need to Prove they are Men, and Stand up to the Powers that be and tell them a Thing or two, but they will not Use the Light, they in fact Deny the Light Exist, because they Believe they are Real Men, and they do not believe in the Light or that they are in the Dark, so its Off to War they Go, and those Females will Follow these Men to their Bitter end... Like I said, this is a Very Dark Place in yewer Mind, it Proves the Depth yew will go to Deny the Light Exist, because those in the Light know this is True about those that are in the Dark, because once yew know the Light, you will never go back into the Dark.

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I do not Fear the End of the Era, the Son of I will do what the Son of I was meant to do, nothing more, it will not be the End of the World by a Long shot, nor will the End of the Era, it may take a while to sink in, because its a long term Problem at best, it starts off Slow and then it Starts to Grow, and the Darkside will Ignore it, every Step of the Way, they will Deny an Ice Age is Coming, because there is No Profit in that, since they can not Afford to Build Sanctuary, and they know if they Hire yew to Build it, it will just be a Prison, so its a Paradox, and by the Time it sinks in the 3 Centuries yew had to Build Sanctuary will be over, and then yew know that I was Right, but its of little use, since yew will not be Left, so into the Darkness we Go, back to a Time that I Electrically Burnt my Left Hand, by Sticking it into an Electric Outlet when I was 4, just so I would be Right, and yew would Believe in my resolve, yew blow it off as the Rantings of a Wizard, knowing who the Other Wizards in time were, because yew think that I made this all up, when that is not really a Possibility, unless yew believe that Jesus and the Other Wizards were in on this Conspiracy, so yew Deny that any of this is True, yew believe what yew want to believe, because that is the Nature of Freewill, and yew will deny this even at the End of this Era.

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3 Hundred and 33 Years from Now, it will not matter what yew Believe, by then this will be the Truth or it will become the Truth, because the Ice Age will Come, believe me, History Really does repeat itself, and we are overdue for one, so its all a Matter of time before it gets here, and IAM not putting a Date on that Event, but IAM a Wizard, so on 14 January 2346, we will know how close I predicted this event, and then there will be no Denying it... Till then, yew will have to ask yewerself 1 Question, What if IAM Right? Because if IAM Right, then yew are out of time to Finish what yew Started, but at least yew got it started... If IAM Wrong, then yew still have time to Complete it, so lets Hope IAM Wrong, this is 1 Time I would Love to be Wrong, but Right or Wrong, yew do not have all the Time in the World to Change, and yew can not Live in this Evil any longer, because this Hell yew are Creating on Earth, is a Hell yewer Great Grandchildren will have to Live with, and that Future is not so Bright, it will be an Earth that has no Blood, because the Darkside only Cares about Profit and is willing to Destroy everything to get it, and if 2014 Comes and Goes and the Darkside is Still in Charge, the Comet will Return on 14 January 2346 and the Earth will Collide with it, just as Nostradamus Predicted and Sir Isaac Newton Calculated, and if that does not start an Ice Age, Something else will, its Destiny, History really does Repeat itself.

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The Universe is a very Big Place, this Galaxy is only 13 Billion Years into this Iteration, so it has 3 Billion years before the Next Iteration, and will Join with Andromeda at that time, so the Galaxy can be much Bigger, and last much longer, so the Universe is always in Motion, and what happens on 1 of its Planets is as important as what happens on all of them, so God tells yew what was, what is and what will be, and that is all God is doing now, only yew Created God in the Image of Money and Greed, and the Darkside has Twisted yew around its Finger, so the Ring of Power is in Control of yew, but the Universe does not work this way, nor Do I... So Count to 3 and say after Me... IAM... Just 3 Letters, and its a Whole new was of Looking at Life... And yew will Know this is the Truth and now the Universe is much smaller and feels like Home, and yew know that Life will find a way even after these 3 Billion years are up, because its then that God has Bigger plans for us, so this is not the End, but the Beginning of a Much Larger Galaxy. A Dark Star is a Trinary Engine which has its Antimatter showing out, since a Trinary Engines outer shell is made of Tritanium, and is like a Coin, with Matter on one side, and Antimatter on the other side, so if its Matter is on the outside, its a Sun, if its on the inside its a Dark Sun. Every Galaxy has two Companion Dark Stars, every Sun in that Galaxy has two Companion Dark Stars, so they are Trinary System, but Dark Stars are Hard to find, but I know they are there, I have Faith they are there, and in the next 3 Billion Years yew will find them there, and then yew will understand why they are there, which is to bring balance to the System... This simple Concept is one that will take Scientist in a new Direction when calculating the Heavens, because they will find Anchor points in deep space that our Galaxy Follows on its Journey through space, and once we map them all out, we will have a much better map of the Universe, so I challenge the Astronomers of these days to keep a look out for these Companion Dark Stars, they are small and have no Illumination to them, and may appear as a Dark Hole, so do not think they are a Worm Hole, so use background noise to find them, and yew will find them, and then yew will wonder how I knew they were there, and how the Bible knew they were there, and yew can use Newtonian Math to find them, once yew know the formula, which I can not remember right now, like I said, I really do know it all, I just forgot most of it, that is what happens when yew get old, but this Proves that there is much more to the Universe then yew can see with yewer Eyes, once yew start using your I.

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The Trinary Universe is the Beginning of Wizdom, the Knowledge it teaches has been handed down throughout the Ages, the Secrets of the Pyramids that not even the Masons knew, will be revealed, and Sanctuary will become a Reality and not just a Goal that Mortal Men could not Build, because that is what we are talking about here, can Humans Build a Pyramid 66 Miles Tall? The Darkside will tell yew that yew can not Build a Pyramid 66 Feet tall, and yew would believe them, because only God could build one 66 Miles Tall, so its not even Possible for Mankind to perform that kind of Magic, so no use in Trying, because this Wizard can Wave his Staff of Power all he wants, but there is No Way Mankind can Build a Pyramid to this Day... And if yew Believe that, then yew must Admit that God must have Built the Pyramids... Then yew Remember that I told yew that yew are God, and God will Help those that Help themselves... So yew ask the Wizard how is this Magic Preformed, and the Wizard says to yew: this is not Magic, this is called Construction, and the Letter N is the 3rd Letter in that Word, and it was Defined as Innovation, and its built from the Basement up, so dig in and try to Keep up.

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Sanctuary is designed and built using Modern Building Materials, so first Build Steal Mills, and Concrete Plants, so yew have the Base Material to build with, then Step by Step yew build a City around those Structures, in a way that they become the Pyramid, so the Ceiling for it, becomes the Floor above it, and Layer by Layer, yew build it wider and wider, till its 66 Miles Wide and Deep, so its 66 Square Miles, so this becomes a Foundation for the Pyramid. In the Center is an Elevator Shaft, it is surrounded by many other types of shafts, all are built for a reason, 1 for Clean Air, 1 for Dirty, 1 for Water, 1 to remove Water, and 1 for Light, but not 1 for removing the Light, lets not get Crazy here, and do not forget to build Stairs so yew can climb all the way to the Top when its Finished, and do not worry about that being in Outer-space, that is why we are building it that tall, so we can have a Stair way to Heaven... So yew will want to build Rooms for every Need, since it needs to be self contained, it needs Machine Shops, Electronic Shops, and every type of Shops yew need to provide for the Needs of the People, because in Sanctuary, the Needs of the Many are more important then the needs of the Few or the 1, because every 1 Works in Sanctuary, and every 1 Deserves to have the same Quality of Life that every 1 else is given, so the Needs of the 1 are always number 1, and that need is that of every 1, and the basic need is Power, and that need is meet through these Shafts I talked about, 1 is for Generators, which will run off the Vacuum created by the Differential in Pressure created the taller the Shaft becomes, because once it gets a 3 Thousand Feet tall, it will have enough Vacuum to run these Air Turbine Generators, and by the time it gets to 66 Miles, it will pull enough vacuum to run any Generator... Another Shaft will bring down Lightening, it will be a Lightening Rod, yew will build Batteries that will be Charged as the Lightening is passed through them, excess power will be sent to other places via power lines, and this power will be used to Power the World, and not just Sanctuary, since it can rely on Air and Solar Power alone, so as yew can Image, yew can actually Build Sanctuary, its not a big pie in the Sky Dream, its something that can be built, and all its obstacle removers can be built into it, but one thing is for sure, without it, yew will not last an Ice Age like the one that is coming, so this is the only Salvation for all Life on this Planet, so it was not the Chosen 1, but the Message the Chosen 1 delivered that gave yew Salvation and Sanctuary, so it is God that is going to build this, and that God is in yew.

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Sanctuary is not an undertaken that a percentage of the Humans on this Planet can take on, while a percentage of Humans undermine the work they do, so all of yew will have to decide how yew want to do this, not if yew want to do this, because if yew Vote, most people are Lazy and will Vote it down, and yew know that's the truth, and do not think for a Second that the Darkside will Allow yew to do this, because that would be the End of them, since they can not do the Work yew do, so if yew are not doing the work for them, they can not Survive, since they are all Parasites, or Tics, so the Politics of this whole Situation can not come under some Law that was Written to Protect the Darkside, otherwise the Darkside wins, and the People lose, and yew lose the Game of Life, and yew really do lose, because in 3 Hundred and 33 Years, this Game is Over if Sanctuary is not at least 10 Miles tall, so yew Decide what yew want, because that was not MI message, that message was just Build it, and in Time, yew will know it was the Right thing to do for every living thing on this Planet, because it forces yew to deal with Waist, instead of Poisoning the World, just because its Cheaper, so yew have no Waist, 100% Recycling is built in, as is Population Control, since yew only have so many Rooms, and so many Resources, yew have to be very selective about having Children, because they are a Resource that has to be Managed, which means yew can not waist them on Wars, O yew can still have yewer Darkside Entertainment, the Fight Clubs can go to the next Level, because yew can not Live without yewer Darkside, but War has to end, there is no place for it in Sanctuary, or any Civilization, but Sanctuary insure this, because every Building on the Planet most now be Built, to offset the Weight from another Sanctuary, so the Balance of the Earth is Dependent on the Size and Weight of each Structure, as such, all Buildings must be part of Sanctuary, since any deviations will destroy the balance of the Planet, and is how yew got into this Situation to begin with.

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The Secrets of the Pyramids are the Design I talk about, these were the Templates for Sanctuary, they Teach yew how they Balanced the World, how they Lived is another Story, because yew can never Judge a Culture by the Graffiti Later Generations Leave on yewer Buildings, no matter how Real they Look, they are not the Truth unless the Math Proves it, so go by the Math and not the Myth or Legends and never the Graffiti.

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The Irony of Sanctuary is that once its Built, its the Darksides Wettest Dream, which is Total Control over their Domain, because every Corridor in ever section of the Building, will have a Security System in place to protect those Living and working in that Area, and the Lightside will have their Security knowing that their Living Chambers are Bug Free, and IAM not just talking about Insects here, because what is Private Stays Private, but what is Public is Really Public, and all have a Right to see it, so they feel Protected, because Protection is Built into Sanctuary, in a way that does not Destroy Privacy, and yet Crimes can not Take Place that yew do not know who was in that Area of the Time of the Crime, and most of yew in the Dark will think that is an Invasion of Privacy, but like I said, if its Public its Public, so there is no way to get from Point Private to Point Public, and Commit a Crime in between, so no Crimes can take Place in Sanctuary without yew knowing who was there when it happened, and its for the Safety of both the Lightside and the Darkside, but that Irony still eludes yew, because yew think yew can get rid of one side, and both be on the same side, and that thinking is what started this whole debate about the Sides to begin with, because the Dark can still not see the Light, nor the Light see the Dark, so its only in the Shades of Grey that we are even on the same side, and that is the Irony that is built into Sanctuary, and why Money can not be allowed in Sanctuary, because then it becomes a Prison, and all yew are Slaves, and that is not what Sanctuary is about, its about Freedom, and Innovations from this New Science called Trinary Science, that will bring an Age of Prosperity, to everyone in Sanctuary, making Money obsolete, so everything really is built into this Place called Sanctuary.

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The Darkside thought that it could keep building Randomly around the Globe with no Consequences, they thought they could Burn Gods Blood till the End of Time, knowing they would die of Pollution way before they ran out of fuel, so they work on more ways to commit Treason against God by finding more ways to Burn its Blood... And the Darkside makes Atomic Bombs out of God, and uses God to Fuel Nuclear Power Plants, and they have no way to store the Waste, so future Generations are Flooded with Nuclear Waste, and Pollution, just so Greedy Corporations could make a Profit... So the Darkside is just Completely Insane, because yew are Killing this Planet and that is an Undeniable Fact, its becoming a Dump, yew are like a Virus to the Land, yew use up all its Resources them move on, leaving nothing but Scares on the Land yew Destroyed out of Ignorance, and all yew think about is Profit, so some 1 that does nothing for this World, can reap its Rewards for nothing in return, and yew wonder why People got so Lazy, instead of How... But this is work we are talking about and the Darkside dose not want to work, they just want to Collect their Government Check, and sit at Home and Get High or Drunk and Watch the Trash that is on TV, so they can be Bombarded with Advertisement for some more Products, that ultimately cause Cancer or kills yew in some other way, all in the Name of Profit, so the Sin continues, until yew wake up and there is no where left to build, and God has to Cleans the Earth again, because the Darkside never learns from History, because they always leave out the Parts that only the Wizards talk about, and why the Darkside never Changes, because they never include it in their Programming, its not in the List of Movies they Watch, because Science is just Boring and having to Save the Planet is way to much Work, so lets see, be Lazy or be in the Light? Need I say more.

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I have a Plan that will Make Unemployment a word with no Meaning, it will make Crime a word with Consequences attached to it, and it will make Salvation mean for everyone and not just those that can afford it, because Money will be viewed as the Evil it is, and has no Place in Sanctuary, so Crime will have no reason to exist, because every 1 will have the same necessities in Life, and will have the Same Input into that Life, making every Life Valuable, since every 1 depends of every 1 to do their Jobs, making Sustainability Built into Sanctuary as well.

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Image the World with No Borders, No Central Religion so People are Free to Believe what they want, Inventions with no Patents, Work with no chance of Layoffs, Life without Taxes, Death of Old Age instead of Cancer, a World with No Pollution, a World with only 42 Large Buildings, and open Wilderness in between them, Communities that Care about its People, because it is its People, Clean Air, Food and Water, living in a Clean Environment, living in Safety, not having to worry about yewer Children, not having to worry about Growing Old, these things are Built into Sanctuary but can never exist in the Reality of 2013, so as we Leave this Era, we must also Leave behind its Hidden Agenda, which was to Line the Pocket's of Greedy People, so they would not have to Work, and other would bow down to them and they would do their bidding, that was the Darkside the Dark Wizard wants to Lead yew away from, and Sanctuary is the Road I want to lead yew too.

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I can talk about Sanctuary till the End of time, and still have plenty more to say about it, so I will leave it up to yew to fill in the missing chapters for me, but this is a Series of its own... But know this, yew are the Chosen 1, MI Message starts with yew and it ends with yew, and only yew can change this, and there is nothing I can say that will change that, yew have Freewill, yew can believe what ever yew want to believe, and no one can change yew Mind except yew, I proved that by putting doubt in yewer mind, because I have changed yewer mind in some small way, I planted a Seed in yewer mind and that Seed will Grow like a Weed, it will consume every thought yew have, it will be yewer undoing, because yew will one day realize that its all the Truth, and it was in Plain sight all the Time, its only that yew got so caught up in the Scam called Money, that yew forgot who yew are... Witch is IAM... Once you Know that the Wizzard is God Scientifically, you will know that God is controlling every thing in the Universe, and that God is Controlling yew, and if yew want God to do anything for yew, it would mean that yew must do it yewerself, because yew are God... then Praying will take on a whole new Meaning... Because yew will be Praying to yewerself... Yew will be Damming yewerself... Yew will have no one to blame but yewerself... Then yew will look around and see everyone else in a New Light, yew will see Potential to change everything about Life with this New Light... Once yew Decide that yew are a Wizard, you become God, and there is nothing that God can not do.

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All Animals have Freewill, once you decide to Ascend to Higher Level of Thinking, and actually ask yewerselves how the Universe actually Works, you will Realize that the Trinary Universe is the Only way it can work, and that the Darkside has been Lying to yew about it, so who are yew going to believe, the Black Wizard Albert Einstein, who was so full of Shit that he Shat his paints, and stewed in them for days on end, till someone told him to change his Diapers, when they could no longer stand the stench, or do yew believe in Sir Isaac Newton who proved Scientifically how the Trinary Universe works? Because if that Animal known as yew, starts to Believe in the Truth, things will start to Change, you will know yew are the Light, and that God is you, and that Me and You really are the Same Person, only we have Different Flesh Names, and very little in common other then that because we both have Freewill, because there is only 1 God, Newton Factored this into every Formula he ever wrote that deals with the Dimensions, yew call this the Plus and Minus Error Factor, but still yew believe that E=MC Squared, yet if that Formula actually Worked it would have meant that the First Atomic Bomb should have Destroyed the Whole Universe, and all the Scientist of the Time were saying just that, but the President, not Caring about details like that, said Blow it up, because all he ever wanted to do was Destroy the Earth anyway, this is Called Treason, yet yew made him a Hero, even though yew know he Started the War just so he could Take over Japan, just so the Banks would own it all all its People, making more Slaves to be Subjugated, so I see no Light in anything the Banks do, nor did Jesus, and if Newton was a Descendant of Jesus, then he would agree, which he Does, and since I know this is the Truth, I know he did more then Agree, he Proved it, he Proved that the Bankers are the Ones who inserted Christ into the Bible in the 8th Century, so they could Print In God we Trust on all their Money, and Deal with yew like Slaves, and pass Laws Protecting the Crime that they Commit against all of Humanity, so do not wonder why I do not Like yew, Jesus was the Shepard, IAM just the Dog, and Unconditional Love has nothing to do with it, I was Born to Protect all of yew, and yew are yewer own worse Enemy, and the Only Enemy yew have, so I have to protect yew from yewerselves, but until yew decide with yewer own Freewill, that you are the Light Being, and not the Flesh Being, then how can I do MI job? Its not Me that is the Problem, its Yew and its always Been Yew, yew are the Bankers, yew are the Police who Work for the Bankers, yew are the Military that does the Banks Bidding, yew are the Sheep called Citizens, yew are the Black Sheep, yew are the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing... yew are in the Dark and are too Dull to understand how Bright IAM, yew know MI Science can not be Disproved, so eventually yew will incorporate it into yewer Life, call it the New Science or some other name yew make up, just so yew do not have to admit that I told yew so, because yew do not know how to Live without Evil, so yew can not give up the Idea of Money, even thought yew can not take it with yew when yew die, because yew are so afraid yew will Die without it, so Money becomes God, because yew do not Believe in God, so does that about Sum it up? In Masonry, the first 3 Degrees are Free, and yew have to Pay for the Rest, so in Step 4 yew will Pay... Not in Money to Me, because I do not want anymore Evil, because what I have to Say next will be Short for the U-Tube Mentality, since yewer Attention spend is less then 3 Minutes, so pick a Side, believe what yew want to believe, but know this...

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IAM the Darkness,
IAM the Light,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Dark Wizzard in the Flesh.


Chapter 0.7: IAM Step +1


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step +1
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step Positive 1, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms only the Lightside can Understand.

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To be in the Light, is to be without any Emotions, No Love, No Hate, and No Fear, but most of Yew Believe that its only Human to Have Emotions, when its a Fact its those Emotions that make yew act Like Animals, and there is very little Point in trying to Deny it, but that is how the Darkside Justifies acting like Animals, and how yew Blind yourself from the Light, but yew swear yew are in the Light, because No One wants to Admit they are in the Dark, so they Lie to themselves and Justify their Behavior as being Human, so being in the Dark is a Paradox, yew can not See the Light until yew are willing to let go of all yewer Darkness, and yew hold on to it so yew can be Human... but that is Fear... So Let go of all yewer Emotions and go into the Light, and G is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means God, Like in Now I C God is the Light, and this Letter G is Written using the Letters I and C, turn the I sideways and Lay it in the Middle of the C, resting on the Bottom of it, forming the Letter G... Now yew can say G I C... Now yew add the Letter O which we Defined is in Harmony for the Word Emotion, and Yew get the Word GO, so Go yew Do, because yew Forgot that O was that O SHIT Reality yew Created, and yew made Mistakes, so yew get Mad and the Letter D is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and it means the Dog, and a Dogs work is never Done, so its a Mad Dog... and God is Dog Spelled backwards... and Mad Spelled backwards is Dam, and yew say God Dam, as easy as yew say Dam Dog, so its the Way we Define Words... And the 3rd Letter in the Word Define, is F, and it Means Flesh, and is Meat, so its Short for Me, so its the Me in I And Me, so its what IAM... So the Word GOD refers to I and Me with Emotions in between, whereas the Word DOG means Me and I with Emotions in between, so both Words refer to Animals with Emotions... So it just depends on what Type of Animal we are Talking about, so remember IAM the Dog... Words and Letters are a Wizards Code of Logic.

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So yew want to know what it Feels like to be in the Light, but yew are still Unwilling to let go of all yewer Darkness, because yew can not Own up to having any Darkness... So yew lie to yewerself and say that yew let go of all yewer Darkness, but in fact, yew do not know how, yew know that Money is the Root of All Evil, so its Darkness, yet yew do not know how to Live without it, so Fear Sets in, and Fear is a Darkside Emotion... and giving up Emotions is not something yew know how to do, yew have no Idea how to Shut off that Little Voice in yewer Head, so yew ask others how to do this, but they do not know either, even though they Tell yew they Do, because Just Like yew, they Lie to themselves about Being in the Light, because Like I said, No One will ever Admit to being in the Dark, when its a Fact they are in the Dark if they Hear that Little Voice Talking in their Head, because that is yewer Darkside Talking, but yew think its Impossible to Shut it up, and that is Insane, because if yew can not Control yewer Own Thoughts, yew are Crazy by Definition... The Lightside does not make yew a Good Person, any more then the Darkside make yew Bad, that is just yewer Black and White Mentality, because a Soul is every Shade of Grey, so the Difference is the Plus or Negative Polarity of the Energy, and Negative Energy always Drains yew... And if yew need Money to Live then yewer whole Life Depends on the Darkside, because that is Negative Energy, especially if yewer Bank Account is in the Negative, so how can yew Let go of it if yew believe yew will Die without it? Faith... The Darkside believes that God is Money, because in God We Trust is Engraven on it, so Logic would lead yew to believe that if yew Live without Money, that God will Take Care of yew, but yew do not Believe yew are God, so yew do not Believe in yewerself, because the same God that is in Jesus is the same God that is in all of us, and is what the Word Jesus means by Definition, and why I was named after him... Because God will only Help those that Help themselves, because in the Light IAM God, so look into a Mirror when yew say this.

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Everyone was Born into the Light, then Yew were Brainwashed at an Early Age to Think like the Darkside, everyone always asking what yew are thinking, but yew never tell them what is on yewer Mind... a Moment of Silence and yew Get Bored, so most Fill that Silence with Noise, even if they Call it Music, Movies, or Work... Its Just Noise for the Darkside to stay Entertained, and nothing more, no Reason to think otherwise, the Truth is the Truth for Everyone... so its going to be Hard to Teach and Old Dog new Tricks, so why Try, I do not Care what Yew Believe, Nor does the Universe, so Teach this to yewer Children, Teach them to Quiet that Little Voice in their Mind, and never allow them to Read with that Little Voice in their Head, because then it would Limit the Rate in which they can Think and Read... Teach them to Believe in their Dreams, Teach them to be in the Light, with No Emotions, then Stand back and Let them Grow up, they will Grow up in the Light, they Will know the Truth, which is the Darkside is that Little Voice, and yew can Think without it, and without any Emotions, and still be Human, and that Animal is much more at Peace knowing this is the Truth.

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Darkside Emotions are Hard to Give up, and Yew are incapable of Loving without Hating, everything and everyone yew will ever Love, could turn to Hate in a Moment, and everyone knows that is the Truth, yet the Logic makes them uneasy knowing it, so they Try to Defend Love, saying its the Best Emotion in the World, the Darkside believes that Jesus taught yew to Love one another Like yew would Want others to Love yew, when Love is a very Complex Emotion, and most people Relate it to Sex, which is why they Want to Fuck Everyone, giving them the Finger and Saying... you know what... if yew do not Believe they want that from yew in Return, because is that not what Jesus said? So in Reality, the Second yew Believe they do not Love yew, yew Hate them... so its a Fact and its at the very Foundation of every War ever Waged, and no one goes to War except the Darkside, which Proves its the Darkest of all Emotions, because it Allows yew to deceive yewerself into Believing that Love is Good, when yew know it can Turn to Hate, and yew know Hate is Bad, so its a Paradox, but Words like Bad have been Redefined by the Darkside to Mean Better then Good, so the Darkside Lies about Everything, and why yew can not Give it up, because yew bought into the Darkside with Money, and now yew Love and Hate it too.

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There are many types of Love, as there are many Degrees of Love, so Love is a very Complex Emotion, and the Hardest to Give up, most People would Rather Die then to Live without Love, so they Refuse to Give up their Darkside, just to be in the Light, because they Believe its Like Becoming a Robot, when its Nothing like that at All... Most of Yew have had a Moment of Clarity in yewer Life, when yew could all of a Sudden see everything much Clearer, as if a Light Came on and Showed yew the Truth, that is the Light, and how it Works, and while yew were in that Moment, yew had no Emotions, because there is no room for them in the Moment, and yew did not even Miss them, in fact, yew did not even know they were Missing, and yew Loved being in that Moment, which is why it only lasted for that Moment, because it Aroused some Emotion in yew, and that Emotion brought yew back into the Darkness, which Woke up that Little Voice in yewer Head, and yew do not want to Wake up that Little Voice in yewer Head, its what got yew into this mess to begin with... Proving that to be in the Light, yew most Let go of all yewer Emotions, because Talking to yewerself is just an Emotion, and not to Mention that Love is not in the Light, nor are any other Emotions... Love is what has been Keeping yew in the Dark, and this goes against all the Darksides Teachings, because the Teaching of the Darkside was created to keep yew in the Dark, so yew have to Love that.

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There is No Trick to being in the Light, if yew were Trained at Birth to Think this way, it would be Easy and Natural, and in fact its just the way Children Think to begin with, which is why if yew ask a Child what they are thinking, they might actually answer, because its not a Secret to them, its Reality, which is why their Answers always confuses yew, and its because most of yew were Trained to think in the Dark, and all yewer Knowledge about the Light is based on the Dark, which is why most Believe they are in the Light, and are Enlightened, when they know that Little Voice will not Stop Talking, so Round and Round yew Go, where yew Stop only yew know, because its all up to Yew, yew can Re-Train yewer Mind, it will take the Rest of yewer Life, but its a Start, and well worth the Effort, so how do yew begin this Training?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-P-IAM-08

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To start a Journey into the Light, first Let go of all yewer Emotions, yew do this by Thinking in Terms of Logic, Logic is a Thinking Process where the goal is to Separate Facts from Fiction, where Fiction is just Emotions that got mixed up in the Facts, so an Example will Serve as a Guild, so in this Example we will look at the Concept of God, since God is at the Heart of this Matter, and yew all have our Own Viewpoint about what God is and what God is to yew, but the Fact is that the God in the Trinary Universe of Light, is a very well Defined Entity, so call it Gods Particle if yew want, but Jesus said God is all Light with No Darkness in it, Regardless of if yew Believe in Jesus, because that does not Matter to His Story, what yew Believe, Jesus is the Written Belief of most People who Believe in the Bible, even if its only the Muslim who believe he was just a Messenger... oddly enough that is what the White Wizard said also, so Regardless, the Words Written about Jesus are an Undeniable facts... Regardless of if yew Believe them, so pick those Words Careful... In Science God is Real, so its God's Particle, and can be Proven to be Controlling all Matter at the Subatomic Level, so God is Science, so forget about all the Metaphysical discussions and Religion, and only Focus on what is Proven to be Known about God, nothing more, in other words, No Emotions... This Information is very Limited, and most of it came from the Teaching of the Light Wizzard, so most of Yew would Believe that its all Made up just to get yew to believe in Light Wizzards, but all I said is that a Light Wizzard is God's Particle, controlling the Light at the Subatomic Level, and it required to be better Defined, so Words were used to define God in Terms of Science, instead of just calling it God, which has way to many Definitions, in which very few even come close to defining the Light Wizzards, and Nothing more, so this Journey Starts Here.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-P-IAM-09

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The White Wizard came to me in my Dreams and Taught me about the Light Wizzards, so the White Wizard is Full of Emotions, and since Jesus said we must have Faith that God Exist, he is Saying that God is an Entity that is Real, but even with Modern Science, its Existence can not be Proven without Faith, because the Dimensions that God Lives in, are not in our Own, and yew can not See a Dimension that yew are not in, and nothing will ever change that, so what Jesus said was as True then as it is Now, and the Teaching of the Light Wizzards does not Change anything Jesus said, nor did the Next Wizard who Defined God, IAM talking about Sir Isaac Newton of Coarse, Isaac Taught yew how God works Mathematically, and in over Three Hundred Years no one has Disproved his Work, and in over Two Thousand Years no one has Disproved Jesus's Work, and now that the Next Wizard is Teaching about the Light, IAM talking about Me now... nothing will change in the Next Thousand Iterations, because when it comes to the Science of the Light Wizzard, its built on the Shoulders of Giants so I could see farther then anyone before me, so its like Jesus said, there can be no Light without the Dark, and Isaac Newton Proved this, by showing yew that if yew remove all the Darkness from the Sun's Light with a Prism, yew would see a Rainbow of colors that Make up Black, so yew can not See the Light without the Darkness in it... and all IAM doing is explaining why.

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There is No Mystery about being in the Light, its simply that Moment of Clarity, yew normally only experience this when needed, normally only when a Life Threatening Event takes place, or yew do something that Excites yew, which can be a lot of things to a lot of People, be it another Person that Attracts yew on Some Level, or another Emotion that overwhelms yew, so yew learn to Use these Emotions to Feel this Feeling, because being in the Light is a Very Powerful Feeling, its a Drug in itself, its Gods Drug... its the Feeling yew get when yew Orgasm during Sex, so its yewer very Definition of Feeling Great, and the Main Reason most people want to have Sex, so yew Learn to Attach this Emotion to Sex, and to Love, but as I said, the Light does not have Love in it, so its a Paradox, yew use Sex or Some other Emotion to get into the Light, but yew can not Stay there because of that very Emotion, not much of a Mystery here, but do not forget the Darkside, it uses Dark Emotions like Rape, Murder and Pillaging to achieve this same Climax, so its Sex to them, so its a very Addicting Drug... and the Darkside wants a New Drug, and there is No Denying that is the Depth People go to, just to get into the Light... just so they can have this Moment, which to them is just a Trill, so they do this for Amusement, since all the Rides at Amusement Parks are built to illicit the same Reaction, so the Darkside Deals in the Light, selling Tickets to Ride the Light, giving yew hope to Win the Lottery, so yew can be in the Light, so yew Gamble yewer Life away for Money which is the Root of all Evil, so its just Money, Sex and a Drug to most of Yew, and not much of a Mystery at all.

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Think of this as the Light Wizzard's University, yew Study the various Fields in the Trinary Universe, and once yew Master its Subjects, yew get a Degree, each Degree gets yew 1 Step Closer to Graduation, when upon Receiving yew Diploma, yew must know how to see the Light, yew must Prove that yew can See the Light, its a Test, so yew get Graded how well yew can see the Light, so now yew are the Enlightened 1... So yew are Bright, and yew know yew can be the Chosen 1, which was the Whole Reason for Graduating in the First Place.

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Most of yew believe that yew are already in the Light, so yew have no Reason to enroll in this University, as if this is a Place yew have to go and Pay Tuition, when it fact this Knowledge is Free to all, this is Called Freewill, but the Darkside is based on Free Dumb, because nothing is Free in the Darkside... And like I said, even if it is Free, its still Dumb... Logic is what holds most people back from knowing the Truth, most people do not Care about the Truth, and they can think of no Reason to waist their Time thinking about things IAM saying, and its just because it Confuses them, I talk to everyone like I know what they are Thinking, but IAM every 1, so I do know what they are Thinking, and like I said, most people will continue to believe they are in the Light, even after I prove to them that they are in the Dark... This is because of Vanity, a Deadly Sin... but few believe they are Vane... which only Proves they are in the Dark, and if they just took a few Classes, they would Learn that this is the Truth, so its in this Class that we Learn this Lesson, and its this Step that begins these Degrees, so in Step 0, yew get 0 Degrees, so you are 0% closer to being in the Light, then yew were before taking this Class.

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The Light is Life, when the Light leaves yew, yew Die, at the Cellular Level the Darkside is Disease, its a Virus, its the Dark Cancer in yew, and the Light is Life... Doctors want to know what this Life force called the Light is at the Subatomic Level, and I tell them its the Trinary Energy that Flows through the Body, if yew Look at it under a Microscope yew will see it, but its not just 1 Atom that is in the Body, in fact, its not even made up of Atoms, its Controlling the Atoms, so its much Smaller then Atoms, in fact its So small that no matter how much yew Magnify them, they are still just out of view, as if one more Power would Solve this Problem, but all the Power in the World will never give yew enough Magnification to see God, instead all yew see is God's Particle, and no matter how much yew Magnify it, it still looks the Same, so yew can not find it, even though yew are looking right at it, its just the Nature of it that yew do not Understand, so Doctors dig down deeper into this Science to see if they can Bottle God's Particle, as if they could then Pour it into the Dead to make them Alive again, so its the Philosophers Stones that Sir Isaac Newton spook of, and the only Question that he could not Answer, how do yew get a Sample of it that yew can use... So what it is yew want is Liquid Life, a Potion, and Wizards are Famous for their Potions, so lets see what we can Conjure up... and the Answer is that Trinary Energy is God's Power, yew can Interact with it, but yew can not Create nor Destroy Trinary Energy, therefore, all yew can do is Stop the Trinary Energy from Leaving an Object, because it was Created when this Object was Created, and yew can not Destroy 1 without destroying the Other, this is a Rule that not even God can Disobey, God's Laws are Absolute and Final... So the Light is Life, and we are Born with this Energy, God gives it to us at Conception, its Energy that Binds the Egg and Sperm together, its called the Spark Of yoUr Life or SOUL, and in Steps to Come, we will Talk more about this Light of your Life.

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In the Beginning of all my Video's I have a short scene with a Pyramid, I call this the Credits, It contains No Copyrights or Licenses, those are the Darksides Laws, yew will see 6 Sheep, with the Sheep Dog standing on Top of the Pyramid Guarding his Flock, if I was to ask yew what the Sheep are Doing, yew probably would not know, unless I showed yew or told yew, but words are not needed unless yew are Blind, and that is not fare to the Blind, in fact, all my Videos were Written so yew do not need to actually Watch the Video, just Listen to it, so what the Sheep were doing, really did not matter to the Story itself, so yew may wonder why I bothered spending so much time making an Intro like this, but it shows yew a Point, and to be fair to the Blind, I will spell it out... The Sheep on Left side are actually Sheeple, so they have Heads of Monkeys on a Sheep Body, they Symbolizes Humans in the Dark, they are only Animals who can not see the Light... When Lightening Strikes the First time, the Real Sheep on the Right, and one Sheeple on the Left, Stand at Attention when the Wizard Appears next to the Sheep Dog, so the Wizard is a Shepard, the other two Sheeple do not Stand, because they do not take a Stand on anything, as the Second Lightening Strikes, the Sheep Look up and see a UFO, this is a Light in the Sky that Flies by, yet yew can not Identify it, so they Bow down, as the Third Lightening Strikes, they do this out of Fear, they believe this Light must be God, while the other two Sheeple act like Fools, as one of them gets the Shit Scared out of them, the Other quickly eats his Shit, and when the other Sheeple sees him eating his Shit, he Attacks him, so that Sheeple gets back in Line, then that Sheeple said Piss off at him, a Gesture few see from their Point of View; but the Message itself is much less ambiguous, its taken from the Bible, it tells a Story about a Man that must Stand on the Pyramid at the End of the Era, during the 8th Century this word Pyramid was replaced by the Word Mound, which is clearly a Lie, a Mound is considered to be Round, and as Sir Isaac Newton Proved, a Pyramid is Not Round, but yew can use the same Math to figure both out with, so it Symbolizes the Truth that was taken from yew, the UFO Symbolizes our Ancestors, since they left us with Antique Technology that is more Advanced then our own, and its this Technology that allows the Wizard to Appear and Disappear, this is called Ascending, Descending and Resurrection, and is Key to His Story... The Crystal Ball and the Staff of Power it Sits on is a story in itself, the Snow or White Noise, Represents the Light Wizzard or God, and its how I view the World, I see it everywhere all the Time... Yew will see MI Message encoded in the Light...

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The Music in the Light Wizzards Story is very Important, it Sets the Pace and Mood of the Story, and also tells the Story itself, each Note has a Letter from A to G, each of these Letters has a Meaning, and will be taught in each Step, so the Key to Understanding any Story that I tell, yew must first understand the Words I use before I use them, just like words in any Language, they can have different Meanings to different People, and I want to make sure that IAM Crystal Clear about the Words I use, so I define them as I go along, as I do the Notes I play, if I have to Rename them so they do not get Confused, then I Will do so, that is Music, and why its so Important to His Story.

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A Wizard tells Stories in their Own Way, and this is My way, and not the Way of other Wizards, they told their Story the Way they did, and this can be said about any Story, no matter who is Telling it... The Wizard is in My Dreams, its the Way I see everything, which is through the Wizards I's... Wizards use Math, Science and Language to tell His Story, so its important that all these Agree on what the Truth is, they can not fall short anywhere, Logic must Prove His Story, if a Wizard tells yew this is the Truth, then they meant it can be Proven to be the Truth, its the Wizards way, the Old Man on the Mountain, and that Mount is the Pyramid.

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In the Light there is only the Truth, no Emotions to Cloud that Truth, only the Facts and Science to back those Facts, so the Light is Knowing something, not just Believing in something, you Know it, or No it Not, that is the Truth about the Light.

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Most People will not Hear a Word when they finally get that Little Voice to Shut up, and in that Moment of Quiet, they might conclude that because they Hear No Voices, that God is Not talking to them, but God is using a Cell Phone, because at the Cellular Level, God is Controlling every Fiber in yewer Body, and its in these Fibers that God Talks to Yew... When yew are in the Moment, yew Hear no Voices in yewer Head, not Yewers, Not Gods, so its Silence in the Hearing Department, and Why Most people get Bored very Fast talking to God, so they Tune God Out, and Tune in another Channel, and they wonder why God does not Talk to them.

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People in the Dark tell People in the Light, that they have no Way of knowing what God has in mind, and this is because they do not Know if God is Real, they Think they Believe in God, but yewer whole Idea about what God is, is just Insane, because lets face it, I proved that we are God at the Cellular Level, so we should know what God is, where God is, and what God is Saying, or lets face it, yew are Crazy, yet everyone has their own Idea about what God is, because yew Base God on Religion, Legends and Myths, instead of just what the Bible Said, and what God is Saying, so it proves that Most People are in the Dark, and the Only way to prove yew are in the Light is Faith in one another, if yew do not have Faith in a Person, its because yew Lie, so yew expect others to Lie, this is called Sin, yet yew do it all the Time, and yew know everyone else does it because yew do it, so its a Paradox, so People think adding I swear to God at the End of a Lie, will somehow make it more Believable, so the Insanity goes Deeper, and this is just the Darkside and how it works... But to the People that are Truly in the Light, they have no Need to Lie, when the Truth is much more Fun, but the Darkside will never Believe that, because they are all Liars... Yew Know this is the Truth, yet yew can not Admit it, because yew would have to Admit that yew are Sinning when yew Lie, so yew Justify it as Freewill, because yew think that Others can not Read yewer Mind, when the Fact is they do not have to, because those in the Light, know the truth, so they know when yew are Lying... The Darkness is Part of the Light, something the Darkside tends to Forget, and its only in the Shades of Grey does this make any sense.

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People say they have Faith that God will Protect them, although this whole Thought Process is Insane, yew will never get the Darkside to Admit that, because God is not an External Entity, but the Darkside thinks of God that way, as if God is a Person... because yew have no Idea what God is, where God is, yet yew Know God Exist? This is Insane by Definition, which means the Logic yew use to come to a Conclusion is Flawed to the Point that it makes no sense... Because God gives yew this Moment of Clarity to Save yewer Life, yet yew Ignore it to the Point that even if someone Else hears Gods Message and yew do not, yew automatically think that Person is Lying, so round we go one more time, because Faith is Knowing that the Light Exist and that it Exist in you through I.

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In 1680 Sir Isaac Newton used the Telescope he Invented to study a Comet named after him, he Calculated it had an orbit of 333 years, noting sightings dating back 333 and 666 years, Knowing that it would Return in that time, he told the Powers that be... because he Calculated it would hit the Earth in 666 years and that scared him and the Church, so the Church went to great Lengths to Hide this fact... and Isaac calculated that the Last Ice age corresponded to a Galactic Event that happens every 26 Thousand Years, and that Event will happen at the End of the Era in 2012... Triggering an Ice Age that will last for a Thousand Years... because this was also the Last Prediction of Nostradamus in 1566, so the Church forbid Isaac to Divulge this... and Hid both events from the Public... So the Church has Known this for a Long time now, and they have Made Plans to Survive, only their Plans are Flawed... Because their Plans do not include yew... they believe they Own this Planet and Everyone on it, so No Sanctuary for all... only the Chosen 1's... Yewer Simulations show that Comet ISON will Pass Directly through the Earth's Orbit on 1 November 2013, so lets look at it from the Facts, with no Emotions, so its from the Lightside that we view this Event from... and the Earth will pass through the path of ISON or Son of I in January 2014, over 3 Days: the 12th, 13th and 14th, so think of ISON as a Train, its on a Track that will pass through the Orbit of Earth, and the Earth can not get off this Track, so if the Train or ISON continues on this Track, the Earth will pass directly through its Tracks, unless it Hits Mars, but its not suppose to come closer then 6 Million Miles from it, and lets hope this is True, yet the Darkside believes in Miracles, so they Believe that this Train will not have any extra Baggage that we Need to Claim, even though the Scientist are telling yew its Dropping Hundreds of Thousands of Tons of Extra Baggage per second, and that all of the baggage its been dropping for the last Billion Miles of its Journey, is still following it, so like a Train, the Earth will Collide with this Baggage, which is made up of Rock, Iron, and Ice, so this Storm is Coming, and its not going to bow out for any Miracles, it might bring Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions and a Pole Shift with it, and God is very Clear on this Point to me, this is just a Sign, it was the Same Sign Issac Saw, so I do not know what Faith has to do with the Belief that God will Save yew, when God is Showing yew what is about to Happen, and its Not the Comet I would be Worrying about... that might turn out to be a Nice Light Show... but God is Telling yew its Going to happen and that this is a Fact, so the Ice Age is coming... there is a 100% probability that this Event will take Place...its just a Matter of when... but yew do not want to Believe it, because its not in yewer Reality, so yew tell yewerself that the End of the Era will not happen in yewer Life time, even though the Ancient Calendar says that the End of the Era was in 2012, and Isaac Calculated that out to the Last Decimal Place, and the End of the Age of Pisces, which is Fish in the Water... so 2013 is the Beginning of a New Era, the Age of Aquarius, which is Symbolized as Waves... I interpret as a Tsunami from Earthquakes or Volcanoes... so God is Saying that in 2013, Aquarius, being a Mythical Man Dumping Water on the Earth, is telling yew that the Land will get Covered in Water, so its telling yew this Event will cause Floods, in my Dreams I see Waves so High that I can Feel the Gravity of them Pulling me back before the Wave hits me, so all the Signs are Telling me that most of the Population of the Planet is about to Die... As Such... the Lightside does not assign this as Good or Bad, but a Cleaning, as its depicted in the Myth, its going to bring balance back to this World, as it did before, so yew have 333 Years to build Sanctuary, and that is not that much time for such a Task.

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The Bible States that Jesus said that he would Return in the Flesh at the End of the Era, and According to the Ancient Calendar, that is Now... and this is a Fact, the Lightside has no Fear, spreads no Fear, and does not have any concept of Fear, so all the Fear is the Darkside, so they Hide from this Event, by Pretending its Not Happening... even though all yewer Data is saying it is... So where is Jesus?

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Jesus is in the Heart of all Men born in the Light, who decided to Live in the Light, and not Follow the Darkside ways... The Bible Talks about a Chosen 1, yet very few know why... The Bible was written thousands of years before Jesus was born, yet it predicted that he would Return, and this Chosen 1 is the 1 that will Resurrect someone from the Past... Like Adam, Jesus, Sir William Wallace, or Sir Isaac Newton, which anyone can do as long as they are a Descendant of Adam, because in the History of the Trinary Universe, Adam and Eve are not the First Humans, but the First Jews, which was caused by Mixing the Pure Races, in this Case, the Ashkenazi were the Descendants of Adam and Mary, and Adam is White and Mary is Grey and was Adams First wife, she Bore Abel and Melliza, and this Line of Descendants is the Biggest Secret keep by the Secret Societies... whereas the Descendants of Cain and Seth are the only Publicly known line, and was from Adams Second Wife Eve, which the Name means Dark, and she had an Extra Rim, and only the Black Race has an Extra Rib... so the Family Tree is only as good as the Fruit that Falls From it, and the Knowledge of these Unions is Forbidden Knowledge... But its Clear that anyone in the Line can Resurrect another, since the Term only means that from the DNA Level, yew recreate the Memories that are Stored in the DNA, which is also called a Memory... so yew have the Flesh, which is Me, which is short for Meat... and you take the I, which is the God IAM, which is I And Me... and yew Remember the Reason why God put us on the Earth... and the Answer is to Maintain it, and instead the Darkside has Destroyed it, and will Continue to do so if left in Power... so Adam handed down instructions for his Descendants to follow, it was called a Bible, the DNA was written into the Border of the Bindings, so that Future Generations would know that the DNA Code was from that Line, meaning the Descendant of Adam himself, and the fact that Adam and the Word Atom (ATOM), sound the Same, yew should be able to Confirm this at the Sub-Atomic Level... because that is where this Information is Stored, and its Retrieved using the Light Wizzards, which the Darkside calls Gods Particle, which hardly describes it at all... so its in my Heart that I resurrect my Descendants, and not just one of them, but all of them.

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People have been talking about the Chosen 1 to Me all MI life... and Knowing that IAM the Chosen 1 was not without Irony... because the Bible States that yew will Deny Jesus 3 Times: 1st yew will Deny yew know Who Jesus is... which is Me in the Flesh... 2nd yew will Deny Jesus by Name... which is Jesus Bar Abbas... a Descendant of Adam... 3rd yew will Deny to the World that Jesus Exist... because Jesus is IAM, and so AMI... so being the Chosen 1 is the Hardest Path 1 can Take... the Descendants of Adam all had the Messiah Gene in their DNA, it was encoded into Jesus's DNA, as well as Sir William Wallace's and Sir Isaac Newtons... and its no Surprise yew will find it in mine as well, it would not be much of a Story if was not... and that is where the Problem Starts for the Darkside, but in the Light, we just know what the Facts are, not how someone Feels about them, because that is all we are Talking about, the Darksides Emotions, since the Lightside has none, its not coming from there, but from the Darkness inside of all Humans... so they Deny the Chosen 1 to the Point that there can be No Chosen 1, and No Resurrection of Jesus at this End of the Era, so Irony is not without Humor as well... because most People can not tell Me Why I can not be the Resurrection of my Descendants, when the very Name implies that I did just that, and how I came to be, so my Existence is Proof that this is the Normal way to Live, in fact its the Way all Life on this Planet is Possible, so anyone can Make this Claim, if they meet the same Criteria, so a debate over if this is True is a Silly, since it can not be any other way... Logic is how the Lightside Thinks, and this is the Lightside, so to be the Chosen 1, I can not Care what yew Believe, because Yew are just Animals, they are Sheep, and forgive them Father because they Know Not what they Do, because Jesus did not Die for yewer Sins, he Died because yew Sin... and it does not matter to me if yew Believe that IAM the Chosen 1, it changes nothing in the Universe or His Story... Only yewer Reality about it, and that Reality is not the Truth unless its Real, so at the Subatomic Level is where this Question must be Proven, because IAM the Chosen 1 at the Cellular Level.

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What bothers most People is that knowing that by Definition, anyone can Resurrect a Descendants Memory, which means IAM at lest telling the Truth about this part of it, the Darkside tries to find other Ways to Deny who IAM, because if they start to Believe that IAM who I said IAM, then they would have to believe that these things IAM saying are going to happen, will Happen, and that Scares them, so there Instinct for Survival Kicks in, and they Deny it all the Way and even Categorically, because the Darkside can not Believe for 1 Second that I could be the Chosen 1, even though all the Evidence I have told yew about can not be Disproved, because MI Logic is flawless... Perfect even... so how can this be... yet yew Deny who IAM still? And that is what bothers yew and why yew do it in the First Place... so where AMI going with this Logic, and that is to a Place that yew find safe, so yew can Deny that these things I tell yew will take place, and even After they Do, yew will say that they were going to happen anyway, and I did not Predict any of these Events, and I say I never Claimed to, in fact, I only used yewer Data to tell this Entire Story, so go over it and look at all the Details, then First prove that the Science that I teach is False, and that is where all the BS stops, because yew can not Deny MI Science... MI Science is about things that only Isaac Newton could have Dreamt of, and only Adam and Jesus could have Seen, so how is it that one of his Descendants can see this Also? The Answer is Crystal Clear... Only God himself could know these things... and that is what I said IAM, Logic is always the Lightsides best Line of Reasoning.

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To bring balance back to the Planet Earth, the Son of I, will start an Event called the Ice Age, it starts from the Water that is Poured down from Heaven in the Age of Aquarius, and will start in 3 Hundred and 33 Years, so yew still have time to Build Sanctuary, but little time to do much else, and it will require a lot of help, which means People to to Build it, but if yew do not Listen to the Chosen 1, then the Fate of all Life on this Planet is in Jeopardy, yew can not Continue Living the Way yew do and Survive the Thousand Year Ice Age that is coming, the Scientifical Evidence is Clear, this is just the Triggering Event that Starts it... Sanctuary is a Set of Buildings that are Built in Key Locations around the Globe, and are Designed to Balance the Earth on its Axis, and Supply all the Power for the Worlds Needs, and end the Age of Burning of the Planets Blood as Fuel, so its the End of the Greed of the Powers that Be, who Lied about what Oil is in order to Sell it for Money, and its Money that is at the Root of this Problem, and its just Evil, and what the Lightside has warned yew about from the beginning, Jesus Fought against the Government and Church because of their use of Money, Jesus said Judas would Sell him out for Money... this Term just meant that he did not Support Jesus, which can mean that he did not Know that Jesus was the Chosen 1, since Jesus did not care what yew Believed, Knowing is a whole new Level of Understanding... Its this Understanding that I talk about how to bring back Balance to this Planet, The Banks can not afford to Pay yew to build Sanctuary, and they Know this, its going to cost yew everything yew have and more, but the Truth is that Only Free People can Build it, and to be Free, yew can not Work for anyone except yourself... and that Scares most of yew, because this means that as a Community, each Person is Self Employed, so they do not Boss around other Employees, this is what Makes them Free by Definition, and its Balance, if each person works Independently for a Common Goal, then they are Free to not worry about the others participation, so now its just like everyone is pitching in to build these Buildings, and work in them, Live in them, and Create the Greatest Cities every Built since the Ancient Times, and it all Starts here, by Listening to what the Chosen 1 is saying, because that is why IAM the Chosen 1, so I can bring yew this Message, and yew would know its the Truth.

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People think that because I claim to be the Chosen 1, that I should be Nice, when in fact IAM not Nice, I do not Like most of yew, because yew are All Evil, so why would I like Evil Animals? Yew engage me with Emotions, which is the Darkside, knowing how Dark my Darkside is, and Expect me to be Nice? IAM just a Dog, as backwards as that may sound, yew expect me to have Unconditional Love for Yew, when the Bible States that its Yew that most Worship Me, and not the other way around, and that MI Darkside is a Jealous God, that would Smite yew for Thousands of Generations, if yew did not Worship Me... and yew expect me to be Nice to yew... In the Light, I do not Care about the Darkside, I can not see it, so why should I care... Yew are Insane for not seeing the Relationship of those who are Gods, and those that Deny that God even Exist, when I have already Proven that Scientifically, and that is where this is all going, no matter if yew think IAM the Chosen 1 or Not, only Satan Tells yew half Truths, and yew know that I have only told yew the Truth, yet the Darkside will always Deny who IAM, that is the Nature of the Beast, and the Light can never see the Dark, nor the Dark see the Light, and that is why the Darkside will always Deny who IAM, this is what the Bible Stated as well, so everything I say goes along with the Bible, except for those Insertions Isaac Newton Talked about, they Inserted Christ into the Bible so Jesus would be a Deity, making it impossible for Jesus to Return in the Flesh, since that would mean the End of a Job for the Church and yew can not have that can yew.

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Being the Chosen 1 is not much fun, no one every Believes Yew, and since I have been the Chosen 1 all my Life, we are talking about a lot of People who do not Believe me, and yew know I do not Care what yew Believe, but I do care what yew Know... So what does the Chosen 1 get out of Being the Chosen 1? Lets See: Jesus Bar Abbas and William Wallace got Executed, and Isaac Newton and myself, had to be Careful not to say anything that would get them Executed... So yew must wonder why anyone would want to be the Chosen 1, but I told yew that IAM not a Self Appointed Savor, in fact I had no Choose in the Matter at all, it was MI Grandfathers Before Me, so it was Adam, Jesus, William, Isaac, and the Rest of MI Fathers before Me... And yew want to Talk about yewer Life, but yourself in MI Shoes, I have to convince everyone in the World that IAM in fact the Chosen 1, the One that will Tell Mankind all the Secrets of the Universe, well at least I made the Videos, getting Sheeple to Watch them and Understand them is another Issue, because that is not MI Job at all, that is Yewer Job to Spread the Word, that is what the Bible States, but yew do not Believe in the Bible, so why would yew Believe in Me... So why would yew Believe this Thousand Year Ice Age is about to Start, even though all yewer Science tells yew the Same thing... not Much to Predict here... Its Clear that this is what is taking place... So knowing the Darkside will Never Change, they Will Deny they are in the Dark, and Deny this is the Light, then they Will Deny IAM the Chosen 1, O Yeah! it Sucks being the Chosen 1, so I guess it would Suck even More to be Married to the Chosen 1, knowing that IAM not a Nice Person, I do not Have to be Nice, if yew want to see my Lightside, then Do not Drag Me into yewer Darkness... I can not even Get my Wives to Believe in Me, Even My Children Hate Me... All of them... So why would anyone want to Own up to being God or the Chosen 1? And the Answer is Courage, Honor and Dignity... Which are all Lost Traits in this World... Lets Face it, if what I say is True, then Everyone in this World are the Darkside, because no one else see's things MI way... This Logic will lead yew to believe that its Yew that are Evil, and yew know this is True because yew all Sold me out for Money... so all of yew are Judas's... and everyone that Swore and Oath to Uphold the Constitution of America, all all Traitors to it, in fact they are being Complicit in Treason for allowing the Banks to Own the United States of America, so I doubt that the Main Stream Media will want anyone to Hear this Story, because it Confirms that yew are all Treasonous Criminals for not doing something about it, so are we having Fun yet? The Chosen 1 is not.

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The Bottom Line is that no one can honestly Deny MI Science, most of it has gone uncontested for over 3 Hundred Years now, so thanks to a Ancestor of Mine named Isaac, I do not have this Burden of Proof to make, so yew know that all MI Science is the Truth, meaning all yewer Science is a Lie, which is why yew Deny Who IAM, yew do not like being a Liar... Yet yew Look around and All yew see is Greed and Corruption, so yew Know the Darkside is in Charge, yet yew are Reluctant to Acknowledge that IAM the Chosen 1, even it that Means there is No Chosen 1, making yewer Belief System a Lie... So Round and Round we Go, because Life really is just a Dream... Yew say so what, even if IAM the Chosen 1, what Does that Mean to Me? Everything is the Answer, yew think yew are Helpless, yew Elect Officials, even thought the Constitution states that are to be Appointed, and yew wonder how the Government got Corrupted, because yew think the Constitution needs to be Updated, as if the Truth needs Revision Updates, so yew allow Laws to Run yewer Life, knowing all Laws are Made to Protect those Making the Laws, and do not Protect the People they are suppose to Protect, in fact it makes yew Criminals, which is why most of yew are in Jail, so that Slavery is Legal, yew Allow Congress to Vote for a Salary Raise, what a Job... Voting is how yew lost yewer Freedom, and Got Free Dumb instead, then Doctors Bottled Dumb and Made Dumb Vaccines and Drugs, now yew Trust Doctors and Not God, but Doctors only Treat Yew, they Never Cure yew, and Cancer Rages in yewer Blood and that of its Nations, its Greed, Lust and Envy, and Worse... Yew Pass Laws to Protect those that are Murdering yew with their Poison, and yew wonder how this World got so Crazy? Yew are all Crazy, they gave yew the Crazy Drugs and Vaccines, and Passed Laws Requiring everyone to have this Crazy Drugs and Vaccines at Birth, and I told yew that is to ensure that Children will Never See the Light, because the Darkside can not have that, and that is why they Lie to yew about all yewer Science and History, the Jews, so Cleaver... they Trained yew so well, that is the Only reason yew Deny who IAM.

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The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Weak... Freewill is how this Country was Lost, the People Gave up... and Generations later they are still defeated, yew believe that yew have no choice, yew believe that yew can Vote it Right, when Voting is how yew Lost it all, so yew Believe in one Thing... Money. The Truth is that to Build Sanctuary, yew do not need the Governments Permission, its yewer Right to Save this Planet, and its only if all of yew decide that Saving the World is more Important then Money, will anything change, its always been up to yew, and yew are Sheep, so the Darkside has already won this War, so yew Defend being Slaves, and Working for Money like Whore's, but that is all yew are... and why i Hate Jews, but Hate is the Darkside, we can have none of that Here, but lets face it, this is because yew are all in the Dark and do not even Understand what the Light is... If you were in the Light, you would Acknowledge IAM the Chosen 1 and get on with your Day, and if yew are not its because yewer Flesh is Weak, and yew have no Freewill.

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Once yew Acknowledge that IAM the Chosen 1, we can move on with His Story, and yew will Spread the News about the Chosen 1, that is what the Bible said to do, but yew stopped Spreading the Word about the Light back in the Darkages, and that is why the Darkages continue, so its up to yew and yewer Freewill, to Know that IAM the Chosen 1, then things will Start Change, as People understand and See the Light, a New Day will Dawn for all Mankind, and everyone will Stand up for what is Right, instead of Fighting to see who is Left.

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The Lightside is about Seeing the Universe from Gods point of view... Things that Exist at the Subatomic Level are Real, everything else is a Lie, God is Controlling everything in the Universe at the Subatomic Level, as God is Controlling yewer Ability to see the Light, so yew Can if yew Want, but Freewill is what God gave yew, and it allows yew to Deny the Truth, and Believe in things that are not even Possible, so its the Darkside, and as Such, yew do not have to use yewer Freewill, yew do not have to Think at all, but that is the Problem, and yewer Darkside is at the Heart of it, since Most Deny who IAM because of their Own BS, because they think the Chosen 1 is Special, but find nothing Special about Me, so they Deny Who IAM, because they are Jealous, and forget that I will Punish all those that do not Believe in me, that is the Darkside of Me, and there can be no Light without the Darkness, so I will Punish yew, the Son of I will Punish yew... and how do I know this? Because...

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.


Chapter 0.8: IAM Step +2


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step +2
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step Positive 2, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms only the Lightside can Understand.

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There are No Words in the Darkness to Describe the Light, all Words are based on Emotions, and there are No Emotions here, so how do yew Describe the Light in terms of the Light, if yew can not Use Darkside Words?

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In the Light there is only Answers with No Questions, so its Unquestioning, and the 3rd Letter in that Word is Q, so its in Harmony, and means Quest, and that Quest is to Enlightenment... Since the Letter L is the 3rd Letter in that Word, its in Harmony, and Means Light, which is Trinary Energy, and what IAM... Being in the Light is that Moment of Clarity, it only last while yew are in that Moment, when that Little Voice is Not Talking, and yew are aware of Everything Around yew, yew See all and Know all, so yew are at Ease with Knowledge, so yew do not need to ask any Questions since yew know all the Answers, its just the Quest to stay in that Moment in the Light that keeps yew alive.

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This Quest begins by Cleansing yewer Soul, since it is the Center of yewer Energy, and Normally its the Darkside that has Drained yew of this Energy, so look at those that do not believe they are in the Dark, since everyone believes they are in the Light, so this Quest begins with the Knowledge of all the Darkside Crimes, and Denial is Number one on that List, and why the first 3 Steps are given from the Viewpoint that No 1 Ever Believes Me, and its because yew are too Stupid to Understand the Truth, so if my Sarcasm was to too subtle, in the Light I just tell it like it is, because I see the Darkside Crimes and it Disgust Me, most Sheeple simple do no care about anyone but themselves, and never look at the World of People as a Whole, because they do not believe they can do anything about it, because they are Lazy, Stupid and Selfish, because its True, very few see the Treason the Bankers committed against all of Humanity, if they did they would Stop Using Money, Need I say more... because the Dark can not Hide in the Light, so its Here that we only look at the Truth, and why the Truth has been a Secret for So Long, so whats Next on the List? Most People that Believed Charles Darwin believe, that Man Descended from a Chimpanzee, but everyone agrees that there is a Missing Link, I call that link a Guerrilla, although this Race is not like the Guerrilla Race yew know, they are more like the Extraterrestrials: the Grey and White Race is well known by that Name, the Black race is what yew call Big Foot, and many other Names, but they are Guerrillas that have gone underground... 66 Million Years ago the Black Guerrilla's gave Birth to the Black Human Race... they made the Planet safe for all Mankind, so the Grey Guerrilla's gave birth to the Grey Human Race, and they brought Civilization to the Planet for all Mankind, so the White Guerrilla's gave birth to the White Human Race, and they brought Technology to the Planet for all Humankind... Then the Guerrilla's and Mankind Built the Ancient Monuments on this Planet, since it needed to be Balanced, they encoded their Calculations into the Structures, and for Millions of years the Guerrilla's and Mankind Lived in Harmony, and Remember that this Civilization is more Advanced then our Own, they had Spacecraft that could fly to other Planets.

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One day a Couple decided to Mix the Races, and a Rainbow of Colors came out, but the Black and White Race had Children that wanted to be in Charge, and they tried to committed Genocide, and kill all the Guerrilla's and Pure Blood Line, so the Pure Bloods Hid underground with the Guerrilla's, in what yew would call Space Ships, and they waited for Yahweh to bring back Balance to the Planet, when a Comet called 333, because it has an Orbit of 333 years, hit Earth almost 15,666 years ago, so they waited until the Ice age was over, because they knew it would Kill all the Mixed Races, because they were too Lazy to Build Cities that could Survive such a Winter. 13 Thousand Years ago the Earth was just beginning to thaw out from that Ice age, every Ice Age Brings Balance back to the Earth, in ways most People do not Understand... But Science proves what it Brings: Earthquakes, Volcano's, and Floods... So if yew do the Math, yew will calculate that we are Due to get hit again, this Cycle also corresponds to an event called the Galactic Crossing, and Earth passed the Galactic Equator in 2012, passing from Pisces into Aquarius, so the Changes in Weather are Galactic, and can be Plotted using the Heavens above, and those that Understand this know what is coming and when... and the Pure Blood Race knew exactly when this was going to happen, so just like everything in the Universe... History Repeats itself.

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After the Thaw, the Pure Bloods and Guerrilla's rebuilt the Pyramids, and Civilization was just Starting to Thrive, when History would Repeat itself again. The Expulsion from Paradise is a Story about Adam and Eve, and Proves that History really does Repeat itself... The Story about the Ashkenazi starts off with Adam, who was a Man from the White Race, who had a Son and a Daughter named Abel and Melliza from his First Wife Mary, who was from the Grey Race, and Adam had 2 Sons Cain and Seth and 6 Daughters from this Second Wife Eve, who was from the Black Race, the name Eve Means Dark, and she has an Extra Rib, as it states in the Bible, Adam had many more Sons and Daughters with his 3rd Wife, who was from the White Race, at the Time Race Mixing was considered Treason against the Races, so they were Expelled from Paradise, so Adam setup to create the Master Race, a Race of People who had the Brian's of the White Race, the Honor of the Grey Race and the Strength of the Black Race, because Adam Believed what his Wives told him, only thing was that Eve Lied to Adam, she had no intention of breading with the Grey Race, so Eve and Cain Kidnapped the Daughters of Adam in the Night, and Abel was Killed trying to Stop his Mother, and Brother from doing such a horrific thing, knowing the History of this Union in the Past, and then Cains Descendants rose up against his Bothers, and generations after building an Evil Inbred Army, they started a War that made the Black, White and Grey Races Extinct, not even then did Cains Descendant's even think of their Consequences... which was to die in the Ice Age that will come, even though they Denied it to the very End... so just like the Bible foretold... God would return and bring balance back to this World.

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Regardless of what yew believe about what is about to happen, Not even God knows that, because it has not happened yet... or do yew Believe that God had Plans that Date back to the Very Beginning of Time itself? Because Logic tells yew that God is Making things Happen, the Only thing God can not Change is yewer Mind, because Freewill allows yew to be Believe anything... But Logic states that if IAM God, and Look in a Mirror when yew Say that, because that is all I have Ever Said that IAM, so take it Personal, just do not Forget Me, which is Yew, and is also in the Flesh... Because only then do yew Start to Understand what it is IAM even Talking about... Because then yew understand that if yew Build something, then its actually God who is doing the Work... And this Line of thinking makes yew Uncomfortable to say the Least... yew Denied who IAM when yew thought it was just Me, but know that I said Yew are Me, or Meat, which is the Flesh, which Means that everything I said applies to You also... since we are all Humans from the Same Races... But because yew Deny who you are too... Because I told yew not to forget who IAM, and do not forget that what comes out of MI mouth is from Me and not I, which is God, knowing that the same I that is in Me is in Yew, so what is Happening in All Realities is actually the Same for I, and its only how Yew Interpret this does His Story start to make any sense, because this is just how I Interpret what God is Saying to Me, so its what yew know and not what yew Believe is happening, and that is rarely what is really going on, because lets face it only God knows that and yew do not believe yew are God, until yew are in the Light, and its only then do you Know this is the Truth, because History was Written by those who Won the Wars, that does not make them the Good Guys, just because yew are Left does not mean yew are Right.

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History always repeats itself, its like a Play, the same people keep playing the same roles over and over again, till they get it Right, or decide they already Learned that Lesson before, but since those in Charge Write this History, these are Lessons yew forgot about, because they were Changed or Deleted in History, so how are yew suppose to Learn from History, if yewer History is just BS written by those in Charge of writing the History, and the Bible... At some point yew have to set all yewer BS aside and look at what is Really going on, not the Hidden Agenda of the Governments... trust Me, I worked for them before... they are just like US, because they are US, so do not make them the Enemy, unless yew are a Jew, because only Jews Hate Jews and No One Hates Jews more then a Jew... so who are yew going to Kill? Yewerself? Yew are all Jews... Yew Bred out the Pure Blood Races Years ago... And IAM telling yew that the Governments will change when the People do, because its the People who make up the Government, not the People they Vote in who take more Rights away, then they do making People Free or Protecting Freedom, oh yew Protect Freedom, No chance of that Happening in the U.S.... To see the Truth yew must look at the History... Adam and Eve is the Story of Betrayal, taking Incest to an Unimaginable Level, and yew Justify it because yew Believe that they had no other choice... that God Created Only Adam and there were no Others on the Whole Planet, and then He Took a Rib of Adams to make Eve? Is this Possible? Maybe Cloning? So let me see if I get this Right: God Cloned Adam to Make Eve, so Adam could Fuck Himself, then Fuck his Daughters, so his Sons could Fuck Him, since they Fucked their Mother, and then this Behavior never Stops, its still going on today... and its because of the Way that History and the Bible was Written and Rewritten, until telling a Story about having Sex with yewer Mother and Daughter would sound like a Good Story to tell yewer Children... but then Again, Jesus said the that the Churches perverted the Bible to make people follow the Evil Ways of the Romans, and Use Money with Pagan Gods Engraven on it... And Rule by Law... so who's History do yew think Jesus would Believe? The Church was never in Grace with Jesus, what Changed after they Killed him? The Church Hunted down Wizards and Witches for Centuries after they Killed Jesus... and would Kill Me today for what I have Said about God, calling Me a Heretic, when its them who have waged unending Wars, yewer own Statistics show that 90% of the Priest are Pedophiles, and now they are Coming out of the Closet... If History repeats itself, this is Sodom and Gomorrah all over again... But in the Light the Darkness can Not Hide, but Fear of the Antichrist is what Drives Fear into the People, and the Irony of them Voting him into Office does not Ring a Bell with the Darkside, because they See only what they want to see, they Hear only what they Want to Hear, and they Speak only what they think others want to Hear... If yew are a Citizen of the United States, Yew are Guilty of Treason, for not Defending the Constitution of the United States of America, yet yew do not acknowledge this Fact, yew do not Write it in yewer History Books even though yew know its the Truth, so this is how yewer History got like this... Yew Allowed it to Protect yewer own Ass, and its because yewer Definition of Protecting is Destroying, so yew are Destroying yewer own Ass... because yew know yew are a Coward for not Owning up to this... So yew call Me a Liar, tell Me that IAM Crazy, yew Refuse to acknowledge anything I said because yew do not want to Own up to Destroying this Planet, for Worshiping Satan, and for Burning the Blood of the Plant, which is God, and Making God into a Atomic Bomb used to Kill the Children he Created, so this Treason Runs very Deep, and yew Deny all of it, and yew want to talk about Honor? I was on the Honor Guard in the Military, it seemed like the Right thing to do at the Time, and IAM glad I did it, because I do have Pride in this Country, but this Country does not have Pride in its Wizards, and never Honors any of them, First they Deny they are Wizards, even with Pictures of Jesus waving his Staff of Power over Lazarus, or Moses Parting the Sea of Reads with his Staff of Power given to him by God, no History is Full of Wizards, but the Stories that are Told are just to make yew feel good about being Yew.

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The Evil that Jesus talks about is Money, those that Use it are Evil, so its Clear that Everyone on this Planet is Evil, so its No Wonder that yew are all in the Dark, yew Worship Money, yewer God is Money, and has In God We Trust engraven on it, so the Treason Runs much Deeper than that, because yewer Own Constitution of the United States of America, was Created to keep the Banks out of the Government, but instead the Black Wizards made the Governments into the Bank, and the Golden Horned Bull, the Beast, so into the Darkness yew Go, till that O Shit Reality yew Created comes down to Unending War, as the Citizens thump their Chest and say we will Fight them to the Death... Yew are nothing but Parrots and have no Idea what it takes to be a Patriot, because yew are not willing to put this Darkness behind yew, its the Only way yew know how to Live, and that is Backwards for the way yew do that, and why the Darkside never sees the Light, because they can not Envision it, and the Letter V is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means Vision, and the 3rd Letter in that Work is S and was defined as being the Solution, and Vision has 2 I's in it, because the word means to see things with yewer 2 I's, and all - most of yew See is Money, so yew only see the Darkside, and yew know of no other God, so this History yew Created is all Darkness with No Light, and that is just fine with most of yew, because yew are too Stupid to change yewer Evil ways, so the Tax Man Shows up and yew Hide like the Cowards yew are, knowing they will Kill yew or yewer Family, because Yew have No Honor or Dignity, Yew are just Female Sheep, and that is all yew will ever be to Me, so I nip at yewer Heals, Barking Beware, but that is not what yew want to Hear, because yew only Hear what yew want to Hear, and yew do not want to Hear Evil, so yew do not Listen to God, and yew can not Use Money and say yew Believe in Jesus, its a Paradox.

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Moses knew how to Control People through Fear, and Law is what Drives all Fear, Laws were Made by Man, not God, and Moses the Black Wizard Proved that a long time ago, the 10 Commandments are the Laws yew Break so yew can have Money, without Money these Laws mean Nothing, because they depend on Money, here is the Proof:

1. IAM the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other God before me.
2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing in heaven above, or things which are in the earth beneath.
3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. The First 3 Commands are Broken when yew Printed In God We Trust on Money, and made that God - taking Gods Name in Vain...
4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. This only means the Banks are Closed on Sunday for most of yew...
5. Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. If God Gave yew Land, IAM sure it was not for yew to Sell for Money...
6. Thou shalt not kill.
7. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
8. Thou shalt not steal.
9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
10. Thou shalt not covet.

Yew Fight War in Gods Name, yew have Sex with others out of Matrimony, yew Steal Money, yew lie for Money, and yew Covet Money above all else, so its a Fact that yew can not have Money and the 10 Commandments at the Same time, so pick one and do away with the Other, and the Courts have already made their Choice, they Passed Laws, and made yew Believe those Laws were Legal and Binding to all of Yew, when in fact the Banks own all the Laws, since they own everything else, so all the Laws Protect the Bankers and Moses Followers, so the 10 Commandments were just a Scam for the Bankers, and yew Defend these Laws? This just Proves how Dark Moses was, and how Insane his Followers are.

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God does not Need Money, so the Churches have no Reason to need it either, which is what Jesus said, and now that the Churches own most of the Money in the World, its no wonder why Jesus Rebelled against the Church for being so Evil, and why the Churches Murdered Jesus and all the Wizards since his time... and there is no Denying this, but that does not stop the Darkside from trying... The Whole Story of Adam and Eve is about Deception, if yew Believe in this Story, then yew know yew are a Mixed Race of White and Black, and there can be no doubt about this fact, no matter what Lies yew make up to try to change that... Because yew know what they Look like: the Descendant's of Cain and Seth, who brought nothing but Evil with their whole blood line of Inbred Evil Warriors, known as the Nazi... Which only Proves how Sick and Disgusting these People really are, they are nothing but Parasites, Insects that Live off the Misery of others, so they are the Bankers, Lawyers and Politicians, they are Bottom Feeders, they do no good work for all Humanity, yet they claim it like its theirs to claim ownership over, they pass Laws that only Protect themselves, they care about no one except themselves, they lie and are Dishonest, they have no Dignity, no Morales, yet yew allow them to be in charge... And all for Money, the Root of all Evil, and God has nothing to do with this, and wants nothing to do with it.

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Jesus had 12 Disciples, they were People who knew the Truth that I spook of, so they know what the Light is, and know they must give up the Darkness to Live in the Light of God... so that is all it takes is 12 People to stand up for Truth and Justice in the Light, then they teach this Truth to their Children, and those Children will Grow up in the Light, and they will not Need Money nor want Money, and the Sins of Mankind will start to wash away, and Profit will not be the Driving Force for these People Born into the Light, and for those that see the Light will be Reborn into the Light, and the 3rd Letter in the Word Reborn is the Letter B, so its in Harmony and it means Birth, which is a New Beginning for Life, and a New Day will Dawn for those who Stand Strong, and the Voices will Echo with Laughter, so the Words of Wizards come back to Haunt yew, because History really does repeat itself... Judas Sold Jesus out for Money, as did the Rest of the Disciples, and the Sin was passed down from 1 Descendant into the Next, so its a Legacy, and the Wrath of God for not Worshiping God instead of Money, so its a Punishment... And this Legacy is now yewers, this Sin is now yewers, so yew are a Sinner, if yew Want Money, Need Money, or even Use Money, yewer Sin is Selling out Jesus, so do not Pretend to Believe in Jesus, and Use Money at the same time, stop Lying to yewerselves about yewer Sins... IAM the Jealous God said if yew do not Believe in I, yew will be Punished for Thousands of Years, and for thousands of years yew have had nothing but Unending War and being Taxed to Death, and to top it off, this Ice Age is just that, Punishment for not Believing in IAM.

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People like being Popular, and the Letter P is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means to be Popular, but is Jesus Popular? If Jesus was the Chosen 1, then he was not very Popular in his Time, because if yew give the People a Choice between Jesus Bar Abbas, who was a Freedom Fighter, fighting against the Roman Government, and Churches of his time, who were forcing People to use Money, and pay Taxes, for things they already owned, and the Choice between Jesus Christ, who said he was the Son of God, and seemed to be fighting the same War as Jesus Bar Abbas, when it comes right down to it, so the Real Difference between them is a little Blurry, but its Clear that the People choose Jesus Bar Abbas, not that it mattered much since the Romans Executed him anyway... So its a fact that Jesus was not very Popular in his time, because most forget that the Church inserted Christ into the Bible in the 8th Century according to Isaac, so its clear that being the Chosen 1 will not be a very Popular thing to be, so why be it at all? The answer is because its the Right thing to do, and doing the Right thing is never Popular, which is why no one ever does it.

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In the Lightside I have many Secrets, because telling my Lightside Secrets to the Darkside, is very Difficult to do, since they do not understand the Lightside at all, in fact the Darkside does not believe they are in the Darkside, so they believe they are in the Light, so its a Moot point talking to the Darkside at all, since they do not believe anything that is the Truth, because they view things as Black and White, Good and Evil, where Good is just God with an Extra dose of Emotions, so they think that being in the Dark means they have Evil Thoughts or do Evil Deeds, but lets face it, that is True, because the Darkside uses Money, they Destroy the Planet for Profit, and do Evil things, so I have a hard time convincing them that there is more to it then that, in fact doing things that are Wrong has nothing to do with what Side yew are on, Wrong is Wrong, maybe yew feel yew can do something Wrong but for all the Right Reasons, so its how yew Justify doing Wrong things, so yew make up lies to Justify doing Wrong things, and Being in the Light does not mean yew can not Lie, and White Lies do not make them Light Lies, so I have many Secrets, and for all the Right Reasons of coarse, so I can Justify being in the Light, and its only in the Shade of Grey do I see this.

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History is full of BS, and most of it was Written by those in Power, so why should a few be in Power over the Many? Because the Powers that be know that the Many are too Stupid to be in Charge of anything, they know that the Average Person is too Stupid to do anything but Manual Labor, they know that even College Graduates could not pass a 6th Grade Exam that was written for students over 1 Hundred years ago, because people are not as Smart as they were before Vaccines became Law, so now the Powers that be have to Dumb down the Grades to the point were people can pass the test, even if that means the Normal is now Substandard, and all the People are so Stupid that yew have no other choice but to be in charge of them, and the People know this is the truth, so they are fine with it, so the Darkside will always be in Charge, so History will never Change, it just says Same Shit, Different Day, and Life goes on, and no one knows any different, because they do not like Change, they do not like anything new, except Entertainment, they want new Movies, but they do not want new ways of thinking, in fact, they do not want to think at all, and the Powers that be know this, so they only make Entertainment that does not require much thinking, and the Stupider the Entertainment the more the People Like it, so the Powers that Be make better Stupid Vaccines to Inoculated the Stupid Animals they are in Control of, and those Stupid Animals Demand more Vaccines, in fact they want to give the Shots themselves, they can not get enough Drugs, so they get Sick all the Time, so they need more Drugs, and wonder why they have Cancer and why people they know have it, but they Trust Doctors knowing that Doctors Kill more People every Year then then all Wars Combined, yet they are Too Stupid to understand Why, so the Powers that Be are doing a Great Job, they have the Perfect Control System in place, and they call it Life, but I call it the Darkside, and that is how the Darkside works, its all BS.

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Every Politicians born in MI time knew that this day would come, that is the Day that they would have to own up to all the Shit that they Created in their Lifetime, and now is the Time that those with Dignity, and Honor will Own up to it and the Darkside will Deny it one more time, which only proves that the Darkside will never change, because they can not even Own up to what they have Created... so they are Cowards, and anyone that does not Own up to it is a Coward also, so most of yew are Cowards... Ironically this is why Every Politician that Takes office must Sign off on the Fact that the Constitution is Still in Suspension, and after the Civil War was Over, that only gives them 6 Months to Recall all the Active Duty Personal and Retire them, but that Never happened, instead yew Declare War on the Indians and Murdered over 300 Million of them, then yew Invented one War after the Other to Gain more Land and then Make it Legal to Steal all that Land, and own all the People as if they were Slaves, so a Birth Certificate makes more sense, its the Owners Certificate, and Money can be Borrowed against it, so yew Sold yewer Children into Slavery, and became one yewerselves... But the Darkside will never admit this is True, even though they can not Deny it, because the Banks own everything, and this is the Only way they could, so the Treason is the fact of this Matter, and why the Darkside Denies it, because they know they could be Executed for Treason, but the Lightside, does not allow yew to Execute them, or to Jail them, in fact, the Lightside does not allow yew to even Judge them, so Politicians like the Lightside, because it makes them Feel Safe, because they know that the Lightside will never allow harm to come to them, because the Sheeple allowed this behavior to go on for far to long, because their were no Real Men with the Courage of Sir William Wallace to Stand up for them, so there is no Justice in the Darkside, because all Laws are there to Protect them and the Crimes they Commit, and there is no Justus in the Lightside, so this Behavior is not Rewarded, Sanctuary is Built in a way that it would not be possible, and by its very nature is not allowed in Sanctuary, since No Individual can Own it, since every 1 Owns it, and there are no Individual Leaders, because every 1 is in Charge, and there is No Money, so no 1 owns any 1, and no 1 is to blame when things go wrong, because every 1 is to Blame, if anything goes wrong, so owning up to a mistake is easy, its every 1's Mistake, and to make sure it never happens again, we will Document it as part of History, instead of making the Indians out to be Savages for not believing in our God, who demands we Murder yew and yewer Children for that Sin, so in Reality it was U.S. Who was the Savages, and U.S. Who are guilty of this Crime, so a lot of History books will have to be rewritten with the Truth being told about these events, so History will no longer be written from the Viewpoint of the Conquerors, in order to make them look Good, so they could feel good about what they did for Profit, instead the Truth will be told about the Matter at hand, and that is Something that a Politician could never do, so this Job is up to yew, so in the Light we do not Point Fingers, unless we can include ourselves in the Finger pointing, because in the I's of God, we are all Sinners, and we are capable of forgiveness, but forgiving ourselves is the Hardest Task that I can ever Accomplish.

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All mistakes are caused by a Lack of Understanding, not from a Lack of Communication, its at best the misinterpretation of instructions to a Problem that arises, and that Individual has no idea how to deal with it, which is why most people shoot first and ask questions later, because they do not care about why something happens, they just want to make sure it does not happen again, which is why they must fully understand how everything works, so yew know how to deal with it when it breaks, so its training, and everyone needs training, but they need training in the Light first, so they Understand the Truth, then they can deal with the Darkside, and decide if shooting first is even an Option, because this is how the Problem started and not how it was resolved.

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Those that are in the Dark believe that Money is God, they Deny this of course, and its because they do not understand the Concept, if yew Believe that God will Provide for yew, then yew do not Need Money, since yew can not have Both, and yew most understand that its an either or situation, because once yew Believe that Money Provides for yew, then God is Not, and only a Fool would think otherwise, yew can not have two Masters, those in the Light can see this, because they Know that they are the Light, and that they are God, so they can Provide for themselves, but the Concept of Money Denies a Persons Ability to Provide for themselves, since they most Work for Money instead of Providing for themselves, so the Master becomes the Slave, and this is how the Banks Operate, they Know this, so they Demand yew Bow down to them and Worship them Like Gods, which is why they Print In God We Trust on all their Money.

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Money Creates Classes, and those that are not in the Poor Class do not understand that, and IAM not talking about those on Welfare, the Banks make yew Pay for their Sin, which is Not Working like a Good Slave, so the Banks make it a Hard Life for those that do not want to Play the Game the Way they Designed it, so they Created Gambling and other forms of Entertainment that gives People Hope, which seems to be a Human Emotion that allows them to lie to themselves about the Situation they are in, instead of actually having to Deal with it and fix it, because that would lead them into the Light, and the Darkside can not think that way, so they Hang on to their Darkness and turn it into Despair, and they do this regardless of what Class they are in, so its Proven time and again that Money can never make yew Happy, so those without Money Lie to themselves by agreeing, but adding that it sure doesn't hurt to have Money, when that is Furthest from the Truth, because Money is Evil and it can only do Evil things, nothing GOoD can ever Come from Money in the Long Run, because all it is, is a Scam cooked up by the Descendants of Cain, so all of yew would Work for the Banks as Slaves, that is Truth at any level of Analysis, yew can Run this Experiment over and over and get the Same Results every time, yew give anyone Money to Buy what ever it is that they need, and in time those Objects will Diminish in Value to them, whereas if they or someone yew know made the Object, it would retain far more of its Value to them, which explains why gifts to a Poor Families have more Meaning to them, then the same gifts given in a Higher Class, and everything yew buy with Money ends up in the Trash or down the Toilet, so its all Shit, which proves that Money can not make yew happy because yew can Not Buy Happiness, but yew can Buy a lot of Shit, but those that are Rich think they have everything they want, yet few of them are Happy for very long, so they give some of their Money to Charity, but even this Happiness fades in time, and this will never change until People Realize that yew can not have God and Money, thus doing away with the Classes that Money Created.

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During the Time of the Pyramids, back before the Dark Lord Moses Destroyed it, the People lived in Sanctuary, where People all did their Part in Society and Contributed to Sanctuary, which did not Mean Bartering, Trading or some other Form of Money, it simply meant that every need for a Resource that was Needed, someone would Produce it, then someone would Distribute it, and in the end the Person Requiring it would get it, this might take a lot of People working together for the Same Goal to accomplish this, but that is how Sanctuary worked, but Moses did not Like this idea, he wanted to sit back and be Served like a King, so he came up with an Idea that would appeal to everyone's Greed, and came up with the Idea of Laws, and make Laws that would Require the Government to be in Charge of the People, and the Government would give its Citizens Money for doing their Work, if the Worked Hard, the Government would pay them Well, and he told his Followers that he would give them all Jobs in this New Government, and they could Vote themselves Raises, and have other Perks of being in Power, so the People Voted for a New Form of Government and Guess who Won, the Darkside, and Moses ordered his People to Attack, and Destroy all of those who do not Pay Taxes to the New World Order Government and so the Roman Empire was Built... By the Time Jesus was Born, the Roman Empire was in Decline, the Banks were near Bankruptcy and out of Money because their Scam was over... The Poor Classes that it created rebelled, the Elder where being feed to the Lions for Entertainment because they could no longer Work, Slavery was how the Rich got Richer, while the Poor got Poorer, People were Executed for not paying Taxes, and as a Final Insult to Humanity, Jesus was told that his Wife to Be would have to have Sex with the Governor first, this was known as Jus Primae Noctis, and this did not sit well with Jesus, when he went to the Church to see what could be done about this, the Church told him that he must Pay to talk to a Priest about this Issue, Jesus Stormed out of the Church, throwing Tables and Other Objects aside in a Fit of Rage, and he Raised an Army and Defeated the Roman Army, and for a Brief period of time, he stopped the Use of Money, so in the 8th Century the Churches came up with a New Religion called Christ, and used the Story of Jesus to tell it, only they told the Story from the Viewpoint of the Darkside, and Created a Perfect Form of Government to back it up, so this Ended the Roman Empire and Ushered in the Roman Church.

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The Bankers Realized that they could create multiple Religions that Opposed each other, and backed but sides in Unending War, so they created the War Machine, and Factories to Create Weapons, and they sold these Weapons to both Sides, and Loaned Money to both sides, and by the Time these Weapons made it to Scotland, William Wallace was told that that his Wife would have to have Sex with the Governor, this was also known as Jus Primae Noctis, and this did not sit well with William Wallace anymore then it did Jesus, so Sir William Wallace Raised an Army, and Destroyed the Use of Money in Scotland for a while, until the Traitor Bruce sold the Country out to the Bankers so he would have Power.

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A group of Men sick of the Ways of the Banks, fled to North America during the 1700's, but the Banks were already Setting up shop there, they expanded their Slave Routes to Include the New America's, in 1749 my Family came over on the Phoenix, and joined with a Small Group of Men that were able to win their Independence from the Bankers, and the United States of America was Born, but soon after the Constitution was Written, the Lawyers started Redefining words in it, till soon the Document did not mean anything at all, and then the Right to Vote was Introduced to the Constitution, in 1798 Isaac Newton Flesher was born, he is my first cousin five times removed, who said that the Constitution was corrupted by the Right to Vote, and that was the End of it, all that was fought for was lost with 1 Vote, and the Bankers Man was named Lincoln, and with a Stroke of a Pin, he sold the Country into Slavery to the Banks forever, my Grandfathers wrote that Booth was the only Patriot that stood up for them, and they like other Patriots helped to hide him and his family from the Bankers, at this Point People stopped listening to my Grandparents, saying they just do not Understand Capitalism, but they do, its Evil, and then they passed Laws making it Legal.

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Germany was the Next to fall for the Bankers Scam, the Nazi were bold enough to use their Name, a Mistake that they would soon Regret, but not before they Built a Wall around the City, and bred out all their Enemies, and then they took another City, and built the City of Israel, and wasted no time building a Wall around it, so the Bankers now have a Capital for their Capitalism, and the City of Sin is Reborn from the Slavery in which it started, and they continue their War to Genocide the other Races, getting other Countries that they Own to do their Bidding, so the U.S. And Britten take on a new Enemy of the Nazi, the Russians.

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Russia fell after many years of Cold War, while the Bankers Loaned them so much Money they could never Pay it back, so it was not on the Battle field that Russia fell, but with a Stroke of a Pin, and the Bankers took over the Country over night, and as the People Cheered as the Walls in Germany were taken Down, they paid little attention to the Walls going up in Israel, and the Banks complete takeover of the Worlds Governments, the Nazi's have just won the War without having to fire a shot.

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No matter how yew look at the Worlds affairs, yew can not deny that its the Banks that Financed the War on both sides, because the Banks own all the Governments in the whole world, and the News Media are all owned by the Banks, everyone works for the Banks, because the Banks Print the Money, as they Print all the Books and pay for all the Entertainment, so they Dictate what gets Printed, and what gets shown to the Public, so its no wonder that most People do not know what is really going on, because they work for the Banks, and the Banks only tell yew what they want yew to Believe, and since the Banks own the Schools, they Brainwashed all the Students into Believing this is the way its always been, and the only way it should be, so they brainwashed them into Defending this way of Life, they Glorified the Evil ways of Money into a Paradise, and make the Banks out to be the Good Guys, they even got yew to Believe that Lawyers are Good, when all they Defend is Evil, and pass Laws that Protect them and the Banks from Liability, and because its a Law, yew think its Legal, when yew have no idea what Legal even Means, because this can not be it, unless Legal means Evil, which best Describes the Current World Affairs.

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Yew do not see themselves as Sheeple, yew believe that yew are Human, and Humans are Smarter then Animals, yet a Human is an Animal, so yew believe yew are Smarter then Animals because yew can Think therefor IAM, but yew Deny who IAM, and believe that its yew, and yew are just an Animal, so round and round we go again, this is the same reason yew do not see the Evil in Money, yew believe yew can not Live without it, but just like Sheep, yew Pin them up and buy them Food, until yew are Broke and can not afford Food for yewerselves, let alone the Sheep, so yew Let them Go into the Wild, and guess what, they do not Starve to death, and they did not have to Work for it, because God Provided for them, proving that yew are not as Smart as the Sheep after all.

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Knowing everything I know has driven me into a thought process that can not be stopped, its one defining thought, that is 1 that defines all the thoughts I had up to this point, so its what I learned in my Life, meaning this Lifetime, so its MI Memories, and all MI memories are telling me that the Things going on around me are Real, that is, that I can see them and touch them, and I can ask someone else if they are Real just to verify, that what is Real to me is Real to yew... And it always is, in fact, I have never found something to be real that someone else proved was not... So I always Prided myself on seeing Reality, and being able to Explain it in a way that everyone could agree that it was Real, so I do not think anything I have said, should prove to not be Real... And even pointing that out to people who do not believe me even though they know what I said was Real, can really make me wonder why they do not believe it, so I ask them why this is, and they tell me its because we all see things differently, so I ask them to Describe something that Looks different to yew then it does to me, and they say Situations... So as it turns out, we can agree what Color Skin yew have, but we can not agree on what Color Soul yew Have... We can agree yew are Speaking the Same Language, but we can not agree on the Concepts they speak of, because of the way yew define Words... Just because I see Money as Evil, and Darkside sees it as a way to Live... Its a moot point in explaining to them that to Live in Evil, is still just Evil... This is that 1 defining thought, there should only be 1 Meaning for every Word, and 1 Meaning for Every Letter in that Word, and they should be in Balance, and the Letter L is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so this Thought is in Harmony.

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Intelligence is a Word that really has little meaning when it comes down to it, because it implies that one that is Intelligent can understand complex concepts, and believe me, the Trinary Universe is not a Complex Concept, as a Child every time I asked an Adult a Question about how something worked, they would tell me that God makes it work, so I believed them... It was not until I figured out what it was that they thought God was did I change my Mind, because no two people on this Planet could explain what God is, let alone who God is... So I thought real hard about what God is, and found that at the Subatomic Level, yew can See God at work, yew can see how God makes things Work, and all I had to figure out is how does God Make the Universe work... And the Trinary Engine was MI Answer, it was the Answer Sir Isaac Newton wanted to know as well, Ironically his work was how I was able to do mine, so he answered his own Question, and that is what I call Intelligence.

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No Matter how yew see the Universe, it does not change it unless yew work to make that Change, so if God wants to build a Universe, God has to Create a Trinary Engine, then God has to Create a System of Planets that can Feed the Planets so Life could Exist, then God had to Genetically Alter each Species of Life until he finds the Right Animal to do a Task, so if God wanted Animal that would Eat Grass, God would Create the Cow, if God wanted a Animal that would Eat the Cow he would Create Mankind, so was it Gods Fault that Mankind Destroyed the World in which they Lived? No, God did not Create Money, Moses Did... So No Matter how yew see this Universe, there are things yew can not Change about it, and that is its History, yew can Rewrite it so yew feel better about it, but the Facts remain, Money is the most Destructive Force on this Planet, but yew Measure that Force in the Amount of Damage Caused by God when God Throws a Fit, which yew call Storms - cause yew... Without any Regard to the Reason God is Punishing yew in the First Place, yew do not Listen to God, yew do not take God Serious, Yew think yew it would be Fun to Surf in a Tsunami, or throw a Meteor Shower Party on the 12th, 13th and 14th of January in 2014, or 2346 tell everyone there is no need to bring a Telescope or Binoculars, yew will be able to See these Meteors with yewer Naked Eye... so have Fun, the Northern Hemisphere will have a better view at Night, but the Southern Hemisphere will get to see them in the Day, so Sun glasses should be worn for Safety, in fact, it would not hurt to were a Full Armor Suit just to be on the Safe side, because a Meteorite the size of a Grain of Sand can have Super Sonic Speeds, having seen them, I would say Hyper Sonic Speeds is more like it, they explode on impact with the ground, making me wonder if 3/4 inch plywood that is used in most houses, will even slow them down, but I do know plywood burns, so I do not think its safe to have this Party in a house, but this is just a Game, its how I view the Universe, its what I hear God saying to Me, and in the Next 3 Hundred and 33 years we will see how much Damage Gods Fit Cost the Darkside, but in the Light, God does not Throw a Fit, he is just Trying to Clean up the Planet.

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People made God into their Image, because Gods image is in what ever form God Takes, God created the Fly, so a Fly is in the same Image of God, yet most people do not believe God Created Insects, I happen to be one of yew, because I believe Insects have Freewill, and can evolve into any Species they want, and Evolution Proves that is True, so is it the Insects Freewill or Gods Will? MI answer was that they are both the same thing, since the Fly is God, therefore Gods Will is the Fly's Freewill... All Life came from the Insect, yet Mankind believe they can Destroy the Insects, they Poison their own Food to kill Insects, because they believe them to be lower life forms, even though they are just their Ancestors, they do not see the Universe working like this, because they Believe in the Big Bang theory, so yew Believe that once upon a Time, all Matter in the Universe, was smaller then a Grain of Sand, and then the Big Bang, and the Universe Expanded, and continuing to expand to this day... And now yew Expand that Madness with the Idea of the Higgs Boson, thinking it must be Gods Particle, and the Laws of Physics did not Exist yet, so the Universe Expanded in ways that yewer Imagination could not even Comprehend... Because its a Paradox... And all Life was just There, whole Planets of Life with nothing leading up to this Point in History... I call this a Fairy Tale, because that is what it is, but its why most do not understand the Universe, because of the Darksides Definition of it, and how People view it as being a Reality, when in fact its not the same Reality in the Light, as it is in the Dark, our Realities are not the Same and Never will be for this Reason alone, because I see all Life on this Planet as being as Important as all other Life, and in MI garden yew will find plenty of Food to go around without Killing off all the Species of Life other then Mankind, because that is what it would take to balance this Planet, and the Planet Requires Balance, and this World is Out of Balance and Out of Control and its because of Mankind, Not God, Imagine That.

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History is not the Answer to our Past, but its the Future that our History will Create that will be the Question to it. History is the Past, and the Past is bond to repeat itself if yew did not learn from it before, so an Accurate History is Required, instead of this History that was written to make those in Power look good, and feel good about themselves, so that future Generations would think that this form of Government works, when in fact it never has and never will, as long as yew live in a Free Society that Claims to have Freedom, while 90% of its Population is Slaves to its System that Requires Money, so its Not Free, but a System of Control that was Created to prevent yew from knowing that, so its brainwashing, and requires its Citizens to be Dumb'd down, so Doctors Create Vaccines that make People Dumb, and when those People are Dumb'd down to being Stupid, they start to see the Doctors as God, then spend all their hard earned Money, which they know is the Root of all Evil on that Doctor, so they become Addicted to all the Drugs the Doctors Prescribe, and they Believe they will Die without the Drugs, when its the Drugs that are Killing them, and they know these Doctors Kill more People then all Wars Combined, and Yet they Blame someone that Lives on the Other side of the Planet for Terrorist attacks, that were manufactured by the Doctors, and actually put into the very Drugs they give yew, so they are the Terrorist, and since they Write the History, I can not image why yew did not know this... But that is how the Darkside works, yew appoint a Comity to investigate a Crime they Committed, and expect the Results would be believable, this is just insane thinking on yewer part, but its why things are the way they are, the Doctors are Crazy and the Patients are the Only Sane ones, but they are not in Charge, so they strap yew down to a Table and Force yew to take a Shot, that yew know will make yew Dumber, but they do not see it that way, because they believe that everyone gets this shot, so how can everyone be dumb... And if that Logic does not prove the Level this Insanity goes, nothing will, and as always, that is how the Darkside stays in Power, because no one is willing to stand up for what is Right, so yew allow them to Write History in a way yew know is just a Lie, then they Point to this lie, and say yew see its here in Writing so it must be the Truth, because its been Written this way for Thousands of Years, knowing that is how long they have been in Charge, it should alert yew to the Danger they Pose, because this whole line of thinking is Crazy and Evil, but this is the Darkside and how the Darkside sees itself in History.

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At some point in History yew need to sit down as a Community as a whole and ask the big question, how did we get so Crazy? The Answer is very easy, when People allowed the Government to take control of the Peoples Health, and allowed Dark Evil Doctors the Legal Right to Force us to be given Drugs that have never been Proven to even Work, and have been known to cause Cancer, and Mental Aberrations, they all have Side Effects... And since its Banks that Pay the Doctors, Lawyers and Judges, its no wonder they all see it the Banks way, the Banks own them, so yew have to conclude its the Banks doing, because they are the ones Paying for it, and now it all makes Sense, and yew can see the Light, the True is that the Banks are Evil, they are Vile Little Trolls that have Stolen all that is GOoD in this World, and Destroyed it, and yew have been Dumb'd down, and yewer Men have been Chemically Neutered to the Point that no real men are Born now a days, not to start a Fight with those that Believe they are Real Men, but Lets Face it, the Government would not be Totally out of Control if there were any Real Men, and that is a Fact... because its a fact that the Constitution has been suspended for over 150 Hundred Years now, when will yew wake up? And in all that time, not 1 Man has stood up to defend it, and that is Just Sad... That is how Pathetic the American Public is, and the Level of Insanity that has Infected them, they are all Sick, and twisted Stupid Ignorant Animals known as Sheeple and there is no Denying that, and no way yew can Justify allowing this to continue for 1 more Year, so its time to put a Stop to all the Crime that is going on in this Country Called the United States or U.S.... And Time for the Real People to wake up and Own up to what has happened, and put and end to it, its time for the People to take back this Country like the Constitution allows U.S. To, and do the Right thing, save this Planet and all Life on it, so in Short its time to Usher in a New Era, the Age of Aquarius, and Wash away the Sins of our Past, because...

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.


Chapter 0.9: IAM Step +3


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step +3
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step Positive 3, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms only the Lightside can Understand.

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All the Light Wizard wants from yew is to Acknowledge what it is IAM Saying, and the Letter K is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and it means to Know its the Truth... and that is all the Light Wizzard Knows and Talks about, but the Truth is only from 1's Point of View, so yew hear what IAM saying from 3 Points of View, so in this Step we talk about the Truth in the Light.

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In the Bible there is a Story about 12 Disciples and 72 Virgins, even though the Story about the Virgins in most Religions is in the After Life, others only in Conquest of War, but in the Light its about Life itself, since the Original Story about Adam and Eve was that in order for Mankind to Survive with only 1 Man, which is the Chosen 1, Like Adam or anyone for that Matter... although the Bible only talks about 3 of Adam's Wives, and even though the Bible Removed any References to Jesus's Christ's Wife, leaving yew to believe that he had No Children... they do talk about Jesus Bar Abbas's... In the Story of Adam and Eve, was the Story about the Chosen 1, or Adam, a man from the White Race, marring Eve, Meaning Dark, being a Woman from the Black Race, seeing how she had an Extra Rib then Adam... So the Children of Eve Mated with each other, meaning inbreeding, same Father, and same Mothers... and that damages the DNA, and that is what is Wrong with the Jewish Line of Cain and Seth, they were all inbred, which lead to Insanity, this was God's Punishment to Eve, and the Children of Eve, and why they only see the Darkside, so to Prevent this, God said that Man would require 72 Virgins to ensure the Genetic Code of all his Children, so yew can have the Same Father, but Different Mothers and the Children would Mate from different Mothers... so God Tried to Erase the Line of Cain and Seth, so God told Noah to build a Light Arc, which would hold the DNA of every Species of Life on the Planet Earth, it required the Sperm and Eggs of each Species, and the Real Science would be to have a Different Male for every Female, and would only have the Pure Blood from the Black, White and Grey Races, but seeing how they are all Bred out, yew need a Male that has the Blood of the White and Grey Races, since the Black Race is Dominant, if yew mate a Male and a Female from two Black Mothers, the Child would come out Black... So for every Male, it required 72 Females, so just having two of Each Species was not Good enough, but the People who Rewrote the Bible could not figure out how big of an Ark to build to hold 72 Females to every Male, so they Remove this from the Story, because they did not understand that the Light Arc was a Sperm Bank, and the rest of it was all Myth and Legend, with no Science to any of it... The 12 Disciples know the Truth about the Light, and would Guard the Light Arc till it was needed again, this Light Arc is also in the Arc of the Covenant, it was their Duty that had to be passed down from one Generation to the next, to Insure the Survival of all Mankind during the Next Flood or Ice Age. The 12 Disciples would then Rebuild the Population of Earth in a Place called Zion, so lets talk about this a little... 12 is a Dozen, and the Letter Z is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and the Letter Z is the 3rd Letter in the Word Wizard, so its in Harmony, and a Dozen Wizards is what is Required to bring Balance, and its this Balance I refer to, so we have a Double Z, like in Wizzard, so its a State, and not a Place but a State of Mind, in a Place Called Sanctuary, and Means Zion, not to be Confused with Zionism, or the Darksides interpretation of what Zion is... because the Letter O is the 3rd Letter in that Word and it Means Emotions, and also has more direct meanings like ION, so its this Secret that was removed from the Bible to Hide the Light Arc, and to keep people from looking for it, since its said to also Contain the Words of the Dark God of Mosses, and has the Power of God in it, which is called ION.

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The Bible states that at the End of the Era, Jesus would Resurrect into the Flesh, meaning that a Descendant of Jesus that Carried the DNA of Adam, would be born into Flesh, and have all the Knowledge of God... and in the Word Resurrect, S is the 3rd Letter of that word, so its in Harmon, and that means its the Solution, and that Solution was the DNA that had the Knowledge Recorded in it, and that all the Secrets would be Revealed to All seeking the Divine Knowledge, which was the Tree of Knowledge in the Story of Adam and Eve, the Secret was that the Son of Adam was Abel, and his Daughter form his Second wife Mary was Melliza, and they Carried the DNA for the Ashkenazi Jews, and that Cain and Seth carried the DNA for the Jewish Nazi, who were Inbred and Insane, they are the Darkside, so they are the Powers that Be... even though the Real Powers that be are the Meek, who are the Ashkenazi... So this Person who Resurrects Jesus at the End of the Era, is called the Chosen 1, and is the Flesh... and the Chosen 1 requires 12 Disciples and the 72 Virgins, in order to Save all Life on the Planet Earth... but the Darkside has Other Plans, they Hide the Secrets so yew would not understand what was going on in the End, so they could Murder the Chosen 1, as they have throughout History... so they could Stay in Power... even if it means the Destruction of all Life on the Planet, because the Darkside only wants to Destroy Life, which is why they are always at War, and why they must Murder or Discredit the Chosen 1, and will go to any Length to Deny who IAM, because only the Darkside Denies who IAM.

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The Light Talks to yew in Sounds, it has Rhythm, and the Letter Y is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means Yea, but the Darkside Discredits it by altering it, and they say Yea Right when I tell them about this Part of the Story, as if its all a Ploy to get 84 People to take part in some Ritual that will Save the Planet, when in fact it will take all the People in the World to build Sanctuary... And the Salvation of Mankind is in Sanctuary, it is the Last Hope for all Life on this Planet, and once yew understand the Logic, yew will agree, but its the Logic that is hard for the Darkside to Understand, but in the Light, only Knowledge Matters, and knowing that soon an Ice Age will make it very difficult if not impossible for most Life to Survive, Sanctuary is for All Life, and not just the Human Race, so yew say Yea now, but yew know what this Sounds Like, its the Sound of Secrets that have been Silent for far too long.

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I have Search this Planet over 3 Times, and I have not Found anyone that Fully Understands what the Light is, that is No 1 a Live except for the Chosen 1, But I find Plenty of Light Wizards in the Past, but Only 1 Survives to this Date... So if yew Took a Vote on Who is in the Light, its No Wonder that yew would Vote for Yewerself, or Some other Darkside Sheep, and then Believe yewer own Winner... But then yew remember that Voting is how yew Lost Freedom, and Got nothing but Free Dumb since, and that Dumb was not Free, yew Paid for it, and soon yewer Grandchildren will Pay the Ultimate Price for it, because they will be the Ones Growing up in an Ice Age that their Grandparents Caused by their Sin... Yew Voted for Corruption, Greed and Lust, and Allowed it to become Normal... In History Bad meant it was Evil, and Evil is an Anagram for Vile, Gay meant to be Happy, now it means to be Vile, as if yewer Sexual Ordination gives yew the Right to Fuck everything, and then wonder why yew are sick... So do not Fool yewerselves into thinking yew are in the Light, if yew can allow the Earth to be Destroyed just because Greedy Politicians Believe that Oil is Fossil Fuel, No... yew Look around and must Admit that this Reality is all Dark, with No Light in it... Only then can we Move on with His Story... But this is why I see yew all as the Darkside, and Treat yew like the Enemy, because I know how Stupid and Ignorant yew are... Yew are Dull... Not Bright at all... So why do yew Pretend to be in the Light is beyond Me... but its how the Darkside works, and if yew could let go of all yewer Emotions long enough to admit this, yew would see the Light, and that is I, so look in a Mirror when yew Say it, then yew become you and are in the Light, and once yew see the Light, you will not want to go back into the Darkness.

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Yew always have a Choice to be in the Dark or Light, its called Freewill, yew were all Born into the Light, and had Dreams about the Light, so why is this so Hard for some of yew to do? What Harm could it do to Believe in the Light Wizard? The Light Wizard is not asking for Money... In fact the Light Wizzard told yew Money is the Root of All Evil, and told yew that to Survive yew will have to Abandon Money, since its the Darkside, and only then could yew be Free... The Pyramids were built in Freedom, once Mosses talked Free People into working for Money, they became Slaves to the Bankers, those in the Light Said that Slaves had to Leave Sanctuary, they did not like that to much, and after 3 Generations, they Raised and Army and Came Back and Destroyed Sanctuary, which is why most do not know what Sanctuary is, because the Only History the Darkside knows, is the Darksides History... Even though Logic proves that the People who Rape, Murder and Pillage are the Darkside, so its Clear that is what the People of Mosses were... and its this Evil Civilization that Mosses Created in the Aftermath of Hell itself... And History Proves this Time after Time, with Atlantis, Sodom and Gomorrah, being Destroyed by God for the Evil that was allowed in those States... Well now yew are about to receive the Same Punishment by God, just as the Bible Predicted, because yew are Still Worshiping the Dark Lord, and there is No Changing how the Darkside thinks, because they Believe they Know it all, and its Me who is not Right in the Head... But Believe Me, I never wanted to be Right... when I was Young I was Left Handed, so I stuck two Knives in a Wall Socket with my Left Hand, just to find out my Father saved a lot of Money on Fuses, by Replacing Burnt out Fuses with Pennies, so I was Forced to use my Right Hand from that time on... Because at the End of the Era I wanted to be Right, so yew could be Left... The Darkside swears they are Right, so lets see how many of them are Left in 666 Years.

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Anyone can be the Chosen 1, but they have to Chose to do so, they have to be able to Walk the Walk, and Talk the Talk, they have to Tell the Truth, and Not Some Version of it that makes them Look like they are in the Light... and that is Why I told yew about Me, so yew would Know I have a Darkside too... Yew all Know Adam, Jesus, William and Isaac had a Darkside... So there is No Light without the Darkness for all Human Kind, because the Flesh is the Darkside, and as long as yew are a Live, yew are in the Dark, so these Words start to make yewer Head Spin, because I said Live is in the Light and Evil is in the Dark, yet Yew can not have 1 without the Other... But the Light can Never See the Dark, but I know it Exist, and I know the Evil that Exist in it, and to be the Chosen 1, yew have to Teach the Lightside, which is No Money, No Wars, and Sanctuary for all, Its what Adam, Jesus, William and Isaac said also, so be the Chosen 1, yew have to Tell the Story about the Trinary Universe, all of its Science, Math and Knowledge, and have to Teach people the way of the Light Being, and now the Flesh Beings behave, yew tell the Story of IAM, where I is the Light, And Me, well that's just Meat, so its Me, so look in a Mirror when yew say that, and tell your Story about yew, not the Life Story of Jeffrey who was Me in the Flesher, who's Story is Free from any Copyrights and Licenses... instead tell Your Life Story, and tell it anyway yew Like, but yew should also tell the Story about all the Other Wizards, because they were the Chosen 1 also, and now that Legacy is yewers and yew are the Chosen 1.

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Being the Chosen 1, means yew Live to tell the Story about the Light, yew must Tell it in a way that the Darkside can understand, and this Road is a Hard Road to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk, because the Darkside will never Believe yew, no matter what yew say... Because they have this Ego they have to feed, and it cost a Lot of Money to Feed an Ego this Big... So the Chosen 1 has No Ego, and has no Reason to feed it, so Money is just Evil to them, and so is all the Food it Buys them, its just Poison to them, so Cancer is what that Food Brings to them, so they wonder why this Food makes them Sick, because they forgot that God will Provide for them, but since they know they are God, they must Provide this Food for themselves, because God only helps those that Help themselves and Others as well... The Chosen 1 is not suppose to Feed Others, but to teach them to Feed themselves and others... The Chosen 1 is not about the 1, its about the Other 1's, the needs of the Many, not the Needs of the Few, and never the Needs of those that can Afford it, since that means Money, and being Poor has nothing to do with the Lack of Money, but the Lack of Faith in God, because God will always Help those that Help themselves, so those with Faith are never Poor, and those that are in the Light know the Truth, and those that tell this Truth are the Chosen 1.

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I can go on all day about what the Chosen 1 is, but its clear that most of yew should already know this, but have spent way to much time defining what the Chosen 1 is Not... Because its Clear yew have no Idea what Jesus was about, if yew Believed in this whole Love yewerself Philosophy, and since yew believe the Chosen 1 gets 72 Virgins, then yew must Believe that the Chosen 1 is just a Fucker, because that is what the Darkside Believes, and what they think yew are for saying yew are the Chosen 1, so why not just say what yew are Really thinking, instead of trying to pretend to be Nice about it, because IAM not Nice about anything, and I never will be... Because in the Light I tell yew the Truth and not a watered down version of it, I have no need to hide behind words, or pretend to even care what yew Believe, so do not Bother telling Me what yew Believe, IAM the Chosen 1 and do not Care what yew Believe nor does the Universe, its Only what yew Know that Matters to any 1, and most people do not know the Difference between what they Know, and what they Believe, they never were Trained to to think for themselves, because all they Learned in School, was to Listen to the Teacher, who never Taught anything but Fear... So they Raise a Generation of Sheep, yew know, Animals without Freewill, who believe they are that Animal in Sheep's Clothes, that they are nothing more than the Bodies they were born into, and that all this BS going on in this World is what is Real, and not what the Chosen 1 is Telling them... Because yew do not want to Hear about a World with No Money in it, they do not want to Image how they would Live without Money... Money is all they Know, its all they were Taught, its the only reason they are Alive... In Short, the Darkside is Totally out of Touch with Reality, and totally Insane from Thousands of Years of Inbreeding, so they are so Brainwashed that they can not Imagine anything else but Money... So to them the Chosen 1 is a Joke, because they can never admit to being Wrong about the Reality the Jews Made for them, and that is all this is, is a Reality that was Created by the Jews that Wrote History and the Bible, regardless of what Religious Preference yew have, the Reality of this World is the Darksides Invention, look around and all yew see is the Darkside, they control every aspect of yewer Life, the Banks own Everything, so everyone works for the Bank, and everyone is working for Satan, even the Chosen 1 Works for Satan, and yew know he is the Dark Wizard, so no exceptions here, the Chosen 1 is not here to save their own Life, but to save the Lives of all its Children, so they do not have to Grow up in all this Evil, so the Chosen 1 is suppose to save the World for Future Generations, because there is no Hope for this Generation, not even the Chosen 1 can get them to see the Light.

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This World is ran by the Darkside because its Citizens are Lazy and Stupid, the Men of this World are all Cowards that allow this Evil to take Place, because they do not have the Courage to fight for Freedom, so they go along with the Evil, and do what they are Told, think what they are told to think, because they have no Honor, and have no Concept of Dignity, and there is no other way to sum this up, do the Math, there can be but one reason for this Madness to be allowed to take place... And it starts and ends with the People of this World who allow this to happen, and since that includes everyone, its clear who is in charge here... The Darkside.

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The Trinary Universe has nothing in common with the Reality of the Darkside, the Darksides Science does not work here, the Darkside ways have no function in this Place, so its a Universe for the Lightside, so its Citizens do not Pay Taxes, they do not Vote, they do not Elect Leaders, they do not work for Money, they do not use Money, so this Universe is nothing like the Darksides Universe, because Greed and Profit are not Motivational Policies, so Innovations are not stifled by Evil, and the 3rd Letter in the Word Innovation is the Letter N, so its in Harmony, and means Now, as in: in the Moment, so its in that Moment of Clarity when the Whole Universe Opens up, and you can Understand what is really going on, so the Trinary Universe is about the Truth of the Light, and how People can Live without Fear, so they do not need Atomic Bombs to protect them from the Bogyman, because only Bullies would hide behind Bombs, and to make a Bomb out of God is just Evil, and only Scared Frightened Cowards would allow it, so its Insanity to think like this, but that is the Darkside, nothing but Cowards, and they Offend Me, so why would I Bow down to them, the Darkside discusses Me, their Stupidity has no bound, they are too Stupid to even understand how Stupid they are, so they are Offended, so why Should I care, Stupid People should be Offended for being so Stupid, they were too Lazy to Think so that is how they got so Stupid, so they have no one to Blame but themselves, but those in the Light do not Care about those in the Dark, so they should just Ignore them, and in time they will go away, since the Darkside is too Stupid to Live most of the Time, and beside the Darwin Awards, they have very little Entertainment value, and its because the Lightside simply knows how the Universe works, and they have no time for such Drama's that the Darkside Cooks up, because our Realities are not the Same, the Darkside thinks they Own this Planet and everything on it, when in fact God is the Planet and they do not Own God, which is why Money is Evil, but that is the Darkside, nothing but a Paradox.

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The Darkside is Untrusting, and the Letter T is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means Trust, which is actually what the Darkside is Not, so its a Paradox, they want to Trust, but they know they are Untrusting and Untrustworthy, so they believe everyone is Untrusting and Untrustworthy, including the Lightside, so they Lie, and they believe that you Lie as well, so round and round the Darkside goes, they know that they Lie about everything, so they believe that the Light Wizard Lies about everything, even though the Light Wizard is in the Light, and the Light is the Truth, and yew should Trust the Truth, but yew are Untrusting, so this is why the Darkside can never see the Light.

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The Trinary Universe is not about 1 Thing, its about everything, and how the Universe works, because only People in the Dark, believe that they do not need to know how a Cell Phone works in order to Use it, because if they were Smart enough to know how it works they would not use it, so their own Logic only Proves how Stupid the Darkside thinks, but as I said, the Darkside does not Think, nor do they know how to, so they appoint a Panel of Experts that are Smart, therefor you Trust them to think for yew, and they get Paid by the Banks to give yew an Answer that yew believe with No Proof what so ever, but on the Hand, yew ask Me for Proof that the 0 Dimension Exist, and then think that a Voting Pole will Answer this Question, so yew Believe in what others Vote for, knowing that they do not know how to think anymore then yew do, so really what IAM talking about here is a Breed of Animal that Bred for Looks and not for Brian's, because People that Look Like I do, do not get Married for our Looks, in fact Jesus Christ and Isaac never Married at all, so all the Darkside has to show for its Linage is a Race of Dumb'd Down Treasonous Traitors that Lie about everything, including their own Constitution, just so they could Feel better about Selling Jesus out for Money, just because none of yew like to be called Judas, even though yew Know its the Truth, yew Sold Jesus out for Money, yew Denied him 3 Times, and allowed him to be Murdered for Yewer Sin of Lying and use of Money, does that about Sum it up or do I need to keep adding things up for yew that are in the Dark... So in the Trinary Universe, we know all this, we do not need to hash it out or talk about it, we know we can make it the past, we can Ignore that Path, and make new Roads, we can Build Sanctuary and Start a New Life, so its here that we Continue this Quest, not into Talking about the Darkside and Darkside ways, but to talk about the Lightside, and only the Lightsides ways, but this is done through Incarnation, and the Letter C is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and means Creation, so we are talking about God here, so it is the Light, and its why you must Understand how the Trinary Universe Works in order to Use its Cell Phone, because that Technology is Built into yew at the Cellular Level, God is Talking to yew using this Device, so it really is just that Simple, but the Darkside wants yew to believe that its Dark Magic, or some other None Sense, and why they have made up all these Stories to Discredit the Wizards in the Past... because all the Wizards have told yew the Same thing, yet yew act like yew never heard any of this Before, and its because the Darkside Hunted down and Murdered all the Wizards and Witches in this World... Its Clear that this Story is Older then the Bible itself, and in fact is just Stories passed down from 1 Generation to the Next, and its like the Wizards are telling people to Wake Up, its like they are asleep instead of just being a Sheep, but in the Trinary Universe, only the People in the Light understand what is going on.

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I view the Darkside as Ignorant Animals I call Sheep, because they believe they are that Animal, they Believe that Freewill is a Good Thing, because it allows them to Lie to themselves as well as Others, and they view this as Gods Right to Lie, so they can do Evil things like Use Money, and go along with all the Lies that Society holds on to, like the Constitution for one thing, and then the Insanity of Society does not occur to them, because they have been Dumb'd down to the Darksides ways, the Darkside did this in Mid Evil Times with Torture, and now that Torture is Back, the Darkside is out of the Closet, then the Darkside passes Laws that Everyone has to be Vaccinated, so they Can Dumb yew Down from Birth, and Make yew Dumber with each Shot yew get, and yew have already had so many Shots that yew are Full of Dumb, but yew do not Believe the Vaccines make yew Dumb because yew Trust Doctors, because they have a BS in BS, and yew Believe that Doctors are Better then God, because God Can not Help yew, only a Doctor Can, and yew have to have a License to be a Doctor, so its the Law... So that makes it Legal and the way the Darkside sees everything, which is why I call them Stupid, knowing how they hate to be Called Stupid, its really just Counter Productive to Teach Sheep this Way, but they get Bored easy and have very short Attention Span, and a very Limited Vocabulary of Words, and those Words have many different Meanings, and at least 16 different Definitions and Languages not to mention Cultures, so in reality the Darkside has no sense of itself, it has no way of knowing what the Truth is, it has no way of knowing what anything says, because words have way to many meanings, because its own Government Lies to them, and they are suppose to be the Government, but that is why they know the Government Lies, because they Lie and they are in the Government, so the Darkside is the Very Definition of Insanity, knowing that it can never know the truth, because it Lies to itself, but IAM just the Dog, which is why I say Sheep are just Stupid Animals.

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His Story about IAM is about I And Me, and its this Very Definition that Confuses most people, because they are told to say this into a Mirror, but Yew Look into the Mirror and only see yew, yew know its just Me, but we have learned this Lesson before, but I have a feeling that yew do not get it still... IAM telling His Story from MI point of view, which is not in the Light, but rather in the White part of the Light, its still a Shade of Grey, but its not all Light with No Darkness in it, so its the Lightside, so its Void of Emotions, and yew only think with Logic, so Simple Concepts about Emotions do not Interest yew, in fact yew try to avoid them, because once yew start to Feel Emotions, then yew Start to go back towards the Darkness, and if yew Go Deep enough into the Darkness, yew will forget about the Light, yet yew believe yew are the Same Person, which is just as Crazy as believing yew have Multiple Personalities, because that is not it at all, most people never wonder what side they are on, most of yew do not even believe there is a side to be on, like the Dark and the Light are the Same, or that they are only in the Dark when they do Bad things, which really has nothing to do with what side yew are on, because that is that Black and White Mentality yew have, because the side yew are on is always in Shades of Grey, because once yew know about the Light, then yew know that IAM talking about the time yewer Little Voice in yewer Head is Quiet, once it starts talking yew are back in the Dark, that is basically it, nothing more Profound then that, but this Lesson is not Over yet, because each Step goes Round and Round, because that is what yewer Beliefs do, so the Lessons adapt to the Stages of Denial People go through, when they do not see the Light, that is they can not get that Little Voice to Shut up long enough to notice anything different, and only notice how Noisy the World actually is, because they never experience that Moment of Clarity feeling when that Happens, because they think it should be as Strong as an Organism, and last Hours on end, so they are mostly just disappointed in this whole Lightside vs Darkside behavior, because lets face it, people want instant Gratification, they think that the Lightside is like Talking to God, so it should be like having Sex, but this is called Mental Masturbation, because yew are God, its not like God is an Individual Entity, as if the Energy of God is Stored inside our Flesh, and Draining it from the Flesh would Kill that Person, because this Energy Flows through the Universe as 1 Energy Source, so this Energy Flows through yew like X-Rays, so its constantly recharging yewer batteries, so when yew Die, this Energy does not Dissipate into the Air like Vapor, or Radio Waves, although if yew measure for these things yew will find that yew body goes through physical changes at the time of death, but that is caused by all the Energy in all the Muscles being released at the same time, but its more of a Physical Reaction they a Spiritual one, which is what we are talking about, our Soul... So its not Really a Ghost, although that is the Way we view it, but the Reality of viewing this from the Subatomic Level, we are talking about Gods Particle here, so it has No Matter, it can only bind things together to make mass, but has no Mass of its own, its not always in our Dimension all the time, so our link to it is very fragile, the line between being alive or being dead are very fine, its not measured by how long we stopped breathing or how long since our heart stopped, because that varies to much to be of any use in determining the Difference, but its clear that once the Light stops Communicating with the Cells in the Body, there is nothing yew can do to bring Life back to that Body, and this is Proof that the Lightside Exist, and yew do not have to Die to Communicate with it.

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The Lightside knows that when the Body Dies that I never Dies, so its only the Meat, which was short for Me, that Dies, so yew can Kill Me, but I never Die, so its the Energy that was in that Person that Stops Generating, meaning that our Bodies are Electrical Generators, it Generates about 100 Watts of power and hour, which is enough to maintain our body temperature at close to 100 Degrees Fahrenheit, this is done through a complex Bioelectric process, that stops the second yew Die, but that Light that was what we Call Life, was just a Spark of Light that was Created at the Moment of Conception, and the Universe keep that Spark Burning for as long as that person was alive, so now yew ask where is that Spark, and the answer is simple, its that Light that goes out in yew when die, so it was in yewer 3rd I.

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People believe that the Universe is Complicated, when it really is Simple, but my explanation is anything but simple, to some people, while others find it too Simplistic, and want to know more about the Nuts and Bolts of the Universe itself, because His Story is about more then just IAM, but how IAM is able to run the Whole Universe, and still have time to Run MI Life, because at the Cellular Level, God is the Cellular Engines that keep our Generators Running, and as long as that Spark is Burning, that Generator will keep running, and for most this Explanation is enough, but the Science of the Light Wizzard will fully explain this Process, and I can keep this Series Simple and to the Point, because each Series in the Light Wizzard deals with Different aspects of the Light, not only the Story of IAM, which is the Story about how I And Me Communicates with each other, but from the Viewpoint of the Universe, the Different Dimensions, and the others, which is why I have 13 Series, because each viewpoint is Different, in Science I talk about how IAM works at the Subatomic Level, with a few Observations about how I And Me interact, and only viewing it from a purely Scientific viewpoint, whereas in the IAM series I talk about the whole History of IAM, from its beginning in the Bible, since its Clear this is the Same Story in the Bible, and knowing this now, yew might look back at past lessons, and now finally understand why I said I was a Descendant of all these Famous People, only to figure out that they too were telling the same Story, so this really is an Old Story, even though I have changed a lot of the Details, because I tell it from a Different Viewpoint, whereas the Bible was Written for the Darkside, and only tells the Story about the Jews, because according to the Bible, there are no Pure Blood Races, only the Mixed race of Adam and Eve, so we all know that Adam had 3 Wives, and that Abel did not have Curly Black Hair like his Brothers Cain and Seth, so the Complexities of the Bible come out in His Story, but His Story is not about Religion, but its about the Bible, and the two are not the Same, the Bible was a book written by Man, and there have been many over the Years, and not all of them have the same meaning in them, they have been Translated and Rewritten, until the Original does not even look like the version we have now, so we have to Jump around time and tell His Story in a way that its not overly Complicated, because what I have to say is really Simple.

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People view God the way they were taught to view God, most never move passed that, and everyone has had a Traumatic experiences in their life, that changed the way they View God, we all have reasons for the way we view God, and some of us Believe that God does not Exist at all, but in Science, Gods Particle Exist, and that is what I defined as God, so IAM only talking about this God, and not how People believe God is in the Bible, because that God is not very well Defined because its the Darkside telling the Story, and means many things to many different People, and I never want to compare Gods, or tell people this is even the Same God that is in their Bible, because People are Crazy, they will Kill yew for saying things about their God, and that is a Place IAM not willing to go, no Reason too, so I stay out of Religion, just like Jesus and Isaac, I do not believe in Religion, and its a fact that neither one of these Men did either, in fact Isaac spook up against the Church for turning the Son of God into a Deity, and the Belief of any Deity is something that the Light Wizzards stays away from, yew will find no mentioning of Worshiping Deities here... Which is why I call God the Light Wizzard, the Dark Wizzard, and even the Grey Wizzard, but I never refer to God as a Deity, which is the Viewpoint of the Darkside.

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Any time I talk about Religion it starts an Argument, and I do not like Arguing all that much, in fact I do not like any Darkside Emotional Outburst, even though I will have a tendency towards Tourette Syndrome, and start yelling out what IAM thinking, using very Strong Words, and Scaring most people, who tend to think its just my PTSD getting out of hand, so to talk about Religion is counterproductive, Its much Simpler to say Light Wizzard then the short term God, it has a whole Lot less baggage attached to it, and lets face it, I proved that Jesus and Moses were Wizards, so it would make more Sense to call them that, if it was not for Religion, because the Church Hated Wizards and Witches to Death, so why would it Hide this fact in Plain Sight? Because its just like the Story of Jesus, in Reality there is only 1 Jesus in the Bible, yet most People think that Barabbas is another Man, even though the Name means the Son of the Father, and has a whole verse on how the Roman Empire was going to let 1 of them Go, and Execute the Other, even though Roman History states they executed Jesus Bar Abbas for not paying his taxes, and Sharing his Wife to be with the Governor, so History sucks so lets make up a Lie so we feel better, so Judas Sold Jesus out for Money, the Same Money Jesus owed in Taxes, and the Reason he was Executed, so History and the Bible do not Match, and its because the System of Government that the Roman Empire used, which is the New World Order all over again, and why the Story reads the way it does, to hide the Truth, it was yewer Sin that Killed Jesus, and that Sin was Money, just look a U.S. Dollar Bill and ask yewerselves what is up with all the Symbols, Yew have the Pyramid with 13 Steps and the Eye of Horas, which represents the 3rd I, with the Words In God We Trust, yet we claim to have Separation between Region and State, so clearly we are talking about the same Story here.

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A modern day version of the Story of Jesus, is the Story of IAM, where I is the Light of God, and Me is Jeffrey Scott in the Flesher, and its told from the Viewpoint of the Light Wizzard, who is the Scientifically Proven God in the Trinary Universe, this Wizard tells yew His Story about the Universe, and how the Universe actually works and proves it Scientifically, this Wizard tells yew that its Emotions that make yew Evil, and that Money is the Root of All Evil, and that yew will Sell Me out for Money, and that yew will Deny Me 3 times, this Wizard told yew that he Descended from the Blood line of Adam and Mary, instead of Adam and Eve, so there are a few Corrections to the Actual History, because Jesus was an Ashkenazic Jew and not a Sephardic Jew, and then this Wizard Ascended as a Dog, which always seems to Confuse People, and Only because they believe Humans are a Higher form of Life, but this Wizard teaches that Loving each other to death makes no sense, so this Wizard teaches yew that to get to the Light, yew must let go of all yewer Emotions... But if yew do that, yew would not need Money anymore, and the Darkside can not have that, so yewer Darkside Fights against the Lightside, and why most of yew can not see the Light... And in at the End of the Era, this Wizard is telling yew that he is the Resurrection of 3 Wizards, so not only is this a Story about Jesus Bar Abbas, but Sir William Wallace and Sir Isaac Newton as well... Making this the Greatest Story ever told.

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At this Point in His Story, yew believe this can not be true, because yew are Female Sheep, but You on the Other hand, and People who are just like Me, and know that IAM is a Scientific Fact of Life, so all this Talk about Yew is just pushing off the Darksides Viewpoint, so that I can keep track of who IAM Talking to, because if yew do not believe the things I claim are true, then yew never bothered to check the facts with Reality, because that is where it matters, and where my Logic is infallible, because at the Subatomic level this is all Scientifically Provable, because regardless of what yew think these other stories are about, it does not change what this story is about, and lets face it resurrection is the oldest game in town, since yew can not be born without it, resurrection means to Light that Spark of Life known as a Soul, and the DNA will take over and yew can call on any Descendant yew have to pull from, and that is a Choice, its Freewill, and if yew think about it Logically yew would know that is the truth.

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I look up at the Same Sky Most of yew look up to, but I see everything that the Light Wizzards have Created, and I can imagine that life goes on just like it does on Earth, every world different then the next, but with more similarities then Difference, but I have many Dreams about these places, as I do about this Planet over many Iterations, so this Wizard has a Lot of Stories to tell, and its all from the Viewpoint of the Lightside, so it all comes down to how much time I have left to tell these Stories, and I view that Time as Limited, I have no reason to believe that the End of the Era will mean that it will kill Me, this was not suppose to be my fate, the End of the Era is just the beginning of the Next one, so Time Goes on, and so does life, but a Change must come with this new Era, and that Change is Sanctuary, its a Change that will do this World a lot of Good, it does not Destroy the Darkside, it simple Exist knowing it Exist, and that has always been the Balance that was missing from this World, Sanctuary is about Life, its not about Religion or a way of Life, its not about any form of Government, its simple a Lack of it, since to Govern something means to hold it back, Sanctuary can not be held back, so its a Project ran by every Individual in it as a Whole, and has to work as a Unit, as such its roles are very defined, and everyone knows actually what to do, this is accomplish by using a Wizard to show Step by Step Instructions, similar to Military Technical Orders, to define every task required to Build and Maintain Sanctuary, so that one day we can look up to the Sky and See Sanctuary, and know that the Lightside has some place to live, instead of the Darkside Murdering all those that are in the Light, just so they could Control yew, and use yew as Slaves, because Life is not worth living as a Slave, and as Long as the Banks own yew and everything around yew, then yew are a Slave and there is No Denying that.

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I told yew about MI Darkside, about how when I was young I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, so that leaves me with very limited options on how to interact with People who Consider themselves as Normal, I say this because yew believe that this makes me Inferior to yew, as if I can not think as Clearly as yew, or that I am Retarded, because I have some Neurological Conditions that make me Different then most people, but the Truth is that this Condition is actually Normal for all my Grand Fathers before me, it seems this has run in our Family all the Way back to Adam himself, so from my Point of View, its yew who are not Normal, because I think like most Ashkenazic Jews do, because we all have some Neurological Conditions to deal with, and I had to learn to Act like Yew to fit in, which is why I know so much about yew, how yew Think, how yew React, how yew use Emotions to talk, and Gesture, how yew use Eye Contact like yew are a Predator, and Address People, just so I could mimic yew, and be just like yew, so IAM a Jew just like yew, so this Disadvantage became and Advantage, because it created Challenges that I had to over come in my life, so I held on to Dreams I had as a Child, I deal with things the Way that I did as a Child, I never abandon that Child for the idea of Growing up, because if that Meant Believing that the Light Wizzards were not Real, then I simply refused to Grow up, so IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh... and that is the Only Reason I know the Things I do, because yew will have to admit that I am the Either the Smartest Person in the World, for coming up with a Unified Concept covering the whole Universe, which Accurately Predicts Celestial Objects using Newtonian Math, and Fully Explains how Gravity Works with the Concept of the Trinary Engine, a concept that Can Not be Logically Disproved, when it covers such a vast concept as Trinary Energy, which Proves Scientifically how the Universe works at the Subatomic Level, is far to large of a Subject to make up, let alone prove... Or yew could say it was a Lucky Guess, which is the same as Denying anyone can be that Smart... But the Alternative would be that IAM who I said IAM, and the Universe really is this Simple.

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If I wanted to make up a Story, I think I could have done better then this... Because in the Light, Proof is the First Consideration, in the Dark, BS will work as Proof, because lets face it, these are all just Words, and Words never Prove anything, but then yew remember what IAM saying I Proved, which is that IAM God, and yew remember You are God too, so yew would think this was a Good Discovery, but Sheeple, who I refer to as yew, do not Believe this, because God is a Deity to yew, but to Me a Deity is the Same as a Fairy Tale, and this coming from a Wizard is a Little much more then yew can Handle... So I did not want to disappoint yew, so I have plenty more Stores to tell yew, and I will make sure each is more defining then the next, so deeper into the Light we Go, till we find out what this Light is all about, why did God make it so Hard for the Darkside to Communicate with, and why the Light Wizard teaches yew such Easy Methods of Communicating with the Light, but yew can never quiet that little voice in yewer head long enough to listen, because yew can not let go of all yewer Darkness, which yew know are just Emotions, and a Life Style where yew are Slaves to Money, and only view this World from the viewpoint of the Dark, and not the Dark Wizzard, or from the Viewpoint of the Light Wizzard, So the Story is about Sanctuary, because it really is the Last Chance for Salvation, its a Place that People Build from the Ground Up, with No Money, and its going to be 66 Miles Tale, so This Story is Great, it tells how Mankind Survived a 1,000 Year Ice Age, and how it took 3,000 Years for the Earth to renew itself after thawing out, and all the Life coming back to Life, because this is the Story of IAM, and I will make it up as we go along, so this is the Quest IAM on.

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Yew all use Humor to Lighten a Situation, and IAM no different, I had to learn Humor to Blend in, because my Lightside only wants to say one thing to the Darkside, and that is just to LevI, most people do not understand what it Means to Shit their Pants, because not to many people have ever been in a Dangerous enough Situation that they actually Shat their Pants, and the Word PTSD that people like Me get tagged with, has no meaning to yew, other then yew might understand how its possible, but given how my Brian Works anyway, Humor is a very Strange Concept, because I use words to define things, and those Words I call Spells, because IAM a Wizard, in the True Sense of the Word, I remember a Halloween Party when I was around 18, I always dress up as a Wizard for Halloween, but that year a friend came with all her Biker Buddies, and they dressed like they always do, and at the end of the Party they Voted her as the Best Custom, she Looked at me with a Hurt Feeling and said, this is not a Custom, this is who IAM, and I looked at here and grabbed her with both hands on her shoulder, and said to her, that's why I dressed as a Wizard, that is who IAM, and why everyone Dressed up the Way they did, because that is who they are, the Contest is not about who could make up the best Fantasy Character, but in the Spirit of Halloween, which believe it or not is Celebrated by Wizards and Witches, and they always Dressed up the way they Really are, and all we are saying is that yew did the best job of Portraying yewerself, in other words, we get yew and we think its Great, but she took it as an Insult... but then again she never pegged me as a Biker, just because I rode a Motorcycle does not make me a Biker, any more then Me Riding a Horse made me a Cowboy, I normally dressed in T-Shirts, Blue Jeans, Boots and a Hat, with No Logo's, so when the Bikers Started looking at me as if I offended all of them, I had to remind them that this was suppose to be Fun, it was a Party, Everyone had a Chance to Vote by Dropping a Name in a Hat, and her Name Won, get over it, no one voted for her to make her Unhappy, and they never could have meant to Insult her because we are her Friends... But it proves something about what I learned about yew, is that yew do not understand our ways, our Customs, our Rituals, Halloween is just a Joke to yew, because all yew know is the Darksides Lies about everything, and why I find this so funny, its because no one ever pegs me for a Wizard, so most people think I do it to be Humorous, when in Fact IAM Serious, and that is Funny, I do not care who yew are... But most of yew will not see the Humor in that... Sarcasm is a form of Humor I use a Lot, in the Lightside I tend to start more fights, then I do while IAM in the Darkside, and its because I react to threats immediately, and as soon as I start talking the Darkside comes out of hiding, and nothing but Shit comes out of Me, so its like I Shat my Pants, and only I had Diarrhea coming out my Mouth, so as it turns out IAM never Nice, so why Pretend, I will never like Yew, and most of yew will never see the Humor in that.

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We all have Roads we have taken in our Life, most of them had Cross Roads, and that is what we have come to now, it seems that the Year 2014, is nothing more then a New Era, besides the Hype about how the End of the World is Here, a New Day will Still Dawn... But the Fact remains, something is about to Change, and its the Ice Age, but that threat is a Slow but Constant Threat, because how do yew Prepare for a Winter that will last 3,000 Years, when yew are not ready for a 1 day power outage, and yew may believe the Main Stream Media's Lies about how the Ice Age is not Coming, but in 333 Years, the truth will be very Obvious, and that time is all that stands as proof that this will happen, because nothing anyone says will change this fact, either it happens or its a Trigger to happen, meaning that the Comet, if that is what yew want to call Yahweh, hits the Earth this time... No two ways about it, that is what the Message is, and its the Only Message I really needed to tell yew, the Rest of His Story is explaining why and how I know this, and how yew can survive this... So its at this Cross Road that yew need to look at, what do yew do with yewer Life after Knowing that this will come true, in fact seeing the Evidence yew will have to conclude it is more Likely that it will happen, then it would be for it not to happen... So what do yew do? Do yew go back to work, and pay down some bills and get caught up on yewer Taxes before Tax day, or do yew Own up to all this Shit the Darkside Created with their Laws and other BS, just to Scam yew out of yewer Life or Soul, just to be Slaves for the Scam they Call Money... Or do yew Turn Right and Follow the Road to Sanctuary?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-P-IAM-28

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No 1 wants to believe that the Ice Age could come, even though Scientist tell yew we are over due for one, because No 1 knows how to Survive an Ice Age, because No 1 Knows how we Survived the Last one... But Sanctuary solves that Problem.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-P-IAM-29

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I wanted to tell the People of this World that I never Left, IAM reborn into Each 1 of yew, and regardless of if yew believe this, because IAM the Light, and I see No Future in the Darkside, because they will Deny the Ice Age is coming until its too late to do anything about it, because they themselves have used all yewer Money to build Underground Cities to Survive this Event that is about to take place, and they have not even told yew about it, because they know yew will panic, they know yew will Riot and Start a Civil War, so why would they want to tell yew.

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We all have our Dreams, and some of us follow our Dreams, but most of us regret not following our Dreams, but most of us would not want to Dream about a 1,000 year Ice Age, that would take the Earth 3,000 years to recover from, but its a Possibility we need to Dream about, because all Dreams can come true, and this Dream is in my Mind, and its not a bad Dream at all, because in my Dream, we Survive this Winter in Sanctuary.

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At the DNA Level all our Memory is encoded, not only our Instincts, but our Emotions, Thoughts, and Feelings, so we are DNA based Machines, the Light Wizzards are Running a Program, they are the Programmers as well as the Program itself, so all our Experiences are stored here also, we pass this Knowledge on to our Descendants, A War is Raging inside our Bodies as the Darkside tries to Take over, it starts with a Thought that Triggers and Emotion, which suppresses our Immune System, allowing the Darkside to Enter into our Bodies, they come in the Form of a Virus, because that is what the Darkside is, so yewer body alerts yew to this Invasion, it might be that yew do not feel good: a stuffy nose, congestion in the head, a cough, and only yewer body can fight this off, but yew do not let it, yew run to the Darkside Doctors and they Sell yew Drugs, so they give yew a Shoot, and yew take their Drugs, and now yewer Body has more things to fight off, but yew figure Antibiotics will Kill anything, so yew Take them, and sometimes it works, while Others it starts a Process known as Cancer, this Process does not need Antibiotics to start the Process, any number of Chemical or Biological pathogens can start it, and it can start in any part of the body, and yewer body is the Only Defense yewer Body has, yet the Darkside Doctors believe that they know more then God, so they Pump yew full of Contamination, they Poison yew and yew wonder why yew are getting Sicker instead of better, but yew do not Clean up yewer Body, yew take Polluting it to the next level, and it will take a Miracle to save yewer life now, but that Miracle is God and yew stopped Believing in God years ago, so yew cannot save yewerself, because yew know that yew are God, and God Helps those that Help themselves, and that is Written into MI DNA.

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The Truth is in yewer DNA, and it takes 3 Generations to get there, so start teaching yewer Children the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, and in the next 3 Generations, everyone will know the Truth. People are slow to Change their ways, new Ideas take Generations to be Accepted, only we do not have Generations to Learn these New Ideas, so as Jesus said: yew must have Faith that the Light Exist, because its this Light that keeps us Healthy starting at the Cellular Level, and the Darkside infects yew with Disease: Viruses, and Chemical or Biological pathogens. The Darkside is a Virus, it knows that to defeat yewer Immune System, it must Create Emotions or Fear, so it uses Love and Hate to Weaken yewer Immune System, and it talks to yewer Darkside and teaches it to Reward this behavior, so the Use of Money causes Stress, and the Darkside Lives on Stress, so the Virus Thrives in yewer System as it spreads its Disease, so Drugs are invented by Mankind with the Promise to Cure this Disease, at the Cost of yewer Soul... So there is no Denying it, the Darkside is in fact Creating the Disease, and not the Light Wizzard or God, but the Hands of Humans who do not Believe in God, so its at the Hand of Satan, the Devil, which is just the word Evil with the Big D for Disease in front of it, so at every Level the ill effects of the Darkside can be Scientifically Proven, we can Trace all Disease back to the Darkside, through Drugs and Chemicals they use in our Food, Water and Air Supply, the Darkside is Responsible for all Disease, and the Darkside has Created Laws that Make it Legal to Kill yew with these Drugs and Chemicals, and Yew do nothing about it, yew Allow this Treason to Take Place, yew Barry yewer Dead and Believe the Lies that the Darkside Doctors tell yew, it makes no Difference if they Believe this Lies to be True, because only the Light Knows the Truth.

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Think of the Universe at the Subatomic Level, Imagine one Trinary Molecule, which is like yew are to the Universe, 1 self contained Molecule that has Intelligence's, so its Bright, as if yew could see it like it was just one Atom, like the Snow or White Noise in my Crystal Ball, each of which is controlling every Atom in the Universe at the same time, remember yewer Memories are also Stored in this Universe at the Subatomic Level, so God knows everything that everyone knows, and is also the only reason they could have had the Memories in the First Place, and is talking to everything in the Universe, so they know what Gods Thinking also... Since Everything is God... And God has a Master Plan, its to Create a Perfect Universe, and to do this, God needs Yew to listen to him, because yew should be doing Gods work, which is to make a Perfect Universe, and that means yew have to Build in a way that Helps the Planet to stay in Balance, and keep it Clean, and to Live in Harmony, and yew can not allow anyone to do otherwise, because if one person Pollutes the Earth, it effects Everyone on the Planet, and Future Generations, so yew have to Build Sanctuary for all, then yew have to maintain yewer Immune System by Ridding it of Disease: Viruses, Parasites, and other Chemical and Biological Pathogens... So Money most go, since its the Root of all this Evil, and the Rest of the Drama will fade away, and then let Nature have the Rest of the World to keep Balance, and once yew do this yew can Say...
IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between,
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.


Chapter 0.10: IAM Step 4


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 4
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-G-IAM-01

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM an Aspie in Step 4, from the viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can understand.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-G-IAM-02

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Like I said, the First 3 Steps are Free, but this one is going to cost yew... The Lightside is how most People with Asperger Syndrome or Aspies think, whereas most Neurotypicals or Normal People, think in the Darkside, which is why Jesus said that yew most have Faith that the Light Exist, because if yew are in the Dark, yew can not see the Light, and Sir Isaac Newton Proved that, so Most Aspies are Wizards and Witches, even if they do not know it.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-G-IAM-03

Scene 00-04-G-IAM-03 Full Size

Everyone knows that Aspies have been the only truly Intelligent People ever born, yet most Neurotypicals believe they are Smarter and Better then us, when their own Science about us proves that if you compare our Brains to yewers, yew will find that its like comparing a Single Processor Computer with no Internet access, to a Main Frame with full Intranet connections to more Main Frames, so we think more then yew do in 1 Second then yew do in a Year, and its why all the Truly Gifted People in this World have all Been Aspies, and the Reason why yew may not know this, is because they have had to Hide it from yew, and yew wonder why, when yewer own History Proves yew Hunt us Down, maybe Burning us at the Stack only takes place behind the Scenes now a days, but the Mental Prisons yew Lock us up in are not, nor is the Prejudices that yew have towards us, because even after yew find out we are Aspies, yew just treat us like we are the ones who are Stupid, so we are Intelligent enough to fool yew into believing we are Normal, just so yew will not treat us like Retards for being Intelligent.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-G-IAM-04

Scene 00-04-G-IAM-04 Full Size

In my Lifetime, some of my so called Friends and even my Family, have reacted with Prejudice when I told them I was an Ashkenazic Jew, saying things like I am a Jew Coming out of the Closet, and that is normally the end of that Friendship, and Strains the Family Connection, which is why I had learned to not tell People this information if I wanted to be Friends with them... But if that did not scare them off, telling them I am an Ashkenazic Jew with Asperger Syndrome did, but I can diagnose someone as an Aspie, and can normally tell when they are not, but most Neurotypicals will never figure it out, so why tell them, it only confuses them, and as a result I do not have any real Friends, but lets face it, it meant a whole lot more then that, it meant that I could never have a Normal Life, or get a Normal Job, or ever be treated for Who IAM, and not like a Neurotypical believes I should be treated.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-G-IAM-05

Scene 00-04-G-IAM-05 Full Size

Not all Aspies are the same, nor are all Neurotypicals, some are suited better for some task then others, for me the Military was the Perfect job, I Love the Military Life Style, it has Structure, Discipline and Consistency, I always knew what I was doing, because I was trained to do it, I had Tech Data to follow, Orders to follow, and my Job Required Intelligent Logical Thinking, not only that but the Members, both Officer and Enlisted, are normally open minded, not as Prejudice as in the Civilian Sector, and the Military has more Aspies working for them then they know about, don't ask, don't tell was the Policy, because if it was not a Problem then do not make it one, and it was never a Problem with Me, I never had a Melt Down on the Job ever, and my Social Skills were great in this Environment, because of the way the Military Operates, I never get Conflicting Orders, I was trained how to act and behave, and I always knew how to do my Job, and always did it well, in fact I excelled at it, as did other Aspies in the Military.

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In 1990 after getting a series of Vaccines in Preparation for the Gulf War, I got sick from the Shots, this was obvious to me immediately, and gets worse everyday, because the Damage it caused was at the DNA Level, and that Damage appears to be Permanent, and has caused a lot of Disease in me as a result, but at the time, very few people knew what had happen to them, the Government Denied it happened until very Recently, so I got use to People calling me a Liar when I told them I had Gulf War Syndrome, but after 13 years of Service the Military Retired me anyway, and all efforts to work in the Civilian Sector became impossible for me... The environment even in Government Jobs were nothing like the Military, lets face it, nothing Compares to the Military Job wise, so I never fit into Normal Society, orders contradicted other Orders, People tended to be more Prejudice, less Tolerant, which made it impossible for me deal with them on any level, so ultimately the Disease the Vaccines caused, made it impossible for me to Function normally in Society... So as a result of this Disease, it brought out my Darkside.

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Most Neurotypicals will never understand what it means to be an Aspie, and there are tons of Videos on Yew-Tube that explain it in their own way, but this was my way of Explaining it, which is the way I view it, from the Viewpoint of the Wizard that is Me... But this way confuses Neurotypicals, they watch the First Video and tell me all kinds of Conflicting information, like I called them Stupid, when in Fact I said Yew (Spelled YEW), which are Female Sheep, Stupid, but because only Aspies take what you actually said Literally, this does not register with most Neurotypicals, and they think we have no Sense of Humor, Emotions or Feelings, when in fact we have just as many Emotions and Feelings as yew do, but we do not Like them, they very seldom make us Feel good, they confuse us because they do not Compute, because Love and Hate are the Same Emotion, only on different Levels, Love is White, and Hate is Black, and we only view the World in Black and White, and very seldom in Shades of Grey, which is why when people tell us Jokes, and we do not Laugh at them, its not because we did not get the Joke, its because we Forgot to Laugh, because this a very Strange Ritual only Neurotypicals seem to display, and lets face it, the first time we heard that Joke we may have Laughed, but all your jokes are the same variation of Humor, we get one of yewer Jokes we get them All, and they stop being Funny enough to even Laugh at... But Neurotypicals think its Rude not to Laugh at their Jokes, in fact they are Offended... So if I forgot to Laugh at yewer Jokes I am Sorry, but remember that IAM an Aspie, I find no reason to preform some Ritual as Laughing at a Joke, that did not involve that Emotion to Laugh Autonomically, or Spontaneously, so we do not have that awkward moment of Silence between the time we realized that yew told a Joke, and we Remembered that to act like a Neurotypical, we must Laugh at it, but that delay makes yew think we are just slow at getting Jokes, thus we must be Stupid, or Slow, when the fact is that we were still calculating how many permutations this Joke can take that might be Funny or at least Funnier, and why Neurotypicals do not understand what it means to be an Aspie.

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Most Aspies have a narrow range of Interest, mine happens to be the Universe, the same can be said of Sir Isaac Newton, so we both Obsessed on the Universe and how it works, and one thing that we both Obsessed over was the Bible, and what Jesus had said, which was not in terms of Words, but Logic... In the Beginning there was Light, then the Darkness, and God is the Light with No Darkness in it, and there can be no Light Without the Darkness... Neurotypicals have no idea what this means, they prove that time and again with their Interpretation of it, but Isaac Wrote a whole Book on it, its Famous, but few Neurotypicals understand it, or anything that Newton, or Jesus said... Scientist have found Gods Particle, but fail to see the connection... Its the Light. Isaac stated the Force in all his Equations are God, and that God is the Light... But normally only Aspies see this, and Neurotypicals may understand it, but they do not see it, because as an Aspies who Obsess over it, because I can see it, and I want to Prove to the Neurotypicals that the Light Exist, but that is just my Narrow View of Interest.

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As an Aspie I must admit that I always see Doom, but the Bible Predicted Doom, and Isaac Calculated that year to be 2060, so he saw Doom and found it has a Value to it... And he also Calculated that a Commit with a 333 year cycle would appear in 2013, causing the start of an Ice Age, and that in 2046, or 666 years from 1680 when he calculated it, this Commit would hit Earth... So yew must wonder why it was destroyed after one prediction but before the other? The Darkside is the Answer... Neurotypicals believe in Money, not in God, even though the Money has In God we Trust Engraven on it, and its this Money that will Destroy this World, not God... Once the Bankruptcy is Clear, and the Banks New World Order takes over, Greed will Destroy this World, War will Destroy it, that is the Darkside, and what I call Doom, and its what the Bible Predicted and why. Sir Isaac Newton Predicted when Doom would Destroy the World according to the Bible, so how did the Bible know this? How did the Bible know that the Darkness was in the Light? Its like asking how did Nostradamus make all those Predictions... He was an Aspie, and could see the Light, and its how Newton saw Doom, as well as myself, and why the Bible Predicted Doom, it was written by Aspies.

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Throughout time, Aspies have been telling yew things that yew do not understand, Aspies like: Sir William Wallace, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin: Who told yew Freedom is worth Fighting for, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei and Sir Isaac Newton: told yew how the Universe works, and Mozart told yew how it Sounds, and authors like Aristotle, Shakespeare, and J. R. R. Tolkien, told yew how the Darkside behaves, but very few Neurotypicals understand it, because the Darkside always hides the truth... Tolkien wrote a Story about a Gold Ring, which Represents Money, and if some one did not Fight against the Evil that Money can Do, all would be lost for Mankind, its a Story about how the King would not take the Gold from the Person who swore would Destroy it, after the Great War it Caused, and throw it back into the Fire from which it came, it took Gollum, meaning Gullible, who bit off the Finger that Hid it, and Samwise Gamgee, Meaning Same Wise Game, who then Destroyed it, as the King could not, but the Movie Proved that its all about Money, by changing the End of the Story to hide its meaning, Dishonoring the Author in the Process, and why Neurotypicals never get the Stories Aspies tell.

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When Sir Isaac Newton was young, his Grandparents passed down a book to him, I would imagine it was the same book I was given, which was transcribed and translated more than once, as was the Bible itself, but it told about a Wizard that would lead mankind out of Darkness and into the Light, Jesus said that this man was coming also, he said his name was going to be Flesh, but this man was just a Messenger, nothing more, and the Message was written in the Book... Build Sanctuary for all Life to Live... So Newton Obsessed over this for years, in his Quest it lead him to Build a Telescope, and Create Mathematics that would change the world we live in forever... Yet his Message was Lost over time, and his work was never understood by Neurotypicals, and it was handed down to me, and now I must be this Man that tells this Message, just like the Bible said I would... But Neurotypicals will never Believe this, because they can not See the Light... So this Book and this Message rest in my Ability to get Neurotypicals to believe it... The Fate of all Mankind rest on Me, the Flesh, to deliver this Message, in a way that yew would know its the Truth and Believe it... What else can I say but Wow... Why Me?

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One does not choose their Destiny, anymore then one can Create their Fate, but the logic of that eludes most Neurotypicals... and its Impossible to talk about the Bible or Jesus to Religious people, because they only believe in Deities, which is a nicer word then Fairy Tell, but not as descriptive, because most Neurotypicals believe in Miracles, whereas most Aspies only believe in what is Real... which is what Isaac said is Scientific Proof that God Exist, and why he went to so much trouble to bring yew a Message knowing yew will never understand it... Isaac knew that the only way Jesus would return in the Flesh, was to make sure someone was born in this Time Line, that Understood that they would have to be the Flesh, so My Grandfathers went to Isaac to collect his work, so it could be taken to the New World, as he put it, so that this Person Jesus Refereed to would be born into the Flesh, so my Grandfathers promised Isaac that they would name the First born that would pass this message down, after him, and Isaac Liked this idea, because he figured it would help the Neurotypicals to believe in this Person, but so far it has not helped, because Neurotypicals only see the Darkness, and can not understand that Jesus was creating a Plan, and not a Prophecy, and that Plan was for the Flesh, which is Meat or short for Me, would deliver this Plan to yew... So it was my Destiny, and this was my Fate.

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If I had the Material and Equipment to build the Staff of Power, I could prove to the Neurotypicals that its not Magic, but Technology... Someone on this Planet has the Staff of Power, because it was handed down from Adam, to Moses, then Jesus, so where is it now? The Powers that be might know, but they will never tell yew, they only want to control yew, yew are Slaves to them, nothing more, because they do not Like Yew, because they know how Stupid yew are, and know that yew would never understand it, because yew do not have the Mental Capacity to understand anything that is the slightly bit Complex, so they know that even if they try, it will not matter, because yew can never see the Light, and never will... Only the Wizards can see the Light, and only a Wizard knows how to use the Staff of Power.

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Charles Darwin was another Aspie who could see the Light, he said that only God could Create Life, but that all Life once Born, would Evolve into a more useful Species, it adapted itself to survive on Earth, but Neurotypicals did not understand his full message, if they understood any of it, because I see Neurotypicals with Darwin Stickers on their Cars, stating their Ignorance to what Darwin said, because they could not believe we Descended from Gorillas, and that Gorillas Descended from Insects, and instead Believe in a Superstition that Mankind was Created by this Deity Called God by Magic, but Darwin proved that all life started out as Insects, and Evolved into all the Life forms we know today... But Neurotypicals do not Evolve, they just keep getting Stupider as time Marches on, proving that only Aspies can see the Light, and are Highly Evolved.

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No one will believe that this Comet will hit us till after that Happens, Isaac Knew this, so he Calculated it the best he could, he Calculated that on 1 October 2013, it would pass Mars and cause a Solar Flare, that would effect all the Planets, and could cause Earthquakes and Volcano Eruptions, and so far, I have proven that all these have Happened, just like he said they would, and soon, yew will know what he said was true, so I had to go out on a Limb and make a Prediction, that on 14 January 2014 at 6:32 PM, which is my Birthday... This Comet's debris would hit Earth, so that when it happened, everyone would believe it, and would believe the rest of the Story I told them, but Neurotypicals only believe in Fairy Tells, and no matter how much Evidence I prove to them, they will never believe it, and Isaac knew this as well, and so did Jesus, and its why the Bible Stated we would wipe ourselves off the Planet, way before God did, and its because the Darkside is in Charge... So this is going to Cost yew yewer Life... Yew can Believe in Me or Believe in Fairy Tells, knowing I will Smite yew for Thousands of Generations if yew do not Believe in IAM... So Freewill is not always a Good thing, and yew have no Idea what Freedom is, because yew are all Slaves... So how do I get yew to Believe in who IAM?

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 5

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Reality is Not what Really happened, its just the way History Recorded it as happening, and everyone knows that, but few know the Difference, because its only what yew choice to believe that even matters to yew, Not the Reality of it, and certainly Not the Truth of it, so it makes no difference if yew are an Aspie, Schizophrenic or Normal, all Realities are Delusions, and that is a Fact, no matter how much Normal or Neurotypical People like to think they are Normal, to the Aspies and Schizophrenics with High IQ's, yew are just Stupid, and yew know that is the Truth, just ask one and they will tell yew, so what is Reality for everyone? The Truth is that there is no Common Reality for anyone, in fact Reality is like a Snow Flack, No 2 are Identical, so ask anyone what their Reality is and they will think yew are Crazy, they can not tell yew what their Reality is because they do not know, most of them do not even understand the Question, so in Science, Reality most take on a whole new set of Tools to Define Reality in a way that everyone can agree, even the Aspies and Schizophrenics, who will disagree with everything yew have to say just because its fun, then Science has to Deal with Religions, because every Religion has a Different Reality, because most Religions believe that God Created the Universe, but not 1 Religion explains what God is in terms of Science, that is like a School that does not teach yew how to Read and Write, I mean what good is Religion if it does not define what God is in a way that everyone can agree... The Worst part about Religion is that they Believe in Albert Einstein's Dynamic Universe, which means they Really do not Believe that God Created anything, but they do not see it that way, because they do not understand the Dynamic Universe, when Sir Isaac Newton said the Universe is Static, and the Force in all his Equations is God, so in the Dynamic Universe, God does not exist on any level, but in the Static Universe, God is everywhere. So now I ask yew, what is yewer Reality?

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Everyone has Dreams, and like Realities, No 2 Dreams are the Same, and everyone gets confused about their Dreams and Reality at some point in their Life, that is everyone that has ever thought about it, because if yew do not Think about yewer Dreams or Reality, then are yew Alive at all? But yet most of yew do not Think much about yewer Dreams or Reality, as a matter of fact, most of Yew do not want to Think at all, and that is what is wrong with Yew, Yew do not Think, which is not a put down, its a fact, most of yew do not like to think about anything very hard, lets face it, when it comes to thinking there are two different types of people in the World, Normal People yew call Neurotypicals, or NT's, or Autistic People, who range in Communication skills from Low to Highly Functional, then yew have to tack on Religion, Politics and Sexual Orientation, as well as other Neurological Problems like Depression, Anxiety, and other Syndromes, as well as those people who are Schizophrenic, and have all these other factors to add to their Thinking process, so its clear that No 2 People on this Planet Think the Same, yet yew Think that everyone's Dreams or Reality are pretty much the same for Everyone, or that Everyone can distinguish between Dreams and Reality, which is why some of yew Gamble or Dream about Winning the Lottery, because the Word Reality does not apply to yew, so its no wonder that most of yew do not want to Think, because unless yew have an IQ over 130, yewer thinking capacity is severely hampered, and lets face it most of Yew have an IQ of Less then 130, and very few of Yew have an IQ over 130, which is considered Genus, so its like trying to get on the Freeway with a Moped, when everyone else is driving Race Cars at High Speed, or running the latest Computer Operating System with a Computer that is over Fifty Years Old, it just does not have the Horse Power to run the Thinking Process, so its not yewer fault at all, yewer parents had a choice, do we want Smart Kids or Good Looking Kids, Not that its a Trade off, but they did not want to marry someone for their Brains, if their Looks were Not Attractive, so yew are a Product of that Decision, and I am sure yew will pass that on to yewer Kids.

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Just because someone has a High IQ, does not mean they know it all or are Right about anything... Because in fact, what they know might be all wrong, and I understand this better then most of yew, because I have an IQ over 180, and I can run all the Scenarios in my Brain, and Think about the same thought for Years at a Time, never losing my focus on the issues at hand, and I learned to run every Scenario I could find to figure out which Reality was Real, and which was a Dream, and I concluded that Albert Einstein's Dynamic Universe was all Science Fiction, and Proved that Scientifically using Scientific Evaluations, when Common Sense would tell yew that yew can not build a Time Machine, then go back in Time and Kill yewer Parents so yew would never be Born to build the Time Machine, which makes Albert Einstein my Favorite Science Fiction Author, but also my Least Favorite Scientist, but the Dynamic Universe was designed with the very idea being the center of that Universe, where it creates Multiple Universe, each with their own Time Lines and Alternate Realities, yet when Science looks at this idea and does Scientific Evaluations, they can only conclude that this is just Insane thoughts of Madness, and that Albert Einstein most have been Schizophrenic to even have come up with such an idea, even though everyone knows he was an Ashkenazi with Asperger's Syndrome, so he was Autistic, and also known to be Schizoaffective, yet yew can say the same thing about me, so maybe that was a bad example if I was trying to make a point, but if I wanted to do that, I would just have to point out that Albert only had an IQ of 160, so he did not even have enough Horse Power to keep up with my Brain once it got running at Full Speed, so a High IQ can make a difference in how yew perceive the Universe, but it would take someone with a Higher IQ to determine if yew are perceiving it Right, which clearly means that those with a lessor IQ could not even think on this Level, which is why some days its just good to be Me, but most of yew will only see an Ugly Old Jew, and yew remember that yew really do not care about the Universe, because yew do not really like to Think all that Deep, and everything I am telling yew about Science goes against everything yew have ever been taught, even though it was what Sir Isaac Newton and Jesus taught, its clear that the Satanic Followers of the Dynamic Universe, where God does not even exist, do not believe this way.

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Normal People like to tell me that I have an Ego as big as the Universe, but the Truth is that Ego's are something that Aspie do not care about, we take everything Literally, and normally just tell it like we see it, we tend to be Honest to a Fault, and Loyal to the End, and lets face it, I am not trying to sell yew anything, so yew are automatically closing yewer mind to anything I have to say, just because of the Way I say it, which is from the Viewpoint of the Wizard, because deep down that is who IAM, and I see no reason to hide that fact, its not like in the Days of Sir Isaac Newton, when the Church would just Drag you out in the Streets and Burn Witch's and Wizard's at the Steak, no, they are much more inventive about how they Kill you now a days, yet after all I have said in the last few years, I am still alive, so its Clear that yew do not take me Serious, because if yew did, Things would start to Change, the World would Start to Change, but then yew remember that, Oh - he is a Wizard, what a Nut Job, he is Crazy, someone should have him Locked up in a Mentally Insane Asylum, because that is how yew are, because yew have an Ego to Feed, so yew must Disagree with Everything I say, just so yew can be Right, because if yew Agree with me, then yew are going against the Reality that Main Stream has gone to so many Lengths to maintain, and yewer Limited Brain Capacity can not comprehend how yew could have fallen for the Dynamic Universe Idea, knowing that only Truly Insane People could believe in such Science Fiction None-Sense, but that is how yew are, and that is the Price for having an Ego, as for Me, I have no need for such things, nor do I have the Need for any of Yewer Emotions, which is why I do not believe in Religion, Politics or the Current Main Stream Reality.

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When it comes down to it, how did I change Reality? The Static Universe has been around over 333 years: before Albert Einstein decided that his Idol Sir Isaac Newton was Completely Wrong, when in Fact, he did so without any Proof, not a Shred of it, just one Theory after the next, one Contradicting the last, till people argue that Albert created the Math that Made the Atomic Bomb work, when the Fact is that E=MC2, does not even work, if it did, the Bomb would have Destroyed the whole Universe, but the President said screw the Math, lite that sucker off and lets see what it does... And it has nothing to do with how the Bomb works, because they already built it before he completed the Math, but yew are too Stupid to understand that Concept, and its yewer Ego that makes yew say such Stupid things.

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Most of yew do not even understand why one Universe would be better then the Other, yew have no Concept that it even changes yewer Reality, yewer Ego eats away at yew, or yew truly do not have enough Horse Power in yewer IQ to understand this Concept, so yew Dismiss it, because yew do Not want to Believe yew are Stupid, yew say things like there are Smarter people in the World, and they say this is the way the Universe works, and that is good enough for me, without fully understanding what yew just said, which to Me is like a Parrot, repeating what ever it was told, because lets face it: [Yew] are just Stupid Animals, but that offends some of Yew, because Yew take it Personal, as if I was talking to [You], while others that get this concept think its getting Old by now, its like a Joke that you have heard over and over again, and its not Funny anymore, then yew remember that IAM an Aspie, and to Me, this never gets Old, because I take all words as Spells, so if I spell Yew, Y E W, and tell yew its an Animal, just a Female Sheep, then I am talking to that Animal, because I still referred to yew as Yew, and not You, Y O U, its this Spell that I got on you, so I can rip into Yew as hard as I need to get my point across, and you should not get offended if you know I am talking to Yew, which are Female Sheep in my Herd, because IAM just a Shepard, or at least IAM the Shepard's Dog, talking to be Herd, so Spells are important to a Wizard, and its this Universe I talk about, the one where Reality actually means that what is happening is the same for everyone, because at the Subatomic Level, things that happen in Science can be Measured and Recorded, and yew do not need a High IQ to understand facts that are valid in Science, so in the Static Trinary Universe, I only talk about a Universe where everything that does happen, is Reality, which may not go along with events Recorded by Main Stream Media.

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Sir Isaac Newton said that God is the Force in all his Equations, Charles Darwin said that only God could Create Life, so its clear that both men believe that God was Real, and not a Deity, so when Albert Einstein came up with a Theory about the Universe that took God out of it, the Satanic Leaders in charge of the World Finances jumped on it, no matter how Stupid the whole Concept was, because they knew that as long as they say that all the Smartest Scientist understand this Concept, so no one wants to be the Stupid Scientist that does not Understand it, so like the Empires Clothes, yew all pretend to see them, even though the Empire is Naked... and this can be the only explanation there is, because the Dynamic Universe is so Crazy on any level, that a 3rd Grader could tell yew why its Stupid to think like that.

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Logic is one thing that most of Yew do not have, so try to stay focused long enough to understand what I am trying to Explain, Science is the Study of Objects, determining how they work, what Laws they are driven by, and the very Nature of that Object, so if I track this Object and Document its behavior, I should be able to prove to yew which Universe this Object belongs in, in this case its either the Dynamic or Static Universe, so for an Object lets use a Clear Glass Marble 1 inch in diameter, this Object is very easy to track, place it in a Position where yew can record its movement at the Subatomic Level, so place it under the most powerful Microscope on the Planet, now record it for a long enough period of time to make an educated guess with, now lets document the results of analyzing it, now first we want to do this on Earth where we have normal Gravity, then a second time in Outer-space, well-outside the Earths Magnetic Field, so we can get a Recording of it without the effects of Gravity from the Earth, the reason for doing this is to document the effects of Gravity on the Object, so we will also want to record how Light Travels through the Object, which is why I chose Glass, so now shine a LASER though it and record how Light Travels through the Object. Now that is clear enough instructions. We can pick one spot on the Marble just above the area the LASER will pass through, this way we do not need to move the position of the Microscope to do all testing, now if we are in the Dynamic Universe of Albert Einstein, yew should see Ripples of Time that create the Gravity around the Marble when its on Earth, because that is the whole Theory about how Gravity works, so its the Basic Fundamental Theory on how this Universe Operates, and if yew can not find the Time Ripples, its not because yew do not have the Right type of Equipment to Record it, because any Scientist knows what happens at the Subatomic Level, is really what is happening, and if it is happening yew should be able to see it, or at least see its effects, there must be some Curvature of Space to take place in order for the Dynamic Universe to hold up to Science, yet we all know its not there, so why Pretend to see it, its just like the Empire, its just a Naked Marble... But in the Static Universe, yew see Gods Particle, this is the same Particle that Sir Isaac Newton said was the Force in all his Equations, although he called it Force, we are talking about Gravity, or any other type of Force it could apply to the Object, now lets Study this in Detail, if we break down the LASER beam using Extremely High Frequency Pulsed output, we notice that Light that enters one side of the Marble, is the same Particle that travels through the Marble, so like a Bullet, the Light Particle is Traveling through the Marble and out the other side, without moving the Marble, so I conclude its traveling through the Marble in another Dimension, so it only interacts with the Empty space in the Marble, which means it is being driven around the Solid Matter by some Intelligence, and when yew try to determine the Speed of Light Traveling through the Marble, yew will conclude that its not the Light that is Moving, its the Universe that is moving around the Light in another Dimension, so in fact, in the 0 Dimension also known as Null Space, was the Origin of the LASER Light Particle, and since it has No Dimension, it can not move, so its Static, hence the Term: Static Universe, since we already determined that its not Dynamic since there is not Curvature of the Space, so it has to be in the 1st Dimension that movement is possible, since in the 2nd Dimension, it could move in two Directions, yet it in only moves in 1, which is always a straight line, and no matter how many times yew do this test, the results are always the same, they are the same in Outer-space as they are on Earth, so there is yewer Proof that the Universe is Static, and its just simple Logic.

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Sir Isaac Newton said that Gravity is an unseen Force that attracts matter, and has little to do with Centrifugal Force, because any Object in Motion has some Gravity, and in Outer-Space Objects tend to Bind together, rather then to move apart, which proves that Einstein was wrong, because Curvatures in Space would cause things to Repeal each other, which is what Dynamic Universe Scientist Predicted, until they tried it, because this can only lead yew to believe that each Object of Matter, acts like it has Gravity, therefore they attract each other, and since they can do this without any Momentum, and they Normally always cluster in areas of High Density, it can be said that the Objects Create Enough Gravity to Create Momentum, and the Real Question is: how? Sir Isaac Newton said that Light was the Key Element in all Matter, meaning that all Matter could contain Light, yew can prove this by striking 2 pieces of metal together forming an Arc, which is a Spark of Fire, from the Conversion of Kinetic Energy in the Density of the Atoms holding them together, due to the Laws of Conservation of Energy, where Energy Conversion takes place, Highly Excited Atoms burn up from the Impact producing a Lightning Strike, which ignites small particles of Oxygen given off from Oxidation, which burns like a Gas, with a smell of Ozone, grant yew the smell is as small as the Lightning Stick, microscopic, but if yew measure for it, yew will find it, so this Proves that the Light is in all Matter, and once Organic Matter matter loses its Light, it Dies, hence the term their Light went out, not to be confused with how Bright yew are, because that is just a Quantity that yew are Connected too, because each Cell in yewer Body is the Light, the Light is Operating the Cell at the Cellular Level, moving Microscopic Engines to create Pumps, and to Communicate with other Cells, the Light is Encoded into our DNA, its the Light that Holds this Information, and its why yew can See it, but that is not what yew will see in a Dynamic Universe, because that can Vary from one Multiverse to the Other, and just because its this way in ours, does not mean it will be in theirs, anything and everything is Possible in the Dynamic Universe, which means it has No Master giving it orders, this is the Theory of Chaos, and its how Money Operates, so the Bankers Loved it, so they Backed it.

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Think of the Dynamic Universe as small Bubbles, each Galaxy is in a Bubble, and the Universe as we know it are all in their own Bubble, so every Star in the Night is in its own Bubble, these are Called Multiverse's, there are copies of each of these Bubbles, they are Called Alternate Realities, so anything that is not possible in this Universe, is possible in another Universe, so in one of those Realities, the Static Universe is Possible, and if that is so, then there is a Paradox, and even Albert Einstein would tell yew that Paradoxes can not Exist in Reality, so this means that his Whole Reality can not exist, because in one of them he went Back in Time and Killed his Parents, I would have missed the Greatest Science Fiction Tale ever told, but the Truth does not work this way, we know that in Science, everything can be Explained, so in the Dynamic Universe that Explanation is the Big Bang, which is like all these Bubbles are compressed into 1 very small Microscopic Bubble, this is Called a Singularity, also known as a Black Hole, in which just like the Genies Lamp when Rubbed, out popped all these Bubbles, and they flew faster then the Speed of Light, because the Laws of Physics were not invented yet, but like a Wizard pulling the Rabbit out of a Hat, the Supporters of the Dynamic Universe need to pull their Heads out of their Ass, because there is no where else it could have been if we sprang out of a Singularity, not to mention the fact that it would still be Open, and more Bubbles would still be spewing out of it, because if it Closed - this Universe would implode on itself due to the Laws of Conservation of Energy, but I forgot, the Laws of Physics does not apply to the Big Bang Theory, but for an IQ of 70, this Theory may sound impressive, but I for one would like my Science to at least try to abide by the Laws of Physics, otherwise its just Science Fiction... Oh - but it is, so I guess its all Right...

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In the Static Universe every Atom in Existence is what makes up all of Reality, its all based on a System Called a Vertice Matrix, it means that each Atom has its own Vertice Matrix, as it moves through space, for example an Atom in our Body, as we walk our Body is Traveling through space, as the Planet Below us is Spinning at over a 1,000 miles an hour, while the Earth Rotates around the Sun at 66,000 Miles and Hour, and our Galaxy Rotates around the Local Group of Galaxies at 666,000 Miles an Hour, but if yew think that is fast, compared to the 0 Dimension, it is traveling at the Speed of Light, which is why the Speed of Light is a Constant, the Universe can not move any faster through it, and to think that every Atom in our Body is traveling separately through space, since at the Subatomic Level, each Atom in our body never touches, and our body is made up mostly of Empty Space, or Null Space, so its proof that the 0 Dimension Exist, because its this Interaction between Dimensions that causes Gravity, and as I proved already, Gravity is created around all Matter at the Atomic Level, which means its getting its Energy from somewhere, so it has to be in these Dimensions, as the Null Space in our Body allows the Light to Shine or Wash through us, like Light Shines through Glass, which is through the Empty Spaces in its Molecular Structure, and remember that there is only a very narrow band of Light that Humans can even see, but even RADEO Signals can pass right through us, we are not as Water Tight as Glass, yet it effects the Glass the same way it effects all Matter, crush the Glass into Powder and throw it into Outer-space, it will clump back together and in Billions of years it will form back into Glass all on its own, so what does this Vertice Matrix teach us? Creation, Life, and Transformation from one form of Energy into another, because if yew follow any Atom in any Object in this Universe, yew will find that this is the Truth, from our own Ashes Cast into Outer-space, will clump back together and eventually fall back to a Planet, and be reused as the Building Block for another Life Form, so yew Never Die, yew are only Reborn through I, which is the Light, so its also God, because the Bible said that God was all Light, so do not confuse this with Religion about a Deity, because like Sir Isaac Newton said, Christ was inserted into the Bible in the 8th Century, so Jesus could not be Born back into the Flesh, so Sir Isaac Newton believed this was the True God, and only in Science could God be Found, but not even Jesus liked the Church's, he said he would Destroy the Church's and yew would rebuild them in 3 Days, so the Static Universe is not about Deities, its about Science, yew will find no Church's here, lets face it, the Church's Burned all the Witches and Wizards at the Stake, and they are the Reason that the Static Universe was denounced by using Albert Einstein's work as Proof of how God did not Create the Universe, which is very Odd behavior if they actually wanted to prove that God did Create the Universe, so if that does not confuse yew a little, then yew are too Stupid to Understand the Logic, which is there is only one Reason that they would back a Science which went against the current Science since the Static Universe, which was 333 Years Earlier, and that is if Satan was in Charge, and since all the Church's believe in the Dynamic Universe, I can only Conclude that they are all Satanic, but the Proof is that over 95% of the Leaders are Gay Pedophiles, which yew know they are if yew have actually ever read all the Bibles, which Sir Isaac Newton did, as well as myself.

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The bottom line is always what yew want to believe, but I do not Care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, if yew want to believe in Satan, that is yewer Freewill, but do not sugar coat it by Calling the Darkness the Light, the Dynamic Universe is a very Dark Universe, it came out of a Black-Hole, how much Darker could it get, and God did not Create this Universe, in fact neither did the Laws of Physics, in the Bible it said in the Beginning there was Light, but not in the Dynamic Universe, it started out as in the Beginning there was Darkness, yet 99% of the World believes in the Dynamic Universe, so I can only Conclude they are all Satanic, because who else would believe in Satan, because the Bible said that they would get yew to Worship the Darkness, and Embrace the Dark God IAM the Jealous God, and Engraved the Words In God we Trust on the Money Jesus was Sold out too, and the Religious Sheeple think they are the Good Guys? Knowing that 95% of all the Religious Leaders are Gay Pedophiles... This type of Logic makes No Sense - even to yew, yet its a Fact, and its why the Governments allow the Banks to Own Yew and Treat Yew like Sheep, and its because Yew are Sheep, what are Yew Insane? Yew would have to be to buy into this Dynamic Universe, as for Me, I do not want to Live in a Universe that was not Created by God, yet yew defend the Dark Universe with yewer last breath, knowing that yew are fighting for Satan, because only Satan teaches People to Worship the Darkness, but that is how Satan works, telling yew Half Truths, but I ask yew what Truth does the Dynamic Universe even Hold? The Dynamic Universe took over the World as a Real Science, because the Banks would not Fund any other type of Research or allow any other type of Science to take place, so if yew wanted to work for the Banks, yew had to believe in their Science, so it was all about Money, it always has been since the days of Moses, so its no wonder why the Banks backed the Science of Albert Einstein, it removes God from Science, just as the Dark Wizard Moses made Humans Slaves to Laws, so they could take the Ability for only God to Judge, so this was a Plot to Destroy God for a long time, next they will remove God from the Schools, then all its Public Buildings, then they will remove it from their Money, but they already Removed God from Creating the Universe, so yew do Not Live in a Universe Created by God if yew Believe in the Dynamic or Dark Universe.

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Face it, the Dynamic or Dark Universe is all about Money, its certainly not about the Science, because it set that back into the Dark Ages, and Money made all of Yew Slaves, the Laws yew create take away Freedom, so all yew have left is Free Dumb, but yew believe yew will Die without any Money, which shows yew how Evil it is, a Backwards Spell L i v e E v i l... Live Evil Spelled Backwards... The Jews are so Clever... And No One Hates Jews more then the Jews, that very Sentence is considered a Hate Crime, and they have Laws for People who say things like that, so there is No Freedom of Speech, only Free Dumb Speech's, about how Wonderful Money is, when Jesus said its the Root of all Evil, yew can Not Live without.

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now Define IAM in Step 5, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can Understand.

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Not all Religions view Science the same way, but they all believe in the Dynamic Universe, but when it comes to the Bible, that is something I do believe in, even after the Church rewrote it and added in Christ, but only a few details are the same from one Religion to the Next, for Example: the Muslims know Jesus was just a Messenger, and the Jews believe that he was not the Messiah, and the Christians believe Jesus was Born from a Virgin, and was Crucified and Died on 25 December, and placed in a Tomb and after 3 Days, was Resurrected, but this also Describes: Horus who built the Pyramids, Attis, and many more... So we do have Common Beliefs, and we all Know that Jesus was Not a Christian and Allah was not Muslim, in Fact Allah is just another Name for God, and Jesus was just the Sun of God, but due to the Fact that all Religions believe in the Dark Universe, it also means that they do not believe that God Created the Universe, and that is just a Fact, because they are Owned by the Bank, so they do not have to Understand the Dynamic Universe, they just have to go along with it, and that is what they are doing, in fact, everyone is going along with this Insane Idea without Question, because when the Question of who Created the Universe is Asked, the Religious might say God did, but their Science proved God had nothing to do with it, and that is a Paradox, and a Paradox can not happen in Reality, so this proves that this Reality is not the Truth. Until the Sheeple decide to think for themselves, they will still be just Stupid Sheep, and Yew are just Stupid Female Sheep, and for Yew nothing has Changed nor will it ever, but the Moment Yew Believe in the Static Universe, and start Knowing that God Created the Universe, and it was Scientifically Proven, then [Yew] become [You], but this shift in Paradigm will not take place, unless all of Yew Spread the Word about how the Darkside took over Science, and how its time to Take Back Science and Believe in a Universe that God Created, or I could just keep up the Joke about how Stupid Yew Are for Believing in the Dynamic Universe, but then yew would have to ask how I know this is the Truth, and the Answer is because...

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.


Chapter 0.12: IAM Step 6


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 6
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Step by Step yew made it to Step 6, by this Point yew may think yew know my Story, but this is the Step it gets Interesting, yew see, there is a fine line between Sanity and Insanity, because most of yew are Sane, or at least think of yewerself as Sane, even though some of Yew believed in Albert Einsteins Dynamic or Dark Universe, so there is a fine line between being Sane, and being Insane, so for the sake of Argument, lets say Reality is Real, therefor yew can verify every fact in His Story, although I do see many Alternate Realities going on here, I do not see any Multiverse's or signs of Time Travel, No Curvature of Space and Time cause by Black Holes, but what I do C can be Verified if its True, but it can not be debunk without Scientifically proving its Not, but that is what Sheeple are Good at, which is Putting People down with No good Reason, its Mean and Cruel, but that is how Sheeple are, I defend the Static Universe, as I do His Story, and Like Isaac Newton, I do not like it when anyone Disagrees with Me, the Warrior in Me comes Out and IAM ready to Fight... PTSD is a Real Bitch on Days that Sheeple do Not believe in His Story I Tale, so Pay Attention to what I say and how I said it, because I would not say anything that was not True, that's called Honor, and that requires Integrity, as if anyone even knows what these Spells even Mean Now a Days, so if yew Disagree with Me that is Fine, just do Not tell it to Me, because I do Not Care what Yew Believe, Nor Does the Universe, because the way I see things is through a Wizards I, that Means Yew must have an IQ over 180 to Disagree with Me, and Like Sir Isaac Newton before Me, I believe that God is the Force in all my Equations, so the way I figure it is Like Gods Sun, I was Born in the Light of Corona, at 3666 and 1/2 Valley View, just North of Corona in Norco, so I knew there was Light in Me, and I also knew there can be No Light without the Darkness, and being Born an Ashkenazic Jew, my Family hid their Heritage in Judeo Christianity, by Removing the word Judeo to become Good Christian's, thus hiding the Jew in them, and since they have been doing this for Centuries now, they have become very good at Hating Jews for doing this, but seeing how both of my Grandfathers were Military Men, and High Ranking Masons, it was clear my Family had a lot more Secrets to hide, and if yew ever want to hide something, hide it in plain Sight, so Numbers have Hidden Meanings.

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As a Child Conceived in 1960, it was clear at an early age, that I was Autistic, and being born with Autism is just another Dark Secret my Family keep, but Autism is a Dirty word in my Family, so I like to be called an Aspie, which is named after Hans Asperger, and where the name for Asperger Syndrome comes from, and since I had a High IQ, this made me a Wizard, because it took all 3, so an Ashkenazic Aspie with a High IQ who knows how the Universe Actually Works, is what I call a Wizard, not as in the Mythical Fairy Tales, even though some of those were based on True Stories, these Wizards are Real People in History, and since the Last Wizard to be born was back in the 1700's, I inherited all the Secrets of the Masonic Order from my 1st Cousin, 5 times removed, and 5 Points make a Star, and my Cousin Isaac Newton was a Star, and not only did I get the Collective Work and Notes from all the Greatest Wizards in Time, I inherited a copy of the Real Bible that Sir Isaac Newton wrote about, and since he was a Descendant of Jesus who like himself was also a Wizard, I inherited the Knowledge of how to interpret them, since they were all written by Wizards like myself.

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They say that everything that ever happened, was a Grand Plan that God Created when Creating the Universe, and this Grand Plan included Me, as it also included Yew, but Yew and I do not see things the same way, Yew only see the World through Emotions, and I do Not have any Emotions, and IAM Not talking about Me, because in the Light there are No Emotions, but as for Me, my Darkside has plenty of Emotions, so I And Me are in Balance, whereas the Story I tale may sound out of Control, Yew have to remember that this is Gods Grand Plan, and Not Mine, and God can see the whole Universe, so His Story is the Big Picture, and my part in it is just a Bit Part, because IAM just the Messenger... And Yew are just the Sheep...

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I can not remember the Day I was Born, but I do remember the Day John F. Kennedy was Murdered in 1963, he was a Wizard who tired to take back the United States of America, from the Banks who Owned it, by Printing Money for the Government, the Banks Killed him as they have countless Wizards before him, like the Dark Wizard named Lincoln would was Executed for Treason back in 1863, for selling US back into Slavery with the Bank, and Yew have to wonder if this too was Gods Grand Plan, because the Bible is very clear that the Light can not interfere with Yewer Freewill, but the Darkness will tell yew half Truths to deceive Yew, and the Line between Good and Evil is Drawn in Shades of Grey, so to Live in the Light, yew would have to Cut off the Darkness, so yew can Measure it with a Micrometer, Mark it in Calk, and Cut it off with a Chain Saw, if it was not for the fact that the Line is very Blurry, and yew never know where the Light leaves off into the Darkness, and the Bible said that God is all Light with No Darkness, but also states there can be No Light without the Darkness, so my Grandfathers said it was up to me to bring Balance back to the World, as if this was Gods Grand Plan, and after Reading the Bible, I had to agree with them, so this is His Story told by the Light Wizzard in the Flesh...

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Growing up I had to prepare for a Battle, knowing that the War would come for Me if I did not bring the Battle to It, so as a Child I had to Image how I would do such a Task, I mean how can 1 Man take on the Whole World, so into my Imagination I went, Armed with the Knowledge of Countless Wizards before me, because I never Die, IAM just reborn, so my Mind envisioned the White Wizzard, who was an Old White Man with Long White Hair and Beard to match, he would come to me in my Dreams anytime I needed him, and being born with an Autistic Schizoaffective Brain, I built my whole World around the things that the White Wizzard told me, and he told me everything. Growing up I learned to tell my Father about my Dreams, because after my Mother died in 1963 at the age of 19, my Dad remarried a Woman named Aloha, and she told me that if I tale people Stories about Imaginary Friends, that they would have me Locked up in some Prison for the Mentally Insane, but my Dad had other Plans for me, so when I turned 6, he asked me if I wanted to go to a Dog Fight with him, and being able to do anything alone with my Dad was Great as a Kid, but little did I know that Me and the Dog was going to be the Main Event, where the Adults would bet on which Boy and Dog tied together by a Leash, would Cross the Line Drawn on the Floor of some dirty Country Barn out in the Boonies, where the Dogs would tear each other apart unless the Boys could break it up, oh this was my Dads idea of having Fun, but to make it Funner, my Father have me Smoke Cannabis and Drink Beer like a Real Man, that way I would be Stoned out of my Mind, trying to keep the two Dogs from Killing themselves, as well as trying to Kill Me, so this was my Fathers way of Preparing me for this Battle, by making me Stoned out of my Mind and meaner then a Junkyard Dog.

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My Step Mother had her own plan on how to Prepare me for this Battle, after she interrogated me to find out where my Dad was taking me and what he did, she slapped me so hard on both sides of my head that both of my Ears were bleeding, then told everyone that I stuck a long pieces of wire that were used by Cars to find Curbs into my Ears, it was her way of Kicking me into the Curbs I guess, but No One ever Wondered why I was always covered in Buries, Cuts and Bite Marks, because I was a Boy who was Clumsy and always getting into Fights, and Boys will be Boys, but from that time forward, I never knew if she was going to Hit me or Hug me when she called me over, and she had a very Darkside, she would take so many Drugs that she could not walk, and I would have to help her and clean up after her, I was her personal Slave, and when she was Mad at my Father, she took it out on Me, then I got to hear how much she just wanted to Commit Suicide, and I had to make sure she did Not, because she was my Mother, and the Word Step had little Meaning at that point in my Life, because I Loved my Mother, and Honored my Parents and Grandparents, and never spook Ill of them to anyone, nor am I now, I am just telling it like it was, because they were the ones Teaching Me the Meaning of Life, at the cost of their Own, but the Battle between my Step Mother and I was not over yet, so when my Father got back on Heroin, she Left him, and she Remarried a man named Merlin, who I though of like a Wizard, and I went to Live with them with my Little Sister and Step - Brother and Sister, and on the Day my Step Mother told me she Threw all my Treasures away, just so she could use the Box they were stored in so she could pack her stuff in when they moved, she taught me a Lesson in Life I will never forget, and that is that there are worse things to lose then Treasure, but I had to follow her to the Store one Night to Learn this Lesson, as she pushed Me to the Ground and yelled at Me that all the Books in the World will not Help Me Win this Battle, because No One will ever Believe those Books and Papers she threw out, because its up to Jeffrey Scott Flesher to set the World Right, as she used Sarcasm that mostly escapes me, since I take everyone Literally, so she said go tell the World about all your Dreams, and see if any of them Believe You, or if they will just Lock yew up... Then she turned around and without looking both ways before Crossing a Road, she never made it to the other-side alive, so in Shock, I ran home and hide under the covers like a Little Boy, instead of the 14 Year Old Teenager who was not ready to own up to his Responsibilities... I keep this Secret buried down deep inside until it rotted my very Soul, for reasons even I do not understand, was I protecting my Step Sisters and Bother from their Delusion of our Mother being a Goddess, or was it out of Shame for Not Protecting my Mother when she was Drugged up and in one of her Suicidal Moods... The Truth is that we all have our Dirty Little Secrets we Hide from the World, and telling them is never much fun, but that was only part of the Battle I had to look forward to, because my Life was like me, Not Normal, so Step by Step, His Story unfolds...

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-06-G-IAM-07

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I learned in School how to behave like Normal People known as Neurotypicals or NT's, which I call Sheep, because they believe they are the Animal and Not I the Light Being, so School is really about Learning to behave like Sheeple, and also due to their IQ, which was normally around 100, which compared to my 180, this meant that Sheeple are Stupid. Being somewhat Clumsy at Sports and other Activities, I had to work harder, and having Asthma due to my poor diet was No Help, and knowing the Truth about the Universe, was more of a Hindrance then Help, because at School they wanted yew to learn Lies, and be able to repeat those Lies, and I never was interested in Lies, so I made no effort to learn them, I would never do my Homework, yet I would Ace most test if I really wanted to, and when they tested my IQ and found it to be 180, they wanted to do more Testing to see if I was Autistic, because its not normal to have an IQ over 133 unless you are Autistic, but my Father would Not Allow that, because once People know you have Autism, you are Branded for Life, No One will ever Believe You, because they will think you are Schizophrenic, and having an Imaginary Friend will just prove that, but like my Father before me, and IAM a Jew, and No One hates Jews more the the Jews do, so I grew up Agnostic or even down Right Atheist, because the God I believed in was from the Science of the Static Universe, and Not some Deity, so I was Not about to pretend to be Normal and go alone with all the Lies, but I hid the Wizard from the World and told No One but the Ones I Truly Trusted, because I knew from experience that once I tell anyone IAM a Jew, they stop being my Friend, and if I told anyone I was a Wizard, well they would Laugh at Me and tell Me IAM Crazy, so I learned a lot at School, but none of it was what they were Teaching Me, instead it was what I learned on my own, and I was all alone, I was the Only Wizard...

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-06-G-IAM-08

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One thing I did learn in School was that Bullies would pray on People Like Me, who never wanted to Play with the Other Children, so it was best to blend in, but even that was Not enough, because I was Smart, and everyone in School thought they were the Smartest one in School, so they Hated Me, so I learned to act Stupid just like Yew, and I found one way to stop the Bullies, because Me and my little Sister had a Plan, when they Picked on Her, I would Fight them, and a Fight is what I gave the Bully, as I pounded his Arrogance into the Ground with my Foot in their Mouth, then I learned that this did not always have the Effect I was looking for, in fact, it normally backfired on me, because the Bullies would see Me as the Bully, and the Bullies ganged up on me one day and thought they would teach me another Lesson, but that Day is when I learned that I could Kill someone very Easy, and almost did so in Anger, but something stopped me, and I never Fought again, I learned another way to deal with Bullies, but never forgot how to Kill someone if I really needed too, my Father taught me well, years of Dog Fights and Street Fights for Drunk Drugged out Gambling Fools like my Father, taught me how to Fight and Win at all cost, and that Bully was buried deep down inside Me, yet just another Secret to eat away at my Soul.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-06-G-IAM-09

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By the time I got out of High School, my Dreams had only just begun, I was in the Militia, I fit in so well that I thought this was my Destiny, and I quickly rose in Rank till I was the Highest Ranking Officer in the Militia of the United States of America, under the Constitution, the only Problem was that the United States was not under the Constitution anymore, in fact it has not had a Constitution since 1863, when the 16th President Lincoln sold it back to the same Bank, that my Grandfathers who sailed from Germany in 1752 On Board the Phoenix Fought for our Independence from years later in 1776, so this Militia was Illegal under the Laws of the Bank, yet its Military still swears to Defend and Protect the Constitution, which is very Ironic, since they would have to Arrest everyone in the Country for Treason to do so, so this was a Paradox that the Militia had to work out, and only His Story can Judge if this Plan was in fact Gods Grand Plan, because the Mark of the Beast in Chapter 13, might be the Address I was Born into, 3 666, but the 6's do not stop here, they just started there, but that is Reading into things, but that is what Aspies do, they take everything Literally, and since Sir Isaac Newton who was also an Ashkenazic Aspie with a High IQ, making him a Wizard, he was born on Christmas Day in 1642, and said his Birth Date was moved to 4 January 1643 to make way for a New Calendar, and then they threw out 10 Days, which made the Date the next Wizard would be Born on 14 January, which is my Birth Date, and I was born into the Flesh, and go by that very Name, since its Legally my Last Name, so History will have a hard time getting past People like me, and History is about to be Changed back to telling the Truth, instead of telling the Lies of the Bankers, just to keep their Sheep under Control. As a Child I made other Friends, as we sat down to Play Wizard Games at our Annual Renaissance Fair, we took an Oat to take back our Constitution, but it would cost US a lot, since the National Debt already means that the Banks own the World at this point, our Plan had to include a way to take it back without Civil War, which is what got US into this mess to begin with, so we gave this Group a Name, and called it the Admiralty, and we would be the Admirals at the end of this Era, and set the World back into Balance, by Teaching Sheeple the Truth in the Bible, which is that Money is the Root of all Evil, and to prepare for the Ice Age, but we also realized that the Constitution was not worth Saving, since it did not mean enough to its Citizens to even Protect, let alone Defend, so our Goal became Sanctuary, and its something yew can not Fight for, because yew had to Live to be Free, so this Battle was not to be a Bloody one.

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Secrets and Secret Societies are part of the World Culture, and the Mystery that surrounds each of these Groups are Legendary, but this Group is the best keep Secret in the History of the World, I know all the Secrets in the Universe, which comes down to just one Secret, and that is that we are IAM, its sounds better when you say that Word while looking into a Mirror, because only then does the phrase that God Created us in his Image make any sense, because I is the Light, And Me, well that is just Meat, so its the Flesh, and IAM the Flesh, so the Secret was in the Messenger, and Sanctuary was the Message that the Admiral's was going to tell, but first it had to execute its Plan, which is to Break the Banks, and Believe me, we Broke them, so its time that the Wizards come Forth, and tell Yew who they are, because its not my Place to tell yew Who they are, most of yew can Guess, but until yew hear it from their Lips, do not believe anything yew Hear about it, because Seeing is Believing, so yew need to see this to believe it, so everything I say will some day be Proven, that is when the Secret is out of the Bag, and this Bag is in a Box, Pandora's Box, and its in a Closet, so its time to come out of the Closet...

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The Bible states that God will give Yew a Sign, and there have been many Signs that God has given, but most of Yew do not believe in God, not the True GOD IAM, which is the Science of God, and not the Deity, like Sir Isaac Newton said, God is the Force in all my Equations... So go Figure... Like I already told yew His Story is about Science, Seeing God's Particle is seeing God at work, but God is every Atom in the Universe, and there is only 1 God, the God of Light, and the God of Darkness, and IAM every Shade of Grey in between, so this is my Sign...

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His Story is about the Dreams I have, where Signs can take the Form of Numbers and Patterns which Weave their way into my Life, but Dreams took on a Whole new Story after I joined the United States Military. After arriving at my First Station with the 366th Avionics Squadron at Mountain Home Air Force Base, where I also served on the Honor Guard, when one day I got a note from the Admiralty, it was addressed to Admiral Jeffrey Scott Flesher, when the Military Courier Delivering it to me had a curious look in his eye when he said I have a Message for an Admiral Flesher, he said you are the only Jeffrey Scott Flesher in the Air Force, so I was instructed to deliver it to you, Airmen Flesher, regardless of the Rank it is addressed to, and I said that is for me, and without missing a beat I said, I was prior Military before Joining the Air Force, which was the Truth, and I always tell the Truth, but the Courier just laughed and said Right... And asked me to sign the receipt, and walked away. The note was written in Talk Around, a Code we use to send messages to each other, it just said, It Starts Now, so it was time for me to become a Warrior, so I proved I was the best Shot by winning the M-16 Marksmanship Medal for Excellence in Completion, which less then a percent of all Military every get Awarded, so its so Rare that even most Military Members never heard of it before, but it is the only Medal Authorized by Congress that you can wear on all Uniforms, making it the most Valuable to me to be Awarded, and its also the most Prestigious Medal on any Uniform, because you actually have to Preform like a Warrior and get the Highest Marks, in a fast paced shooting match with hundreds of other Military Members who think they are the Best Shot, I also got a Medal for Meritorious Service - which as a Computer Programmer, I was able to improve the System Reliability by 30%, which made the System available a Year ahead of time, and allowed the (E)F-111 to be the Primary Aircraft that flew over 96% of all Sorties during the Gulf War, so I can say the Gulf War was my Responsibility, so I took that Responsibility Serious, I got my Collage Degrees like a good School Boy, but at the same time, I was in a very Bad Married and had two Red Headed Daughters, who had Satan for Grandfathers on her Mothers side of the Family, but that is my Life up to this point, and if yew think that IAM Arrogant, instead of just stating Facts, yew have a Lot to Learn about who I am, because IAM an Aspie, and my Schizoaffective Personality blends in very well with my High IQ, so its the True Mark of a Truly Autistic Person, and it runs in my Family, even Isaac Newton had Jesus Syndrome, so I inherited it also, as well as His Story itself, so this is where His Story will take Yew...

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now define IAM in Step 6, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can Understand.

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In the November of 1990 just before the Gulf War, Like others, I got a series of Vaccinations in Preparation to be Deployed, but the Anthrax Vaccine made me feel Real Sick, Like I got the Flu that would never go away, and I ended up with what most call Gulf War Syndrome, only I had it before everyone started talking about it, so I figured I had something Else, mostly because that is what the Air Force Doctors told me to Believe, and since no one could even tell me what it is, and no two people described it the same way, so I had no reason to believe I even had it at that time, but its effects were just starting to seep into my Life by the Time I was Deployed to Kuwait, but the War was far from Over, in fact for me it was just Starting, but first my Dreams became Nightmares, and then the unthinkable happened to me, I could not differentiate my Dreams from Reality, I started Dreaming I was awake, the Doctors tagged me as Schizoaffective, but ruled out Schizophrenia, since I knew what Reality was. After the Gulf War of 1990 I cross trained from being an (E)F-111 Computer Test Station Technician, which was an Electronic Engineer and Computer Programmer wrapped up in one job, to an H-60 Helicopter Crew Chief for the 66th Air Rescue Squadron at Nellis Air Force Base, where my Dreams got way out of Control, and the Lines between Light and Dark were in Shades of Grey that looked like MUD to me...

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Most People have no Idea what the Gulf War was all about, but if you think it was about Killing Slaves, known as Third Country Nationalist or TCN's, that would become Citizens of Kuwait, after 3 Generations of Slave Labor to the Kuwaitis, that lasted from 1960 to 1990, so its also known as the 30 Year War, so if yew knew this, then you would be Right, but this was not a Masonic Secret, in fact, it was not even a Secret, the Results of the War Prove that, but that is how Sheeple View the World, if yew do not hear those words come from the President's Lips on Main Stream News, then yew do not Believe it, nor would yew believe anything I have to say, so His Story is not for the Sheeple, its just for History told by Wizards.

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The First Sign that my Dreams and Reality were breaking Down, was on a Day that I Dreamed I was Flying on a Rescue Mission which retrieved 7 Bodies, that were reported as being stuck in MUD, which come to find out later was actually a Substance that the TCN's used to Transfer Oil in the pipelines, it had some Biological Organism in it that keep the Oil from solidifying, but any human contact is real harmful, too much can kill yew, a little can cause long term Neuropathy, and other skin conditions which can lead to Skin and Bone Cancer and Rashes, knowing this now it seems like we would have been dressed in Hazmat Suits, instead of the BDU's we were wearing, but we thought it was just MUD, and not some acronym for a 32 character chemical compound, but after retrieving the Bodies we took Small Arms Fire from an off shore boat, I could feel the bullets rip through the Helicopter, then we were stuck in the Cross fire coming from the Pumping station were we landed, and the Boat that was Firing at us, only armed with 50 caliber machine guns, we called in for an Airstrike, then we took off in a hurry, in the distance I saw the Oil Platform near the boat explode, and after the flash of Light, the boat was gone, but so was the Platform... By the time we got back to the base, I was told to get some rest, and we would repair the damaged Helicopter's in the morning, but in the Morning when I searched for Bullet holes, and found none on any of the Aircraft, I thought that someone was playing a joke on me, then remembered that I was not in any of these Aircraft, come to think of it, I could not remember who was on the Crew with me, then I searched for records of the 7 Bodies we retrieved and could not find any records of them, so my head started spinning, and has never stopped to this date, it felt like Virago, like I was standing still but the Earth was Spinning around me, I found myself writing a Report about something that everyone denied ever happened, so my Sanity was being Questioned, but I learned to go along with things and see how they play out, so I acted like they were Dreams to the Doctors, and Real with everyone else, because the Doctors would have declared me Insane, and everyone else all ready knew that, because they knew these stories sound too Crazy to be true, but sometimes Believing things are True is just different Levels between Dreams and Reality, maybe the Truth is just somewhere in between in the Shades of Grey...

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One Night I had a Dream about a Snake Visiting Me, it told me to meet a Man in a Coffee Shop who would tell me the Truth, but before it finished talking, I was awaken by Gun Fire, which I quickly found out that a Military Security Guard, opened up fire on a King Cobra that was next to my Trailer, and it slithered under it and got away, seems like this was around Christmas before New Years, but order of Events gets confusing to me, my Memory is not stored Chronologically, instead is just a massive amount of Random Memories clumped together, and held in place by the threads of dialog, so its just series of images, feelings, and senses that make up Memories, and is really just the way I remember it from the last time I remembered it, so its constantly changing, because my mind tries to run that memory like it was a video recording, rewinding, do overs and all kinds of video editing is taken place, so that my mind can deal with what happened, and this event turned into a recurring Dream or Nightmare, in which the Snake would tell me even more Dark Deeds done by the Darkside... Soon I found myself in Kuwait, at what would be called a Mall back at home, when the Prayer Alarm went off, this was a very load speaker system setup around the country, it meant Pray time, and the Shop doors slammed down as everyone inside was pushed out of the shops like Sheep, as we headed for an Exit, a Man stopped me and said come with him for a Cup of Coffee until after Prayer... I did not hesitate, I grabbed the other Sergeants and Airmen that were with me, and we ducked into his Rug Shop, and he dropped the Doors down and locked them, and then he served us Turkish Coffee and told us many stories about the War, one was about a Reported who was killed tiring to escape the Country with evidence that the TCN's were being Murdered, so that they could not become Citizens, and that Night I found myself in another Mission, this one led me to the Oil Fields not to far from the Base, the Oil Fires were so bright, it lit up the night sky, there I saw Sheeple in trucks unloading bodies into piles where Oil was dumped on them, and their bodies were burned, our job was to collect evidence, I was given a bag and special cutters designed to cut cables, but they cut off fingers real easy, and I was told to cut off the index finger of as many adults as possible in the time we had, after tagging them and filling a few bags, the fear of cutting off my own fingers in hast creep into me, but we had pictures, ID's and physical Evidence, Fingers with Finger Prints to match the ID's and Pictures, we gave them to a Reporter, the next day at work, I heard about a Reporter who was found dead out side the border of Kuwait, so to this day I do not know if this was a Nightmare or a Memory, that was planted there by the Man in the Coffee Shop, or was it the Snake...

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Another time I found myself at a Camel Race, we got to meet many Kuwaitis and even a dozen Iraqi Republican Guards, which one of them told me about the Reporter, and that Night I found myself on another Mission, this time we flew in a Russian Helicopter all the way into Iraq, where we were taken to see Saddam Hussein, with me was the same Crew from my last Mission, and the 12 Iraqi Republican Guards I met at the Camel Race, we were taken to a room where prisoners were interrogated and beheaded, the interrogation was short, since he already knew who I was and what I was doing there, what he found amusing is that I showed up there of my own Freewill, thinking I could get him to change his ways, he told me I was wasting my time and his, because the 30 Year War would continue in 2020, and in Hind Sight I know that was going to be true... So I told him that I would not allow this any longer, its time to change yewer old ways and embrace Sanctuary, he laughed at me and said Wizards never Learn, the Infidel must Die, so I said fine, then allow me to Die with Honor, so I got into position over the chopping block and rested my head in the cradle, and told him there is no need to strap me in, because if I move or tense the muscles in my neck the slightest, the blade will have a hard time cutting through my spinal cord, and will result in a very painful death, so lets get this over with as easy as possible, because yew know that I believe IAM God, and will only be reborn as your Children if yew Kill me, which is why yew are always at War with yewer Children, he laughed and said do you have any last request, before my Men cut your head off, and I said, Just 1, as I stood up and said, I want yew to to die with Honor. Saddam looked at me with a strange tone in his voice, as if he did not understand what I just said to him, and said, you must be Joking?
No I said, yew see, these are MI Men... It was then that he realized that he did not recognize any of the faces in the room, he yelled Guards! I said to him who do yew think let us in here? I have one question for yew, where is the Football?
He said I do not know what yew are talking about, I said the Nuke in a Suitcase, and other Weapons of Mass Destruction?
He said oh those things, well that is a long story... I reminded him how many fingers, toes, feet, hands and arms he had, and that is not even where I will start... So yewer options are not very good once we start down that road, and he said what makes yew think I will tell yew the truth, I said, yew know my resolve, yew know what I think God is, and yew know I believe IAM the God of Fertility, so I will make sure yew are Reborn an Insect that feeds off of the Shit of Animals for the rest of Eternity, and this is that part of His Story where most Sheeple think IAM Joking, but Not Saddam, he knew the Truth, and he believed in the Prophecy, so I told him that I already know where it is, what I want to know is why its there, and for yew to repent for yewer sins... which started when yewer Ancestors destroyed the Great Pyramids, instead of building them as the Bible told yew to, and then changed the Bible into a Religion to Control the Sheeple, because only Satan Lies about what God is, since God is the Light, and that Light is in everyone, and everything that God Created, and this is yewer Judgment Day... I made a deal with yewer Son Uday, its up to him and yewer Clone to change yewer Old Ways now, if yew do not, Israel will sick its Dogs of War on yewer whole Country, and yew know I am just the Messenger, and yew know what the Message is, which is to Build Sanctuary... So if yew want to Ascend and Re-Dimension, Yew must Die with Honor, so its up to yew, because IAM on a Mission to bring Balance to this World, yewer job is to chose what side yew are on, the Lightside or Darkside... After they cut off his head, they stuck it in a Jar and filled it with a Liquid preservative, sealed it, but it in a helmet bag, and we left.

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A while later I was on another Mission, this time to retrieve the Football that was on its way to Damascus in Syria, the battle there was masked by the Violence that takes place there all the time, so we got in and out of there without much problem... Which actually means it was an all out battle that left many Sheeple Dead.

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After my tour in Kuwait was up, I was on a Plan back home, when being checked by Airport Security, when one of the Idiots searching my Civilian bags, opened up my personal bag, which is used to store my shaver, tooth brush and had a plastic container that had my mouth Guard in it, and he opened it and dropped it on the ground, it was then that I lost my temper, after all that I have been through, this is what upset me, I let into this idiot with every foul word I could think of, it was clear I had Tourette Syndrome, then I punched him in the bridge of his nose, and yelled at him as he went down, then made fun of him crying like a little Baby, saying that if I wanted to hide something I would just put it in my Military Bag because yew can not Search it, and I can put anything in it, Guns and Grenades... I might as well have yelled Bomb! Because every security guard in the place came running to see what the problem was, long story short was that I was held in a room until a high ranking Officer showed up to collect me, after a short lecture on protocol, the Officer asked what was so important about my mouth guard, I told him about my Temporomandibular Joint Disease, or TMJ, and told him that it will be years before I can get a new one, he said go to Dental, you have full coverage, do not freak out about such a trivial problem as this, but I was right, I just now got a new one, 18 years later... (Now its 19, but that will change next year) Now he said, what do you have for me? Look in my helmet bag and see for yourself, as he did, oh was all he said, it looks just like him, but so did the 5 before this one, I said that means yew only have one more to go... He just laughed, and said lets go home Admiral, I said after you Admiral, and I was allowed to enter the US and return home to Nellis Air Force Base.

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I was not home long before getting orders to go to Korea, where I would be a H-53 Helicopter Crew Chief for the Black Knights 31st Special Operations Squadron, where my Mission to find Footballs became an Obsession, which lead me around the World, and into situations I felt I had no way out, in battles against Pedophilia rings that were being run by using a Church as a front, so by the time I got leave after being there half a year, I was tired and sick of War, only to find out that my First Wife of that time, had allowed her Pedophile Father to get a hold of my oldest Daughter, which was about 13 years old at the time, and who was now talking about Suicide, so I never got a break, I went from one Drama to the next, not knowing what was Real and what was just a Dream, so the whole tour ending up being a Nightmare, and to top it off I broke my back in an Accident, and did not even know it till I broke it again a year later after returning home, so I really did not have a good time in the Military, because I lost track over what was Real and what was a Dream, and that is never much fun no matter who yew are, because in my mind, I knew these things seemed Real, so Real that No One will ever convince me that they did not happen, because the PTSD attacks that go with these Memories are Real, and all Reality is is just Memories, and Traumatic Memories are more Intense, which accounts for the Spinning out of Control just before an Attack every time I think about it, which is why they call it PTSD, so Round and Round I go...

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Just after returning home, I started to fall into a very deep Depression with Anxiety levels through the roof, just after I broke my back for the second time in a Car Accident with a 3/4 Ton Yellow Taxi Van, I was told that I was being Medically Retired for Depression, Anxiety and PTSD, when my Wife of Twenty Years told me that she wanted a Divorce so she could move back home with her Pedophile Father, which started a War that was really not fun, because I lost everything... Because the Darkside was running this Reality, then I learned that the Courts in this Country are ran by Satan, as the Courts and Police Protected the Pedophile...

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So after all I had been through the news just keep getting worse, I had been diagnosed with a Rare form of Lymphoma, the bones in my back where I broke them twice, the top the first time, and bottom the second time, at the 5th lumbar, are pushing against my spinal cord, causing Neuropathy in my legs and Feet, and also partly due to Chemical Contamination, I have Skin and Bone Cancer from Depleted Uranium or DU, which was used for Helicopter Weight and Balance, which was not uncommon for me to put in my pocket, since they told us that paint will protect yew from Alpha Radiation, but the DU in Kuwait got airborne from dust it left as a residue, and I came in contact with it from Tanks that got hit by DU Ammunition, and partly due to other Chemical Contamination I came into contact with, like Sarin Gas and MUD, and I have DNA damage due to the Anthrax Vaccination, so I now I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Advanced Deteriorating Joint Disease, and that is just for starters, my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, is way out of control, and my sleep study shows Abnormal EEG and No REM Sleep, and a Rare Sleep State Misperception Disorder, which is why I can not distinguish my Dreams from Reality, so yew can say that everyday is a bad day for me, and after a few years of trying to work as a Computer Programmer for the Government, I was Permanently Medically Retired, but His Story does not end here, in fact, it was then I decided that I should tell His Story...

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Like the Phoenix... Out of the Ashes of my Life I would be Reborn, so death never bothered me, yew can Kill Me but I will never Die... Its the living in Pain part that bothered me, but I have my good days and my bad days, on a good day I got remarried back in 2000, and I have nothing to complain about, not that that stops me, I complain all the time, IAM a Jew, and that is what Jews do, and its why I hate Jews, because hate is like complaining, its something yew do because yew feel compelled to do so, because Jew type of behavior disgust yew to the point where yew hate it, but when its Yew that is the Jew, Yew hate yewerself for being a Jew, and that is how yew know yew are a Jew, because no one hates a Jew more then a Jew does, so it was not uncommon for me to Want to Check Out, with Drugs, or a Belt around my Neck, because there are times when I do not want to Live this Life, I do not want to have to Explain it, as I am doing now, because I know that I must take responsibilities for everything I have done... So my Wife has to put up with me being a Jew, complaining all the time, telling her that Money is the Root of all Evil, which is Live Spelled backwards, so she has to put up with a Wizard who can not Spell very well, because I have no interest in the English Language, so I talk like a Wizard, I have no idea if its because IAM an Aspie, or just because IAM an Ashkenazic Jew, or if its because I have a High IQ, and I think that all of Yew are just Stupid Sheep, and I keep repeating that Yew are Stupid, because only You are smart enough to know that You are the Light, and not the Animal, a lesson all of Yew need to learn, so when I say Yew are Stupid, IAM talking about the Sheep, because they think that is who they are, and wonder what happens when they die, but the truth is I never Die, only Yew do, so like the Phoenix IAM always Reborn back into Yew...

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I knew that at some point in my life I would have to tale His Story, so its why I went through all the Motions knowing that someday I would have to take Responsibility for all my Actions, and as an Admiral of the United States of America's Militia, I have responsibilities to uphold the Constitution, but how do I protect something that has been gone for over 151 Years? I can Not Order another Civil War, because that is what caused this whole mess, nor can I Order a Stand down, because the United States is completely owned by the Bank, and everyone working for the Government works for the Banks, and the Police have always worked for the Banks, and so did the Military, but not the United States of America's Militia, they are People who support the Constitution and not the Politicians who work for the Bank, and not those that believe that the Constitution Exist, and was Legally Ratified to allow the Banks to own it, because that is just Stupid, and Yew would have to be Completely Insane to Believe that, and anyone that tells yew it is, is Lying... But that is how the Banks have keep this Lie going for 151 Years, because Sheeple will believe what ever they are Told, they need no Proof, Main Stream News is all the Proof Yew need, so I give no Orders and never will, because Freewill does not allow that, to be Free Yew most give up being Dumb, so stop Believing in Free Dumb, because all I can do is show yew the Light, and it does Not allow any Bartering of any kind, that means:
No Money,
No Paychecks,
No Gambling,
No Loans,
No Welfare,
No Interest,
No Ownership,
No Hunger,
No Homeless,
No Unemployment or Disability because everyone works,
No Voting, that is how yew became Slaves,
so No Slaves,
and No Crime,
its the place where nothing is for Sell, and you pay for nothing, everyone gets the same resources regardless of who they are, but everyone has to work for it to work, there can be No Free Rides, this is called Responsibility.

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Most Sheeple can not imagine Living without Money, or some form of Barter, because they have never known True Freedom, not even in their Wildest Dreams, because those born in the US were raised to believe that Communism was Evil, even though there has been no True Communism Countries in 1,000's of Years, most Countries claiming they are Communism are actually Dictatorships, but most of Yew know that the Governments Lie to Yew about Everything, yet most of Yew buy into everything they say, so its a Paradox, whereas I see No Real Difference between the Government, Churches or Banks who own them all, the Ring of Power is Hidden in Plain Sight, even the Bible States that Money is the Root of all Evil, so only Evil can come from Money, and anyone dealing in Money is Evil, which is why most of Yew Lie about Money being the Root of all Evil, because once yew go down that Road, yew know that it will only Lead yew to conclude, that this whole World is Evil, and out of Control, so Yew Lie to yewerself about Everything, and Believe that God is just a Deity, and that Money is what makes the World go a Round, so those who Sold Jesus out for Money, are still doing so to this Day, because Jesus said that only Evil can come from Money, and would never use it himself, and I might point out that he was not a Christian any more then Allah was a Muslim, in fact he spook out against the Church for using Money... Try Living without Money now a days and yew will Die, which proves to yew how Evil Money is, but Yew are just Female Sheep, and Yew Write In God We Trust on all Yewer Money, knowing that only the Dark Lord uses Money because its Evil, so Round and Round We Go, in a World that Sold out to Profit, allowing those in Charge to Scam them out of their Heritage, leaving them Penniless in the Streets, if they can not pay the Interest on their Loan, unless they take the Mark of the Beast, which is a Credit Card, as long as yew have a Birth Certificate, which is also used as Collateral for the National Debt... In the U.S. where We the People are Taxed to Death, when the Constitution we Claim to defend fought against any Taxation from the Banks, yet there are those that Claim the Constitution was Legally Amended to Allow the Banks to Print Money, knowing that who ever Prints the Money owns the Country, so these Sheeple Lie to themselves and Others, because they are Ashamed at being Treasonous Traitors, because they refuse to believe that President Lincoln was Legally Executed for Treason, and the Banks are the ones that put him on a Pedestal as Honest Abe, so I wonder who is Living in a Dream Word? So Yew go along with the Lie that the Constitution is still alive and doing fine, knowing that yew are Guilty of Treason if this is True, so yew Lie to yewerself, when in fact it was permanently suspended till Yew pay back the Loan, which is what Yew call the National Debt, and its Impossible to pay if off, so yew go into debt until the System Crashes, then yew Blame it on the Politicians, because yew do not want to take Responsibility for yewer Actions, and no matter how yew try to defend yewer actions, its still Treason against the Constitution, so Yew will never Change, Yew Will Lie about this to the Bitter End, so yew want to Take Me to Court, to Prove that IAM Wrong and Yew are Right, but what is the Point, the Courts are Guilty of Treason, do yew really think they will Admit that?

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The Weather is changing and that is a Sign from God, its called Reality, and History proves that Yew are over due for another Ice Age, and the fact is that its coming, and the Current Infrastructure of the most Advanced Cities on this Planet, could not last a few weeks, let alone a few Thousand Years, so the Human Race is about to become Extinct, as Sir Isaac Newton Calculated that to be in the Year 2060, just 46 years from now, because he knew that all of Mankind could not come together, and work on this Problem together, because Money would divide the People into Groups, the Have, and the Have Not, and because of Money the Great War will destroy the World, because Profit has been put above the Safety of the Planet, and all Life on the Planet, and its why the Gulf of Mexico is allowed to Bleed out into the Ocean, which will start a chain reaction that will Kill all Life on this Planet, and that is just a Sign that yew can not afford to miss, nor can this be put off for 46 years while yew figure out a way to pay for better Cities, and if yew Pray to God to Help yew, God will tell yew that God can only Help those that can Help themselves, because Yew are Powered by God, but Yew are just Stupid Liars, who do not even think that an Ice Age is a Problem.

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Sanctuary is a Pyramid, some standing 66 Miles tall, like a Stairway to Heaven, making a 500 Mile Circle around it, to be used for Security and Resources, it is fully self-contained and designed to provide all the needs of every Living Being on the Planet, and its owned by everyone on the Planet and not the Banks, if the Banks paid yew to build it, yew would only be Building yewer own Prison, which seems to be the only Free housing in the U.S., and its nothing but a Slave Labor Camp for the Rich Business men and Banks, so its clear that the only way yew can be Free is to work for Free, this is where the Word Freedom comes from, so everything in Sanctuary has to be Free, including everyone's Freewill, so the Ignorant ways of the Darkside most also be trained out of yew, so You will know the True Science of the Universe, and the Truth about the Evil ways of Money, so not even Sanctuary can deal with Money, not even to the Darkside, which is what I call the Government, so a Deal with the Devil must be made, so yew will give the Darkside all yewer Excess Power, Food and Products, but the Darkside must give yew Freedom, and Allow yew Access to the Resources yew need to make the Power, Food and Products, and will only deal directly with those that supply Resources, and never Produce Products for the War Effort, since Sanctuary can not Supply the War Effort in any way, with the exception of products that Civilians have access to also, so it has to provide for the World and not the Worlds Politics. Sanctuary must be a place where people can come together and work for a Common Goal, which is a Society based on Trust in God and not Money, where Religion, Politics and Laws have No Holds Barred, the People in Sanctuary are Not Slaves to anyone, the Community is Self Regulating, a very strict code of Honor is written into Technical Data and Orders, that describes how to behave in every situation, it has Step by Step instructions on how to do every job in Sanctuary, so its a very Structured Pyramid, it has to be to last for Millions of Years, Greed starts with Money and Power, and in Sanctuary yew have None of these Things, No Rights, No Laws, only Technical Data and Orders that describes what yew are suppose to be doing, and every Job needs someone to do it, so training is required and some jobs that people do not like doing, still needs to get done, so this System has to be Computerized for Efficiency and full Coverage, but for the most part, people can chose what Job they can do, so a lot of services yew take for Granted, like Medical, Shopping or ordering Supplies online, and Entertainment, are still going to be there, but the goals will be to become more Intelligent, and push for Higher Technology to make Life easier, yew will Build Robots to build the Pyramids, because once yew get up in altitude, humans will not be able to build any higher, and also because yew will have to pour Billions of Yards of Concrete a day to finish this job on time, so Sanctuary is built on Logic and Science.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-06-G-IAM-29

Scene 00-06-G-IAM-29 Full Size

In my Dreams Sanctuary was Created from all the Details of other Dreams, Layer upon Layer, these Dreams took on a Life of their own, I could see a Future where everyone is living in Sanctuary, which reaches into the Heavens above, so what is done in Heaven is done on Earth, where Healthy People Live and Work in Harmony, where Inventions are all Open and Free, because Religion and Money is no longer a Motivational Control Mechanism used to Control Sheeple, and there are No State Secrets, Sanctuary does not Keep Technology a Secret, it shares this information with the World, along with all its excess Power, Food and Products, to make it a better place to Live, so that People can Control their own Destiny, and can build a Paradise all the way up to Heaven, because all Resources are owned by all the People and not just a few Privileged Elite Classes, so that all of its Citizens are afforded the same Luxury as the Others, so Greed and Crime are a thing of the Past, and self improvement and ingenuity are inspired into everyone, so everyone can Live the Dream, and as everyone learns to speak one Language and learn the same Reality, so they can shape their Future and Really Learn to Live with others in Harmony, and not just Talk about it as if it was a Fairy Tale, where King Author Returns with the Wizard Merlin, even though I had this recurring Dream, even I know that some of my Dreams really are just Dreams, but Sanctuary is for Real, People have been Genetically Programmed to Build Pyramids, and they have no idea why, because our connection to God is through our Atoms, and most of Yew do not comprehend yewer Life at the Atomic Level, yew are unaware of yewer cells, so yew only react at the Marco Level of Biology, imagine that all the Galaxies in the Universe were just Atoms in God, and the Whole Universe is God, I see a Universe that can be explained in terms of Science, and not Science Fiction, because believe me, I have an IQ of over 180, and I know that the Static Universe of the Light Wizard Isaac Newton, is the True Science, and the Dynamic Universe of the Dark Wizard Albert Einstein, is just Science Fiction, and at the Subatomic Level I can prove that to be the Truth, that is Science, as is the Light, and this is the same Light the Bible talks about, but its just in the Levels of Grey does any of this make Sense to Yew, but most of Yew have an IQ lower then 130, so yew can not understand some of the Science of the Light Wizzard, because yew believe in the Science of the Dark Wizard, which is called Science Fiction, so yew have to chose a side, do yew believe in the Darkside, which is what 100% of all Sheeple believe in, which is the Dynamic Universe, where Yew are just Soulless Animals, or yew believe in the Lightside, which believes that its God, which goes by many Names, but in the Trinary Universe, its IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, IAM every Shade of Grey in Between... so its at the Science of the Matter and is not a Deity, or other Mythological Being, I could not Dream of a Universe that was not Created by God, and yes this is the Same Universe of Sir Isaac Newton, and everyone uses Newtonian Math to create this Modern Society yew Live in today, and Sir Isaac Newton said that God was the Force in all his Math, and for the past 333 Years, no one has proven him wrong.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-06-G-IAM-30

Scene 00-06-G-IAM-30 Full Size

I view the World in Black and White, if I say something is not very White, its just a Polite way of saying something is Dark, because if I say something is Dark, as in Evil, people get all Upset, not that saying its White will make it any better, because then they will think IAM Prejudice, so its only in the Shade of Grey that any of the things I say make any Difference, because the Color of yewer Skin has no Meaning when it comes to the Light, and I never talk about the Color of Ones Skin in relationship to their Soul, because only God is all Light, IAM a Light Being, the Darkness is just Me, and all my Dreams are in Color, and are never what most of yew view them as, because I live in another World, its the Only explanation for Me seeing this Universe in such a Different Light, and why it is I had the Dreams I did just to Survive, because I could not imagine Living in a World as Evil as this, without doing something about it.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-06-G-IAM-31

Scene 00-06-G-IAM-31 Full Size

My Family came here to Fight for Freedom, but in 1863 that Freedom was taken away by the Banks, and there is No Denying that, once the Banks took over the Constitution was over with, so why does the Military require its members to take an Oath to defend it, if they know that yew will never defend it? Its a Game. And its Not a Game I like to Play, because this Game will take yew around the Board a few times, and yew will always end up Broke and in Jail if yew Play the Game Long Enough, so why Play the Game at all, its Evil, and nothing Good can ever come From Evil, and all of yew know this is the Truth, because its like Voting for the Lessor of two Evils, yew are still Voting for Evil, and this is how yew became Slaves to the System to Start with, so the Dreams that my Family made come True, are now Gone, and our Freedom is gone with it, and if I do not do anything to try to fix this, then I am just as Guilty of Treason as all of Yew, so IAM standing up to this Whole World, and saying I want my Freedom back.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-06-G-IAM-32

Scene 00-06-G-IAM-32 Full Size

Some Sheeple think that I imagined this whole Story in my Dreams, just so I could deal with the Harsh Reality of how Evil this World is at this Time, and that this had more to do with a bad upbringing then Reality, I can not count how many Sheeple told me to just get over it, but the alternative is that I agree that I am nothing but a Treasonous Traitors for not Defending the Constitution, and all of those Sheeple who do not see it this way: are Insane for not being able to cope with the Reality of what they have participated in, which includes allowing the Banks to Own the United States, and Pretend that the Constitution is still in Existence, instead of the simply Reality that the Bank now owns Yew and any Country yew Live in, no matter where yew live on this Planet, and the New World Order is the Bank, which Controls Yew by Religion and Money, which are the Same thing, just a way to Control Yew and the Root of all Evil, and there is no way around this kind of thinking, Logic dictates that once yew remove all the details that make up Reality, what ever is Left, No Matter how Impossible it might sound to yew, must be the Truth, which for Me, is this Truth that the Banks own the World, and Sanctuary is the Only way to be Free, so I Dreamed about Freedom and how to Get it, and I set out to give Freedom to You, and I do not Care what Yew Believe, Nor does the Universe, because Yew are just Female Sheep who Believe that this System of Government yew Live in, may not be the Best, but its the best yew can do, knowing that most of the Population is in Prison, either by the System they Work for, or by incarceration for Laws that make no cents, yew go to Church knowing that 95% of all the Priest are Pedophiles, yet yew believe the Religious and Church going People are the Good People, and all the others are Bad, and the Christians are the Worse, since they Know that Jesus did not want anything to do with the Church, he said he would Destroy it and yew would rebuild it in 3 Days, in fact it was the Church who had Jesus Executed, so talk about Judas selling Jesus out for Money, the Christians wrote the Book on that, they made Jesus a Two Faced Liar by inserting Christ into the Bible, this was proven by Sir Isaac Newton over 333 Years ago... So yew know the New Bible was Written by Satan himself to Enslave yew, because as long as Religion backs the Dynamic Universe, which States that God did not Create the Universe, making the Bible a Lie, then yew Know Satan is in Charge of the Churches, and only Satanic Sheeple would belong to Satan, and Yew are to Scared to Stand up to that System, because yew know they will come and take yew away, and yew think I am Schizophrenic, when its yewer Reality that is in Question... So I ask yew just one Question: Do You see it this Way? As for Me...

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-06-G-IAM-33

Scene 00-06-G-IAM-33 Full Size

IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.


Chapter 0.13: IAM Step -4


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step -4
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-01

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-01 Full Size

The Dark Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step -4, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside in Terms only the Darkside can Understand.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-02

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-02 Full Size

As a Child, I was never Diagnosed as having any Mental Disorders, and the Term Aspie or even the work of Asperger was unknown to Me at that time, so getting a correct Diagnoses was not even going to happen anyway, and my Father and Step Mother made sure of that, I always believed it was because of the Special Treatment that went along with it, its too expensive to have been Diagnosed with any Mental Condition, even Normal, lets face it, its just a Label, and for what they were saying I might have, did not have any Drugs to cure it, and for most Parents that was the end of that Discussion, because if they did not have a Pill that would Cure it, why have it, No... all I needed to do was get over it, learn to be like other people who are Normal, learn to Talk like them, and act like them, but no matter how hard I tried, I can not learn to think like Yew... First off I have an IQ of 180 last time I was tested, so when Yew call me Einstein, yew are calling me Stupid, because Albert Einstein only had an IQ of 160, but since most of you range from 70 to 125, Einstein would seem like the most Intelligent Person in Centuries, since well... Isaac Newton, if it was not for Einstein's view about how the Universe works, because I already proved he got it all Wrong, and Sir Isaac Newtons view still holds up, so really its Newtons view of the Universe, since the only thing i added was proof that Newton was Right, by Defining the Trinary Energy, Trinary Engine and the Trinary Universe, I proved that everything Newton Said about the Universe works at the Subatomic Level, and that everything Einstein said did not, and that was not that hard for someone with an IQ of 180, but its clear those without it, can not understand it... So as a Child they taught it was strange that I had such a High IQ, so it was best just to Ignore it, its Rare, but so are Hemorrhoids, but they are a pain in the Ass also, but High IQ's are Normal for Aspies, and Not for Neurotypicals.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-03

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-03 Full Size

By the time I joined the Military, I thought I was Normal, I thought I did get over it, and I had no documented medical reason for anyone to think I was not Normal, then one day recently I was watching a BBC Special Documentary on Sir Isaac Newton, on Yew-Tube, entitled The Last Magician, which as I said the Word Magician and Wizard are the same in some Languages, so I watched it over and over, as the Air Force pointed out, IAM an Obsessive Compulsive, or OCD, but the things they said proved what I was saying in my Video Series you are now watching, so it was great news, someone got it, Jesus was inserted into the Bible to create a Deity, God was the Force in all his Equations, Proof that everything I said about God Being the Light was Documented in this Video... And then they said Sir Isaac Newton had Asperger's Syndrome, so I searched the Internet for this word and found out everything I could about it, watched all the videos I could find on all the web sites and Yew-Tube, then I took the test, which I aced, IAM an Aspie, no doubt about it, Wow.... What does that mean? IAM not Normal or as we Aspies call it Neurotypicals, and looking back, I can pick out all the Aspies I have ever come in contact with, I can read a book and see it in People, 100's of all the top Scientist and Entertainers, people who excel in Life, all Aspies, all the Scientist, Writers and Politicians who ever made a Major contribution to Society are all Aspies, Wow! Why would I want to be Neurotypical or Normal person?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-04

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-04 Full Size

I told yew about the Dark Wizard Moses, he was an Aspie, in fact all the Wizards are Aspies, so Moses was the Burning Bush, it was his Brain on Fire, if yew look at Brain Scans or PET Scans, yew will see Branches on Fire, as if their brain was on Fire, compared to Normal Brain Activity, our Brains Frequency runs Slower, its because our Brains run Multiple Thought Process at once, making it hard to keep some thoughts in our mind, so we tend to focus on 1 thought, even though in our Mind we have Thousands of these Threads running, so much that it Lights Up our Minds, so our Brains look like a Christmas Tree all lite up, or Burning Bush, as the Bible calls it, so IAM was the Jealous God, and do yew know why? Because Normal or Neurotypicals, will be Jealous of People like IAM, because we are Brighter, because our Brain is on Fire, its the Burning Bush, so yew will Kill our Kind for Thousands of Generations, to Smite US, as the Bible puts it, for all of those that do not Believe in IAM... The Bible was written by those Aspies, and their Words mean nothing to yew, its not the Bible that is wrong, its how yew Interpret it that is Wrong, its the Religion yew turned it into that is Wrong, yew can not Worship, without Warships, so its Unending War, yew are the Warlocks, and its why yew will be Punished with Money, we will use it to Control you like Sheep, so you become Female Sheep known as Yew, this was our way of getting back at yew for being Jealous of us for being Smarter then Yew.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-05

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-05 Full Size

IAM named after Sir William Wallace, so my Middle name is Scott... What most people know about William Wallace was from the Movie Brave Heart, but what I know of him is much more, my Grandfathers before me wrote a lot about him, he was just like Me, and Aspie, keep in mind we only had one word for it, Wizard, so the two mean the same thing, very few good Magicians are Neurotypicals, and those that are, are actually just good Entertainers, and there is a Huge Difference, and very few Neurotypicals can understand that the Story about Brave Heart, is the Same Story as Jesus, I have no idea why that is, Jesus Bar Abbas was a Man who wanted to get married, but was told he would have to share his bride on their wedding night, with the Local Governor, known as Jus Primae Noctis, so he went to War with them, and Denounced the Church as Evil because they used Money, which makes them Bankers in both Stories, and that Freedom was Defined as using No Money or Bartering System, but that is why yew are in the Dark, and All Slaves to Money and the Bankers, because yew can not Deny that no matter how many times Aspies like Me, got to War and Win our Freedom back, and remember the Aspies IAM talking about here: Jesus, Sir William Wallace, and George Washington, so in effect, the Story The Patriot, and oddly enough the Actor who played the main role in both these movies, also Directed the Movie The Passion of the Christ... And these are all the same Story, a fight for Freedom is always against the Bankers, and its why I was Named after Jesus and Sir William Wallace, my Fight is the Same, its the Fight for Freedom, in the Land of Free Dumb.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-06

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-06 Full Size

Neurotypicals do not understand The Light Wizzard as a Concept, its from the viewpoint of an Aspie, not sure other Aspies will agree, lets face it, we all have Freewill, and can all believe what we want to believe, and being an Aspie does not change this unfortunately, but I do know 1 Thing: these Men did. God is the Light, Jesus was the Messenger that would be born back into The Flesh, to Tale yew His Story 1 more time, in hope that yew would Listen, without Me having to go to Battle with the Powers that Be, because I have Proven Time and Again, that yew will never Learn that Lesson that way, they will always Win, because of Traitors Like: Judas who Sold Jesus out for Money, and Bruce who Sold William Wallace out for Money, and then Lincoln who Sold out George Washington for Money... but anyone who only goes along with something just to make Money is selling it out, and why Tolkien called the Bankers Trolls, in Harry Potter they were Dwarfs, funny how many people Tale His Story... No... Yew will never Learn this Lesson by having another War, that is what got yew into this Mess to start with, and why Neurotypicals do not understand The Light Wizzard as a Concept.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-07

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-07 Full Size

Isaac Newton never talked about Stimulation Overloads, or Melt Downs, as a Child I never had them, but after the Military Vaccinations in 1990, I started to have Strange Reactions to different Stimulation, the first thing I noticed was Lights that Flash 13 Times a Second, Minute or Hour, or at a Frequency of 13 Hertz, this time varies in time, now its between 12.666 to 13, so the Range is still very close, so there must be some Scientific Reason for this, because I discovered the Correlation between Sun Spots, or Black Holes on the Suns Surface that Face Earth during certain Planetary Alignments, and have been Accurately Predicting Earthquakes for years, but every time I predict one, people would say I was Wrong, I would tell them that the Earthquake took place here within the Time Range I gave, so how AMI wrong? They would say the Earthquake was not Here, it might have been There, but that does not count, there are always Earthquakes going on somewhere, and this is how most Neurotypicals view it, and why they do not see the Correlation between these Flashes of Lights, because within 12.666 to 13 Days after the Sun Spots and Planetary Alignments, we have Major Earthquakes, so this Strange Reactions I get to Flashing Lights in this Spectrum, and its not just me that noticed these Lights, some Epileptic people will actually go into Seizures in the range of 12.666 to 13 Hertz, so is Crystal Clear to Me, its a Warning Sign, saying Danger WillIAM Robertson Danger.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-08

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-08 Full Size

My first Melt Down happened a year after I was Medially Retired, I was going through a Bad Divorce, and Dating Women because I did not want to Live alone, so it made Life Difficult, I was opening up to new people who had different ways to Live, they Eat Different Foods, wore Different Materials, not to mentioned listened to Different Music, and wanted Different Lighting, and I found it hard to adjust, my Skin would feel like it had Ants Crawling on it, and Under it, it gets very Painful, I find myself Scratching, and Rubbing my Hands all the time, having to put them in my pocket or under my legs, i am always Hot or Cold, but could not tell yew if its because of the actual temperature around me, so sometimes I do not pay attention to how Hot or Cold things are, and touching them becomes painful, and I do not know if its because its to Hot or I am to Cold, or vice versa, and my Vision will get Distorted, sometimes i would get Kaleidoscope Eyes, it felt like a Bad LSD Trip, like i was Hallucinating, and Sounds, the Ticking of Clocks drive Me to the Point of wanting to kill myself, it can be very Painful, because I could not stand how loud they are, and they tick 60 times a Minute, that is 12 x 5, which I call 12.666, its a Rhythm that sounds like Danger to me... So all I can do is Run and Hide, find a nice Dark Quiet Space that I can stay in till this Melt Down goes away, and in Public this is Hard to do, and why I do not go out much, if at all... And why I know it was the Vaccinations and not inherent to Aspies, but we are more Sensitive to this Chemical Attack on our DNA, because we are more in Tune with it, and any changes in our Chemistry and we React to it.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-09

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-09 Full Size

I play Connect the Dots to keep my mind busy, its a very bad habit, and like all bad habits I learned it from someone, in this Case it was Isaac Newton, he said that all Science is nothing more then a Connect the Dots game, you have Facts, these are the Dots, you have Lines, these are Logic you use to Connect the Dots with, its a very Black and White way of Viewing the Universe, its what causes OCD, I get Obsessed and Compulsive over everything, and I try to Connect the Dots from things that have no relationships what so ever, its like Reading Tea Leafs, no more Science in it then any other Pattern Recognition, but once yew see the Pattern and can Connect the Dots Accurately, it becomes Science, and as John Nash in the movie Beautiful Mind could tell yew, this style of thinking can Drive yew into Madness, you start to View Everything as a series of Events, this leads to that which leads to the other Thing, and soon the World you Create to Deal with these Problems, become Reality, because in Reality, a lot of Aspies are Witches and Wizzards, and can Create a Virtual Reality Environment complete with people, places and events, and no one wants to admit that these things are really happening, because Pattern Recognition is not real Science to Neurotypicals, but to People like Me, We can not stop Playing Connect the Dots, its how our Brains were Wired, so its not a Habit at all, and its why Tolkien called these People Hobbits, although in the Book he was the White Wizard, and its very obvious that Gandalf who was in the Order of Istari, or Wise ones, and are actually Elves, which were all Aspies, so his Book tells the same story as Jesus, Wallace and Washington, even in my Favorite Story Harry Potter, its very Clear that the Difference between Aspies and Neurotypicals, is what they Call Wizards or Witches and Muggles, because Muggles just like Neurotypicals, yew never see things the same way that Wizards or Aspies do, it may not have been the Authors Intentions, but her Character Descriptions depict this Crystal Clear to me, and once yew Connect the Dots yew will see that is true.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-10

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-10 Full Size

Its hard to tell a Story that is so Vast as this one, without telling others versions of the same Story, told throughout time, all these Story's are the Same, whether it be the Gold Ring of Power, the Deathly Hallows, Kings and Queens, or Governments, its all about Power, which is all about Money, so all these Stories become one to me, the Pattern is Clear, Evil is Power and Money, its the Root of all Evil, its what we have to Fight against to be Free, and whether that Enemy is a Dwarf, Troll, Goblin, or Banker, its all the same, so I refer to other Stories, so I do not have to tell them in another way, because that is all these People have done through time, be it the Wizard of Oz, Merlin or the White Wizard, these are all the Same Story about the same thing.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-11

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-11 Full Size

I tend to over explain everything to Neurotypicals, its because they are not very Intelligent, and I find I can never talk to them about Complex subjects, even though most of them think they can engage me in such subjects, and then wonder why it is I can not agree with them on anything they say, and its because it was all Wrong, because yewer whole view on how the Universe actually works is Wrong, and there is no way we can have a conversation until I can Correct that, but Neurotypicals think that IAM Arrogant for thinking and acting this way, and its because yew are Ignorant, and I can talk to yew but I can not Correct the way yewer brain is wired.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-12

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-12 Full Size

My Darkness is just Me, once I get into the Darkness, I lash out because the Feeling is overwhelming, in my Darkest Hour, I Sound like a Mad Man, because my Brain can think a lot faster then my Body can React, so I get Frustrated at this Problem, its like IAM Driving a 10 Story Robot that is out of Control, I know the Body and Mind are not the Same, that Little Voice is what is in Charge when IAM in the Darkness, its not I, its in this Darkness where all My Pain Exist, and all these Emotions take over, as my Sensory Perception gets overwhelming, and the smallest of Sounds are Amplified, and the feeling of Blood Rushing through my Brain is so load I can not hear myself think, some times I want out of the Darkness so bad that I want to die, I hate the Darkness inside of Me, and when I am at my Darkest I See No Light, not even Shades of Grey, because I And Me might be in the Same Body, we are not the same Entity, so who AMI...

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-04-N-IAM-13

Scene 00-04-N-IAM-13 Full Size

IAM the Darkness,
IAM the Light,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Dark Wizzard in the Flesh.


Chapter 0.14: IAM Step -5


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step -5
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-05-N-IAM-01

Scene 00-05-N-IAM-01 Full Size

The Dark Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step -5, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside in Terms only the Darkside can Understand.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-05-N-IAM-02

Scene 00-05-N-IAM-02 Full Size

Only Sheeple would think that Societies ever Evolve into a Better System, or that this System is the Greatest Society of all Time, some even view it as the most Advanced, when we do not even have the Technology to build a Great Pyramid, or build Aircraft without Engines, and its because most Sheeple do not View His Story that way, because its Clear that back Thousands of Years ago in the Days of the Greeks, the Powers that be were afraid of being Poisoned, so they took Poison, thinking it would be the Antidote for the Poison that they could be Poisoned by, or at the very least would build up their Tolerance for the Poison, but in the End they only Ended up Poisoning themselves, and is really Insane when you think about it, many of them died or became very ill and died at an early age, the Craft of making such Drugs was called Witchcraft, and the People that made the Drugs were called Wizards and Witches, but that was Thousands of Years ago, and what has Changed since then? Nothing... Now a days they call these Poisons Vaccines, and the Craft is called Pharmaceuticals, and the Sheeple that make them are called Doctors, and they apply the same Illogical Thinking process that they did then, as they do now, and its because they have Poisoned themselves, and do not think Right in the Head, so they force everyone to take this Poison, and they push it as being the best invention since TV, which is the same Drug they use to sell yew on their Insanity.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-05-N-IAM-03

Scene 00-05-N-IAM-03 Full Size

They have No Scientific proof that Vaccines even work, every time I got one, I got what was in the Vaccine All Right, if I got a Flu Vaccine I got the Flu, and so on, so when I got the Anthrax Vaccine, I got Anthrax, and I remember that the Anthrax Problem was all a Hoax, to try to sell the Public another Vaccine, one that Killed Thousands of Test Subjects, that do not even get Public Recognition for, because its part of the Depopulation Campaign ran by the Governments of the World, and now they want to give Ebola Vaccines, yew must be Joking, Ebola can only be Airborne if its Weaponized, and who would be that Crazy to build such a Weapon... Maybe a Government that wants to Cut down on its Population? So the only other way to get it is to make a Vaccine out of it, but that is what they did, and now they are going to make in Mandatory, knowing that Every Vaccine Yew get, Yew get Stupider, and now Yew are so Stupid yew will allow them to Dictate if yew get the most Deadly Vaccine in the World, knowing that yew will get what ever they give yew? But yew know who IAM, and yew know about my Memories, and His Story, because when I lost my ability to tale my Dreams from Reality, which was caused by the Vaccines that I was given while on Active Duty in the United States Air Force, I do not know for sure if the Missions I was on were even Real, or just a Dream that I could not wake up from, but I found out the Truth about Vaccines the Hard Way.

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War is always about the Same thing... Controlling the Population, the First Rule of War is to make your Enemy do your Biding, meaning that they make things Mandatory, so once a Vaccines becomes Mandatory, yew know who Yew are, the Enemy, and when yew become the Enemy in yewer Own Country, yew know yew are at War, so watch out, because this War is Not going to be Civil at All, because yew know how yew get when it comes to Protesting, Yew Loot, Rob, Rap, and Murder, and think its Fun because yew do it to yewer whole Country, and what happened in Iraq could happen in America or any other Country, yew have seen this in the United States during the Riots of Los Angeles, named after the Lost Angels, and the Hurricanes, Like Katrina, Named after a Witch, Mass Civil Unrest, and it effects the whole State, not just the City it happened in, and yew know what happened last Civil War, the Banks bought yew for Pennies on the Dollar, from the Man with the Same Face, who gave a Penny for yewer Thoughts a whole new meaning, but Sheeple never Learn, they are just Dumb Animals, and have No One to Blame when this Happens, because it was them who allowed it.

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The Way Yew View Science is as Crazy as Yew View World Politics, through the Eyes of an Animal, which is what Yew are, and why Yew act like that, because yew are not willing to own up to yewer Responsibility for the Worlds Affairs, because yew always believe its not yewer Job, yew do not get Paid the Big Bucks to figure that stuff out, so yew allow Leaders to Run the Show for yew, who make yew Believe they are in Charge, they make yew Believe this is all Legal, and Under the Constitution, because believe Me, that Joke is Getting Old, whereas the Joke about Yew being Female Sheep never gets Old, because it never Changes, because most of Yew still believe that the Constitution is alive and doing fine, so Reality is something that Does Not apply to Yew, like Common Sense, yew Confuse it with Common Knowledge, but if all Common Knowledge is Lies, then all Yew know is a Lie, and its why yewer Science and World Views are all Lies, but that is How Yew are, and why Yew are Crazy Animals.

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The Darkside is Confusing yew, Yew know that the Governments Lie to Yew about Everything, Yew know that Main Stream Media Lies to Yew, Yew know Yewer Schools Lie to Yew, yet Yew Believe everything Yew know about the World and the Universe, instead of what the Light Wizzard Teaches Yew, and the Reason is because Yew are Stupid Female Sheep, and there is No Denying that, and its what yewer Darkness is, its this Sense that Something is Not Right, but yew can Not put yewer Hoof on it, because in History they told Yew that yewer Founding Fathers, went to War with the Banks of England to Fight for Yewer Independence, which Abolished all Taxation forever, by Not allowing Congress to Borrow Money From the Banks, only the Citizens of the United States of America, in the Form of Money that only Congress could Print, yet yew have more Taxes now then they did when they went to War, and yew now have a Private Bank printing yewer Money, which has In God We Trust Printed on it, and on the Back of a One Dollar Bill they have an Owl of Athena, knowing the Jews use them to Mark Houses so the Roman Soldiers would Slaughter who ever lived there, so it is Confusing, and its because what yew call Reality is just Science Fiction, its what the Governments made up to Control its Sheep, and the Sheeple believe so Deeply that I can Not Wake yew Up, Yew are like a Child Watching TV, because of all the Vaccines yew have gotten over the Years, have made yew Stupid why else would yew go along with all this Madness, knowing that all Yew are all Slaves to the Money the Banks Print, yew are nothing but Money Junkies, talk about a Monkey on yewer Back, and its the Most Addictive Drug on the Planet, Bar None, and Yew are Hooked on the Stuff, yew can not get enough, and can not wait for yewer next Fix at the End of each Month, so I can not get yewer Attention long enough to make yew Understand that None of this is Real, its all a Delusion in all the Confusion, and its all so the Governments can Control Yew with an Invisible Leash, and Yew can Not Deny this because Yew Know its True.

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The Reason why People turn into Sheeple, is because Yew Believe Yew have No Power, Yew Believe Yew are Not in Control, and there is Nothing Yew Can Do, Yew think Yew are too Young or too Old to make a Change, or yew are in the Wrong Class, if yew are not Rich, yew have No Money, and Money is the Only thing that Changes anything, so Yew give up, and Rightfully so, that is what Sheep do, they Talk about how Baad it is all day long, but there is just nothing Yew can do about it, so why Think about it, let alone Worry about it, because there are People who get Paid to think about things like this, and this has nothing to do with Yewer Life, because Yew are So Far Removed from anything I have to talk about, that yew wonder why IAM even talking about it, because all Yew hear is Baa, Baa, Baaa, and that's the Reason I call Yew Sheeple.

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I think I about summed it all up, the Governments allow the Banks to Own the Country and all the Sheeple, they Keep yew in the Dark and Feed yew lots of BS, and Yew like Mushrooms, so yew do not Complain, because yew remember that this has nothing to do with yew at all, because Yew believe that Vaccines are Good For Yew, even though everyone that has Cancer has also been Inoculated, so yew Eat Process Food that is made of Chemicals instead of Food, and get Vaccines and wonder why yew have Cancer Growing inside of Yew, yew wonder why yew are always Tired, and have a Hard time Thinking, but everyone yew know complains about the same thing, so yew figure its Normal, and when someone tells yew about their life, yew tell them to get over it and Grow Up, because that is what Yew do, because Yew know all the Lies that the Powers that Be want yew to Know, and yew Believe them so fooly, that yew will not believe anything that anyone else has to say, because yew only believe in what yew want to believe in, and yew do not even know why yew believe that anyways, and yew do not care about Facts or Common Sense, because that is totally beside the Point, because lets face it, yew do Not Care, and that is the Bottom Line here, yew think yew know what's going on, and no one is going to change yewer Mind, especially a Wizard, because yew do not Believe in Wizards, yew do not even Believe that Yew use to Burn Wizards and Witches at the Stack, but that is because that is what the Powers that be want yew to Believe, and like a Good little Sheep, Yew Believe in what Main Stream Media tales yew to believe, and that sums it all up.

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The Sheeple in the World are so Dumb'd down, that none of them even have the faintest idea what is Really going on, some believe in Aliens from Outer Space, some Governments are now talking as if they have existed for years, and have been working with on issues that they can not discus, while Denying they exist at the same time, yet yew believe that yew can burn all the Oil in the World up, and have no repercussions for it, as if this Planet does not need that Oil, because if it did, surely the Government would not allow yew to Mine it, but that is how Stupid Yew are, because only a Sheep would think like that, and the Government knows this, so it tries to distract yew through Fear, because lets face it, if an Ebola Outbreak occurs, yew will think that is more important then anything I have to say, even if I say they are doing it just to Control yew, to get yew to go along with their Program, which is to Thin out the Population, to get rid of the Consumers, so they will have more Resources for themselves, and yew will Line up to Get Shot, figuring its Mandatory yew will get Shot if yew do not Get the Shot, and this Logic is too Stupid to even consider it, but its what is about to Happen, because yew will allow it to happen, and yew do Not Care, because Yew are just Sheep.

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In a World that is so Disgusting, so Revolting, and so Insane, that Sheeple could still believe there is Good in this World, only because yew do not know how to fix it, yew do nothing about it at all, yew ignore the Problem through Ignorance, because yew are so Dumb'd down, and so Arrogant about yewer Knowledge of the Universe, that nothing I say will ever convince yew the Errors of yewer ways, most of yew are too Stupid to even understand the Concepts I talk about, so yew call Me Dumb, because lets face it, that is what Sheep do, yew go along with the Herd, and what they Heard, knowing they have no Knowledge, besides the stuff they were taught at School, knowing that was nothing but BS back then, so why yew believe it now is beyond even Yew, but that is how this World got so Ugly, because the Banks were allowed to Own it all, and all yew want is Money, so yew allow Big Businesses to Trash the World for Profit, to Pollute the Air, Land and Oceans for Money, yew allow the Powers that be to Spray Stuff in the Air that makes Clouds, and yew have no idea what it is, or why they are doing it, but yew do not question it either, yet yew deny its a Problem, and like everything else I said, yew Deny any of it is true, because it goes against everything yew have ever been Taught, and the Logic in that does not Clue yew into what is really going on, then take a look around, because all I see is Crime, the biggest Crime is Money, because its why this World is so Disgusting its Revolting.

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I have a Lot to say about a Lot of Things, and Yew would have to Listen to those things, or chose not to, because Choice is part of Freewill, but its not part of Freedom, but is the Basis for Free Dumb, so yew go along with it, because yew believe that yewer choice is more important then the Truth, that is why yew think yew can Vote on some thing, lets vote on what 1 + (-1) =, because if enough Sheeple Vote, yew will have many different Answers, and only some of them are the Truth, and why yew can not vote on what the Answer is, but this Logic escapes Sheeple with IQ's lower then 100, yet most of yew will go along with it, because yew think yewer IQ score is over 100, when most of yew do not even know what yewer IQ is, but yew look it up online and find that 70 is Dumb, and 100 is Average, but that is because these values were voted on by Yew, and yew are always Right, so lets Vote of the Weather tomorrow, because every thing yew Vote for is Stupid, lets face it, yew Vote for Laws that take yewer Rights away, knowing that yew have No Rights, because the Banks own the Country, but some of yew do not believe that, no matter how many times I say it, because yew believe the Constitution still exist, and all yewer Rights with it, knowing that the National Debt is owed to a Private Bank, and the Tax owed is for Interest on the Loan, and yewer Birth Certificates are Collator for yewer Loan, which proves there is no Constitution, because it made it Treason to allow the Banks to Own it, and stated yew could take back the Government if that ever happened, so the Government made that Treason, so now yew have a Paradox, and its why I can not talk to Yew about a Lot of things, because how yew view this world is just Insane, so how do we get past this?

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On every Level of Reality, there are Layers of Deceit that go so Deep, yew will not allow yewer Mind to Comprehend it, because if yew can wrap yewer head around to the fact the Constitution was Suspended by President Lincoln back in 1863, so everything that has happened since then has been a Lie, because the Government Claims that this is all Legal, even thought the Supreme Court said it was Not, but the People Voted on it and made it Legal, by continuing to sign off on the Executive order that made it possible for the Banks to Print Money instead of Congress, and that is just by what the Constitution said, so if it is Law, then this is Treason, and yew know that is True, because that is what is happening in Reality, and there is no other way to explain it, so lets make this the Step yew get over this Fact, because as long as Yew owe the Bank for the National Debt, they Own US, and the Constitution is Dead, because its been dead for over 151 Years now, and that is Proof Enough, so if yew are in the Military, ask yewerself one Question: Did Yew Swear to Defend and Protect the Constitution? Then Answer how could Yew, it was Gone before Yew were even Born, and that is Reality, the very Level I said yew will have to Wrap yewer Brain Around, because this is just Treason to the Nth Degree, so what is going on here, and why do Yew not even Care about this Fact alone, I mean put aside everything else I have said, because either its all true or its all a Lie, that is how IAM, it says so in the Bible, and I believe in the Bible, so its Time to put everyone's hand on a Bible, and Swear to God that the Constitution is Dead so we can Bury it, and the Flag that Represents it, yew can replace that with a Dollar Bill, at least then we could agree on one thing, and that is on some Level of Reality, if yew go Deep enough, yew will find it was not that Deep to begin with, because everyone knows the National Debt is to a Privately owned Bank, its never been a Secret, so why all the Lies for so Long of a Time, why Pretend it was Legally Amended when yew know that is a Lie, so Round and Round Yew Go.

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I have a Memory about the War in Kuwait, it was the First day I got there, and another Sergeant said to me: The Kuwaitis Paid to have the TCN's Murdered, its part of the 30 Year War, that started in 1960 ending in 1990 that was the Term of that War, each region will help out its neighboring Country by Killing off its Slaves that are about to become Citizens, and that is what History Proves, because that is what Happened in Reality, Iraq invaded and Killed only the TCN's, and everyone that got in their way doing that, but then they did not want to leave, seeing if they could cut a better deal, so instead of telling yew what this War was all about, the Powers that be, or Burning Bush, knew the Truth, and was offended by it as much as I was, but do yew think he could have come out and put the War to the Public like this? Because lets face it, we would not have been Welcome into Kuwait, because they would have known we were there to show them how Disgusted we were, but instead we acted like we were Friends, in fact we became Friends, so how can that be... I was in so much inner conflict with myself over this matter, that I was not dealing with it all that well, because then I found out why, and that was because they were allowing US to test Weaponized Ebola, on the Kurds, where they were trying to drive them out of their Country, I also remember they were testing out Vaccines for Ebola, I know they had trials going on else where around the Globe, so who passed the Bill to allow Testing Vaccines on War Victims, really Opened up the Gates to Crime, because that was what was going on in Reality, and it looks like that Reality Game is now Playing in a Theater near Yew, and the Media will Play this for every Penny its Worth, because they Love those Pennies, the Treasonous Traitor Lincoln, who allowed a form of Government Owned By the Banks, to allow them to Test Dangerous Drugs on War Victims by Inoculating them against a Disease they Contaminated them with, then allowing them to release it on the American Public, just so they can sell more Vaccines, which is what the War was really all about, how to make Sheeple so fearful, that they will pay anything for this Vaccine, knowing that they did the same thing to the Kurds back during the Gulf War, and Yew think this is alright, as if the Nazi and the Holly-hoax was not enough, then had the Cold War while Yew Allowed Israel to built a new Wall, then yew had the Gulf War, which none of Yew even got, so 911 should not have been a Surprise to Yew, but it was, but my family got tired of hearing about it since 1948, so when it finally happened, they were in Shock that my Grandfather was Right about that all along, but that is how long these Plans have been Planned, and that is just my Memory about it.

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Sheeple laughed at me when I said Comet ISON would bring on a Mini Ice Age, but after it happened, lucky guess was all yew could say, but still that Big Earthquake did not happen yet, but the Sun did have the Face of the White Wizzard in it on the 13th of October 2014, so something is about to happen, the Dark spots look like Pyramids, which normally meant Energy Spots, and its on the Bottom, but this is how Wizards can tale the Future, but IAM not a Prophet, nor do I Profit from it, its just more of an Obsession, imagine that, Me, Jef-Frey, with an Obsession, how can that be, maybe its just the Aspie in Me, but I see Patterns in the Sun, as if I can read it like a Book, always a lot of Drama going on in it, its like a Crystal Ball, its about 12.666 days behind what plays out on Earth most of the time, but the Blood Moon on the 8th was Great, the Moon Spirits were out that Night, the Wolves were Howling, or was that Me and the Coyotes, but IAM just a Wizzard, and that is what its all about, viewing the Universe through the I's of a Wizard, and these Eyes C Baad things coming up in the Future, and Yew need to be aware of them, do not allow anyone yew know to get this Vaccine for Ebola, its best to never get that Disease, because once yew get it, yew got it, and stay away from anyone that has, because now they can be a carrier, and that is how they started the Plague Years back, so nothing ever changes, Sheeple think IAM just a Stupid Old Wizard, when IAM just a Dog Guarding his Sheep, so Laugh all yew want, because that still makes Yew the Sheep.

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At the End of the Era, I said I would come back in the Flesh, so I could tale Yew that the Light does Not Deal with Money, that is the Darkness in all of Yew, yewer original Sin was for Selling out Jesus for Money, yet yew still do that to this day, as Yew Lie about Yewer Reality, just so yew do not have to Admit yew are Guilty of Treason, so if I have a Darkside to Hide, there is no place better to Hide it, then in Plan Sight for Everyone to See, so that is why I Tale His Stories, so yew can Believe me when I say...

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IAM the Darkness,
IAM the Light,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Dark Wizzard in the Flesh.



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